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drawing by: okalinichenko

Myleka Gantt Career Objective
707.290.1293 - -
Target-oriented and personable sales advisor with success
in achieving and exceeding periodic sales target; To apply the
knowledge acquired through the pursuit of my bachelor’s
degree program in Fashion Retail Management and also gain the
opportunity to work for a company who values their employees

S a l e s A d v i s o r H & M , S t e r l i n g , VA 5 / 2 0 1 6 t o 4 / 2 0 1 7

Art Institute of Pittsburgh, PA, Worked as part-time dedicated Sales Advisor who can identified and

maximize complex seller/buyer opportunities and provided excellent
B.S. Fashion Marketing & Management
customer service so H&M shoppers to maximize profits for end of day

profit and selling goals.

Skills & Strengths • Stocking, folding, replenising , and displaying merchandise in the store

• Organized the sales floor into departments that created greater
• Excellent Communication Skills efficiency

• Cash/Credit Transactions • Solved customers’ queries and product related problems

• Market Trend Knowledge • Proved an ability to effectively work with team members to ensure
maintenance of selling floors, cash points, and fitting rooms.
• Team Player
• Focused on building brand and customer relationship by efficiently
• Able to Multi-task
following up on leads and converting them into buying opportunities
• Up-Selling/ Cross Selling for H&M and the H&M shopper.

• Natural Leader Photoshop/InDesign/Illustrator • Indulged in suggestive selling techniques in a bid to increase sales.

• Pricing Analysis • Assisted customers in making purchasing decisions and led them
through the payment procedures.
• MS Office
• Educated customers regarding after-sales services, return and store
• Merchandising
policies, and ways of obtaining them.
• Attentive to Detail
• Cultivated a customer-focused shopping environment by greeting
• Customer Oriented and responding to all customers in a friendly manner.

• Sales Process Management • Operated a cash register for cash, check and credit card transactions
with 100% accuracy.
1617 6TH AVE. SEATTLE, WA 98101

October 5, 2017

Dear Mr. Blake Nordstrom,

I am writing to express my interest in the Retail
Management internship program position advertised
on the Nordstrom student Career website. Throughout
my professional life, I have always had a deep passion
for establishing brand/customer relationships and

providing customers the highest possible customer

I am currently enrolled in a Bachelors degree program
for Fashion Marketing and Management at the Art
Institute of Pittsburg-Online Division. Through my
degree program, I’ve been introduced to writing
business plans, marketing plans, strategic advertising
plans, promotion plans, SWOT analysis, brand
marketing, consumer behavior, and human resources

While my degree program has allowed me to better
understand target audience buying patterns, and
trends related to the fashion industries and other
industries related to fashion; My experience with
working in retail has allowed me to take on the position
of leading and motivating my team to provide quality
customer service. Moreover, when the opportunity
presented itself I ensured that I was available to
answer any technical questions to ensure our
customers felt well attended to. Working in any team
environment, I realize the importance of taking prime
opportunities to lead, understand when to follow, and
respecting the insights of others.

Given the opportunity, I’m confident in my ability to
contribute to the success of the Nordstrom brand. My
resume is enclosed for your review and I look forward
to the opportunity to interview. Thank you for your
time and consideration.

Best Regards,

Myleka Gantt



About Me
self promotion page
• Effective communicator and able to tailor my messages to suit the
• Excellent Decision-making skills- Before making decisions I seek out
multiple viewpoints and accurately gauge the probable outcomes of
potential decisions and then advocate for a particular decision.
• Able to build strong relationships from building a rapport to long-term
• Past work experience has allowed me to work with people from all
walks of life, personalities, and different cultural norms. Because of this
I can adapt to any type of social environment but it has also given me
insight into people’s motivations and behaviors.

• With an openness to acquire new information in a new field I have
opportunities to develop the hard and soft kills I currently have and
the ability to develop new skills.
• Another opportunity that I have is that I can use mobile and social
media trends to connect with other professionals within the field to
acquire more knowledge of the field.

by Myleka Gantt

hard and soft skills
The fashion industry is a very competitive field and in order to become
successful, you must have the talent, creativity, skills and ability it
takes to do the job.

• Working Knowledge of • Excellent Problem-Solving
Adobe CS6 Photoshop skills
• Proficient in Adobe CS6 • Natural leader
• Customer Oriented
• Proficient in Adobe
• Extremely productive
in high volume, high
• Proficient in Microsoft stressenvironments
• Attentive to Detail
• Proficient in Microsoft
• Great Sense of Style
• Market Trend Knowledge
• Proficient in Microsoft
PowerPoint • Cash/Credit Transactions
• Excellent Time • Merchandising
• Pricing Analysis
• Sales Process
Management • Exceptional sales,
convincing, and
• Able to effectively and communication skills
efficiently multi-task
• Knowledge of building
• Up-selling and Cross Marketing and Promotion
department selling Plans through degree
• Deadline orientated

myleka gantt portfolio
store Plan
Store layout plays an important role in
enhancing your brand by creating a memorable
customer experience. In order for you to make

Mission Statement
“In times where brand image is most important, Vanguard aims to become known as
a one-stop fashion boutique selling women and men’s clothing at great prices, even
better quality, and excellent customer service.”

The Overall strategy for Vanguard is to increase brand presence and brand
recognition to the target audience and to the global fashion community. To increase
sales and brand awareness by successfully utilizing social media for marketing and
advertisements and also to become a brand recognized for its high quality, diverse
product range, and excellent customer service.

