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ACCOUNT KO. 1 972100000032 REFERENCE w—“PagoIs,——, 960010 AUTHORTZATION + cost LIMIT 1 9 122.50 ORDER DATE 1 June 8, 1995 ORDER TINE y 11:39 AN ORDER HO, 1 612915 CUSTOMER NOs as9aid CUSTOMER: Ur. Sephram George Prentice Hall Legal & 375 Hudaon Street New York, NY 10014 FOREIGN FILINGS BARING LATIN AMERICA CAPITAL, CORPORATION, INC. PROFIT XX___ CORPORATE NON-PROFIT ~~ Lima Tep PaRTNERSH: omyyouyad 40 XX QUALIFICATION PLEASE RETURN THE FOLLOWING AS PROOF OF FILING: 2 CERTIFIED COPY PLAIN STAMPED COPY == certiricate oF GooD STANDING CONTACT PERSON: Andrea C. Mabry APPLICATION BY FOREIGN CORPORATION FOR AUTHORIZATION TO ‘TRANSACT BUSINESS IN FLORIDA IN COMPLIANCE WITH SECTION 607.1503, FLORIDA STATUTES, THE FOLLOWING IS ‘SUBMITTED TO REGISTER AFOREIGN CORPORATION TO TRANSACT BUSINESS IN THE ‘STATE OF FLORIDA: 4, BARING LATIN ANERICA caer AS rum cide da wre THCORFERATEOE COME ATT ONEORATON or wor oftae mnper sbrowanons. Oe ee nea 8 a4 wil cleat ncicam Sut His x corporaton insmad of # neni person 2, _State of Delaware : , State of Delaware ___3,__wa Saw orcouney under fe awot which hls incorporamed) (FEI number, Wappbcabie) 4, _tovenber 24-1524 _ 8. _ponpetat Ton of reorporaton Deakin Veer com wll cries woator Dera i ee Su aE as Fare tctre TTR TTL oT 7, __Grani Bay Plaza, 2665 S. 0 Drive ite 1101 coconut Grove, Florida 33133 ace (Current maiing address) to conduct any lawful business, promote any lewful pur} 8. in any lawful act or activity. TPunsels) of corporaton auhorized in home stale or County © be cerried outin hw saw System, Inc. Office Address: 2201 Hays Street, Suite 105 Tallahassee Florida , 22301 (Zip Code) 10. Registered agent's acceptance: Having been named as registered agent and to accept service of process for the above stated corporation at the place Cesignated in this application, | hereby accept the appointment as registered agent and agree to actin this capacity. | furtier agree comply wif fhe provisions of all statutes relative 10 the proper and complete performance of my duties, and | am fernilier with and accept the obligations of my position as registered agent. ‘me Prentice-Hall Corporation system, Inc. 3 i ddreibn te yil eaistred agente hanawe) Vicki ‘Schreiber, Aes. Vi. 11. Attached is 2 certificate of existence duly authenticated, not delivery of this application to the Department of St by the Secretary Feving custody of corporate records in the jurisdiction under the law of which it is 12, Names and wddresses of fice endiot arectre: A. OIMECTORS ves Chairman: John Dare Address: 8 Bishopsgate London EC2N 4AE, Englund Wice Chalernan: N/A address: Se Director:__Alberto Beeck Address: 2 Madison avenue. New York, NY 10021 Director; _Mark Huntley ey ‘Address: __P.0.Box 255, Barfield House, St.Julian's Ave. —Stsfeter Port, Guernsey GY1_ 301 8. OFFICERS President: __Pedro-Pablo Kuezynski Address: __2665 S.pavshore Drive, Suite 1101 Coconut Grove, FL 33133 Evie Fivesidete:

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