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UAT session 24th nov.

usernamea dn ppass will be given each members. Both fro mobile and pc. Once log in the home
screen section. 1st is NEWs relevant of all the account. Schedule task even todayand also 30 days.
Top deals: all opertunity regarding max revenue. Recent record: all the rsources accessed recently.

Accounts tab: the orgs/accounts dealing with the business. All act that are available to the
system.clicko n act name u can see the details of the account. Contact info, address info, volue info.
Plsu related contacts and related opportunities.

How to creat a new account: on the account tab click new account.

Enter account name:

Enter airline.

All the info fill up with also, annual volume info. Then click the save button.

Opportunity-all the vluome info associated with the account.close date- when we are execting to
close the opportunity

Opportunity volue= expected volume.

Then click save with all the info inputed.

As an adminwe need to show all the accounts as per sales person. Catagorise kora nai.

We have logged in to the sales person account.

Weekly plan- visit date and plan to visit an account. Kar shathe dekha korbo, kon company, kon
location. Basically appointment creating. Kon location e jet chai.

Then submit it for approval to the manager. U cant modify unles th manager has approved or
suggested an edit.

Task- in checkin and check out.. enter time of meeting start and end time. Geo location will be
captured for each time we press checkin our checkout. Sales person can add comments about the

Reports,dashboard, eigula UAT te available

Accounts- clints and org that are doing business with u.there is a tab to see dfferent account/all the
account etc. manager will be able to see all the accounts and the sales person will see only the
accounts he creats ir deals with. After clicking the section we can see the details of the account.. we
can customize the filters (what info is showed and sorted by)

Conacts are key persons related to the account. There is no limit we can add as many contacts as we
Create new account: fill al the info then click on save account. Then we will be redirected to the
accounts that we created. We can enter contacts related to the account.

Weekly sales plan- pre planning of the a particular week.

On the left side we can see the past 5 weekly plan. To access the previost data we can click the
weekly pre plan tab and see past data. Of weekly sales plan we can add visit and then we can create
a visit with a clinet account. We can either select office location (the location specified in the
account) and if we click other location we need to specif a location like restaurant. Then click save.

Onc e we have created the plan we submit the plan for approval or modification. (how can we

In the Tasks tab we can see the visits. Once we are visiting the clint we click check in then it capture
GEO location and time. And when checkout click korbo do the same. If any diviation from the plan
like different location or time we can see it. After the visit er can clikc on the edit button and we
make changes. Comment, volume info, order info etc.

25th e report dekhte parbo,