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CCUADERNILLO DE VERANO INGLES 3° ESO Grammar and Vocabulary Starter unit (*) Grammar Vocabulary Present simple and present continuous Adjectives: emotions 1. Compote the emaif with the correct tense ofthe verbs inbrackets 6a i Hi Reaval | Seheot and (1) 1_ |stey) wih anive family. Everyday! (2) —___(get up) at 7.30, mandi (3) (nave). shower. We a (4) ___ have) braaklast at atout 3.00 am. The bus [3)___(come) & about #.30 a.m Lesson (@) |otan) at 0.09 a.m. Tony. cur teacter, is very funny andhe (7) (make) us laugh tut he also (€)____ (give) Us lols ofhoriework .. ard it’ & hala! Fuh! ‘im having (have) a great »me at Oxford Englss | | Past simple Verbs: experiences 5 Putte undertined words inthe correct sentences, fot 2 Match questions 1-5 0 answors A-E. 1. Whendlid youlast feel nervous? © heathy meal cook 2 What your Dad cook orcirmer? _ ate 3. How dd you rake yer oan wan? 1 es 41 Wena you ast 9 to area pany? — Smranen tones: 4 Miesascugre pater — 3 ate doe — {Garin Kayo We saw the Pyromie 8 We ha staok and roast postos, Lovey! Holidays © Before my piano exam could’ shop! 6 Cheosetheconectopton 2 aes eens Lots buy meta saweni 0 Bi Ben Indu, Iwente Amy's steer tetcay dicot (caer 2 Wine! Bok your tel now and save 20%! Comparative and superlative adjectives 1 bs twee Corl oulrnare satan 4 Do you wantto go ase abread? mmoles the sentences withthe words + Coy rn ne wore 5: want o explore meet he stand Test healthier Towent more jest Rlerosing spiclor_than_ the worse Food Where's the hates place en tho planet? 4 fm____than my sisterat mathe. 7 Complete the words. 2 Thisisthe: cchacolata in the veld! This chilf sauce very spicy. 3. Carrots are than chips! 1 Ana doesn't eat meat, soshe usvally as 4 ls Chinese ‘est cificl language? ch__sandwiches. 5 The food as helidoy woo than ours 2. Is there suger in my coffee? i's very_t. 5 What’ the book that youve read? 3. This chickenis reallyt___y. Dollebus! 7 Ishetller ‘your teacher? | 4 Hove ex corel with lls of nuts! 8 Friends are important than maney. 5 Some burger resaurants ula foots on thelr chips MOSAIC 3 |=} GEEISREEEGIA 0 oxrono unversiry press Grammar Starter unit (4%) Present simple and present continuous {+ But the verbs in brackote in the presont simple or the present continuous. 1 can't talk now. im doing (do) my homework. 1 she__ practise the gutar for at least 20 minutos avery day, 2 Body. __ (have) shower, think Hell be down ina mnute They (come) 0 ou house for Naw Year every yaar. 2 fom radon, 4 I sometimes (600) Sylvie at ‘school but she's in afferent class. we (stuay) cnosaurs tis week. Wwsreally iniereting 6 Why does he abways for everything? 7 How otten 8 Myolder brother with us unt he can get aj 9 Myliend Beth (at eat ment, <2 ‘can we have fsh for dnnor fer te steepover? soWny {you stana) on that ena? Thal isnt very safet (arrive) ate (you fs0e) your (ive) at heme Past simple 2 Complete the story withthe correct past simple form of the verbs. ‘be decide go hea Talon nolhaar notice otknow push run_stay tur _you/ break (One night last monty my parents were out with friends so 1(1) _ athome wih my litle byatne:. At about elaven a eoek, @ 6 it again, BITS) oy 2 strange noise downsiaes caretuly,but (4) to goand check. | ownstas vary siowlyana quietly because 1 (7) irthare was someone inthe house, 1(8) __ thatthe kitchen door was open eile, 1(@) it ‘pan ana 1 (10), ‘onthe ight. Then ow cat(11} past ma. tough the rik on the kitchen floor "Milla! (12) —_ that bottle of mik?’| asked 3. Put the words Inthe correct erderto write questions have he f whan / accident is id? Wher diate have nis cident? 1 e/ parents Fhe J cid e0r you? 2 gol where on i! holiday? 4 many/ die / send Fhow you (postcards? miss did? yoo why / you Right? Comparative and superlative adjectives 4 Look atthe pictures. Compare A,B and C. Use ‘comparative and superlative forms of the words. heap Fexpensive shor /tall Sow / ast smal big Tht “His shorter thon BG is tho tat MOSAIC 3 (Gj) PERMEESIEIA c oxrono unavensrrness Vocabulary Starter unit C*&*) Adjectives: emotions 41 Complate the sentencer with tho adjectives angy wrod forey lonely nervous relaxed suprised tied The fim was 80 funny! We laughed so much! Yeu fea! ‘when someting happens which you werentexpectng. He's aways so He doesnt waxy ‘about anything Fmvery I nced to stop Doyougel ‘and worried forse Dad was very when Ibroke his lesion. ‘We ty to soe Grardima at weekends because he foals vithout vets Fm realy ‘about our holiday. Dad says that we'e going to Florida! Verbs: experiences 2 Complete the words. "ve finished my book and {don't want ts 96 swimming again now because the sea's a bit cole, c 'm going to sunbatho. Dad werks very haid ange nes aiong journey thi offs, 2 on Saturday ard Sundy he likes tohavea | — Ws Loma's birthday on Saturday. Sre'sinvted thre friends to come to her house on Frey. They're going to have a, ‘ang then on Satur, they're gang bowing. re Hardwick eays thatif wa tke £20 tp schoo}, wecangoonas __ te the National Media Museum. It's an amazing ‘lace. Is that OX? Please! You've mace biscuts and cakes at school, but when are they going to teach you 12 co0k a h. ? {im sad because my friend Abby's moved to Scotland, but Mum says tht lil make 8 and maybe one day we can vist her Mur doesnt often . ‘but hore are probleme at work and she ont seeping wel atthe moment MOSAIC 3 Food 4 Whats each person deseriting? ‘white and you add it tomate fond taste Det, et tant heat orev These are orange vegetables Thay ae crunchy and people sy that they help you ( ‘90 nthe dar! J (= poeple have this for breakfest, but other people have tas a dessen. i's Abionor thr tk. Somatings ithes fut or ou can add you own, ze 3 “Ths comes from milk and i's yellow or [ white, You can pit sence and is runt on a pla 4 Holiday phrases 4 Complete the dialogues. ‘A-Vihy coulin'tyougo to France last waek? 8: Becausel'velost my passpot. 1 Aes. ‘a fotelon fis website, 3 Ad you. sme a posteerd? 8: No, sory, bull ean emailyou some photes. 4 ®-What happened fo your le Bt had an wen I was sing. 5A: Can wo oxplero row placos tie timo? B: Yas — we're going to aca. 6 &Did you ‘any sourenis? B: Yes! Look ~ go his T-sirt of New York! [EISEN © orrono unversiy press Grammar and Vocabulary Unit 1 *« 0 Grammar have to and must 4) Choose the correct option. Fr sorry, You mustn'’ /dan’t have totale in here, 1. Sonia's happy 2eoeuse she doesn't have to / must de any homework oday. 2 We hed to /must come home early because there was a fre at out echo! 3 Youve spill orenge juice allover the ocr. You ‘must /dor’'t have to be more careful! 4 Laldet have to “mustn't co sport at my last ‘You mustn't /dont have to send text ‘messages. clss or our teacher wil gel angry. 6 De you have to /must wear a special uniform at your school? canand could 2 David io #4 now. Complete the sentences with ‘coula’couldn', can/can'tor wiliiwon't bo able (0. David ean(¥) swim new. He___()swem wen he was 7. He. (+)team toerve when he's 17, (idea noese hen ho wes 7 (Viride a horse now, (#)g0 10 the school disco when (read when he wae ok should and ought to 2. Match problems 1-6 10 advios A-F. 1 Mycatsit, © Vm overweight, __ { cant sloop very wall ‘My tooin nurs. Wemy mune bethday noxt woot, "ve got exams in June. ‘You should buy her a presen. ‘You ought © goto the cents Yau shold take it the w You ought o stat revishg nom. You should erink caffe anion. You ought to ge ona diet amoos> mosaic 3 Vocabulary Behaviour 4 Maton tho undoringe words to the opposites Tally behaved ichonest fare stick Uinasoontable unfar_unfanilar Hs beravour nt acceptable I's unacceptable He isnt wellbehaved. He's __ This stamp isnt commen, its "is prise st fae. ts She ist ronast. She's This pace isn very familar. (Our teacher isnt easy-going. Ses Personal qualities 5 Complete the werds with the endings. Tent ical 05 ko is 70, buthe plays tenis ands very active 11 ule is vey serous about badminten and she ‘wantsta got ino tte England badmaton teem, Shoe very aot 2. Sarahis the log___cheica to sing at the concert She's yota beaut voice 3. My parents aren't very saventr Intact, thy havan' Boca abroad. 4 Miguel is very contd _he's passed allhis ‘exams, He says they wore vory easy 5 Iwas verycurl__ about our suprise holiday Uh Murs and Bad ore planning Explaining and reacting to change 6 Put te ties of te dialogue in the correct order. A Obnot Way? _ BI know. t'm disapponted about i but at least we're havng » hotday, © Myteacher chose me forthe teem for ‘competion is the USA, _ 1D What ashame! _ E So,whats yournews? { F They've booked a family holday in France at the same time © How exciting! = H Yes, couldnt beliave it But whan | told my parens, they sai ro. = [REISER o ovrono unwvensry ess Grammar Unit 1 A) should and must 1. Complete the sentences with should(n's or musty | must gel anew passport. My ol ene is out of ‘date and tm gong Bxaziin sty, 4 You___eatzo mary swoots, Thay ‘aren't good for ou 2 My mum says!___tidymyroom ft oni, ste won' take me shopping 3 You boleve everything Esther says. She doesnt always tithe ruth, 4 You_ have your ID oad ¥ you went ts pet into that cub. 5 You_____be nicer ta Tizino.He isnt feeing very hapoy at the moment mustn’tand have to 2 Wrke You musin’ smoke. 