Start-up budget: $250,000 | Start-up Expenses : $53,750

myleka gantt portfolio


• Cherry Creek area is one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Denver
• The Cherry Creek/Denver neighborhood has a large populations of
2,437,312 and 974,199 households.
• The Denver/Cherry Creek population is very diverse which is made up
of 83 % Caucasians, 1.8 % African American, 0.3 American Indians, 9.6
Asians, and 0.1% Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, 7.6 Hispanic or
Latino, and 2.5% two or more races
• The average income of the Cherry Creek population is $79,164
• 12.8% of the Cherry creek population have obtained a professional
degree and 26.7% of the Cherry Creek population have obtained a
Masters degree, 64.8% of the cherry Creek population have obtained a

bachelors degree,



Tactical Evaluation
Since Vanguard will be located in the Cherry Creek Business and shopping
district of Denver, CO, I will most likely utilize the foot traffic created
by being located directly next to my competitors such as H&M, Macy’s,
Neiman Marcus, and several other stores with already establish brand
presence. Although I would benefit from my competitors marketing and
advertisements since I will be in close proximity to them, I will still run my
advertisements and promotions in the Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle.
I will also utilize Facebook and Google Ads to advertise Vanguards ads,
promotions, and store sales to my target audience.

Human and Capital Allocation and IMC Plan Evaluation
As store owner, I would solely be responsible for advertising and marketing.
Also as store owner, of this all of the wages and capitals of my staff and my
business are reliant on how competent I am with my business. Being that
Vanguard is starting off as a small boutique, the minimum amount of store
employees per day will be two on slow days and four employees at peak
times and days. Daily cash startup for registers would be $300 along with a
safe deposit box of $5,000
Vanguard’s IMC plan success will be measured off the sales records and
brand awareness that Vanguard acquires after a year of being in business.
Vanguard’s IMC plan success will also be based on how well I am able to
market to my audience and the success will also be determined by analyzing

Vanguard’s sales reports.


Target Audience who are confident, well sites such as Facebook
organized, and often eager and twitter to connect with
Vanguard’s target audience potential customers and
to try new brands.
is women between the ages share Vanguard’s products,
of 18-35 who are extremely • Vanguard customers also promotions, styling tips, and
fashion conscious and enjoy socializing, shopping, also to convey to the audience
conscious of the latest fashion and looking as though that Vanguard will constantly
runway trends. Vanguard’s they’ve acquired clothing offer high quality fashion
target audience are educated right off the runway products and great customer
working women, who tend to although the cost is much service.
value clothing that is of high more inexpensive.
quality and affordable prices.
• Vanguard customers
Psychographics want to be perceived as
successful and established

• Vanguard customers are
also motivated by being
able to express themselves
physically, mentally, or Marketing THE
emotionally especially AUDIENCE
self-expression through
how they dress.
• Many of Vanguard’s Vanguard intends to
customers are college successfully reach this target
students or professionals market utilizing social media



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Fashion Target Market - Zara Retailer.” Google Sites,

IMC Checklist from web Dec. 7, 2013

Metro Denver.” Metro Denver EDC RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Nov. 2013. <http://www.>.
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Time, Forest. “Description of the Duties of a Store Owner.” Small Business. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 Dec.

2013.< html>.
Store layout plays an important role in
enhancing your brand by creating a memorable
customer experience. In order for you to make

Product Development Project
Companies operating in today’s competitive markets are compelled to develop

successful new products in order to ensure the companies’ survival and growth.
For this project, we were tasked with developing a new Denim and T-shirt line for
the retailer GAP Inc and also a Tech pack with buying orders for both the denim
and T-shirt line. Before creating the product line for this project, research into the
current market, current market trends, consumer behavior and their preferences
for new product was conducted to determine how these aspects would affect the
development of Gap’s Denim and T-shirt line. Denim is always going through an
ongoing transformation between seasons, styles, and colors; while the essential t-shirt
look for Gap’s target audience is one that is mostly comfort and style.

myleka gantt portfolio




s/s 2017
February 1, 2017
concept pitch/ and merchandise February 4, 2017
Team meets to develop sketches and February 5-21
design ideas
Team develops more design ideas February 22-28
Fabric plan is created with chosen trims March 3
and fabrics
Fabric and trim choices are chosen and March 6
Fabric choices, trims, silhouettes are March 15
given to designer
Product samples are created March 20
Fabric inspection takes place March 22
Fabric inspection results March 29
Shipment sample is dispatched April 5
Shipment samples are recieved April 9
Samples are reviewed for changes and April 11-21
Final garments are then produced April 26
based on changes necessary
Garment production begins April 29-May 29
Quality control and packaging begin June 6
Garments are sent to distribution center June 9
Distribution center recieve shipments June 13-17
Truck and other logistic deliveries begin June 21
Merchandise is sent to store locations June 23
Floor plan
and Display
Store Concept
Vanguard’s store concept is one with clean lines and minimalist look. Each of the
pieces within our store encompass the styles and influences from across the globe,
the catwalk, social media, and the hottest celebrities and we’ve worked hard to bring
them to our customers.

Customer Profile
The target customer for Vanguard boutique are women ages between 25-48, with
mid-range income and work in an occupation where fashion and looking great is
one of their top priorities. Our customers are usually busy people and are often
price-conscious but sensitive to the latest fashion trends.

Target Audience:
Gender: Female
Age: 25-48 years old
Marital Status: Single, Married
Education: College Graduate
Income: $60,000- $75,000
Family Size: 1-4 people
Ethnicity: All Races
Location: Major Cities and suburbs

myleka gantt

Floor Plan Layout
the rationale
Open Layout of the store is meant to easily lead customer from the entrance
of the store to other areas of departments within the retail space. This floor
plan is also meant to allow customers to be immediately greeted by two
well-lit window displays, new seasonal arrivals and mannequins to the left
and sales apparel to their right. The focal point was strategically placed
where shoppers will immediately see mannequins dressed in new arrival
apparel in the center of the store. Once shoppers wander throughout the
new arrival section, they will immediately encounter the dressing room
where they will likely try on more merchandise from the new arrivals

collection and designer’s choice collection.


