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eters tothe Editor [ + Add tomyFT US has a fifth ace in its poker game with China From Robert Walsh, Wilton, CT, US NOVEMBER 7,207 FS 2comments Sir, Joseph Nye provides an encouraging analysis of why “America still holds the aces in its poker game with China” (November 3), and why we need not overly worry about Pax Sinica. Professor Nye explains these aces as geography, energy, trade and the US dollar. But there is a fifth ace, demographics. While the US has only a slightly better total fertility rate than China, in each below replacement, the US has slow but steady population growth through immigration, US immigration is youthful, generally more healthy and educated than what US populists believe, and serves as a profound contrast to China's principal demographic trend, its population explosion of old people. The number of Chinese aged 65 or older is growing at 4 per cent a seen in world history, and without a reliable social security system. _ te rarely ear, a Robert Walsh Wilton, CT, U