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Attacks, Arrests, and

Harassments against
the Sahrawi

News Network Activists ,October 2017

Five assaults against Sahrawi journalists In less than a month
After a recent increase in the systematic targeting of Sahrawi journalists
in the occupied zones, five cases of attacks have been recorded on
Sahrawi journalists in less than a month
Network News activists spotted several violations and abuses committed
against journalists from media groups in Western Sahara
September 21, 2017 in Boujdour, journalist Aisha Babit, a member of the
website Intifadamay, fell victim to hits and insults, as she was violently
prevented from documenting a peaceful demonstration demanding the
release of Saharawi political detainees and self-determination in
Western Sahara. Following the episode, she was taken to the hospital,
she was further exposed to harassment and prevented from
documenting demonstrations

Aisha Babit document demonstrations will appeal tribunal during the trial of
sahrawi political prisoners of gdeim izik in Rabat
On the same day, September 21, 2017, Equipe Media member, Bashar
Azafati, was similarly prevented from documenting abuses committed
by Moroccan forces in the main Avenue of Laayoune /Western Sahara.
The Moroccan officers arrested and brutalized Bashar, and took his
camera by force with punching and slapping

Bashar documents a demonstration

confiscation of Bashar phone
The Sahrawi journalist EL Ouali Lahmad, a member of "Red de
Activistas", was documenting a peaceful protest when he was
attacked by the Moroccan plain-clothes police and was
violently and unjustly forced to leave

EL Ouali Lahmad a member of Red de Activistas

October 10, 2017 in Rabat, Salha Boutengiza, who is a member of TV
Sahraoui "RASD TV", suffered a violent attack outside of the Moroccan
prison administration offices, when a group of Sahrawi citizens and
families of Sahrawi political detainees of Gdeim izik were
demonstrating. The Moroccan forces attacked her because of her
media work, taking place in the heart of the Moroccan Capital, Rabat.
After the incident she was transferred to the hospital in a serious

Salha Boutengiza a member of TV Sahraoui "RASD TV

12, 2017 the Sahrawi journalist ALLA Haddi was arrested during a
peaceful demonstration organized by Sahrawi citizens on the occasion
of the national day of Tente. He was kidnapped in a 110 Androver
without any arrest warrant or legal justification. In the police car he was
exposed insults, hitswith a wooden stick, and punches. He was taken to
the police station where he was questioned, threatened, and where his
camera was confiscated

ALLA Haddi documents demonstration

Saharawi journalist prohibited from continuing his studies

Bashir Eddekly is 20 years old, a journalist, a former political prisoner,

and now also a former student. After having studied experimental
science for a year at Ibn Battuta High School , he was forced to quit
because of his political activities
Bashir was active in the students movement in occupied Laayoune, and
the expulsion comes only a short while after he was arrested and
detained for 4 months.
It is very likely that the Moroccan intelligence service forced the
administration of the institution to expel him and thereby prevent him
from completing his education.
After inquiring about the causes of his expulsion, the School Board
treated Bashir Eddekhly with indifference and deaf ears.
This decision of the school is considered a violation of international
charters and Moroccan law, which guarantees everyone the right to
These systematic and repeated cases of abuse clearly show that the
Moroccan States commitment and obligation to adhere to International
Covenants on issues such as freedom of the press and freedom of
expression remain nothing but words and ink on a paper. This is obvious
from the harassment and unlawful arrests of journalists in the Western
Sahara. These cases show the severe situation of Western Sahara, as a
trapped region banned from foreign media, international observers, and
organizations that support and defend human rights.

Red de activistas /