Vanguard Store

8 The
Display Created in: Polyvore


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Show Project
Fashion Show Proposal
Planning Molten Lava’s first fashion show is an exciting occasion. We aim to finally 

meet our loyal customers, understand their needs and clothing desires, and 

showcase and introduce our Private label designs to our treasured customers. To 

ensure that Molten Lava’s private label is a success, we must know exactly who 

they customers are. Understanding the target audience is extremely crucial for a 

retailer, because without knowing the target market a retailer can’t expect to 


Molten Lava’s core target audience is:  

 The market consists of twenty-five to forty-year olds. 

 Their income is $50,000 and above. 

 They are college educated and like to spend on what they love to look good when they g

out to meet friends and make new friends. 

 They follow trends and want to look their absolute best. 

 They are interested in dress‐up clothing they can wear more than just once. 

 They buy seasonal. 

 They Have Eclectic music taste

 They are environmentally aware. 

myleka gantt

the Fashion Show
We know that Molten Lava’s target audience are college educated women, tend to 

seek out the latest fashion and enjoy going out on the town with friends. To make 

sure that our target audience is as excited about Molten Lava’s Fashion show as we 

are, the fashion show will be held in April 2016 and the theme will be ”Garden 

Party”.  The Garden Party theme with its vibrant shades, floral prints, and bright 

green foliage inspired décor and fashions would inspire our target customers to 

want to revamp their wardrobes for bright springtime clothing.   Molten lava and Elegena 

Accessories customers love to shop for fun, on trend clothing fit for socializing and 

that is right on season. A “Garden Party” theme is perfect for the Molten Lava 

fashion show because it will feature refreshing spring time social looks that allows 

customers to feel as though they are in a laid‐back but fashionable event where 

they can socialize. Attendants will feel as though they are at a star‐studded 

spring/summer affair that will be reminiscent of a Royal Garden party. The Garden 

Party theme with its vibrant shades, floral prints, and bright green foliage inspired 

décor and fashions would inspire our target customers to want to revamp their 

wardrobes for bright springtime clothing.  We want our attendants to truly feel as 

though they are at a Royal Garden Party. To drive home the ambience of a Royal 

Garden Party, guest will be able to help themselves to the bar of champagne, fine 

wines, and gourmet canapes. As the attendants and other guest enjoy the show 

local journalist and photographers will be in attendance to capture the event.  

Garden Party Fashion Show

e v ent &
Public relations are a vital part to maintaining Molten Lava’s image and communicating our
message to our customers, investors, sponsors, and general public. To effectively promote
Molten Lava and Elegenza Accessories Fashion event we will utilize social media platforms such
as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. These social media websites allow us to
monitor our customers’ interactions with our clothing and marketing strategies, so that we can
determine emerging trends, problems within the market, and our customers’ concerns.

Strategy and Calendar
Assistant April 8, 2016 1:00pm-5:00pm 4 hours

Assist with marketing on social media platforms, help determine web analytics through social
media platforms, assist with marketing ad imagery

AiPOD Intern #1 April 8, 2016 9:00am-5:00pm 8 hours Los Angeles Times

Assist with marketing ad imagery, assist with strategic plans, help to secure media coverage

AiPOD Intern #2 April 8, 2016 9:00am-5:00pm 8 hours Los Angeles Times

Assist with marketing ad imagery, assist with strategic plans, help to secure media coverage

Assistant April 16, 2016 1:00pm-5:00pm 4 hours

Help to manage contact database of all press coverage, VIP guest,

Confirm all final details of the press release and confirm timelines

AiPOD Intern #1 April 16, 2016 9:00am-5:00pm 8 hours Los Angeles Times

Ensure that all media coverage is available for event

Help with foster media relations with Molten Lava, Elegenza Accessories, sponsors and all press

AiPOD Intern #2 April 16, 2016 9:00am-5:00pm 8 hours The Los Angeles Times
Fashion Press
Released on: March 30, 2016

Press Release Author: Myleka Gantt

Industry: Apparel & Fashion

Press Release Summary: Molten Lava is planning to host its “Garden Party Themed” Fashion show along with
Elegenza Accessories at Greystone Manor to showcase Spring Evening Wear and Accessories.

Press Release Body: Molten Lava, a new and upcoming women’s boutique, has announced details of its
showcase of their new spring and summer evening collections at a “Garden Party” themed fashion show.

The new Molten Lava spring and summer collections, will reflect a variety of evening wear design trends,
which are set to be popular looks during the spring/summer 2016. Elegenza Accessories will also be
partnering with Molten Lava to showcase their new jewelry and handbag accessories. This Molten Lava and
Elegenza Accessories “Garden Party” fashion show will be held at Greystone Manor on the 16th of April 2016
at 7pm. The event location is at 643 N La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA. The doors to this venue will open
at 5:30 pm. Following the success of Molten Lava and Elegenza Accessories previous fashion show events,
plans are now in motion to make our Fashion show at Greystone Manor an even more exciting event.