7 2 3 4 5 6 2. Read the situations, Then write a sentence fer teach one, Usethe correct form of should, ought tor haveto. Maria tang nthe brary W's nat alowed ineyabie otigation) Mario ought not ott inte library 1 My grandfatner emotes andit makes him cough recamnencation) My granafatner = 2 Timwert to school an hour eary (0 bilge Tim as {4 | Toa red aaa irbutl dent wantto 20 to bed. recommendation) You _ 4. Pau is helping Fs Stor with ner school project. (0 obiigaticn) ‘Anna is textng while she's eivrg. Its against thew. [negate obtgaien) can, could ané will be able to 4 Look at the table. write sentences to say now well Petra could, ean and willbe able to do these things. XX = not at al, X = nol very well ¥ = quie wall ¥ ¥ = very wal ‘aim | cook | paint Tour years (1) = | (27 jor row fax [ay [| tearviors [ry fa“? [om from row | 1 Four years aa0 Pom coun awimatal. 2 3 4s 6 — = 7 8 ° MOSAIC 3 (5) BEEIBESRIEIA © oxrono uuvensiry press Vocabulary Unit 1 (4a Behaviour 4 Complete the definitions. ‘Semathing which s coed enough ar satisfactory is acceptable Scmeone who does not le, chest or steals h ‘Sometiing which i lten seen or oan happens Ise Someene wie has many rules and makes poopie oby thom is ‘Something weich s well known fo you and easy to recognize is ‘Something which is easenakle, right and accepted by most people's f Personal qualities 2. Match the words to the definitions. ‘Baventuraus ambilcus orele conficont creative curious logical sncicble ‘ocd al making hge such a pintings or drawings artistic friendly, enjoys being with people ‘determines to be succossul er powerful ‘waning To learn or know about semening ‘sure thet you can do somathirg wel having jotsofnewldeas enjoys doing new and exeting things reasonable and sensible Extra vocabulary 3 Complete the words, 1 2 Do you fee!al hore, bere in Amesca? Roberta feels cults hone She doesrit Ike the westher or the food in England. Im thinking of gettng a tat__of arose to go on my shouder. Zakwants 2 car__wrking wth animals Ihiok Rosa is going i set_ into hor new schoo! quickly, She's sready made alot ef new cds, Simon end Jule gt marred lest wook Troy had a lovaly wodding cor Achilles was one ofthe mst famous war___s in Ancient Greece. MOSAIC 3 Explait Noun suffixes 1 4 Make four noune withthe groups of lelters Match them to the pictues, 3 val 2 7 3 4 ing and reacting to change '5 Choose the cerrect option. [Ac My exam results ae alot better than last year! 8B: That's fantastic! dreadtut! 1 A Ny brother's company said that he worit have ‘job after Apr B: What a shamet/ How exciting! 2. A: ment tothe new burger bar lastnight BB: What was it like? / That sounes terrible! As itwas nice. 3A: Grandma's going fo come and lve with us ater ne eurrmer hoiaays, B: That was sad. / Rolly? 4 A:YoulInever guoes what happened last nigh. ‘ot back home, opened the fron! door and ‘want in bat all the ligits wore of £: What happened next? /How do you feet? 5. A Whatdld you thnk o the new ICT suite at scnocl? 8: That's understandable. (realy ted it. 6 A:Dad sayswe car have aawimming 200 in the garden naxt summer! B: How excting! / Whet a shame! FIER © oxrono university Press Grammar Unit 1 Gok 1 Complete tho amail with have to, don't have to ‘or mustn’tand the verbs. 2 Complete the text with ean/ can't could / couldnt, of wil won'tbe able to. change do _e_po bg Sein a0 Deer Aan, Thanks very much for your email! Yes, I've made & | New Year's resoluton te —ta get fl | Youknow my woterisa sors teicher”? Wel, he's | worked Wiig angramme forme and new at Frsiot a, (1) fr 20 mutes etry weekday bear el au the park me Loon Mat Then (3) 20 engin of my loa! summing pooion Tuesday and Trrséay fvenings. And nay. (3)__———toa oa! clas on Satrdoy morings LLucily he's not too striet ard (4) anything on Sundays, whichis great | © iy ot because Heat gute ‘wolibulre eaye (6) any chacolate 0: cakes. Thal's hard because you krow | love sweet things! Fm going to try for 3 menths. You'l see a new me! Lowe, Katia Gompicte the seccnd sentence so that means the same as the fist. Use mustn’, don't have to or shouldnt / ought not to. Cars arenot alowed to go into the town sont care mmusin go nto ne fown cere ign necassary to uve the sai. There's tit You _ _ There's a it Its important thet Tanya doesntest nuts. If she oes, sho wil Nave a bad allie rection, Tanya ahe does, she will ave a bad alloc reaction tient a good ida te swim ater big meal You ‘her's no peed for Mum to go fo work today because t's @ public holiday ure beceuee| publicholday {5 rude to tlk loudly on a mobi ptone in 2 rasteurant, People mosaic 3 r {cre te France with ny parents beat yas 90 gaudn unerstné much French at fstand (1) erly say 2 fen words. Thi was aig FOE Bocas! started gong 8 a bina rene schoo. ad French lessons at sno, Uap steted ole oases te Nath in French medtly co had to aa aly fast “Things ace muca beter nowt 2) rnsstns mos of mht my eacher ay bit i @ aways expan my isos very | wot in cass Thats way fstraing! | thane that one day (4) _speak French tly fuel know tat probably © sound exact ike a Frensn ‘er2on Bain going (0 work hard on my accent 4 Puttha words in Bn the correct order. _ | don understand this questcn B: atk Ms should ep! you for! York B: You should ask Mis York for belo. [RL hy 5 Daa stl wating? B:the/1o/ ho leright hornowork has fish 8 A: How wil get home alter the party? Bead Jt (a can fgwe/ my (ou 8: ‘You speak Itaian very wel. Bal! speak! las / couldnt 1 year! ait 8 1: Why do you leak 80 wnhanpy? 1B: g9/ won!t/ America Jable/1)f0 be year tolnext 8 Actelion project? 8:t0/ pct / you your have / draw projest/ for dont 8 7 Io draw pitures for oF 1k: How do [gata scholarahp tothe university? Bs form [you ask must or /applicatn Fan 8 (© OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS Vocabulary Unit 1 Gee 1 Complete the sentences with the words, ‘cae! conten! ceaive degree erect Ingrect_miss_protection_stalus voluntary 1 Her ‘in the company gives her ‘a spedal importance, 2 You're too You say what you thnk, ven I hare someone, 3 prevents harm or damage 4 He'sso__ ‘and always nas lots of new ideas, 5A |s.2job or profession that you de for 8 fong ime, ofen al your working ite. © He doesnt s ray, He's aloays 80 7 What did you do at univers? 8 To somieone is when you fee! ‘sad because you dort see them any more. ‘hat he meaas in at abvious a work's when you choose to ‘G0 sometning hat you want io do but you der’, gel any money. 10H you'e __.yostenow at you wl do wel, ‘Gomptote the sentences with me words bracksts, 1+ Scents ara wor about te of because the areas some rainforest ‘whore they. ‘are getting smaller. (tribes nent /suriva) 2 When we moved abread, fe at fis, but 13000 Ie iy pew scheot and now foo realy at (home sailed / homesick) 3 Ow tine was 4 pn. but our room ‘nt ready. This is ‘This hotel should be more (organized unacceptable / aval) 4 Mum and Dac think ou new schoo! was a good ‘School uniform and hortework are 7 tho stidaats ae (wwel-behaved ! compulsory / mova) vite he opposties. bhorest fariior sitet compulsory fair MOSAIC 3 Complete the toxt with the words. There are vo words that you do not need. ‘isis badipbenaved commen caicus direct hard woking mathematcal_erganized | Lmet my friend Naomi at primary school, | liked her | pecause she a8 50 (1) se was | amas asangqestons Shes ao ey @ Shes neve afi sy what | Shatin! Finch more than Nsom: |kep my thias tay 30 ko wher they are, bit te can neve fin arything! | We changed toa naw school his yaar All the teachers ae happy with us because ne'e bath (@)_______, but were good at ferent things. Ive got quite a5) mind and | ind solvag problems quie easy, Nomis much sere ©) hae me. Ste does ‘mazing paintings and her mape andalagrame oro | peter han mine tot 5. Are the sentences true or false? is quite lifcul to remove a tattoo. 1 The giant panda isa very are animal. 2 To mina Nobel prize is a great aciovement 3. Wearing a seateltin e ca is not compulsory in most ceuntlos in Europe. 4 in Japan there's a specialtea ceremony. __ 5 Youneed ta study solerces Ifyou want acareor in redicina. _ {6 A sociable person Ikes to spend alot of ime on the oan. 7. Weng ltrs to friends ts commen now. 8 Abadly behaved child wil usually ie their temgor if they ean'thave what ther went, Complete ihe words in the ciatogue. ‘A Ihadte change school in Jenery? BC) why? A: Nydad got anaw job ea we had to (2)m__ rouse. B: How did you(3)t 2 AL twas (a)a, at frst | was worried about having lo make naw fiends. B: Thats (Su ‘So, what was your new scho01 (6) 2 A Actually, bwa9 (7) Neat ko i could’ be happier Inthe enc twas (8a __ _ move. Grammar and Vocabulary Unit 2 Grammar too, too much, too many, (not) enough 1 Choose the correct option, was foe/ toe much hat inthe cinema 1 That's fartoo much too many popcorn. We cart eat all that! 2. The fim was ute boring. There wasnt enough action / action enough 3. There's food enough / enough food in ihe cupboards for tree weeks, A There are too tan many peoplein the qusve Wee not going to gel tickets. 5. Ave you hungry enough J enough hungry to at thoe courses? {6 The ending ofthe took was enough /too predetable Past simple and past continuous 2. Choose the corraet option. Christina ietoned /av9s Homing 1 mu when her mur Knecked on the door 41 saw /was seeing a great science fiton fm last night. 2 Alejandro wae looking / fooked at his socal media page whom his fiend called 2. She was toxting /texted he bost fend efter she hearé the news. 4. Schoo! ished and then they ran /were running Rome. 5. She was staring /started laughing when she head the joke, 3 Match the sontence halves 1-8 to A-E. Thon ‘complete the sentences with when or while. 