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Books for Adults with LGBT Parents

For and about Adult Growing Up in a Lesbian Family Trans Forming Families: Real
An academic look at children raised by Stories About Transgendered
Children lesbians, sometimes in comparison with Loved Ones
children in straight households. Thirty one stories by spouses, parents,
The Assault of Laughter S. Golombok , F. Tasker. Gilford Press, New York
A moving memoir by an adult daughter of NY . 1997 children, and friends exploring the journey,
a lesbian mother. struggle, and delight of having a
Melissa Hart. ISBN 1-59092-149-6. Janet, My mother and Me transgendered loved one.
M. Boenke. Waterford Press. 1999
A memoir by New Yorker writer William
Beloved Daughter* Murray about growing up in the 1940’s
A wonderful collection of letters written by and 50’s with his mother, Natalia Danesi A Woman Like That
Asian immigrants about their queer family Murray, and her partner Janet Flanner. A collection of coming out stories by
member. W. Murray, Simon and Schuster. 2000 popular lesbian and bisexual authors.
The Family Letter Project. MAPLBN. 1999 Some tell the story of losing custody of
Nobody’s Children: Orphans of children and others about being second
The Boy with the Thorn in his generation.
the HIV Epidemic Ed. J. Larkin. Perennial harper Collins, New York,
Side This book incorporates statistics and facts NY. 2000
Keith Fleming’s story of how his gay with the personal experiences of children
uncle, the writer Edmund White, saved his whose lives have been affected by the 50 Ways to Support Gay and
life, when at sixteen, Fleming was HIV epidemic.
commited to mental institute. A good S. Dansky. Harrington Park Press, Binghamton, NY.
Lesbian Equality.
memoir about adolescence, and one boy’s 1997 A collection of essays including several by
relationship with his uncle. youth and adult with LGBT parents about
K. Fleming. Morrow,William & Co. 2000 Other Side of the Closet: The affecting social change for the LGBT
Coming-Out Crisis for Straight Meredith Maran. Inner Ocean Publishing, 2005.
Different Mothers: Sons and
Spouses and Families
Daughters of Lesbians Talk Based on five years of research, this book
About Their Lives* For and/or about Parents
explores major issues that arise for
L. Rafkin (Ed.). Cleis Press, San Francisco. 1990
straight spouses when their wives or
husbands come out. Detonating the Nuclear Family
Donorboy A. Pierce-Buxton. John Wiley & Sons, New York. Lesbians talk about reconstructing the
A comic novel sharing the story of 1994 nuclear family and finding new ways to
Rosalind who develops a relationship with parent, love, care for and relate to one
her sperm donor after the death of her Out of the Closet into Our another.
Hearts: Celebrating our J. Brosnan. Scarlet Press. 1996
lesbian moms.
B. Halpin, Villard, New York, 2004. Gay/Lesbian Family Members
Stories and poems written by families of Endangered Species
A Novel about a gay man who becomes
Families Like Mine: Children of gay and lesbians. Includes interesting
afraid that his family is “on the brink of
Gay Parents Tell It Like It Is. accounts from children as well as a
diversity of other family members extinction.” So he begins a search to find a
Based on eight years of activism, child.
L. Siegel, N. Olson, Leyland Publications, San
combined with interviews with more than Francisco, CA. 2001. L. Bayard. Alyson Publications. 2001
fifty sons and daughters, this book
provides a realistic and powerful account Out of the Ordinary: The Kid: What happened After
of the true experiences of adult children of
LGBT parents. Essays on Growing Up with Gay, Me and My Boyfriend Decided to
Abigail Garner, 2004. Harper Collins. Lesbian, and Transgender Get Pregnant
Parents. This is a hilarious account of how Dan
Friends and Family; True Stories A truly unique anthology, a Savage and his partner adopted their son.
D. Savage. Penguin Group. 2000.
of America’s Straight Allies groundbreaking collection of essays by
Stories told by children, parents, and the grown children of lesbian, gay, and
transgender parents. A Legal Guide For Lesbian and
friends alike about how they advocate for
queer people.
Edited by Noelle Howey and Ellen Samuels. 2000 St. Gay Couples, 10th Edition
Martin's Press.
D. Woog. Alyson Books. New York, NY. 1999. An excellent resource for all lesbian and
gay couples: includes information on

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Books for Adults with LGBT Parents
custody, parent’s and partner’s rights, and The other Mother: A lesbian’s an AIDS service provider, she may change
domestic partner benefits. Fight for her Daughter (living her mind.
H. Curry & D. Clifford. Nolo Press, Berkeley. 1999. P. Grossman. Outbooks. 2000
Lesbian Motherhood in Europe This book begins when the author and her The Velveteen Father
Discusses the evolving place of the lesbian partner decide to conceive. After their A moving memoir of a gay man’s
family. Mothers talk about how to child is born the two split up and Abrams unexpected journey into fatherhood as he
conceive a child; the effects of children on is deemed "a biological stranger" and meets and falls in love with another gay
lesbian relationships; lesbian identity; loses custody of her daughter. man who has adopted children.
friends, family and colleagues; J. Green. Villard, New York. 1999
N. Abrams. University of Wisconsin Press. 1999
relationships with the father; role models;
and lesbian motherhood as a political act. Waiting in the Wings: Portrait of
K. Griffin (ed) L. Mulholland (ed). Continuum Parents At Last
International Publishing Group Inc. 1997 A book telling the stories of 32 families Queer Motherhood
and their struggles of building a family. A journal of being a lesbian mother, and a
A. Peck. Clarkson Potter. 1998 writer, during the first four years of her
Lesbian Parenting: Living with son’s life.
Pride and Prejudice C. Moraga. Firebrand Books, Ithaca, NY. 1997
An anthology that covers insemination, Queer Parents Primer
adoption, raising children, and the law. All sorts of information about raising a
child in a queer household from choosing Women Together: Portraits of
Has both personal and theoretical Love, Commitment and Life
perspectives. schools, to single parenting and gender
awareness, great for any queer family. A portrait of lesbian couples accompanied
K. Arnup. Genergy Books, Charlottetown,
Canada 1995 S. A. Brill. New Harbinger Publications. by stories. Not specifically about families
2001 but a beautiful book nonetheless.
M. Holmund, C. Warwick, C. Gingrich. Runnning
Lesbians Raising Sons Press. . 1999
A collection of essays on what it means to Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy for
be a lesbian raising a son. Discusses Lesbians There’s Something I’ve Been
things like feminism, coping with A resource book written specifically for
homophobia, and male role models. Meaning to Tell You
lesbians on how to get pregnant, maintain True life stories from 25 lesbians and gay
Ed. By J. Wells. Alyson Publications. New York.
your health, protect your legal rights, give parents who have come out to their
birth, be a single parent, or be a co-parent. children.
R. Pepper. Cleis Press, San Francisco. 1999
My Husband is Gay L. MacPike. Naiad Press, Tallahassee. 1989
About self-discovery and how women Unexpected Child: A Novel
come to terms when their husbands come Meg Krantz is a single and independent
out of the closet. lesbian. After meeting a four and half *Sold by COLAGE. Please contact the
C. Grever. The crossing press, freedom CA.2001
year old orphan girl while volunteering a office for purchasing information.

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