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(Smithfangruida) Smith.)

***Fang Ruida, Fang Ruida, Fang Ruida, Ruida-Fang ,, English name: Smith (Frd-Smith English name, Fang Ruida use
d briefly in Europe and the Americas, including writing, social networking, etc. As a writer and poet playwright, Fang R
uida used many pen name aliases in the past, such as: Hao Ye, Huang Yi, Tang Jiang, Fonda, Smith,Martin, Davies, Sch
midt, and others. Born in Shanghai on May 13, 1950, the world famous scientists, philosophers, thinkers, economists, w
riters, dramatists, religious scholars, sociologists, anthropologists, painters, composers, poets and inventors , Astronaut s
cientist, cosmologist.Fangruida,Ruida-Fang,,Smith(Frd-Smith

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