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December 7th, 2017

Talent Showcase : A Crash Course in Dening, Finding and Hiring Talent

08:30 - 09:30 Registration and Breakfast

09:30 - 10:00 Welcome and Introduction from Partners

Regional Manager Village Capital, Sub Saharan Africa, Adedana

10:00 - 12:15 Company and Talent Workshops

Coee Break (Optional) at 11:00

Company Workshops

Shortlist Workshop - Main Space

Interview better! A crash course in interviewing excellence. In this workshop, youll

learn how to uncover and evaluate a candidates competencies, values, and

experience in every interview you conduct. In addition to discussing the basics of
structured interview practices, well workshop actual interview questions, so youll
leave with a new set of spot-on interview questions for your open roles. Facilitated
by Ariane Fisher.

AMSCO Workshop - Boardroom
Transform your human capital strategy In the digital era, SMEs also truly need to
live up to the agility the talent landscape, as organisations look to transform their
human capital, enhance eciency, improve productivity and innovation across
pools of talent. Facilitated by Arnold Buoro.

Talent Workshops

Amani Institute Workshop - Breakout Room Two
Understanding your behaviours to thrive in the workplace ! The aim is to support
you to understand your personality type using a distinguished tool. Building strong

relationships is key in any working environment and is a highly underestimated

skill. During the workshop we will explore how your personality type can
harmoniously work with dierent personality types and what the best strategies are
- depending on your personality type - to thrive in diverse workplaces and teams.
Facilitated by Kiran Sahib.

Brave Venture Labs Workshop - Breakout Room One
Sell Your Strengths! What do recruiters and business leaders look for in a resume?
How do they decide to interview you versus the other candidates on your list? We'll
spend our time together unpacking how leaders make hiring decisions, and how
you can design the best possible communication materials to win your next
interview. Oh, and a little hint: your materials include a lot more than your CV.
Facilitated by Ibanga Umanah.

12:15 - 13:15 Lunch

13:15 - 15:00 Assets and Needs by Village Capital

Transform high-level strategic needs to specic, searchable,
matchable assets. Companies / talent will then objectively analyse
and assess matching assets / needs. Facilitated by Rachel Crawford.
Coee Break

15:20 - 16:30 Breakout Sessions - An In-Depth Look at Talent Opportunities

Shortlist - Junior and Middle Management
Shortlist combines technology and human understanding to help growing
enterprises in hire based on skills and potential. Today they have invited
top-performing talent with junior and middle management competencies for this
interactive session. Talent attendees are open to new opportunities.

Fuzu - Customer Service and Sales
Fuzu has placed over 40,000 roles since its launch in 2015. During this breakout
session they have invited a selectionoftopcustomerserviceandsalestalentfrom
their community to interact in an exciting way. Talent attendees are available for

Moringa - Technology Talent
Moringa have invited alumni from their world-class software developerprogramto
attend this breakout session where you will have a chancetointeractdirectlywith
top tech talent. Talent attendees are available for hire.

OCA & AMSCO - Finance, Strategy and Analysis
In this session Open Capital Advisors (OCA) and AMSCO discuss creative waysto
approach some of the most diculttechnicalskillstosource;nance,strategyand
analytics. The session is structured as a workshop, and will also feature three
invited guests who have done secondments or temporary placements within
these elds. They (and you!) will share their experiences, needs and learnings.

Duma Works - Senior Hires
Duma Works is turning the tables and hosting apaneloftopleveltalenttodiscuss
what it takes for companies to attract their applications. Join us for what will be a
fascinating conversation, followed by a targeted networking session. Please note
that talent in this session is not available for hire.

16:30 - 17:30 Wrap Up and Networking