1 She was nelpng her brotner wth tis omawore E My mobile rang We were having apart wit all our frencs _ Tim wae ivingon the grass The bays took off nei wet clothes: _ he san a cat stick n@ tee. Iwas watching a fim at ne cinema. ther mum was making them a ht ink. — cur parents came home eary ht thoy both noard 2 tous noise downstairs nooe> MOSAIC 3 (_]) CEERI Vocabulary Adjectives: Opinions 4 Use the ondings inthe box fo complete the underiined adjectives below. We ous eine The fm was very disappointing We didet enoy itatal. 1 There wes a ver) informat__pragrarnme on TV lastnight about Antarctica | leant fl 2. This horror fim isterely_. You must watch it Ive never been so fghtered! 2 Link Mr Bean sbi. He always makes ime laugh 4 Tha scene in space is very reaist__. You fe! ks you avo actually here Books and films 5 Completethe sentences with the words. Beard etes “his plot review seting [lithe eites abd it was an increcitly good fim, + The ‘was basicaly about 3 young man and woman fang infove, 2. Skoven Spielbers has directed many big film 3. Sho reseived a specal__for saving e dog feo tha vor 4 The ____ forthe film was in one of he coldest places on Earth. 5 Willyou wete o_o ths flm forthe school megazine? Expressing preferences 6 Write the words in the correct order to make sentences, al rather (13 J comedy /see ISrathor soe comedy. 4. a1 Vel stay / prefer nome £20 2 gelteltoriove/ ia pary/a 3. moti eatner/ go! swimming IV 4 keen pizza Ym very (on /not ‘oxfonD UNIVERSITY PRESS Grammar Unit 2 too, too much, too many, (not) enough 1 Complete the sentences using foe or enough The musics fa lout 1 Hor jackets smal fr er. 2 They havent got ‘ane to buy @ bugec 3. This cottecio ott dink 4 He wasnt tal bb climp over he wal, § The beach was: crowded sowe went heme, 2 Wiite the words in the correct order. 1 eeu /seary/the fm too / watch because / ‘They wast 2 those /jeans / money fo/ buy 7 He fhavel deesn'/erougs heli tha window /1/t00/ because / here lin! opened Fis 4 much hie wockend/ 186 / 601 '0/got 30 / homework ‘queue | are/ many (shop F that (100 (There f ‘panplethe fr /in 3 Complete the sentences. Use too, to0 much, too ‘many or enough and the words below ‘moray old predictable short ‘speci ofecte_vivlonee. ‘Stall we go tone crema? tear. Raven got enna maney 4 What aid you think of the story? thought ws just____ You always know what was going 1 happen nex 2 ld’ ike the mala character. He ain't ek ___1o bo agrandtather. 3 Thefinis IMleeves out bts of (good pari ofthe baak 4. thous there was _hrthe fim. wanted to s2e less fghtng and know more about the characters 5 Tobe honest, the fim wae abit boring. Nething happened end there weren't MOSAIC 3 Past simple and past continuous 4 Choose the correct option and complete he sentences withthe correct past simple or past Ceontinuaus form of the verb, ‘When Wile | gc (get) nome bwas realy wea, 0 wentto bod. 11 Malai phones her dad when /whie | (iy) on a new top, 2. She wasn't surprised when wnite she (000) har frond, Hari atthe concert, 3 Whea / White hoy (a) nto the kitchen, they saw some broken glass on the oor What did you do when while your ierds (get ready fr the pariy? 5 acek hurt his knee when / wile he (olay) foabat 5 Putthe verbs in brackets inthe past simple or past continuous, | artvad arrive) wie thoy [walch) a DVD of The Hobo 1 He (he) nthe bath when he sudcenly —(hav9) a iat idea oe ale 2. While my mum are dat (rave) around South America, we (9p) tostay with my grandparents 3 We___ {ty up after the meal whan my rotor ___(start playing his guitar. 4 Wher the poles cticer ‘¢knock) onthe frontdooy, Sarah (fave) neh 5 My cad tel) vary long, of eke that we all know when my grandad (stat) snonng! icing 6 Complete the siory with the verbs in the correct, orm of the past slmple or past continuous. Ding cobra cowl have whe talk walk ‘My worst chichood memory is from wen Iwas 10 years oid. My family (1) was Raving tuncn mn a veey ‘oxponcive restaurant Ws (2) ny father’s 40" birthday, While [(3)__to my sister, the water (4) ‘me my main course ~ @ large ‘bow! of spagheti bobgnese. The walter ()___ away when inoteed somathing moving inthe bow, A small sect (6) __arcund my spaghelt! The waiter immediately (7) the ‘Spagivet beck to the hitcen, My dad thaught twas very fury. but aw | never order spachett Vocabulary Unit 2 C*«%« Adjectives: Opinions Extra vocabulary 1 Complete the sentences withthe words 4 Match words 1-7 to defirtions AWG. Gil enjoyable eniorainng predioabie Fealsticspectocular ‘The begining ofthe book was fay dl bat then it became mare exciting 1 Wehada_ view of Niagara Frais fro our note! window 2 You're 20 1 alweye tna what youre going todo. 3. They tke seeing ther aunt and unc. They always have @ vary tine. Be __1 We cart afford to buy that car Wewaiched a very___ test. night. Mum and Dad theughe iw Books and films 2. Find nine more words connected with books And fils in the word pizza, SREViEWOND| ENoINGoOHO1| TNDEPGVYAVR TWEVTCEREE PLEHRAALEC Weve Lis cut VeLTITso ysulrTere ARDGNROV 3. Complete the sentences with five of te words In exorcise 2. The plot was quile dificult to follow. Inever Understood why the man ran away to Australia, Ny dad's music He goes to soe ols of new bands. 2 read a trible___ofthe new X-men fim. | dba'tthink | wantto ee 3 Don'ttellmethe_ fished i yet. 4 Tae heroine i @ reall interesting ‘Sho’ vary song bu que lonely © Iwantto bee Hove wating stoves. 6 She won special for saving her brothers and sisters fom the fro. ‘of the book. | haven't Mosaic 3 1 joke é 2 character 3 periormer 4 tale 5 auaence 6 ot = 7 Wve kind f story the people wh watch elstn to-@ performance © quaities which make a person ciferent from somecre ese a performance you s6e br hiar at tho same time 'Uneppens something funny you say tomake people laugh | natural ability lo do something Someone such 28 ap actor ar musiean whe dos things fe entertain poople om Adverbs of degree 5 Choose the correct adverd to make the sentence stronger (4) or weaker (4). This bock is auto / inxedbl lora. 4 Ly trothar is pretty incre good at tennis. Thal fim was 2 bit /very strange. Y ‘The main charactor was quie / very funny. The director ofthis fis fatty / very young. > ‘The ending was ht prety prodictable, Expressing preferences 6 Complete the dialogue withthe words. Tome Fol oF Sounds wale ‘A: Why dont we see a fim tonight? I've heard there _are some good ones on. B: OK. td preter (1) a comody. 1A: Oh, im not very Keon (2)__ comedies. (el rather (3) ‘an action film or thir. 8: OK. Athiler(4)____ much beter ran an action fm. -&: How about gating some foot after? B: I preter) to, | raven't got enough money. oxFono unvenerry press Grammar and Vocabulary Unit 3 C *_) Grammar Vocabulary Past participles Money and shopping 1 Complete the table 4 Choose the correct option. infinitive | Past sinpie | Pastpanicipie cost Tis was a rel bargain /aiscount - only €10! 2 Thatshop fahoving » eae /lend wit 50% off set a How much od those trainers afford ! cost? 4 Tim going to save up / afford fora new phone: grow 5 Couid you lend i borrow me €5? ‘wear 5 That old painting is worth / costa let ofmoney uy take Cet Hescn Present perfect with forand since 2 Complete te sentences with foror since. I heven'tbeen shopping for ager! 1 Have you seen Jo wowent kayaking? 2 He's woes frthateompary neatly six months, 3. Ive saved nearly €100 last Janwary | My parents nave known er parents overten yor. eee | 5: Mcehas ned ahroad hte eps imei se iia iaawe oon le Seon 2 Seaneemr toe bt 1 atnies 24 wo bing — ways 9 wakooara 5 Butwotaict gas aot 2 kang 5 watering — Present perfect with stil/ yet / already Reaching an agreement 2. Gross out the word which is not inthe correct position. 6 Putthe lines ofthe dialogue in the correct order Have you yet finshed getting ready yet? ‘A. Oh po! ls too cold. _ 1 lve already told you tha! | aready can't come B That doesn wok forme, How about cout tonight watching a DVD at my touse? = 2. tim gute cross win Annabel bacause she stil hom, why dont we goto the beach? hasrft stil tidied up her oom, 1D That sounds tke a reat ies. {haven't eon a good fm for ages. 5. Inaven't seen yet my English toscher ye 4 Ny tte brother has already wor already three E_ What stall we do ths aternoan? t chess competitions. He's very clever F OK, let's do something doors, How 5. stillhaven' been wakeboarding stl about going bowing? _ MOSAIC 3 {=| GESERESRREIG o oxrono univensiry press Grammar Unit 3 C4%&_) Prosont perfoct with forand since 4. Gross ou! the ending that is not possible, | haven't seen you since | was in Peru / ovat leasta year /sinco-wonihe. 41 Gho’s boon at hie sohool for two weak / ‘since t opaned fr February, 2. We haven’ played lannis since the summer / fo last year / for along time. 3 He's been inthe team since two weeks / ‘nce he scored his fist goal for oolong 4 (haven't bean tthe cireme for ages / since years / since June, 5 I naven't spoken tonim for we argued / {or months / ates the day of the party, Join the sentences with foror since Jam at school. | arrved wo haus avo. Lave boon af shoal fr tw hows 41 We know Sar We fest met him in danuary. 2. They ae married, They got married slong time om. 3. She's hospi. She went in on Saturday. 