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KG2 Classroom News

Week 12 November 26th 2017- November 29nd 2017

ELA -Skills Unit 5

English Language Arts
Sounds we know are:
Domain 3- Stories New sounds we know: x,y,k
Students are learning about Your child is learning to read words printed in
fiction stories in this Domain lowercase letters by saying the sounds and
Identifying characters blending them to make a word.
Identifying plot and setting of Decodable words students should be able to
stories ready are:
Leg, jet, kid, log, rat, box, jug, web, yes, rug
Identifying beginning , middle,
Questions to ask at home:
and end of stories What is the beginning sound of the word?
Identifying the sequence of What is the middle sound?
events in stories What is the ending sound?
Review of past stories
Lesson 7: The story of the Continue having your child read RAZ
jumping mouse Part 1& 2 KIDS for 10-15 minutes a day. Students
Vocabulary: fiction, character, can listen to stories if they are not yet
setting, plot, sly, cross, misused, reading themselves. Next month we will
foolishness, musician, play, start with our at home sight word
program. More information to come.

CAS Dates to Remember: Chapter 4
November 23rd: Thanksgiving (No School) Addition & Subtraction
November 28th- Early Release Day (12) Currently working on addition
National Day celebrations at school.
November 29th : Class trip- Green Planet Writing addition sentences to
November 30th: Martyrs Day match addition pictures.
December 6th: Parent Chew and Chat: with Ms.
How to add numbers to make 10
December 10th :Winter Concert 1-2pm Making our own addition stories
December 14th Winter Celebration (Last day of
school before Winter Break)

This month our CAS character initiative is: citizenship