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Prof. S.'N. MJ5HRA. f. J. Degree College. GAYA
I. Introdnction Note .The duration of each Tattva
My experience has shown that Tattva on any day is uniform, but their order is
Shodhana helps a great deal in knowing dependant on the week day.
whether the native born is a male or Example :If the day of birth is Thurs-
a female. day, the first Tattva to rule will be Akash
according to Table (C), then Prithvi, Jala,
The Tattva Shodhana also assists in Theja and Vayu.
rectification of birth-time, which is ex-
tremely essential for following " Krishna- Table (C):
murti Padhdhatibecause it takes into Planet Tattva ruled by the Planet
consideration the minute sub-divisions of 1. Sun. Theja
time. 2. Moon Jala
In order to predict by following 3. Mars Theja
" Krisbnamurthi Padhdhati", the astro- 4. Mercury Prithvi
loger must be assured first of all that 5. Jupiter Akash
the recorded time of birth is correct to 6. Venus Jala
the seconds, otherwise the Cusps will 7. Saturn Vayu
differ and the whole system of astro- Table (D):
logical analysis will vary. It is with Tattva Representation of
ibis end in view that this article has Nature of Sex
been produced for the benefit of the 1. Prithvi Male
learned readers of the magazine. 2. Jala Female
II. Tables 3. Theja Male
4. Vayu Female
Table (A) ; 5. Akash Male
Tattva Duration of Time III. Details required for deduction
1. Prithvi Tattva 6 minutes 1. Date of birth according to English
2. Jala 12 Calendar.
3. Theja 18
4. Vayu 24 2. The Local Mean Time of Sun Rise
5. Akash 30 on the date of birth.
3. Day of birth.
90 or
1 hr. 30 minutes 4. The time of birth in Local Mean
Table (B):
Day Day Lord IV. Method
1. Sunday Sun Note the date of birth. Mark out the
2. Monday Moon Local Mean Time of Sun Rise on that
3. Tuesday Mars date from "Krisbnamurthi Padhdhati",
4. Wednesday Mercury Volume 1, on page 178.
5. Thursday Jupiter Mark the time of birth. See how many
6- Friday Venus Units of 1 huor 30 minutes have elapsed.
7. Saturday Saturn Then calculate according to the Tattva as
given in TABLE No. (A). Know the nature last duration. This is ruled by Akash
of sex from TABLE: (D). Tattva. Now from TABLE (D) we
know that Akash Tattva represents male.
V. Illustration So male born: Confirmed.
Example (I):
A native born on 5th October 1938, Example (2):
Wednesday, at 11.21.08" A.M. I.S.T. or A native born on 2lst September, 1933>
11.31.12" A.M. Local Mean Time. 24 48'. Thursday, at 12.31 P.M. L.M.T. 25 37' N.
N. Lat85iT E. Long. Lat.: 85 13' E. Long.
As this day is Wednesday, the first As the day is ruled by Jupiter, the
Tattva to rule during the day will be rotation of Tattvas will be in the following
Mercury. According to TABLE (C). order; Akash, Prithvi, Jala. Theja, Vayu.
Mercury rules over Prithvi Tattva. So the The L.M.T. of Sun Rise is 5.48' A.M.
calculation wilt be in the following order. 5.48+1.30 = 7.18,' 7.18+1.30 = 8,48; 8.48
Prithvi, Jala, Theja, Vayu, Akash. +1.30=10.18 ; 10.18+1.30 = 11.48; 11.48
The L.M.T. of Sun Rise on the date is + 1.30=13.18. The birth falls during the
5.54' A.M. 5.54'-f 1.30 = 7.24; 7.24+1.30 last duration.
= 8.54; 8.54+1.30= 10.24; 10.24+1.30 = Now calculate from 11.48 A.M.; 11.48
11.54. The time of birth falls in the last + 30 = 12.18 P.M.; 12.18+6= 12.24 P.M.;
duration. 12.24+12M= 12.36 P.M. The last dura-
Mark the duration of Tattvas from tion is ruled by Jala Tattva, which
TABLE (A). Now calculate from 10.24 represents a Female born: Confirmed.
A.M. 10.24+6 = 10.301 10.30+12=10.42; (The learned and esteemed readers of
10.42 + 18 = 11.00; 11.00 + 24 = 11.24; the magazine are requested to apply this
11.24+30=11.54. The birth falls in the method and convey the results to me.)