4 He lives in San Francisco, He moved there slghtoon months ago, 5. She's a loache:. Sho trained three years ago. Present perfect with stil, yet and already 3. Rewrte the sentences with nor... yerand a ‘vet. Tied fen ge Take take of wakanup) ‘Mum and Dad are all asleep. They haven't woken uavet. 1) The plane s st onthe eunway. 8 aie 2 Bil and Saly ave sil here They 3. She sil dcesnt have any new Fiends, She 4 Trisha sl looking for ther scart Trohe _ — 6. Brian i sit dong His project, Bran MOSAIC 3 4 Look at Julia's list of things to do beforeher holiday, Weile sentences to describe wht she hhas cone already (+) oF hasn't done yet (*). Things te do. 1 prt plane ticket 2 pack cothes ¥ 5 find passport x 4 buy sunglasses 7 15 change meney X 6 take the hamstar to Anna's house * ae soa has already sinted her plane fokel 5. Read the situations and complete the sentences with atready or yet. ‘You and @ frend are having a drink in aca “The walter thinks you've fied and site to take your glasses. You say, We havent thisted ret + You know that your friend i looking fora singer ter nei naw tana Pemaps she hes found ‘You ack, Have’ r 2. Your mum leaves or work A few nines Tater someone rings ard ass to speak i he. ‘You say, Yen afro 3. You are thinking about where to go on holiday, ‘You are not sure. A friend asks you where you are going. You say, 1 41 Your mum bough! a game onine for you. Maybe ithas aried todey, You ask sbou! your game. You ask, Mum, 2 5 You are going to he cinema tis evenng win fienes, You bought enema tdkete fr you and your fens this morning, A frend says ‘Shal | ‘get the tickets? You say,'No, '8 OK. 5 You're wating fora bus te goto your ens's house, but ls lato. You're lil wating whan your fiond cals you to ask whare you ars, You say,'The bus _ IEEE onrono uwensry eres Vocabulary Unit 3 Money and shopping 1 Complete the dialogues with the words. afford barcain brand barrow discount _save_shop onlin _warth ‘A: you often shop onine? B Yes, 109, We lve ina small vitage. 1 A:Dad, cant have a new laptop? B Yes, of course... fyou__up fort 2 A What are your vaners? B: Sport — hey aren't to» expensve 3. AcHow much is Man's od cor 2 B:Not very much, Im aaia! 4 A:How much is this, please? A There's 50% sonst, 5. A: Why can't we go abroad en halilay? B:1'm sorry We can't 8 ALiam,con | ‘you phone? 5 Yeon, sue 7 A:This phone was only £30 1B: Wow! That's a great Free-time activities 2. Which fres.time activly are the people describing? itimvolves cycling off the read up and down ‘mountains or thrcugh forests ‘alpina Thisis the sport of shootrg antows om a bow ta) large 1 a a This Set of sports includes runing, jumping, throwing an walking = 3 This is a combination ef sking and snonboaiding, A ‘moterboat puts the rider along, J a This involves paddling a special kind of koat down | fvor9 or inthe 908 5 Mosaic 3 Phrasal verbs 3. Complete the sentences with the words. Ti gon at on waa | do lice that optaurant You abway have to quoue up o gel in 1 Like Chinese food, butt soesnt aways ‘m2 up| should eat more rice! 2. Sorah dent Lup fer the match on ‘Satur, 3 Canyou_____upafter lurch, please? 4 They Wp a huge screen i the path so hal poopie avid soa the concert Extra vocabulary 4 Complete the undestined words. Is eurey~ but dont worry, it's very mils Monn, ts cakoisde Pur yourg. onl ts coi Which foods are moet na 4 ‘Thistea i incredibly sw ‘much sugar cd you putin 5. Zak pought a sombrero asa s of cer holay in Mexico {8 Hey! Only €30 for those jeens! Thats h They were €60 ast week! 7 How olds this mi? Itastes 5, 18. Thatbrand's oo expensive! You ean buy good jeans ata f ofthat price! Reaching an agreement 5 Choote the correct option, A: Winy /How dont we get Amy a DVD? B. We don't know whic tims ste's akeedy aot ©: Ok, so(1) why /how about a Tshit? D: That's nota bad(2) dea plan, bt ts 2 Ut ering. 1B Wo (3)coul /shall get hors brace ‘A: Bul she never woars jowalie. : I know, (4) let's /shall ganze ¢ surprise pany fo: her D: That (5) works /sounds ikea good pian. Is everyone (6) happy /agrae to ‘gowith that ides? ‘oxroRo UNIVERSITY PRESS. Grammar and Vocabulary Unit 4 C &_) Grammar Vocabulary Present perfect and past simple Adjectives: foolings 1 Complete the sentences with the pairs of verbs 4 Choose the correct option Inthe correct place, Dough fas rad Gownicaded nave Tstered hac known Lmat_have vad moved tuwas worrying / amassing wen my dad told us {a fumy sary avout when be was al choo! + ae motivating /iitating when my teacher told me about diferent careers tha! could have 2. iewas upsetting Inspiring wnen our cat Sisappewed for aday, ‘Sookle mel Jute two years age, ‘Saskia as row Jude for2 years Trey to Munch a year ago They there for a year 3. Along, hot beth i relaxing / confusing, 2 bad al eg 66 Mur; 4s frightening / annoying when my ile totter lakes my things wihout asking 5 liwas embarrassing fascinating when I sen! ‘hile a bitsy ca onthe wrong day, fora lng Seve st {o thoi new album ten times, 1 ttast weekend ‘Subject and object questions Verbs: technology 5 Look atthe pleures. Compietethe phrases. 2. Tick(V) the correct question fo: each answer. mass ACI Who did he ge i107 BEI wna gave na nin? ‘twas. present from his ele ‘AC Who aid you see in town? BC Who saw youn town? Ryan sawme. AC Wine met you atthe station? 01 Who did you meet ate station? ad net me. ‘AQ What made that noise? BEI What noise od it make? ur naighdours ear) 1 text someone 3 pra button 2 ch___your phone 4 scr___ down Present perfect with ever, never and just Asking for help on the phone {6 Put the lines ofthe dialogue inthe correct order 2 Complete the sentences with ever, never oF Just Vinal the most excling thing that youve evar A Of course. Vihats the problem? _ one? 8. Gocd atomnon. GiznoGadget. 1 Oh no! Dent come in with diy bocts! Ive ‘Ryan speaking, How can! help? ~ washed the foot © 500. sorry abou that. Send us the 2 Mums studied German, butshe clock rel we can ga you anew one, ‘wants to startitat an evering class. Can | take your name, please? _ 3 Haveyou___done.a bungee jump? On hate. tm caling because 've just 4 No, we've been abroad on holiday. Lpought one of your Speak ToSioon ‘ye only have holdays in this court. slam clocks and I ngad some hel, 5 Has enyona fiven you 8 present E I's Mara James. Il'send the clock, hen, uwhich you've already gol? “Thnk you very much fr your help. a arrived athe arport, He's F Wat, say Alarm off, ve alarm should stop, butt doesnt. _ 5 He's vwaleg for Fis sucase and nel be nome soon MOSAIC 3 (5)| EIRIEEEIIEIG 0 oxr0r0 university press Grammar Unit 4 (4x Prosont porfect and past simple Present perfect with ever, nover and just 41. Choose the correct option, 4 Put the word in brackets in the correct place in teach sentance, ‘Mum's spaken / tum spoke my Mus teacher severaltimes snice September. Ive saen so much food ai a gaty (never) 11 When we were smal, ourgrandmether made / ‘ve never seen go uch food ata party. has mage us delicious ice-cream avery Sunday. +1 Haye you made your own website? (over) 2 My brother has had had «fight wih his best — ‘fend onSeunday aight 2 Wes bought a new tablet compuer. jus) ‘3 Have you ever broken / Did you ever break your ac? 4A Do you know Barcelona? BB: No, Pve never boon nover wont thes. 2 Weve boon to see our unclein Australis, (never) ‘The bahroom free. Ive finished wit (just) 55 She's run / She ram ten mio fc charity 4 Yesterday. 16 Mkohas come camein fve minutes ago. He's 5. Has she said why she was upset? (ever inthe bathroom, ees 6 Weve called ns new ahene. (never) 2. Put the verb into the correct form. Who as fan my shone? (ate) 7 Fvecome bask from fhe mos ama woliay af 1 — plate his momo. (get mil et 2 Para ‘ff hor biko yor. (ol) 3 your Eralsh bookin your — tock (pat) 8 Have your parents heard your band? (ever) 4 Thats the second gass you've today! (oa) porect isan st you. text an hour aga. (send) * dach sontmce, Find the mistake and cored I © Wien your sonoo term (stat) Have you ever eat Japanase food? 7 Wve ehenemaus choo cake (ote) Have yu everenon Japanese ac? a eS avcavawann $65 + veneer bo so embarassed in my whole te. name. rae —_ sn — Soret 2. | just bought anew computer game. Sublet nt objectinventions 3 Sue haven't ever had @ prabiem with her phone, 3 Write subject and object quostions. Put the verbs in brackets in the past simple. Whe (ge) on the schcol tip yesterday? Who wort on the e2hoo! io yostonday? 41. Whe /you / meat! st Drama Cie? 4 Naver [ve 8061 so many people ata concert 5 He's gene outwith some friends just 2 "What happen fin ie lel epleode of Dodlors? 6 Have they eve invite you round to their house? 3. Who /tell/ you shou Garirals party? TT wnat have you just oa? 4 When Jack get tome? Sn She lenevar fait co Nappy. 