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Ryan Miner

11621 Pleasant Meadow Drive

North Potomac, MD 20878

December 4, 2017

Board of County Commissioners

100 West Washington Street
Room 1101
Hagerstown, MD 21740

Dear Commissioners President Baker, Vice President Cline, Commissioners Barr, Myers and Keefer:

It is with profound angst and disappointment that I write the Board of County Commissioners today to
file a formal complaint against Washington County Ethics Commission member Allen Swope.

During my oral testimony before the Ethics Commission on November 15, 2017, it is my impression and
opinion that Mr. Swopes personal conduct fell well beneath the dignity of the Commission in which he
is an appointed member.

It is my understanding that Ethics Commission members are held to unimpeachable personal and
professional standards.

At the time of appointment, Ethics Commission members pledge to uphold specific standards of
conduct, including but not limited to integrity, objectivity, decency and impartiality. Commission
members are expected to maintain decorum both in public and in private, especially when a citizen is
providing testimony in an intimate setting.

Mr. Swopes aggressive demeanor and interruptions during my Nov. 15 testimony was most
unappreciated and unwelcomed. His snarky comments, audible sighs, eye rolls and dismissive
undertones demonstrated quite acutely his disinterest in my remarks.

Moreover, Mr. Swopes objectionable behavior has led me to draw the conclusion that any guise of
impartiality he pledged to maintain should be questioned and scrutinized.

I respectfully request the Commissioner Board to imminently address my concerns found within this
formal complaint and launch an investigation into Mr. Swopes professional conduct.

It is my expectation that the Board of County Commissioners will heed my concerns with earnest
diligence. Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time should any of you require additional
information or have questions.

You can reach me by phone at (301) 991-4220 or via email at


Ryan R. Miner