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Tutorial Week 8: Filtration

1. a) Hindered flow is observed when large number of particles are present in a

settling process Do you agree with statement? Justify your answer.
[4 marks]

b) Calculate the flow rate of filtrate (m3 filtrate/s) if a rotary-drum is used to filter
a slurry where concentration of solid in slurry is 0.191 kg solids/ kg slurry
and density of water is 996.6 kg/m 3. The filter cake is such that the ratio of
weight of wet cake to dry cake is 2.0. The area of the filter is 2.20 m2 and
28% of the drum is submerged in the feed. The filter-cycle time is 300 s and
pressure drop is 62.0 kN/m2. Assume that the specific cake resistance is
1.1971011 m/kg and the filter medium resistance can be neglected. You
may use the equation given below.

2 () 1/2
=[ ]

V = Filtrate volume, m3
t = Filtration cycle, s
A = Filter area, m2
f = fraction of drum used for cake formation
= cake resistance, m/kg
-p = pressure drop, N/m2
= viscosity, 0.8937 x 10-3 Pa.s
cs = Solid concentration in filtrate, kg solids/ m3 filtrate

[6 marks]

2. a. Explain in term of specific cake the difference between the compressible
and incompressible cake.
[2 marks]

b) Filtration for separating CaCO3 from water by plate and frame filter press
under constant pressure the following equation is used:
K pV B ;
t = time of filtration,
V= total volume of filtrate collected,
Kp and B are filtration constants

At the end of the filtration cycle, a total filtrate volume of 3.37 m 3 is

collected in total time of 269.7 s. The cake is to be washed by thorough
washing in the plate-and-frame press using a volume of wash water equal
to 10% of the filtrate volume. The values of the constants are given as the

Kp = 37.93s / m6 ;
B = 16.10 s/m3

Cleaning the filter takes 20 min. Calculate:

i. The time of washing

[4 marks]

ii. Total filter cycle time

[4 marks]

3. a) Filtration using filter press is usually operated at constant pressure. The
filtration rate of slurry is depending on several important factors. Give ONE
(1) most important factor that control the filtration rate and explain how this
factor influence the rate of cake formation in the frame.
[2 marks]

b) An experimental filter press having an area of 0.0414 m 2 is used to filter

aqueous BaCO3 slurry at a constant pressure of 267 kPa. The filtration
equation obtained was

10.2510 6 V 3.4 10 3

t = filtration time (s)
V = filtrate volume (m3)

i. If the same slurry and conditions are used in a leaf press

having an area of 6.97 m2, how long will it take to obtain 1.00
m3 of filtrate?
[4 marks]

ii. After filtration, the cake is to be washed with 0.100 m3 of

water. Calculate the time of washing. Assume that the wash
water rate is equivalent to the filtration rate.
[4 marks]