5 Who /see/ something srargein the garcan? — MOSAIC 3 (=)| IEXEISRSIIIEIE © oxrono uwvensiry Press Vocabulary Unit 4 (ek) Adjectives: foolings 1. Match the adjectives to the situations. anusing confusing enbaraseng fasonaing Frightening. caitaing motivating) relaxing upsetting forgeting io buy a oresont fora tena’ tinthay embarrassing having a ing hot bath ‘watching cocumeniares that interest you vwaichng hore fins when teres 3 loud noise the phone ringing when youre asleep hearing thal sorneone fs had an accident your teacher teling you that you'e doing well ‘wo people giving you dflerent answers ‘watching The Simpsons Verbs: technology 2 Choose the correct option. Wil you switeh /press off at tha lights before you leave? ‘Tho battery on my laptop is terbie. | have to ‘charge steam itreariy every day, Ifyou swipe / tap once on a ohoto on this phono, wll z00m in ‘There fa smailhole at he tep ofthe phone, whore you san plug in switch on your earphones. Don't update / unplug your computer before you have shut it down propery, ean waste hours browsing /seralling the interne ‘Tost / Stroam mo when you are ready to come home, ll eeme and pick you up. | need fo update /awitch on my profie photo. That one’s tom two years ago! You need i scroll stream cowr. I's at the bottom. look, mere, mosaic 3 Extra vocabulary 3 Complete the words in the sentences. Dont shake your head! W's arealy ood idea, [At the station you shouts be caret withthe 9 hetwaen he pater and the tain 2 When he sam my costume forthe fancy dross patty, hebu___ out laughing 3 lek we agroeaio meet at 3pm. thers has aon 2m aaa 4 Hyossq________ tis tube of toanpase, 1m sure youll ind more in ther. 5 ook at hese mars! Your eacor w you at you noade to work harder! 8 Whydort you in___ Raul dinner? 7 Canyouspr_____ the news aboul the party? ed -ed and -ingadjectives 4 Complete the sentences with theadjectes. ‘ecied ignored Wghiening ated mwa "You'e always tate. W's very retating 4 erm not very spout the shoo tp because rve been thers before 2 Ras ‘wating for abusin tho dk 3 Mumgets very nen we call an ‘hat o our fiends when she's watching TV. 4 No you of big doss? ‘Asking for help on the phone 5 Choose the correct eption. 1. A: Good sfternoon. Gary's Garage. How can| help / support you? B: Gould (1) say / speak to Lee Jones, plaase?” 2 A:lve just bought a watch fom your enine shop and I've got (2) need ! problem wit it. 1: Can you (2 alk / toll mo whet wrong? 3 &:I'm(4) contacting / calling bocause {haven't received the TVthat! ordered B:Gar | (8) collect / take your rame, please? 4 Ai Hale. (6) request /need some talp with making an order. B: Ofcourse, How can |help? ‘A: Well fist of al, could you (7) explain Inform how to pay by crest card, please? © OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS Grammar and Vocabulary Unit 5 (_*« ) Grammar Vorb + -ing and to 41 Match the sentence halves 1-8 to A-F 1. Thejudge decided Sto dosent enjoy ‘dort know wy you prefer _ The palice nace _ Everyone who know tvs walking if i's raning playing computer garnesto praying footul to caten this armed robe quickly. living hare, Thece's very litle erm. to give my dad parking tickets every weck! to send the wornan to prison amoom> Relative pronouns 2 Choose the correct option Do youknow aryone whe / which can help me? 41 Thats the ng whose / which the burglars took. 2 This the estaurane who / where the water clothe eustomare’ erect car dota 3. Thoy/re the boys whose who sister i in ison 4. Isthat te shop which / where you bought your 5 know a gil who / whichis 2 model 6 | saw afm about a Kidnapping where / which ink you woul tke, Modals of deduction 13 Maten the pictures A-D te the deseriptions 1-4 e| Tenightbo alamp. D 2 Itmustbe e watch 3 Wteouldbe a toahbnush, right be 2 shoo. Vocabulary Criminals and crime fightors 4 Complete the words with-or -or oF -a, avast 4 bug 1 tow 5 armedronh 2 muga_ © murdor_ 3 police oie 7 pate investiga Crimes 45 Read the question, Underline the correct crime, wrvch crime evolves fee? spmaring | forgery credit ear aud! arson 1 Which eine involves avenicle? ‘mugging /vandalism / speeding! blackmail 2. Which crime is about copyiog? cickonoketing ! forgery! drug-dealing J blackmail 3 Winieh crime i about breaking things? vandalism /shoplifing ‘smugging /kitnapping 4 Which exiso ean happen online? srson/ burglary identy thet speeding Describing photos 6. Read the deseristion ofthe photo. Choose the correct option $08 / watch a woman in some kind of shop. t | (1) should / might be 2 nawsagent’s, tut I'm nct | realy sue. She (2) must wil be n her wonton. | 'm sure about that! She's (3) has /gotlong blonde hairand she is caeying a shoulderbag. The products she (4) 8 / are stancing next io could (5) look! be bars of ehooxiate, but eat soa thom vetycleatly. She (6) might / must be @ shoplifter — Fm not sure. (7) At/ i the background, I can seo anather shopper. MOSAIC 3 (2]] GIERSSEMEGIA © oxrono urwensrry press Grammar Unit 5 (sk) Verb + «ing and to 4. Choose the correct option \We need to.g0 going othe police 1 The judge agreed to hold holding a meeing tn bath lawyers. 2. She promisec to come / coming home at oven 3. enjoy towatch /watchirg TV crime dramas 4 We've managed t speak speaking i alite local resieents 5 My dae misses to be being s member of he fecal counel {6 le pan to have /having mor traffic warcons, 2 Complete the sentences withthe verbs. Use the sing form of the verb or to, [ie go hei jon move pay talk ‘She started falkng to the grivate investigate 1 Tre police promised the residents 2 Vrearoid___ down ta steel ol nigh. 3 Thisman appears __ sorry for stoping 4 Theydidrit agree the git wha wanted {e blackmail thom. 5 brecemmend tos queter area, 6 Doeehe want the teow? Relative pronouns 2. Rowrite the sentoncse with the relative pronoun In brackets. Where's that DVD? It was in my room. (which) Wiere's tha! OVO which was i my room? 1 Have youre the American gla? They' icine ourclass. (who) 2 Thats the cate, Zak et is phone there. (wore) {4 Thats our neighbour, Mrs Mls. Her husband is cournew French teacher. (whose) 4 This ie the park. | play tennis hare avery Sunday atemoon (where) [5 Smoking 8 habit hilo ola oF people. (which) 4 Five of the sentences have the wrong eclative pronoun, Find and correct them. ‘Tat’ the driver who was speeding What was the fm which we saw ast night? ‘Where's ie nearest stop whore sets tk? 1 thing abou ma wish worse nis am Did they cat the woman whase dd it? ‘Tiss the office which Mun works. ‘That's the man wo dog ted to ile me. is that Ine Doy wrose dads a detective? Modals of deduction 9 Match the sentences 1-8 t0 AH. 1 Hemustbe «pele effcer. £ 2 We couldbe at the gym. 3 He cantbe et unversty 4 He might be shostiting. 5 Hecantbem bes, He mustbe good at sponte, 7. He mightbo a detective 8 He couldbe tate Yo aways gete up ot 7 a.m He had lot of hings to do ths afternoon. 1a you think he's going to pay for those? He's trying to get. He's inthe scoc!foxtbll and tennis tears, Ho sae driving that police car when it arved! He's ony sioan and he hasn't dene A-levels. | haven't seen him in police wiform ro7mooE> Complete the sentences with must or can't. She can! be shoplifting because I's har shop! 1 It's an expensive carso they. be rich, 2 Bho be pleas. t's dificu to get into that univers. 3 He beat tome. | rang and there was no reply 4 She be exhausted, 1know she id sleep on the pane at a. 9 That___botho postman. He doven't ‘come on Sundays! 6 Hebe Teoing disappointed. He ‘expected to get higher marks than thet. MOSAIC 3 [ej 6 OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS Vocabulary Unit 5 (4% Criminals and crime fightors Extra vocabulary 3. Complete the words. He's an acolo! with an inlarast in climate change. Are the polee going to at thom? 2. The behaviour of those boys inthe supermarket mate te detective sus 3 The bu owners inthe (own conte ‘are worried abcut the problem ef stoping, 4 Thiet he hirdes 5 How many people votein your of arson the wok ho 2 6 Thelocal ea _elioct eibbish once a 7 Thetan are discussing the speed lis. Thay migh make thigher an noterways 8. That wil meke ber nk tw 1 Nogative prefixes 4 Complate the adjectives with negative prefixes. steoal 1 ter 3 _responsibie 2 possible 4 gical Describing photos Crimes 5 Complete the description ofthis photo. alton cant could Toragroud all right 2 Road the text and writo the crimes. must_seon ‘wes on the High Street and a woman pushed ‘me over anc then ran of ith ny bags,’ muaging 1) "They've broxen some ofthe benches and prayed gration tho fountain’, 2 ‘Someone in that restaurant took copies of thelr customers’ credit cards and used them to buy things ontine a t 3 ‘Thad my walet ni my back pocket but wien get ef the bue twasn't there. remember bo oF tiree people bumping into me and then geting ff the bus very quickly’ p 4 ‘The polise have closed down thal shop which prints business cards because they were alsa nthng copies of €100 notes 5. He was diving 2180 kph 5 "She bounht some mik, hut she came out with ther things inher pocket 6_ 7 MWe saw man giving manoy toa woman and se gave him a smalibag.’ 6 This cout be on a lake ort(1)_be.en the sea I'm net sure, atthe top onthe @ | can see tree poate who @ {fo be woaring costunes. They're on surfboards. There are some othar poopie inthe: water, but theyre net swimming 50 (4) be arace, atthe (5) of he picture, in he 6) there ae seme people watching, Theyre al wearing warm tothes, so the water (7) overs cold! MOSAIC 3 (2]| EIGIEEERIGIEY o oxronounvensiryeness Grammar and Vocabulary Unit 6 Cx) Grammar Vocabulary The present simple passive Verbs: environment 1 Find the mistake in each sentence and correct it. 3. Complete the environment verbs, (Cheese is make from mi reduce waste choose is made from ml 1 f___ plastic shoppiva boas 1 65 milion fast-bod m 2 d_sir_y canforests USA, 3 pit_te rvors _ _ 4 98 _n the fish in the riers - OO 5 s_v_ every 2. £286 mien is spend on ehewng gum ithe UK © Ine waway 9 ot of rush every year 7 ¢_eyel_ paper oo 8 d_mp nibbish OO 9 pr__i_cet Me envionment 2. English are spoken all var the wort fOpr__s_tv__ therainforest 11 b_ry reyeiatie waste 4 Lunch Is serving in ie restaurant beiween pimana3 pn Adjectives: technology 4. Match the words te the definitions ‘Thats Bere ibis ren AHN Fa fantomate convent offclent manual portable a useless ‘small end easy cary potable ‘at useful al ‘suitable or easy to do something you do wt your hands someting hat works by isi _ working wel, withoul wasting eneray 6 Whatthore Patina made of? 7 New fms 6 shown every week al the Film Club. 8 Is basketball pley in Japan? The past simple passive “Telking about Tod 2 Choose the correct option. 