Sponsors and local businesses are welcome to join the team and contribute to create a Fashion event
that will foster each of our potentials to expand their businesses within the fashion world. We have some
amazing treats in store and look forward to showing our one of a kind designs and individual brands.
Fashion Show
Brand Profile
Zara is a Spanish, sophistication, style, strategic brand . With a prominent
international presence, this brand does not use any advertising techniques. No TV
spots, no mascot celebrities, no top models, no billboards and no two page spread in
Vogue. In any major fashion capital of the world you can look and find a Zara situated
in prime locations worldwide. Women looking to sate their fashion need with what’s
new, chic and straight off the runway can find their clothing haven at Zara, who known
for changing their collections every 15 days. The new clothes that come in create the
strong client loyalty to the store, leaving customers anxious and ready to purchase the
ready-to-wear collections in just a short two week span of time.

Market/Price Category
Zara is a fashion retailer that offers a wide range of clothing, footwear, and
accessories for women, men, and children. Zara offers unique, high quality clothing
and accessories that are set at affordable prices. Zara would be classified as offering
products at moderate price point. Zara uses a demand oriented method for setting
prices based on the region and what their target audience is willing to pay.

myleka gantt portfolio

M Arket
Age range/Generation

Zara target audience is typically aged 18-40 year and are highly fashion conscious
and sensitive to the latest fashion trends. The main generation that Zara markets
to are the Millennials, which most retailers are dependent on due to Millennials
online presence and impact on retail trends. Zara has the opportunity to market
to Generation X, Y, and the Millennials.

Market Segment:

Merchandise types:

Zara stores consist of several product lines for women, men, and children as well as
home décor. Zara clothing for women is broken into three pricing categories: Zara
Women ($49.9 and up), Zara basic ($29.90 - $49.90), and Zara TRF ($4.90-$29.90).
Each line includes bottoms, tops, shoes, cosmetics, and accessories. Men and
children lines also include bottoms, tops, shoes, and accessories.

Demographics :

Income Level: Average income level for Zara target customer is $60,000 per year.

Education Level: Majority of Zara target customers have completed college

Ethnic Background: Zara customers come from all ethnic backgrounds and cultures.

Fashion Status: Zara target customers make up innovators, leaders, adopters and
followers. Zara typically produces products that are similar to Luxury and high
end designs, however due to social media Fashion bloggers are able to make a big
impact on Zara customers’ and their buying behaviors.

M Arket
Shopping Habits: Zara shoppers tend to impulse shop because they feel as
though they will lose out on limited availability products or special pricing

Musical Preference: Zara shoppers listen to different varieties of music such as
pop, Rock, hip hop, rap, and R&B. Top 100 music list are often Zara shoppers
go to music choices.

Marital and Family Status: Zara customers make up majority of married women
with children and single working women.

Gender : Although Zara carries clothing, footwear, and accessories for women,
men, and children. Their main target market consist of women whom make up
78% of their target audience. The women’s line of Zara performs the strongest
of the three market segments products that

Media Consumption: Zara customers are constantly interacting with media
such as internet, social media platforms, billboards, outdoor ads, email
advertising, magazines, and newspapers.

Types of Activities and entertainment enjoyed by the customers: Zara
customers typically enjoy traveling, shopping, listening to music, going to
concerts, taking vacations, going to museums and art shows.

Technological interests and abilities: Zara customers are extremely tech savvy
and constantly connected with retailers and other people globally through
social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, google,
and Tumblr. Zara customers are also connected with retailers through the ease
of smartphones, tablets, and computers.
Inspiration for
2017 Trends
Whimsical T rav el er

Whimsical Traveler- is our vision and inspiration taken from World travelers.
Social media, world photographers, and travelers allow us to take a peek into and
experience the private worlds of many cultures that’s where Whimsical traveler theme
comes into play. Perfect for vacationing on the coast of Zanzibar, the Whimsical
traveler trend features decorated motif caftans, flowing and airy sundresses, tunics,
sandals, and tribal embroidered maxi dresses. Bright and rich colors such as canary
yellow, greens, bold sapphire blues make a bulk of the trends overall aesthetic
The bold bright colors
Trending Colors from Whimsical Traveler
Spring/ summer 2017

for Spring/ trend inspiration board
are inspired by Art

Summer 2017 . Deco. Ethnic prints with
rich green, orange, and
yellow dominate the
trend along with hints
of blue, and khaki while
geometric patterns add
just the right amount of
contrast in each design.
Fabrics that will be
Trending Fabrics the main focus for
Spring/Summer 2017

for Spring/ and inspire the World

Summer 2017 . look are chiffon,
silk floral jacquard,
leather, tweeds, gold
embellishments and
fringe edges.
Spring/ summer 2017 has a wide variety of
eclectic fashion trends hitting the stores for the
summer months. From Cold and off the shoulder
styles to tailored pinstripe trousers to hippy
bohemian chic, the spring 2017 has silhouettes
and styles for everyone. One silhouette that is
definitely making its way back onto the scene
is waist-cinching. The corset belt is sure to
be worn in a nontraditional way when paired
with a variety of dresses and tops. Just as most
silhouettes and styles have been revamped and
used for new age fashion inspiration. The off the
shoulder or one shoulder style definitely gives Trending
us what we need for our 80’s inspired fashion
fixes. Inspired by Art Deco and bold art, striped Silhouette for
prints have made their way into fashion for the
summer 2017. Patchwork, ethnic motifs, and
long flowing dresses are the mark of hippy-esque
style for Spring/summer 2017. 2017 .


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Au Naturel Beauty Brand Narrative
For the past four years, Au Naturel cosmetics has been involved in creating beauty 
products for women and men from all walks of life. Feeling that the beauty 
industry was undoubtedly lacking beauty products that were truly organic and all 
natural, Myleka Gantt founded Au Naturel cosmetics in 2012. In the beginning, Au 
Naturel cosmetics only sold skincare products that featured the use of all 
organic/all natural materials and bases. Today, Au Naturel cosmetics sales skin 
care products, foundation, eye wear, lip wear, and even makeup collections that 
are suited for different skin types and precisely matched for different skin tones. 
Au Naturel customers desire to feel confident, empowered, beautiful and 
conscious of the world around them. So each and every one of our products sold at 
Au Natural cosmetics are designed to meet the diversity and infinite needs and 
desires of our cherished customers.  

