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Subject: English Year 4

Class: 4A (1120-1220)
Date: 23 August 2017
Theme: World of story
Topic: Unit 13: Our Country, Our Pride
Focus: Reading
Learning standards: 2.2.2(b)
Learning objectives: By the end of the lesson, all students will be able to:
- Read and understand meanings of vocabulary.
- Identify 4/4 answers for the questions given based on the conversation between Kai Lun and grandma.
Teaching aids: Laptop, LCD projector, speaker, slides, worksheets, wig
Stage: Contents Teaching and learning activity Remarks
Set induction: 1. Students will listen to the song played by the teacher. Teaching aids: laptop,
(3 minutes) 2. Teacher will pick one of the students to say out the name of the song. speaker
3. Teacher relates the activity to the topic.
Presentation Announce, 1. Students read the conversation between grandma and Kai Lun. Teaching aids: wig,
(15 minutes) attend, 2. Teacher will pick two students to act it out. power point slides
independent, 3. Students are required to answer simple questions given by teacher.
celebrate, proud, 4. The meanings of phrases are shown in the power point through
sign, loyal, pictures or words.
Practice Announce, 1. Students are organized into groups and formulate questions among Teaching aids:
(15 minutes) attend, themselves with the ‘WH-’ question assigned. worksheets, power point
independent, 2. Inter-group activity of asking and answering questions. slides
celebrate, proud, 3. Students are given worksheet with words and meaning of the words.
sign, loyal, 4. In groups of three, they are required to match the meaning of the words
wave in the worksheet.
5. Students discuss the meaning of words with teacher.
Production Answer the 1. In groups of three, students will discuss the answers given in the Teaching aids: A4 papers
(15 minutes) questions textbook.
(pg.105) 2. The chosen student will have to represent their group to answer the
3. Teacher will then discuss the answers with the students.
Teaching and Worksheets 1. Students are given worksheets; blank-filling exercises with the words Teaching aids:
learning evaluation learnt and questions in the textbook. worksheets
(10 minutes) 2. Students discuss the answer with the teacher.

Closure Meanings of 1. Meanings of words are reinforced in the students using power point Moral value: We must be

value 2. moral and mini whiteboard. loyal Malaysian. Students tell the moral value of the lesson. 3. Reflection: . They are required to write the answer in the mini whiteboard given.(2 minutes) words.