5. Match questions 4-6 to anowors A-F. ‘Anuniber of valiable paintings were stolen / foverom onanora museum oR 4 ow weocka a 1 this toe uth wa tin 025 Bes edie - 2: Who vented /was vented te igh bo? Sem yt. = 5 Ine mete 4 [deottence sian = 4 This letter was posted / posted over a week Sees = sts acu i goa fries in 5 Veesdatnedreisintinvantwcwrie 8 Msatetnatine sa sae : oslotaos one eo eas Mig se Wh Ns ate crsete Os D Its cooked in the oven on a low heat for several 7 The matchwasnt play / played because ofthe ie eso , etait oot of nine SSMee ner Rene Ca OF F Thankyou hope tastes deisious too! MOSAIC 3 ©} EXERSRSRREIA © oxrono university PRESS Grammar Unit 6 KK) The present simple passive 1 For each notice, write a fll sentence in the present siople passive BREARFAST SERVED Boakfas! i 4, ‘SPANIEN AND FRENGH SPOKEN TERE Tho past simple passive 4 Complete the sertences with tne past simple active oF passive of the veros in brackets, [lol offish re poisoned afer the ol tanker sank. (04800) + They. to reduce te amountof eodihey wasted. ry) 2 Foruinatey. fer forests ts year than ast year. (destoy) NODOGS ALLOWED. 3 They _ afoot water by 2 having more showers and fewer baths. (ave) = 4 This ehacty another shop SGREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED: In the cant aftown last week. (open) 3 5 50% ofther procucts —_ ‘GOLD BOUGHT AND SOLD. 4 2 Complete the sontences witha york. Uso the present simple passive. Give Wake flay use wake watch write corpo trom reeycable rates ast year. (make) 6 We. sslarparale on our room Fervent) 7 ry at project out of recyed rubbish, (mate) 8 we __ tothe Science ‘Our pizzas ave mad with vory esh ingredients ah —__€20 pocketmoney every week by my parents 2. Footbal is ths anly por! which inalmost every county. 3 Abe from right to ft. 4 Awioroive on fn Greek cooking 6 Wo by tha ound af birds Singing avery merning © This TV caries —_ ___ by mtions of people every week. 3. Write questions in ho present simple passive. ‘What fod / aly! keow for? 11 How many teaspoors of suger contin one ‘lose of eae? 2 Which animal /nat eat /by Muss? 3 Wiere fice grow? 4 What meat /not serve /io Hinds? ‘5. How many burgers /eat/ each year nine USA? Museum last Friday. (ake) 5 Complete te ton with the pact simple passive cof the vor, Tk consider coneinval hold wars practise use Teens ivauevie be tal kaeardwas amie byoutshasboar (1) rr Tie re aaa, | Sectecne by paing oo cive eam uamnies Socotra “The mst stateboarding exibition @. in 1083 and thon in 1964 | ‘soma of ho ip skateboarders @ to amesr on an | American TV show to help promote the sport. ARer thal, skateboarding wast just a hobby. t )__ something sorfous and exciting ‘82001 scatebourding was so popular that i @_ by more young people ‘unter eighteen than the number of pecple wha played basebal! MOSAIC 3 (&j GREXEESINEIA © orono univers press Vocabulary Unit 6 (&*&) Verbs: environment 1 Complete the sentences with the verbs. destroyed damped pole presewe reduce reuycle Someone hes dumped several bags of rubbish al tha ond af tho erat 1 We allourgias, plastic, card and paper. There are special boxes for aah ol them, 2 Factories the air inmary big ole. 3. Thet hause was tthe le 4 Sheworks for an organization thats tying to ‘the Brazen rainforest. They are iigning ta stop the ees being cul down, 5 Wo muet the amount of food that we throw away. Look at al the foo inthe bint Adjectives: technology 2 Choose the correct option 2.30 0.m is © very inconvenient | useless time for me, Coulé were! at 4 p.m, irstera? 1 Wermedto find a mor ficient /unraliable ‘way of working, We are wasting too mach ie, 2 This ea practical high-quality wasting ‘machine. I's expensive but it wil est for years. 43 Henjoy deing manual portable work much ‘more than jut siting in an office 4. Tora’ totally Impractial/ rolable. she 26y= sholldoirg something, se always does it 5. This dishwasher is 2 fantastic time-saving light machine. it used to take agosto wash up! 6 This box of uookss very heavy / inefficient, CCoute you help me move it? 7. My grandpa spends hours paiting toy solders. It a very time-consuming / fixed hobby. 8 Low-quality / convenient machines ces! less ‘Compound nouns 3 One compound noun in each pairs not correct Grose it out feo coach los hockey ice skates sports skales ico sport sumer spat Footbal pitch ice hockey pitch tennis stich hockey stok spor ink sports tropty Mosaic 3 Extra vocabulary 4 Look atthe pictures. Complete the words. Talking about food 5 Complete the lalogue. Use one word in each =. A So, are you very keen on this restauran’? B: On yes! its a favourite (1) mine! | always have the chicken, [cart @ it a it ecoked? B: Its cooked (a)__the ail ut quite slowly, and its (5) with baby Detatoes and green beans and 's ©) 2 spicy sauce or It Ac Hr, tim not very (7) of spicy (OK, wall, theres also fish. The salon is amazing. AL Whathas 1 (8). on ik? ts there a eauce? B: Yes, aherb sauce, andit comes (9)__ tia, ‘A: Great. Thal (10) olctoust [IEICE © oxrono unwensrry ones Grammar and Vocabulary Unit 7 (_« Grammar will 41. Conpiete the sontences with will or won'tané the verbs. Deal bie come We look pase ran Vocabulary Health and fitness 4 Complete the sentonces with the words, Teal euorinaion daw improve ead speed stamina _srength Don't worry abaut he exam. im sure you wil ass 41 old Sue about the arty but don't rink she 2 ms Spanien 3: Dor be ad fn. amish 4 Do you think Joe , his hina oso > Yonta en 6 Thewoather int great De you think k humane st be going to 2 Trisha has decided to work nard before an important exem next month, Complata her plane using (nod be going 0. ‘She isn? goinato go to bed tate make a revision lan. ‘nee! friends very ofr. look at ner oid essays apne houre an the intarot ‘ek he mur ta hols her aludy. 9 to ots ofpartes. somes, anys, no-, every 3 Choose the correct option. ‘Somebody / Aaybody cated for you, butthey side leave ther name. 1 WWesidnt buy anything /somathing in the shops. We did't have enough money. 2 |had a great tine in Canata. Everybody! Somebody was so iriendly. 3 Thee's nowhere / anywhore open a this time 4 isn there anything (nothing that | can say to change your ming? 5 Davis fooked everywhere anywhore forthe car keys 6 {need anyone! someone to help me, please mosaic 3 (5 My handto-2ya coenation isn't very good ‘That's why tm so bad al tori! | Hedanjnareme twine sofa on 2 Oueteam took the alter 15 minutes and stayed front fo the rest of tha match 3 your behaviour doesnt ‘yur athor Jan'tgoing tobe very pleased. 41 They realy neod to win anc gat three Fons, Gut iiney____i€ 8.0, as sa diel match, 5 thetop of hv car ie abaut 170 kmph, 5 troaly wantto__my dad at chess. IF do, tilde the fst time in my fet 7 |need te incroase my general get led if neve torun forthe school bus! Jods around the home 5 Match the phrase halves 1-60 A-F. + empy 1 the floor 2 mop 8 the love 3 do © the bin 4 change D the binds 8 close E tte snes 8 mow F the wasting ‘Making travel arrangements. 6 Putthe lines of the daloguein the correct order. 1A Oniy two before Brghten Bf you travelaiter 930 a.m, i willbe spout £17 ©. Abou every ton to toon minutos ‘Thank vory much fr al your help. Thabest wayis togeta train fom London Viera, F Great. Thats not rany. And how often do the tains un? G How dol get te Brighton from London? Hi Thats grea. So 1 wor nave fong to wat. ‘Ang one last thing. How much is ho foro? | How many stops ie that? OXFORD UNIVERSITY FESS Grammar Unit 7, Gok) will 41 Write predictions and questions. rain tomorow ¥ | wien tomrrcon, 1 she /win singing compettion = 2. 17 beFamous in the fue? {5 people ! speak English everywnere / 2700 ¢ te fad Inew job'som 7 we /get/ Matis est mis tern? 18 San and Rose! elart going out = 2. Complete the sentences with "NY won't and the phrases. bie_at fal gol uinbumed lke wale waar He ehouldet climb tht lt ae, He Ia 1 Don'tiein the sun fortoo ong You _ 2 Thales too spicy! She 3. Nol Cent pick up that brokon glace! Vou yourself 4 No, thanks ~ nol tat coat, Mur. 1 t Butthisjacke’s nice. Gan we buy presse? 5 Canitthey ta more quietly? Thay the baby! be going to 3. Cortect the mistakes inthe sentences. ‘what you going todo this aternoon? What are you going to do tis aornoon? 1 Sylvia isnt going catch neous. 2. Tray nol going to play football 3. Anna going tobe a doctor 4 You going to ry my new game? 5 We're going vis eur grandparents © The referee going o give « ponaly? MOSAIC 3 the computer For tie 499, will and be going to Choose tne correct option. AA: Tia box la vary heavy, Belt /'m going to help you +1 ARS very cold this evening Br Yos. i wil / I's going to snow tonight 2 ALAN you and Laura busy toniorew aftemaon? B: Vas. We will are going to go shcppina. A: Will everyone /Is everyone going to have hidays en the moon in the future? Not everyone’ it give hata mss! 4A: Roos has lost hie voles! Wrat about the concert? 