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Spell Scroll - Air Gove [playce. It conjures up a Genie ‘who will do one of the follow ing: ‘open any door om the bosrd(the room's contenis should be put out) ORattact anyone on the board. He will attack onty once ‘with five combat dice. Discard after use. This ecroll may be wed by any player All Hernes within line of ight of whoever uses the scroll (inctadiag the easter) is healed for ane lost Body point. ‘This scroll may be wed by any player. This spell causes | Body oat of damage o any one Hero of monster adjacent to the spelicaster (@hougt mot diagonally saacent). ‘The vic cannot defeod against the attack. Discard after use. This scroll may beused by any layer. The ianget may then roll twiceas many dice as normal the next time he moves. Discird after Spell Seroll ‘This ecroll many be ured by any player. The player may then draw cards (rom tbe treasure deck, diicarding and ignoring all hazard cards, uoel you pick a ‘card which does not harm hinvber. ‘This scroll may be used by any player. This spell bestows a healing warmth on the spelicester for any onc Here the spetlcaster chooses. The warmih resiores up 103 lost Bady points. Discard after use Spell Serall - Air This scroll may be used by any player. A small Tampedt fs created which envelops one monster of player of your choice. That ‘monster o¢ player will then miss his next turn, Discard afier we. “Ruined Serall ‘This ecroll has been ruined by the passing of time ft isstained, torn, smodged, and so 08d that it crumbles to dust when you pik itu ‘Saute this card back imio the player. This spell ensbies the spellcasier 1o move quickly through ‘cy cavers and corridors. The spellcascer adds 6 w hia red dice movemeat roll and may pass through Herocs and monsters during movement. The spell ants only one wi. Discard after use. ell Scroll ull of Flan ch shield he rolls he may xeduce the damage by one, Discard after use. Spell Seroll ~ “Wacer Water of tea Thais scroll may be used bj player. Te will restore up the target's lost Body points Discard after use. player. Th throw ty extra combat dice in -suntil the spel is broken, ‘The spell is broken when that wunded. The spell is Discard afteruse, ete: Spell Scroll ~ Tire player. The target may then cow vo extra dive each time he attacks, until the spell is broken. broken when there player, The targex may then move pugh spaces that are player, The target may then move tHucough walls when he next moves, The player may move through 28 many walls at hie movement will allow. Discard after use. Spell Seroll = Fire Foe Nath used byany ay be cast ona target anywhere on the bourd. The wrathful fire will seek o playee. The victin with oe die pera he rolts ashictd he is ‘Once aslexp he may This roll may bs used by any player. It will restore up to fourr of the target's toot Boy points, Discard afterue rrquynine be Heche te “Reet Exe heshizo puede serlan nade a eutquier jugedcx, incluido 2uno mimo. Endureceri la piel como sise tra tse de reea, otorgando un dado extiaen defensa El heshizo sedesvanccerasa el Héroe sulre algin dano. Deseanar después deusasse This scroll may be used by- aay playee. This spel restores all Jost Mind pring ous spclleanteror any one Hero the ¢pelleastor chootes: Discard after use “Pergugnine de sttect20 “Piel de “Roca Est hechizo puede ser linzadoa lquier jugador,incluio s uno smo. Endurecers la piel