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Past, Present, Future

Lesson 1-The Past

Project Idea: Students will use discussion, videos, and a Google Expedition to explore
the Gold Rush and how participants travelled west. Students will complete the activity
by using creative writing skills to contribute to a classroom blog, A Day in the Life of a
Pioneer Child.

Content Standard:
Colorado State Standards:
3rd grade Social Studies-
Standard 1-History
People in the past influence the development and interaction of different communities or regions
Standard 2-Geography
Develop spatial understanding, perspectives, and personal connections to the world
3rd Grade Reading, Writing, and Communicating
Standard 3- Writing and Composition
Implement the writing process successfully to plan, revise, and edit written work

ISTE Standard for Students

Knowledge Constructor
Students critically curate a variety of resources using digital tools to construct knowledge,
produce creative artifacts and make meaningful learning experiences for themselves and others.

Objective for lesson : Student will be able to:

Connect the similarities and differences between their lives and childs lives in
the past in our geographical location.
Use creative storytelling to envision and explain how different everyday life was
in Denvers past.
Understand how the settlers in the past struggled, but shaped our current society
in Denver.

All About Colorado Website
Class set of Chromebooks or Ipads
Google Expedition Class Kit
Directions for Using Google Expeditions
Google Expedition- America Expands West
The Colorado Gold Rush Video
Living Like a Pioneer Video
A Day in the Life of a Pioneer Child Video
Classroom Blog Page, or individual student blogs

Teacher Directed Activities:

Day One:
Have the Colorado website on the Smartboard to start the lesson.
Ask students what they know about the gold rush to start the conversation.
Watch the Colorado Gold Rush video together.
Have the students get into groups, ideally 3 to a group if possible.
Have the students decide on group jobs: Reader, Recorder, Reporter
Encourage to have the students discuss and answer the following questions:
1. Why did people move west for the gold rush?
2. How did people move to Colorado in the past?
3. What kinds of jobs did people have during the goldrush?
4. How did the gold rush create Colorado?
After each group shares with the class have the students complete an Exit Ticket (Exit
ticket is included after the Resource Section)
Day Two:
Have the Colorado website on the Smartboard
Encourage conversation about what they learned about the gold rush
Drive the conversation to how the participant in the gold rush got to Colorado.
Talk about basics of life and travel in the 1800s and encourage their thoughts and
opinions on travel and daily life back then.
Explain that today is going to focus on life and travel during this time period. Encourage
the students to focus on the similarities and differences that they already know about.
Depending on the number of devices and Google expeditions kits you have, it may be the
best to split the class into half. One half can watch the videos on the web page while the
other participates in the Google Expedition.
Switch groups
After all the students have experienced the Google Expedition and watched the videos
theyll work independently.
The students have 2 activities.
First have them take the quiz located on the web page.
Support the students as they read the blog post requirements, rubric, and read through the
sample blog post.
Rotate throughout the room as they work on their posts.
Day Three:
On the Smartboard open the blog page A Day in the Life of a Pioneer Child, contained in
the Colorado website.
Support a group discussion covering their thoughts and progress on the blog.
Share the rubric(located below and on the web page) with the class and cover together the
Have the students finish and remaining blogs and post.
Encourage the students to comment on others blogs.
You can share the blogs as a group to conclude the lesson

Student Directed Activities:

Day One:
Contribute to the class discussion.
Work as a group to answer questions and share with the class.
Complete the Exit Ticket.
Day Two:
Participate in group conversation
Consider the similarities and differences between travel and daily life activities.
Watch videos and participate in the Google Expeditions.
Focus on how life was different compared to now.
Independently complete the short quiz on the web page.
Read over the requirements for the blog as well as the rubric.
Ask questions as needed,
Consider the story starters, or come up with your oqn.
Work on blog post
Day Three:
Post blog
Make thoughtful and constructive comments on other blog posts.

Performance Based Assessment

Students will write a blog post - A Day in the Life of a Pioneer Child. They will
post it on the class website and comment on others posts.
Rubric Used:
Short quiz with multiple answers and short essay answers
Exit Ticket
Sample Finished Product:
A Day in the Life Blog


Rubric Used:

Johnson, T. (2012, July 16). A day in the life of a pioneer child. [Video file]. Retrieved

Winthrop University (n.d.) Using Google Expeditions. [Blog post]. Retrieved from

Studies Weekly (2016, Jan 29). Living like a pioneer. [Video file]. Retrieved from

Suburbanschicken. (2012, March 12). The colorado gold rush. [Video file]. Retrieved


1. What did you find interesting about the gold rush?

2. How do you think the gold rush changed Colorados economy?

3. Would you have liked to live during the gold rush? Why or Why not?

4. How did your group work together?