8: Henn. 1 / tm going to ask Sam. He's ult a good singer ant he knows our songs. 5A: Sophie's older brothers going to/ wil study broad next yoar. B: | know! Sophia wes tling me about his plans. some-, any-, n0-, every 6 Complete the words with somo, any-, no-or every. ‘There's nothing in the fdge. Let's go shepping! ‘The schools empty. Where is _one? ‘There's _one on the phone for you Yes, | bought __thing onthe lst. I've got al Isa secret. | dent want__one toknow. ‘There's _one at home, Where are they a? | cart do thing right! He always tells me of! Ivanaver mat ene as clever as Simon, /@ O>FORD UNIVERSITY PRESS Vocabulary Unit 7 (4%) Health and fitness 1 Complete the words. Tobe 8 good syrmnast youneed excellant cocrdination 1 Youa gives you beter fox 2 What should do if} went 1 impr my speaking in English? 2 She loves to comp. doesn't always win 4 Conner wants tobe, Den aitennis because Dan's won their last three games, 5. This exorcise ircreases upper body ste © You need incresibe stam, ‘bbe abe to tun a marattion, 7. {ove watching avmnastic, but my rotors laugh ithe gymnass ese terbal_! 8 ithe scores with this penalty, they! ine a ‘oven though she Jobs around the home 2 Complete the ist of jabs with nouns, 1 mow tho lawn 2 change the 3 date 4 vacuumthe 6 wash tho ‘wipe the comely the sntences, Vrte the correct be. 1 We do these two obs outs, mowithelwn, 2. We usualy use machines for these two jobs: 3 We only do tus job nthe vearoom: 4 We oo this job alright ifwe have on the windons. 5 Vie co ths jb inthe Kitchen, but some people havea machine to help! ©. Vie co ins jb inthe room where we eat 2 ings 17 We do thase ather tao claanng jabs inthe kitchen, without » machine, Extra vocabulary 4 Choose the correct option, ‘Tom has challenaead {scored me to lay him at table tennis fm sure twin! 1 Wegave away s punishment /penaltyin the last minute and so the eher team won, 2. Thejucge /reteree asked te captains of the two toame to ahake hands 3 lveonty made | scored two goals tis season, Its very asepponteg, 4 Wtsa very imporant game /touramont. Teams from a ove the country are taking par. 5 Please hang in your progcis i a folder! carpet 6 Dads got a beard in Mun’s status update / rote picture. Il was tken two years zoo! ing forms as a subject 5 Comploto tho email with tho word nding out geting up _setngup_woring Sorry | havent wilten forages. ve been so busy! Sting yp 2 band is dftoult Wel, ts going realy wl, bu i's hard work, (1) at 8 aim. inthe holdays is strange for me, butwe need to practise! We're also preparing a social ‘mosia wobpage st tre moment, (2) how to start was easy because Lotte’s brother has done ona before, 0 we asked tim, out we al hve dierent ideas, s0 (3) ont iakes a long time, But dont wry. We aren’ gong to argue! See you soon, Making travel arrangements 6 Match questions 1-5 to answers A-E. 1 Wout you the a window or en ale seat? 2 Do you have anyhard ingaye? = 3. Kas anyone inteered wih your bags? 4 Howaften do the trains go to Edinburgh? 5. Howmuch isthe fare? = No, cetlvely not 1B Every hour, on the eur (Suet his smal bag, D_Ndepencs, Do you have a studort card? E like looking out! One by the wineow, please. Grammar and Vocabulary Unit 8 C * Grammar First conditional 41 Match the halves of he sentences. Second con Wyoueatall that ice cream, 2 (Dad wil give you ai intotown the neighbours Gon’ stop belng noisy, _ ‘Youllbe ite fer otal practes I you dont fish yous projet by Monday, ‘Your parents willbe very warned you dont tosve rove 1 phone the poles. you dont phone thom, youltbe sick, Ives York wit you of i¥youask him nical. jonal 2 Complete the sentences with the werds Vocabulary Adjectives: personalities 4 Choose the correct option. Someone whois selfish strang is nol easily Iightoned or worred. 1 Someone who is soto make good dosicions ie sensible/ sensitive 2. Someone whe reluses to change their opinions for beietsin away that seems unreasonable is vain stupbern 3- Someone whe gites money, gifts er help to other eons is thoughtful ‘generous. 4 Someone who always supports someone or something is loyal / charming 5 Sameone wo is pleased because they have achieved something goods talkative i proud Phrasal verbs: relationships 5 Complete the eantoncer with the words Te Fw won would ea) wouter of a ot 02) poo) wih tt you coun Ine arywrere in he werd, where would youve? ‘Jodie wouldn't go out with Brae _ she knew about Lianne you were an aninal what would you yeu vst Waloe If you wont io he UK on holiday? MDad__the ltt, itwould ba brant! Ihe cin’ get on with ner, he invite her tothe party. They would the tournamentif they trained every waskond Will for promises 3 Wirite the promises. {call youtorsorcaw after school ¥ you tomorrow ator ecco. lwo / ative home late * {tell anyone your secret * make up wits her 7 9 Fach [the dahos aller diene 7 | ort get on with most of my brather's frends 1 Did he tal you fer being lato ets? 2. Iresty look wn my grandfather. He's avery wise person 3 Ivetaten tn my best ten 4 Veant put ith his noise any mere. She must ture hor music dave 5 Whowould you tun __if you wore n serious troutle? (© Don’ pick __Itabol athe no! Shs aot younger han you 7 Intonigh’s episode Gan and Sara are going to make. alas Apologizing 6 Are the people apologizing (A) or responding er 1 apologize for baing oto’ A Dont worry about "so sary Never min, “Thats al ign Sony, twas all my ful: ‘twon't happen again "Nex tere, remember o ook it MOSAIC 3 (&]) EIESRECRIEI o oxrono unversiry press Grammar Unit 8 (40% The first conditional 1 Write sentences withthe frst coriltional about the cites. Remember where to use acomma. Gara London New Vek Pars Roma San Francisco Sydney ‘you go to Paris, yout see the Ell Tower Gowen GateBrage 2 Youll seo Bg Ben 5. Youll see the Statue of Libety 6 the Opera House, 2 Putthe: make fist conditional sentences, {you bur me a dog, ake it for walks. 1 me Barnes, (rot be) nappy if you {pal some) te fetal practice, 2 he (be) anor it she (get) home late? 3 OK, Mum ithe doorbell (ng) when you're out, (not answer) 4 carly (G2) shopaing wih Bet i her éaa lene) her seme money 5 Ago {notcome) s00n, they (rot et him intothetheate, 5 you_(look) ater myfishif i (ava) you some insructions? ‘The second conditional 3 Puttho words in te correct order to make ‘second conditional sentences. ski learn foe 10 tine Foul | wwowid loan taki tha time, 4. 1{/t¢/ bike /1/2/ had / woud ! schoo! Joycle " 2 knew? you Tif he / woud) about / tal he Bie em 3. if up/ Timm be would / she made /heppler/ she ity sha 4 tis /he /exams/ pass /revised he if/ more! woul He the Cowacaum 4 —___the Pyramids. 10s in brackets into the correct form to 4 Correcta mistake in each sentence. Remember to check where you need s comma ‘Sho atlond the meetina its possible, She'd atend the meeting! twas possible, 11 Wha! would you do you lost your wallet?” 2. My dad would tive me te acho, if we Hved 3 We move house f thay gave Dac that ob? 4 Tiny parents would win he latory, wo would have hokdays abroad every year 5 (would elay bed al day if Mum not wake me ». 6 Would you missed me ti went toa now school? ‘8 People would ke Elie rore if not she was selfish, Will for promises 5 Write whatsomeone promises. Use for we with Ploasa tly yourronm loday ‘nktigy my room today. 41 Youre so unfit You should got the gym. 2 Youtwe, don be jae nome tonght 3. Sad aeroking is lente Why dont you ston? 4 realy omit want you t fall outwith Joos 9 You and Gonno: never wasi the dishes. 6. (road Falp io choose a dross forthe pety MOSAIC 3 (2j) IIEIEESRISEIY o ox-on unvensiry pnees Vocabulary Unit 8 (**) Adjectives: personalities 1M latch the adjectives tothe descriptions, ‘harming competiive joalaus lazy selfish Sersithe stubbor Thoughifal_unpraditatle 8 There's no point taking to her. She wont change hher mind, stubborn He doesn! werk harain lass and at weekends he spends most cf time n bed. I she thinks you'e citickang ner, she gets toribly upset You never know whai hela ging oo (Can yeu imagine? He doesn’ Hike other toye talking to tert _ She was so nize when | was W, She asked i needed ary stopping My broher came home th a huge plzze bul he didnt share it wth anyone! Grandma says thet my bevirend 6 very pole and he always talks to hes, He always has to win! Phrasal verbs: relationships 2 Complete the sentences withthe phrasal verbs. Talou gotonwih wakeup pick on putup wath tun 6 We gato with our neightoure very wel They've lived next door tous fo fen years now They wont. ithe doesn't apowaize. |often may randfaterforadves, He's soanroyingl cant, You usin’ Tint Thats awl Oh no! Did you mo atthe pary? Extra vocabulary 3 Complete the underlined words, ‘The giant panda is an endangered species. Do you Fke smal, fx__animals, tke rebbits? She umpectinto the rer tore that boy. His dads @polce dog han, Wa very sad Those cube were aber by their mother He was agaressive anc tried tint her by asking is of very dificult questons. When did Fetipe I a ‘Spain? Please as, Ls with ou: investigation, MOSAIC 3 Noun suffixes 2 4 Thoreis a spalling mistcke in each sentence. Find andl correct the mistake "Most paople sty that happyness is mere Important tan having ots of money. naspiness 41 My ister’ ooking forwardt staring univers She realy wan's mare independance. 