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Bad Medicine Words and Music by Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora and Desmond Child Moderate rock J = 118 smi: E 7 E6 E7 Gi Ann wn ww nnn —ew———n—noooorrrr rrr vib, wibar —= dist tone WAAAY Yr sats Shake it up just like Wann Copyright © 1988 PRI Music, nc., Bon Jovi Publishing, New Jersey Underground Music Inc. (2500 Wast Olive Avenue, Slute 200, Burbank, CA 91505) EMI Aptil Musi Inc. and Desmable Music Co., In, Intemational Copyright Secured - All Rights Reserved 16 AS E (NCES ‘There ain't no doc-tor that can cure my dis - ease, _ ‘whwvah on treble po. Puck w. 2nd finger. BJ ist, 2nd Verses Gs ain't got a fev - er, gota perm - a - nent dis - ease and itt - IL don't need no nee - dle to be giv - in’ ome a thrill and I don’t Rhy. Fig. 1 (4bars) take more than a — doc - tor need no an - es - the - sia 17 got lots of mon - ey but is - n't what - ty down ad - dic - tion does - n't leave wy, (5) Gs W/Rhy. Fig. 12 bars) (Bs) (5) the symp- toms count ‘em. par- a- med - ic gon - na = then bleed, (okgd) That's. what you get for fal - ling in love. You get a lit - tle but it’s 18