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Tarea 3

1. Escenario sin optimizar

Porcentaje de cobertura=0.85
2. Escenario Optimizado

Porcentaje de cobertura=0.85

3. Tabla Comparativa

Resultados de Optimizacin
AP's LP_Solve Gams
Z1 1 1
Z2 0 0
Z3 1 1
Z4 1 1
Z5 0 0
Z6 1 1
Z7 0 1
Z8 1 0
Z9 0 0
Tiempo (s) 3.5 0.031
4. Conclusions

Taking into account the various possibilities and scenarios that can be presented when
deploying a wireless communications network, we can say that its optimization is of the
utmost importance for the correct operation of it, without forgetting each of the
restrictions that may appear. On the other hand, if we compare a wireless network with
a distribution system of an electrical network, we will find some difficulties for its
implementation since the operating conditions are not the same, besides the
technology for its articulation is expensive and limited, without However, there is the
possibility of doing so, although not optimally.