Brand Message
Shy away from harsh chemical and additives and Let your Inner Beauty shine through”

Brand Personality
I am an Au Naturel Woman. I lead the wave of innovation with confidence, stride, 
supreme quality and elegance. I am dominant in everything I do and every  de-
cision that I make, whether I’m enjoying a girl’s night out on the town, making 
boardroom decisions, or a day with the family. I maintain the highest quality, the 
best natural materials, and top of the line craftsmanship in the cosmetics industry. 
Why? Because Au Naturel Women exemplify superior quality, sophistication, and 

myleka gantt portfolio
Au Naturel’s Competition
and Related Industries

The beauty industry is highly competitive. Majority of the top players in the 
cosmetics industry are either trying to rise above their competition or solidify their 
spot on the market. In order for AU Naturel to gain consumer interest amongst the 
other players in the cosmetics industry, we must first know our competition. 
L’Oréal, Estee Lauder, Unilever, and Proctor & Gamble are the major competitors 
of AU Naturel. L’Oréal is a French cosmetic company that is headquartered in 
France. L’Oréal manufactures skin care, hair care, and makeup for regular 
customers and professionals. Since L’Oréal’s inception that have included 
Lancôme, Giorgio Armani, Urban Decay, L’Oréal Paris and Maybelline New York 
in their portfolio. Unilever is the world’s second largest beauty goods maker. 
Unilever includes the brands Pond’s, Dove, Lux, Tony & Guy, Sunsilk, St. Ives, and 
Axe. Proctor & Gamble is one of the largest household name in personal care. 
Proctor & Gamble have a total of five business segments with contribute to 24% of 
its revenues. P&G have the brands Max Factor, Herbal Essences, Wella, CoverGirl, 
Olay, Pantene, and Head & Shoulders. Estee Lauder, which was established in 1946 
is one of the leading retailer of cosmetics and generates 10 billion annually in 
revenues. Estee Lauder is known for its namesake brand Estee Lauder, MAC, 
Clinique, Smashbox, and Origins.  
Related industries that are related to the cosmetics industry are: health 
spas, fitness and leisure providers, salons, and cosmetic surgeons. Health spas 
provide health and well‐being services in a relaxing environment. Specialist 
products and services are offered at health spas for different therapeutic and 
cosmetic effects. Fitness providers and leisure centers offer on‐site beauty services 
to support well‐being and achievement of beauty standards. Salons employ staff 
that deliver therapy services and beauty services such as hair removal, acne 
removal, hair styling and care, nail care, and other skin care treatments. Cosmetic 
surgeons offer services such as Botox, juvederm, skin care procedures, plastic 
surgery, and other cosmetic procedures.  
AU Naturel
For the past four years Au

Naturel Cosmetic’s mission has
been dedicated to supplying
our customers with high‐
Values performance natural skin care,
makeup, and bath and body
products. We know that many I am an Au Naturel Woman. I
• To be devoted to our of our customers are shoppers lead the wave of innovation with
customers and devoted who actively think about the confidence, stride, supreme
to supplying cosmetics positive and negative effects of quality and elegance. I am
that allow both men and products and also the products dominant in everything I do
women to feel confident and effects on our environment. That and every decision that I make,
empowered. is why we will continue to create whether I’m enjoying a girl’s
• Deliver outstanding service and supply our customers with night out on the town, making
• Remain dedicated to being products that are made of 100% boardroom decisions, or a day
Innovators in the cosmetics organic ingredients and 100% with the family. I maintain the
industry and produce essential oils, so that they can highest quality, the best natural
products that are ethically always feel confident in their materials, and top of the line
responsible. decision of choosing Au Naturel craftsmanship in the cosmetics
• Continue to lead the cosmetics and confident that industry. Why? Because Au
cosmetics industry’s efforts they are supporting sustainable Naturel Women exemplify
to create safe and effective business practices. In order to superior quality, sophistication,
products. continue to provide top quality and confidence. .

Core products, Au Naturel Cosmetics
will continue to create products
that are manufactured using Target
Mission renewable resources and eco-

Au Naturel’s core mission is
friendly practices.
to provide the highest quality
products for men and women Philosophy The target audience are women
between the ages of 18 to 50.
who look for flawless make-
Au Naturel Cosmetics aims Au Naturel women are just
up and infalliable skin-care
to provide both men and finishing high‐school, entering
products. Au Naturel is dedicated
women with high quality/high or leaving college, in entry‐
to sustainable and innovative
performance skin care that level job positions or even
processes in the creation of
make them feel more confident already established in their
all natural/all organic beauty
about themselves and their careers. These women place
lives so that they can make a huge emphasis on skin care
more positive impact on our and look for the highest quality

Mission environments. products ranging from skin care,
makeup, and bath and body

Statement Vision
products. Au Naturel Cosmetics
core audience members are
30 to 50 year old women are
conscious of their health and the
products that they put in and
on their bodies. These women
know how important skin care
products, how efficient they are,
and the highest quality natural
The logo color use and flower both
have elements of the company offering
cosmetics and beauty products while
the flower logo suggest the use of
natural materials in the process of Au
Naturel’s product creation.