2. London's famous fr its cultural dvarsty. {3 Your brother is older than you, but cant remember ~ wia’s heage aferece? 4 Some computer games have too much vielance 5 You need te show more tobranse towards poeple who have diferent eas from yours ©. is wit great sadnes mat we heau of the dean of Nee Jackson, a former head toashor, Apologizing 5 Compiate ine aialogues, about beter fault happen wind venenber ‘s6_wory 41. Ain so sory that mm late 8: Don't). atoutit A.A didvt come forages B: Never (2), Tim notin a bury, 2 A: Mum, were really sory (3) _ the Juice on the carpe. 8: What do you mean ‘we'? Was it you or your sister? ‘A: Wel Katie came in paying win the dog, Du it vas wally al my (4) because my lass was onthe floor B: That's why we say “Always use te tle tabla ‘Ac Lanow. Sorry won’ (5)_ again 3. Why did you fl the exam? You've worked hardin class and youve had good marks. B: cam study enough. m sony. | pemiso, 0 (0). ‘ext year, A Wotkig Fardall year's the most important thing, But you need to pass your exams too, Bes, know. Nexttime 117) _to revise the wok from earfr inthe year. FEEERETIENS oon unens ones Grammar and Vocabulary Unit 9 C Grammar Revision 1 ie complete he sentences with eros. Dig you coniribole gave has eee Has she donated ‘cagolngte Is campaigning volunteer was crawing wil sponsor ‘Wer gaine to otganiva a paliion naxt week He large donation tothe International Red Cross last yea ve alan olf people’shome ‘very Saturday, She ‘over €7,000 for Cxfam ‘sie she siated Her undraising ‘Aithe moment, that fn star to make people more aware ofthe problem. ‘any old DVDs forthe chatty Vocabulary Charity actions 4 Complete the words inthe sentences below. it's # cameaign to save exdangered spacies. +. Wilyousign bis pet__7 We reed 1,000 names of people whe dont want this new road 2 willyow spon____me? In going tour 10km in June forthe children's earcer charity, Were trying lo pers__everyone to bring old sloties that they dont need, 4 Wesnoulé make sore posters to publ the concert. We want ts of pope to come, 5 | yol____ for toe! group that crganizes sports acts for abated children. © Wernst pro____ against the proposal io cle the lea! youth cb Sale lastionn? _ . (Dad thinks thatthe bike ride & agreal idea and Adjectives: fashion hess msue, aioe Tostre al yesterday ‘Matchthe words tothe dftions, ‘eroning to publicize the concert Taal dolce okbeshored loves Stan anything yor? 2 Put the words in the correct order. Emma / weekends volurteer at does? ‘Doss Enima valunteor atweekeads? sponsor! them / you I cid? 2 piblsized /they have I eveat the? 3 youTeampaigning were why? Revision 2 3 Choose the correct option, They were persuaded / persuaded tot, “Thats the gi what wn organize ita, It you wal ratse/ ratse more than €250, you wi gel a special certfeate, ‘Tha’ the petiion which whose we al signed Aor ie passed / pase round far ary conatione you askos big cempanine in town, they wil ‘would give donations He's the boy whose /who mum raised the most ‘money, MOSAIC 3 otmodem wldvastionad easly damaged or broken flex, not term} _ ‘atwacine and fastonate big and net uh Explaining advantages, dicadvantagos and 6 Put ths tines ofthe dialogue inthe correct order. 'A. Why don'twe organise 7 kr shanty run? Wea root way to rase money Wty > you think that? © don't agree. Ves. you have to be fit. but that's way tsa great idea, The reason t think thats because out parents end teachers wl ike t because t's 900d for Us. Lefs doit _ © OK, but ow shal we do i? Our school orchestra needs some new Insrumerts. We sheuld aise some ‘money to pay fr them. 4 F mnot sue. One dikadvaniage ofthat {dea is thet people wont want i take part G Running i hard work ~ you have to be fit © OsFoRD UNIVERSITY PRESS Grammar Unit 9 Revision 4 Revision 2 1 Put the verbs in brackets inthe correct tenso: 3. Write past passive sentences. the present simple, presentcontinuous, present perfect, past simple. wil future or be going to. ‘Have you persuaded (you pesuaie) Johny 10 hlp us wih the campsign yet? 1 We —_va)a pettion tone head eadher yestrday atout our schont ps. 2. Freys' inher bedroom. She (make) 2 website at the momext— you know, for her campaign to stop experiments on animals, 3 He (Gay) football with Carrer on Saiurday They ranged i yosterda at (wri) an erst the town courel when you caled me. 5 Every Chistras Dag __{ealect) toys from local residents to donate to chant 6 We (eroady / pubicize) the fend-cl-len concertina of Funds for Fane’ 7 Upromise! (sponsor) you for your chaty sim: a (you 09) wetlin ast week's test? Choose the correct option. ‘A: Can you see anything you Ike onthe menu? B:Leimesee. Oh yes, 2/t'm going to have: thelasagne, ‘1A: What are your plans forthe surener? BFL going to spend sly in aly with my parents, 2 A:Con you give me hand wit this heavy box? B: Sure. im unloading sore potos right now, Dull ('m going o help you in @ minuie ‘A: Did you cyclo! Were you eycting wren that ‘oat Peavy rah stares on Saturday? 1: Yor! ut we came hom aly cuiey 4 A Haw ai the doa get int the gaveae? 1B Dati opened / was opening the garage door ‘when he was mowing th tn 5 Ohno. There are na mere buses! 1B: Den't worry. N/m going to gve you a lit home. 6 AcDoes Liam organize /'s Liam organizing the campagn every year? B: Yes, Well, e's dare it every your so far. 7 A Has Karim decided aba nis degree yer? B: Yes, he has, He'll Ho's going to study medicine at university, Mosaic 3 ‘ul tne hauses destroy the floods ‘Alle ncuses wore destroyed by the Avods + hie The make in ini? 2 hase computers import rom China 3 she fpersuade / 19 donate €10.@ month / the ‘man who nackes on her door 4 the pation / sign thousands of people 5 those armed robbers / catch /in the end? Complete the santonces with the words That aretwowords that you do not need. ‘an didnt dosent HE wil wont would you ‘fweraise eraugh money, the school nil be able to build tennis courts | wllsend this peltion to tre Prime Minster i get 1,009 signatures 2. iran inthe London Marathon for chatty, - you sponsor me? 3 we organize a meetng about this, wil persuade Damien to core? 4 Rewon' donate any money We agroo wih what you are going to do. 5 mm aure theyll chango thelr minds wwe grotest loudly enough, Correct the mistake in each sentence. Ifyou don't ty Hon, you don't know iit fis, you den' ty ion, you won now itt ts. 41 Thats the Boy nich munis aur leach: 2. Is oranges grown inthe UK? 3. Wie visited an 0 vilage where was flooaed, 4 fs Janes saw you. she told you of. 5 Plastic bags are recyle a the supermarket (© That's the shop which Sephie bought her top. © OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS Vocabulary Unit 9 Ck) Charity actions Prefikes over- and under- 1 Match the sentence halves 1-8 to A-H, 4 Complete the words with over or under 1. Theyre going toprotest_ 2 Will you sign our We noed everyone te coniibule Fike to vaunteer _ We're coinga 10 km swim. Wil you _ If ll the big companies made 3 _ They campaigned to _ Did they publicize __ ‘A. donation, we would raise # lot of meney, B old DVDs and gemes for the chariy sala © about ie plan wo bute 100 noUses Mere D pettion, please’ e F 6 the event on the radio? ‘save the local vilga schoo, al ne ol people's home sponsors, slease? | think weve been overcharged! There arotwo desserts on the bil ana we cchythave any 1 This chicken looks @bit___cooke. think tue shoulé leave ita the oven fora bitlonger. 2 Thesetranersare definitely priced. | ‘now wo ean gat them cheapar onthe intomnat 3 think footbaters are____paid. They leve their ob and they don't havete pay every day. 4 Thope they don't__deveip this ateo, We don't want to fse tle beautlul counteside 5 You're too generous. You're a very good builder, but you always ‘charge fr your work. 6 you__caok vegetables, thay's too soft snd they ose minerals and vtamins. 7 The grobiem is that some business owners pay immigrants andit int fie 8 Tourism might nelp__daveloped courte, but they need cther ways of making money oo. Explaining advantages, disadvantages and 2. Choose the correct option. resions ‘You're only watching # OVO at Becca's mouse. You can wear something soft / casual. 1 My grandma's so coal She's nearly 70, tut she oars really old-fashioned /stlish clothes. 5 Cortect the mistakes in the sentences. ‘A radi interview is 2 great way to got publi, Arado interview is x areat way toget publioty, 2. Aratightfilrg jeans fashionable J loose atthe 1. The reasons I fhinkthot # becouse wil raise @ moment? let of money. 3 Youneed something hard-vearing /dolicate - fo your eamping tip. 4 Dau, please don't wear that fulbength / 2. One advantage for at idea is that won't cost patterned T-shirt tothe baroocue! ‘much money. Extra vocabulary 3 Wihat are your reascns for sugges that? 3 Complete the sentences with the words. 4 Can you explain bocavse? ‘Sacompany backer Immigrant Bal ongnare orsscution_ ral { can't beleve it. Our viteo of ow cat Smokey has gone via. I's got housands of fits! (Giher teason is because we can ask companies fodonate, Hove you heard that ‘al he station? 7 Did suring in Hawai? a ca Ifyou sing, Fi soul on tie a: 8 The main problem of thatidea is trat ie vitage These relugees suTeredlerible halliset vary bis, ‘Yes, that was the episode inthe series. Lewis Hamilton's grandfather was an from the Caribbean inthe 19503. 1 Why you thnk at? © oxroRD UMIvERSiTY PRESS Mosaic 5 (2) BG