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Hng dn S dng phn mm TEMs Discovery 10.0.

Ni dung:

1. Ci t phn mm
2. Khi to phn mm, cc thao tc import c bn
2.1. To Project mi
2.2. Import Logfile
2.2.1. Mt s ch trong qun l Project v import logfile

2.3. Import Route

2.4. Import Cell file
3. Hng dn Composite Logfile v hin th d liu
3.1. Compostie logifle
3.2. Hin th Cell file
3.3. Hin Th bn trn ca s Map
3.4. Binning
3.5. Data Filter
3.6. To Script trong phn Advance Metric & Event (user-defined)
3.7. Cc kiu hin th d liu
3.8. To Favorite
4. Hng dn lm bo co
4.1. Lm bo co qu 2G
4.2. Lm bo co qu 3G
Compostie logifle