Au Naturel Beauty Logo

& Rationale

Direct Mail Concept
The idea for the first concept is to create an ad that was clean, well
composed, and effective in immediately drawing the attention of the
target audience. I want my target audience to clearly grasp the mes-
sage that Au Naturel Cosmetics is offering a one of a kind Nighttime
Face crème that is approved by known Dr. Donald Spence. Being
able to add a stamp of approval from a well‐known skin care special-
ist shows our customers that Au Naturel Cosmetics is committed to
producing high‐performance/high quality cosmetics that are made
of 100% natural and organic materials and essential oils. Adding the
extra benefit of obtaining a sample size of the night crème will en-
courage already loyal customers to continue to purchase the products
that they already know and trust, but also try out new product lines.
Furthermore, new customers would also be encouraged to become
frequent and loyal customers because of incentives such as sample
products with regular purchases.


Cosmetics Industry.” Cosmetics Industry. Bidness Etc, n.d. Web. 1 Feb. 2016.
The Cosmetics Industry Today.” Business Reference Services. Bera, n.d. Web.
1 Feb. 2016. <


Vaunt Garde Brand Profile
Vaunt Garde Man’s primary target audience is men between the ages of 18-35 years old. Vaunt Garde’s
men are often perceived as innovators, trend starters and predictors of the next big thing in the fashion
world. Male Millennials also spend twice as much on apparel per year as the men of previous genera-
tions with the difference consistent across all ethnic groups, incomes and household types. This target
audience is contemporary, sophisticated and stylish men who are outgoing and fun. They are great
appreciation for quality pieces so they often spend their money pieces that will last. This target audience
has access to enough disposable income to spend money on quality pieces for their wardrobe. Fur-
thermore, they are people with large real-world social networks and people who frequently give advice
about products and services. They are often college graduates who have been settled in their careers, so
they spend a bit on business attire. In their off time, they enjoy the social scene and will attend night-
clubs and lounges. These men have an income of $45,000 to $75,000 and live in the D.C Metropolitan

Vaunt Garde Man is an online retailer that aims to offer a wide array of men’s clothing at
unbeatable price and quality. Vaunt Garde Man’s fundamental concept is to maintain design,
production, and distribution processes that will enable Vanguard to respond quickly to shifts in
consumer demands. Vaunt Garde Man’s mission is become synonymous to fashion amongst today’s
fashion-conscious customers. Vaunt Garde Man aims to give customers high quality and exclusive
choices in fashion that place them ahead of the trends while maintaining sustainable
business practices. Vaunt Garde Man carries name brand and private label merchandise that are classic
and sophisticated in style. The craftsmanship of Vaunt Garde man will be unparalleled and made for the
contemporary and modern man. The merchandise list will include casual shirts, t-shirts/sweatshirts,
sweaters, jackets/outerwear, dress shirts, pants, chinos, jeans, suits, sports coats, swimwear, footwear,
loungewear, and active wear.
Trend Report:
The Trend board for Vaunt Garde Man is Urban Mash-up for Autumn/Winter 2018. This trend is a mash
up of minimalism, maximalism, different cultures and inspirations such as opposing themes of great
outdoors to the Renaissance period, from the Far East to a global mash-up of cultures. Tailored suits
feature cozy mohair and cashmere knits, and other performance fabrics to add to the functionality of
Men’s suiting needs.

myleka gantt portfolio
Vaunt Garde Man
To: Vaunt Garde Vice President, Chris Bruce

From: Myleka Gantt; Merchandising Director

Date: October 15, 2017

Subject: Vaunt Garde Man Merchandising and Marketing Strategies

This memo is to recommend several merchandising and marketing strategies to Vaunt Garde Man’s Vice President,

Chris Bruce, with the purpose of ensuring that the brand can compete within the marketplace more effectively and

cement its place among their competitors.

The following marketing and merchandising strategies are:

Specific products- Vaunt Garde Man carries name brand and private label merchandise that are classic and

sophisticated in style. The craftsmanship of Vaunt Garde man will be unparalleled and made for the contemporary and

modern man. The merchandise list will include casual shirts, t-shirts/sweatshirts, sweaters, jackets/outerwear, dress

shirts, pants, chinos, jeans, suits, sports coats, swimwear, footwear, loungewear, and active wear.

Brands to Carry- The brands that Vaunt Garde Man will carry are Nike, Adidas, Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss,

Levi’s, 7 for all mankind, ALDO, Ray Ban, AX Armani Exchange, Kenneth Cole, North Face, Rag & Bone.

Moods and themes- The theme for Vaunt Garde Man’s website is to use sleek and modern monochromatic black and

white color scheme.

Promotional Strategy- Omnichannel Marketing will be used by Vaunt Garde man to ensure that we successfully target

our customers and lead them to buying decisions. We will use social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook,

and Twitter to make sure that we are in constant communication with our target audience. We will use promotional

strategies such as free shipping on orders over $200, bundle promotions on t-shirts, and 20% off sign-up to the Vaunt

Garde Man email newsletter.

Customer Service Policies- Vaunt Garde Man’s website customer service options will include email, live chat, and phone

number for customer service contact. Returns policy for Vaunt Garde is 60 days from the shipment date and the

merchandise must be unwashed, unworn, with tags attached. Swimwear, underwear, and jewelry cannot be returned

due to hygiene and health reasons.

