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Appearance Color Condition Feelings

Adjectives Adjectives Adjectives (Bad)

adorable red alive
beautiful orange better angry
clean yellow careful clumsy
drab green clever defeated
elegant blue dead embarrassed
fancy purple easy fierce
glamorous gray famous grumpy
handsome black gifted helpless
tall-short white helpful itchy
magnificent important jealous
old-fashioned inexpensive lazy
sparkling mushy mysterious
ugly odd nervous
powerful panicky
rich repulsive
shy scary
tender thoughtless
uninterested uptight
wrong worried

Feelings Shape Size Sound

(Good) Adjectives Adjectives Adjectives
broad big
agreeable chubby colossal
brave crooked fat loud
calm curved gigantic melodic
delightful deep great noisy
eager flat huge purring
faithful high immense quiet
gentle hollow large raspy
happy low little screeching
jolly round massive thundering
kind shallow miniature voiceless
nice skinny petite whispering
obedient square scrawny
proud steep short
relieved straight small
silly wide tall
thankful teeny
victorious teeny-tiny

Time Taste/Touch Touch Quantity

Adjectives Adjectives Adjectives Adjectives

ancient bitter boiling abundant

brief delicious breeze empty
early fresh broken few
fast greasy bumpy full
late juicy chilly heavy
long hot cold light
modern icy cool many
old loose creepy numerous
old-fashioned melted crooked sparse
quick nutritious cuddly substantial
rapid prickly curly
short rainy damaged
slow salty damp
swift sticky dirty
young strong dry
sweet dusty
tasteless filthy
weak flaky
wet fluffy
yummy freezing
List of places

airport aeropuerto
amusement park parque de atracciones
art gallery galera de arte
baker's, bakery panadera
bank banco
bar bar
barber's shop peluquera (de caballeros)
beauty parlor saln de belleza
bookshop (GB) librera
bookstore (US) librera
bus station estacin de autobs
butcher's carnicera
caf cafetera
canteen cantina
casino casino
castle castillo
cathedral catedral
chemist's (GB) farmacia
church iglesia
cinema cine
convent convento
court juzgado, tribunal
dairy lechera
delicatessen charcutera
department store grandes almacenes
disco discoteca
drugstore (US) farmacia
fire station departamento de bomberos
fish shop (US) pescadera
fishmonger's (GB) pescadera
garage taller mecnico
gas station (US) estacin de servicio
gym gimnasio
factory fbrica
fast food restaurant restaurante de comida rpida
hairdresser's peluquera (de mujeres)
hospital hospital
hotel hotel
jail crcel
Laundromat (US) lavandera automtica
library biblioteca
market mercado
museum museo
newsagent's (GB) kiosco de peridicos
newsstand (US) kiosco de peridicos
office oficina
park parque
pet shop tienda de mascotas
petrol station (GB) estacin de servicio
pharmacy farmacia
police station comisara
post office oficina de correos
prison crcel, prisin
railway station estacin de ferrocarril
record shop tienda de discos
restaurant restaurante
school escuela
sports centre polideportivo
square plaza
subway station (US) estacin de subterrneo / metro
supermarket supermercado
synagogue sinagoga
train station estacin de tren
underground station (GB) estacin de subterrneo / metro
university universidad
video store tienda de video
zoo zoolgico
house casa
flat (GB) departamento
apartment (US) departamento
block of flats edificio de departamentos
skyscraper rascacielo
cottage casa de campo