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BASICO 1 y 2

Semana Curso Unidad Leccin

Semana 1 Basico 1 Unidad 1 y 2 Meet me

Against the law
Semana 2 Basico 1 Unidad 2 y 3 Against the law
At the Restaurant
Semana 3 Basico 1 Unidad 4 y 5 On a Business trip
Going Out
Semana 4 Basico 1 Unidad 5 y 6 Going Out
About People
Semana 5 Basico 1 Unidad 7 y 8 For Sale
On the Move
Semana 6 Basico 1 Unidad 8 On the Move
Semana 1 Basico 2 Unidad 1 y 2 Buying and Selling
Healthy eating
Semana 2 Basico 2 Unidad 2 y 3 Healthy eating
Getting Help
Semana 3 Basico 2 Unidad 4 y 5 Sports
Enjoy your Meal
Semana 4 Basico 2 Unidad 5 y 6 Enjoy your Meal
Interesting People
Semana 5 Basico 2 Unidad 7 y 8 Family Life
A Bad Day
Semana 6 Basico 2 Unidad 8 A Bad Day
NOTA (1) Listening, (2) Reading ,(3) Speaking ,(4) Grammar, (5) Vocabulary


Semana Curso Unidad Leccin

Semana 1 Intermedio 1Unidad 1 y 2 Education
Away from Home
Semana 2 Intermedio 1Unidad 2 y 3 Away from Home
Semana 3 Intermedio 1Unidad 4 y 5 Bad Weather
Arts and Enterteinment
Semana 4 Intermedio 1Unidad 5 y 6 Arts and Enterteinment
At Work
Semana 5 Intermedio 1Unidad 7 y 8 Sending a Package
Semana 6 Intermedio 1Unidad 8 Emergeny
Semana 1 Intermedio 2Unidad 1 y 2 Buying a Car
Semana 2 Intermedio 2Unidad 2 y 3 Accidents
Semana 3 Intermedio 2Unidad 4 y 5 Helping Out
Dreams and Ambitions
Semana 4 Intermedio 2Unidad 5 y 6 Dreams and Ambitions
Money Matters
Semana 5 Intermedio 2Unidad 7 y 8 Politics
Semana 6 Intermedio 2Unidad 8 Instuctions


Semana Curso Unidad Leccin

Semana 1 Avanzado 1 Unidad 1 y 2 Cultural Differences
Life in the City
Semana 2 Avanzado 1 Unidad 2 y 3 Life in the City
Dangerous Sports
Semana 3 Avanzado 1 Unidad 4 y 5 Complaints
Business Strategies
Semana 4 Avanzado 1 Unidad 5 y 6 Business Strategies
Semana 5 Avanzado 1 Unidad 7 y 8 Medical Issues
How Smart are you?
Semana 6 Avanzado 1 Unidad 8 How Smart are you?
Semana 1 Avanzado 2 Unidad 1 y 2 Telling the Truth
Business Careers
Semana 2 Avanzado 2 Unidad 2 y 3 Business Careers
Agreeing and Disagreeing
Semana 3 Avanzado 2 Unidad 4 y 5 Too much work
People with problems
Semana 4 Avanzado 2 Unidad 5 y 6 People with problems
Tell me about it
Semana 5 Avanzado 2 Unidad 7 y 8 Economics
Semana 6 Avanzado 2 Unidad 8 Interviews

Art(1), Meet me(2), Maxis room(3), Affirmative, Yes/No Questions, Contractions(4); Entertainment(5)
Mistery(1), Follow that man(2), No parking (3)
Short answers, This/That/These/Those (4), Crime (5)
Food, New Mexican Restaurant, Delicious salads, Singular/Plurar, There is / There are, Articles, Restaurants
Business, More Women traveling, Coffe,please, Affirmative, Yes/No questions, Short Answers, Hotels
Drama, Richards Romance, Lets Go
Negative, Wh Questions, Verbs
Outgoing Message, Monaco, Studies, Negative, Spelling Changes, Adjectives
Ad, Car for Sale, Phone Call, Possessive, Contractions , Shopping
Adventures, Susans train ride, Bus Stop
Subject, Object, Possessive; Transport.

Phone Sales, Wrong Color, Sales from Paris;Statements, Questions; Shopping 2

Food, Dieters are feeling great,Piece of Cake
Non-Count and Quantifiers, Count nouns and Quantifiers; In the Kitchen
Help, Clean-House Agency, Newstand, Statements, Yes/no questions, Wh Questions, Directions
Sports, People are crazy about sports, lets go swimming, Equality, Superlatives, Comparatives, Sports
Restaurant, Sale at Shopright, Good to See you
Count and Non-Count, Nutrition
Inteview, Do it ,Movie Star, Regular Verbs, Irregular Verbs, Questions , Adjectives 2
Breakfast, the Family picnic, Can I?, Tag questions, Can; Relationships
Search, Grambles Department Store,
Have to, May , Work

(5) Vocabulary

Sports, College for kids? ,Math test, Statements Q and A, Education 2
Friends, Study Exchange
Ejoying your stay, Progressive, Study abroad.
Call-in, the First Thanksgiving, Sorry Im late, With or without agent, Celebrations
Weather, Weather warning, Big Storm, Object Clauses, Subject Clauses,With or withour relative pronouns, Weather
Music, The Garbage man, Picassos exhibit
Indirect Form, Entertainment 3
Interview, Overtime, French tie, Contrast with other tenses, work 3
Family, Sending a package, airmail to Tokyo, Modals, Postal Services.
Emergency, Marge has a baby, I have to go
Noun Clauses, Adverbial Clauses, Review, Road Accidents
Ad, Buying a car, the car, Real, Cars.
Bad Back, Cliff Terror
Look out, Progressive, Accidents
Family, a Foreign Affaire, Fried Fish, Simple , Attending a Party.
Neighbors, She owes you a Favor, lets Go, Review, Staments and Questions, Home repairs
Soap Opera, The Singer,
Assignments, Unreal, Adjectives 4
Quiz, Get your Moneys Worth, The raise, Time Aspects, Finance
News, Browns Campaign Problems, New Manager, Review, Politics
Forecast, Flight Information, Would
Would you mind, Active, Passive, Crime 2

Australian Culture, Culture Crash, So Bored, Review, Adejectives 5
Mystery, Adams murder my mystery update
How Awful, Future Perfect, Crime 3
Sports, Just in time, What happened?, Other uses, Sports 3
Call-in, Complaint, Expensive Boutique, Future Progressive, Journalism.
Ad, Request.
Marketing Strategy, Perfect, Business
Soap Opera, Personal, Please Speak Up, Review, Cultural Communication
Romance, Common Sense, Not Blind Faith, Barbeque Burns, Review, Health 3
Quiz, Starting Young.
Dance Posters, Review, Learning a Language

Romance, Personal, To tell the Truth, Cause and Effect, Contrast, Emotional Problems
Work, A Career in Business-
Im Worried, Had Better vs. Would Rather, Businee 2
Call-in, Fund and Games, Here comes the Bus, There vs. It. Agreeing and Disagreeing.
Ad,Working from Home, Too much work, Sequence, Do vs Make, Work 4.
Soap Opera, Amys Vacation, School Trip.
Review, Purpose and Condition, People with Problems
Australian Culture Continued, Request, Wheres my Daughter?, Review, Correspondence.
News, Complaint, European Sales, Order of Adjectives, Finance 2.
Mystery, Dear Dotty, I Apologize.
Participal Adjectives, Present/Past, Interviews.