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(b)(6); (b)(7)


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January 12, 2016


Isabela, Puerto Rico CBP Air and Marine Operations and Border Patrol Agents seize
kilos cocaine from 22 foot vessel abandoned at the shore on Montones beach. Location was
near the Villas del Mar Hatt hotel


1. Rankin Country - Rankin County Sheriffs Drug Interdiction Task Force conducted a traffic
stop on Interstate 20 and seize I Lira: a nictil ruld Iiicrs or li q uid nictil. Courier:
(b)(6);(b)(7)(C) of Midland, Texas

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Mexico monitor& (b)(6); (b)(7) flU (b)(6); ("7)(C) 'kit to El Chapo
Attorney General ("6"'"m MI that investigators had been assisted in locating Guzman by
surveillance and contacts between El Chapo and -actots and producers, allowing the
government to chart a network of locations and contacts of El Chapo. which aided in his
capture. MX government published photographs of actres (b)(6);(b)(7)(C) who brouGh (b)(6),
(b)(6);(b)(7)(C) Fogether, who was going to be the producer of Chapo's film. The
government has been (b)(6);(b)(7)(C);(b)(7)(E)
(b)(6);(b)(7)( with Chapo.


(b) 6);(b)(7)



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(b)(7) (b)(6);
(7)(C) (b)(7)(C)

(b)(6); (b)(7) (C)


(b)(6);(b)(7 made contact with 'El Chapo' Guzman family' through a visit to Margarita Islai d in
Venezuela, where he met with one of El Chapo's children. The meeting included protection by
(b)(6);(b)(7)(C) who is part of the (b)(7)(E)
(b)(7)(E) This meeting \i'LS the first betweei (b)(6);(b)(7 and El Chapo's Family
leading up t (b)(6);( personal meeting with El Chapo Guzman.

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(b)(6); (b)(7) n su visita a Venezuela

1 en lirmed that it Hs hcri filff process to struditc Joaquin - h] Ch[ipo- Citulthill to
the United States, but it could be a year or more before the recaptured drug kingpin is
handed to the US justice system.Mexico's Attorney General's Office announced on January
10 that it had launched formal extradition proceedings. In a statement on its website. the
PGR said that two Interpol agents had served Guzman with two warrants in prison. But
Mexican officials said Guzman's ability to challenge his extradition could mean the entire
process could take at least a year. The PGR also published an infographic detailing the
process, which was initiated with two official requests from the US on June 16 and August
31, 2015, the first coming just before Guzman escaped from the maximum-security
Altiplano jail in July 2015. l'he process k nap at (b)(7)( in the infographic. with Guzman
granted three days (beginning January 10) to -pose exceptions" to the extradition requests
and 20 further days to prove them.

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