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Youre going to be okay, my darling. Mama is beside you now.

will be okay, whispered my mother into my ears as I first opened my eyes from a 13-
day coma.

In fourth grade, a speeding car struck me with full force. I was instantly
rushed to the nearest hospital and admitted to an operating room for immediate
surgical attention. In addition to suffering 22 facial bone fractures including that of
my forehead, cheekbone, and jaw, I have experienced a severe brain concussion that
resulted in traumatic seizures years to come. I felt imprisoned in an intensive care unit
for weeks and tortured for having to endure a number of critical plastic surgery
procedures, necessary to correct my facial deformations.

It was within that year, while reflecting back on my experience, that I came to
realize a very important aspect. It was the notion that I slept away from death
coincidentally. The feeling of being so close to losing everything, being dead and
havent not done anything with the time I was offered. At that moment an epiphany
had occurred to me, I was alive and time was yet again offered to me. When it comes
to the duration of our lives as humans the only thing each of us have is a set amount
of time. Time is the only currency in this life. It is the governor, the beginning and
the end of this university. Yet, I was offered more of it. This was my moment to
shine, the ultimate opportunity.
There I was then determined to find an opportunity in every difficulty. In this
challenging experience, the opportunity was to take full advantage of the second
chance I was granted; and therefore, I have decided to persevere against all obstacles
that may prevent my success. Success that would lead to my eternal satisfaction,
harmony and peace and there I established my lifes motto: perseverance, persistence
and determination to excel and succeed.

In order to achieve my predetermined goal, I sought all developmental

opportunities whether technical in regards to school or through extracurricular
activities afterwards. In middle school, I obtained my first job at a car mechanical
shop. During my short time spent there, I developed great interest in cars and their
engines. Therefore, in high school, in attempt of pursuing my growing interest, I
attended a summer internship program called Saudi Research and Science Institute
(S-RSI) at King Abdullah University for Science and Technology to conduct
research. This research was to identify the optimal moment at which to ignite fuel in
order to burn the largest amounts of hydrocarbons maximizing the fuel efficiency
while simultaneously transforming these molecules into kinetic energy rather than
carbon dioxide. I then elaborated on my research and completed it during 12th grade,
with which I competed as a finalist in the National Olympiad for Scientific Creativity.

After high school graduation, my efforts were rewarded with acceptance into 3
of the top scholarship programs within the kingdom. After deliberate thought and
consideration, I joined Saudi Aramco, a pioneering company in the oil and gas
industry, for many reasons. A primary reason was the excellent development and
advancement opportunities in all disciplines, taking me one step closer to achieving

Some may consider my misfortunate experience a curse. However, I consider

it a true blessing. Reflecting on this experience has long since defined my character,
shaped my future and determined my goal. It is as Winston Churchill said, A
pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in
every difficulty. Well, my experience and my life has fortunately taught me to
always choose the latter, to be that optimist and grasp that opportunity until success is
absolutely achieved. Lets just say that the 10-year old child within me will always be
inspired to leave a prominent footprint in the community he lives in.