Vaunt Garde Ad

Vaunt Garde Man

Vaunt Garde Man
Trend Board

M E rc h andi s e A s s ortment
Ta i l o r e d , D e s i g n e r a n d O u t e r w e a r
Autumn/Winter 2018

M E rc h andi s e A s s ortment
Ta i l o r e d , D e s i g n e r a n d O u t e r w e a r

M E rc h andi s e A s s ortment
Casualwear and Accessories
Autumn/Winter 2018

M E rc h andi s e A s s ortment
C a s u a l W e a r - To p s , B o t t o m s , & A c c e s s o r i e s

M E rc h andi s e A s s ortment
C a s u a l W e a r - To p s , B o t t o m s , & A c c e s s o r i e s


ASOS Double Breasted Trench Coat With Shower Resistance In Khaki at”
ASOS, shower-resis-
tance-in- khaki/prd/5908273?clr=khaki&SearchQuery=&cid=3606&pgesize=36&pge=
Carroll , Dierdre. “Http://” The
Millenial Manscape , 2016, doi:10.18411/d-2016-154
Londrigan, Michael R. Menswear to Business Style. Fairchild Books, Inc. N.d. Web. 12
October 2017
“Men from EXPRESS.”,
mlb-graphic- tees/cat3880002.
“Men’s Clothing.” Calvin Klein,

Express, topcoat/pro/04104070/color/

Men’s Suit Shop : Ludlow, Traveler Suits, Tuxedos | J.Crew J.Crew,
mens_feature/TheSuitShop.jsp?sidecar=true. shirt/408199.htm-
l?cgid=men-clothing-dress- shirts&webcat=men%2Ftops%2FDress%20
Shirts&dwvar408199_colornam e=1021a%20Pink%2FWhite#start=1&cgid=men-cloth-

Steel Slim Fit Non-Iron Solid Herringbone Dress Shirt.” Calvin Klein,
us/en/mens-clothing/mens-dress-shirts/steel-slim-fit-non- iron-solid-herringbone-dress-
Tracy, Brian. “Determining Your Best Product Mix.” Entrepreneur, 26 Dec. 2004, www.
Adorable Annie Company
Adorable Annie’s is a small boutique-clothing store that specializes in high quality
children’s apparel and accessories. The store is located in a small strip mall in Fairfax,
Virginia. Some of the other stores and shops located in the same strip mall are a GNC, a
small coffee shop, a florist and pizza place. The shop has clothing for infants and children
from newborns through age twelve and carries both casual and special occasion items.
The starting price for a simple hair accessories is $3 and clothing prices average $45 per
article of clothing with special occasion and outerwear costing $105 on average. Adorable
Annie’s is a partnership between two friends, Sally Jefferson and Allison Thompson.

Executive Summary
Adorable Annie’s mission is to provide customers with high quality service, clothing and
accessories since Adorable Annie customers are vital to the core of the business. The
children’s and infant’s clothing store industry will experience steady growth over the next
five years. The annual revenue in the Children’s and infants’ clothing store is $11 billion
dollars and a steady growth of 1.5% for the next 10-15 and currently employs $103,143
people. The global children’s wear mark is estimated to hit a value of US $173.6 billion by
2017. “Fashion trends, current adult wear, and demand for smart infant wear are major
sales determinants.

myleka gantt portfolio
For beautif
beautifuleyes, eyes,
ok for the good look for t
n others; for good in othe
eautiful lips, for beautif
eak only words lips, spea
kindness; and only word
or poise, walk of kindnes
h the knowledge and for po
at you are never walk with
alone. knowledg
that you a
A d o r ab l e A nnie
M E dia P l anning

The Target
connection to and gain a

The Psychographic sense of enjoyment from
Lifestyle: Busy and on the buying clothing for their

Demographic go children that they believe
is both comfortable and
Attitudes/Beliefs: stylish.
Age: 28-45 Believes her children come buying clothing for their
first since she has already children that they believe
Race: White/ Black/Asian – had her career. Places a is both comfortable and
65%/17%/35% huge emphasis on keeping stylish.
her children busy with
Income: 50,000-$150,000 extra-curricular activities or
taking day trips around the
Education: Completed Metropolitan area.
Bachelor’s degree or higher

Family Lifecycle: Married Behavioral
Career: Stay at home Purchasing Habits and
mom/Full-time career Characteristics: Women
within this target audience
Household size: Between typically have the income to
2 and four kids shop for clothing whenever
they chose. They tend to
purchase clothing with
quality in mind, not price
being the key driver to
purchasing goods for their
children. They also tend
to seek out brands that
they feel an emotional
The geographic location where Adorable
Annie is located is in the Northern Vir-
ginia area of Fairfax. Fairfax is an inde-
pendent city in the commonwealth and is
in close proximity to several diverse and
thriving urban cities within the county.
Fairfax is just 16 miles from metropolitan
Washington, D.C. The median household
of Fairfax County is one of the highest in
the nation.

A d o r ab l e A nnie

M edia
Timing of Delivery
1. Increase brand awareness and brand loyalty-
Increasing Adorable Annie’s brand awareness can be Adorable Annie will
done creating more advertising initiatives and effective be utilizing multiple
media kits, first media objective is to reach 75% of our channels to circulate their
target audience a minimum of 3+ times within the first
advertisements, the duration
three weeks of the first print advertising campaign.
of the Adorable Annie will
be 45 days which is a little
longer than 6 weeks. We’ve
chosen to air the multiple
advertisement for a total
2. Increase online and social media presence- the media objective of 45 days because it gives
would be to use the social media accounts and website to the audience enough time
to become familiar with
establish a relationship between the brand and target audience.
the marketing message,
75% of the target audience will be targeted through social recall it later, and then
media and brand awareness at a minimum 5 times a week.
act on the information at
a later time. The reason
we have not chosen to
air the multiple channel
3. Increase Adorable Annie customer retention- advertisements longer than
The last media objective is to reach 80% customers 45 days because we would
at a minimum of 5 times a week through pricing run the risk of the marketing
incentives placed through a combination of tv/ message becoming stale
print/ and radio advertisements. and eventually invisible to
MEdia Plan and
Marketing Mix

