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Cover Page (use your artistic flair to dress this up)

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-Executive Summary

-Table of Contents (use the Microsoft Word Template)

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1.0 Introduction

1.1 Purpose

1.2 Scope

1.3 Limitations

2.0 Nature and Scope of Investments

3.0 Investment Opportunity One Budgets

3.1 Sales Budget

3.2 Labour Budget

3.3 Cash Budget

3.4 Overview and Analysis of Budgets

3.5 Practical issues Associated with the Investment

4.0 Investment Opportunity Two Ratio Analysis

5.0 Comparison of Investment Opportunities

6.0 References

Appendix 1 Workings
(Please insert your workings that are not required to be within the body of the report here. Marks
are not allocated for workings/calculations, however, if students complete the budgets incorrectly I
am unable to track where they have gone wrong. This will prevent me from being able to award part