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Advice to Damngak Gyatso of Do

by Yukhok Chatralwa Chying Rangdrol

Revered Lama,

First, since this human bodythe support for freedoms qualitiesis difficult to find,
we must turn our thoughts away from the affairs of this life.

Second, since even once we've gained what is so difficult to find, death can come so
easily upon us, we must avoid the belief that things will last forever.

Third, since the effects of our actions will surely follow us after death, we must turn
our minds from unwholesome actions.

Fourth, since wherever we might take birth in sasra, be it somewhere high or

low, will still have the nature of suffering, we must dispel any thought of seeking
higher realms.

Fifth, since all the qualities of higher states and liberations perfect excellence stem
from virtuous practice, we must apply body, speech and mind to what is wholesome.

Sixth, since the guide along the way is the gracious master, we must serve and
please him in the three ways, regarding all that he does as Dharma.

These are known as the six phases of the common outer preliminaries.

First, since the foundation of all vows is taking refuge, we must seek the protection
of the Three Jewels.

Second, as it is the great pathway taken by all the bodhisattvas, heirs to the
Victorious Buddhas, we must arouse bodhicitta as our motivation.

Third, since misdeeds and obscurations obstruct us on the path, we must put our
energy into visualizing the teacher as Vajrasattva and reciting his mantra.

Fourth, since gathering the accumulations will create favourable circumstances, we

must offer the three-kya maala.

Fifth, since the source of all suffering is clinging to an I, we must overcome the
delusion of past, present and future that is caused by ignorance and clinging to
things as real, cutting through (chd) it completely within the space of absolute

Sixth, since all ordinary and supreme accomplishments arise from meditating on the
guru, we must perform the essence of all practices, the generation phase, in which

all that appears and exists arises as the guru, and the perfection phase, in which our
mind merges with his wisdom mind inseparably.

These are known as the six phases of the uncommon inner preliminaries.

Finally, since the practice of transference (phowa) can come to our aid on the path,
we must settle and allow our own awareness to merge with the gurus wisdom mind
inseparably. As this is the king of all transferences and an extremely profound and
crucial point, always keep it in mind!

This advice was offered to Damngak Gyatso of Do by Chying Rangdrol. May virtue

| Translated by Adam Pearcey, 2013.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

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