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Certificate PE10/174576 The manager sero Comercial del Acero S. A. ‘Av Argentina 2051 Lima - Peri hasbae ses! anaes a¢ mein tn eames of ISO 9001:2008 Fore lowing his “Comercializacién y Servicio de Transformacién en Steal Center, de Productos Siderirgicos para la Industria y el Pablico ‘on General” “Merchandising and Service Transformatién in Steel Center of ‘Steel Products for the Industry and General Public.” ute carats egaring espe ois crea an te oc ot 150501206 eurenons maybe lane acing he neshon This certficate is valid from 09 NOVEMBER 2010 unt 20 JULY 2011 and remains valid subject to satisfactory surveilance audits. Re certification aut due before 20 MAY 2011 Issue 3. Certified sinoe MAY 2002 A— ‘$65 ited krgon Lit Syms & Seis Caton Rossmore Busnes Pak Elsner Pat Chose. CHES EN UK o4d (ST SSUEEGE T4451 SSOSEEO wen sgkoom