02 04
Adorable Annie magazine Television
Since Adorable Annie advertisements will run once Adorable Annie television
will be utilizing multiple a week for 45 days. The advertisements will run a
channels to circulate their magazine advertisements total of 45 days and will
advertisements, the duration will be vertical half paged or run majority of the times
of the Adorable Annie will 1/3 page. between 6 pm to 11 pm.
be 45 days which is a little During the time slot of 6pm
longer than 6 weeks. We’ve to 11pm, the Adorable Annie
chosen to air the multiple ads will run a total of 4 times
advertisement for a total
of 45 days because it gives
the audience enough time
to become familiar with
the marketing message,
recall it later, and then
act on the information at
a later time. The reason 03
we have not chosen to
air the multiple channel
advertisements longer than Radio AdRoll marketing platform
45 days because we would Although morning drives will allow Adorable Annie
run the risk of the marketing and afternoon drives are to use their own website
message becoming stale the most expensive. We will data on consumer behavior
and eventually invisible to run Adorable Annie radio to create personalized ad
customers. advertisements three times campaigns. AdRoll will be
The multiple channels that in the morning (5 a.m. to 10 primarily used for target
we will be utilizing will be a.m.) and three times in the audience retargeting. AdRoll
newspaper, magazine, radio, afternoon (3p.m. to 7p.m.) will end up bringing back
and television. Advertisements will also be Adorable Annie potential
placed at twice in the evening customers back to the site
and twice on the weekends. so that they can finally make
These radio advertisements a purchase. Past Adorable
will run for 45 days. Annie site visitors will see
ads specifically selected for
their interests when they
navigate to their favorite
01 blog, news site, or social
network on desktop and
mobile. AdRoll is priced on
Newspaper performance, for instance,
for 10k visitors there is no
1/4 color newspaper minimum charge. For 10-25k
advertisements will run twice visitors the price is $1000,
a week on Monday and Friday for 25-50k visitors the price
for 45 days. . is $1875, 50-100k visitors
the price is $3750, for 100-
200k visitors the price if
$7500, and for more than
200 K visitors advertisers
need to speak with an AdRoll
rep for a custom proposal.

w C h a r t F o r
Fl o n n i e
A d o r a b l e A
MEdia Plan

Sample Media Plan
Print Media (Magazine and Newspaper)
Publication Fairfax County Times
Issue Dates July 15- August 25
Ad Size 1/2 P Vertical 5.41" X 19.5"
Cost per Ad $5,486
Total Cost for Publication $6,300
Publication Fairfax Womens Magazine
Issue Dates July 15- August 25
Ad Size 1/2 Page
Cost per Ad $1,500
Total Cost for Publication $5,000
Publication Posh Sevens
Issue Dates July 15- August 25
Ad Size Full page 8.50" x 11.125"
Cost per Ad $2,000
Total Cost for Publication $12,000
Publication Washington Post
Issue Dates July 15- August 25
Ad Size 1/2 page 6 issues
Cost per Ad $3,148.33
Total Cost for Publication $18,890
The Northern Virginia
Publication Magazine
Issue Dates July 15- August 25
Ad Size Full page 8.50" x 11.125"
Cost per Ad $2,000
Total Cost for Publication $12,000


w C h a r t F o r
Fl o n n i e
Ado r a b l e A
MEdia Plan

Station HOT99.5
Local/National/Satellite Local
Ad length 30 second
Cost per Ad $396
Daypart 8:30 am-6 pm
Run dates July 15- August 25
Total numer of ads 8
Total cost for station $3,168
Station WPGC
Local/National/Satellite Local
Ad length 30 sec
Cost per Ad $450
Daypart 6 am-6pm
Run dates July 15- August 25
Total numer of ads 10
Total cost for station $4,500

w C h a r t F o r
Fl o n n i e
Ado r a b l e A
MEdia Plan

Station WRC-TV NBC
Local/National/Cable Local
Ad length 30 second
Cost per Ad $3,150
Daypart 5:30 pm-11pm
Run dates July 15- August 25
Total numer of ads 12
Total cost for station $37,800
Station WTTG FOX
Local/National/Cable Local
Ad length 60 sec
Cost per Ad $6,300
Daypart 5:30 pm-11 pm
Run dates July 15- August 25
Total numer of ads 20
Total cost for station $126,000


w C h a r t F o r
Fl o n n i e
Ado r a b l e A
Social Media Facebook Ad
Run dates July 15- August 25
Cost per click/ad $25
Facebook will be the Ad size 200 X 189
social media platform Total cost for site $10,000
that Adorable Annie will
utilize. Facebook allows TOTAL COST SOCIAL MEDIA $10,000
customers to constantly
stay connected to Adorable Website Google AdWords
Annie. The primary reason Run dates July 15- August 25
Cost per click/ad $50
that Adorable Annie
Ad size 250x300
will utilize Facebook for
Total cost for site $200,000
advertisement because Website AdRoll
of their partnership Run dates July 15- August 25
with AdRoll and Adroll Cost per click/ad 10k-25k visitors $1000
retargeting. Across the web, Ad size 250 X 239
AdRoll would allow for 98% Total cost for site $6,000
customer reach with their
ads places across mobile TOTAL COST ONLINE MEDIA $206,000
inventory on Google, Yahoo,
other networks. Adorable
Annie customers likely are
constantly connected to
social media accounts such
as Facebook so AdRoll will
make customers easily Outdoor Adorable Annie Advertisement Billboard
accessible through their Run dates July 15- January 25
mobile devices. Cost per click/ad 3,000 per (5)
billboard x
1.131 million
Ad size 14’ by 48’ feet
Total cost for site $$15,000


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