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EX bref thousad years since Mankiod-tetorcd 18 the stat 26 elim tha which was lost inthe cteysoic wae fat the Age of Strife Led by the Immortal God-Empetor and bis sacred Prigaccs ten millemia ago, Natkind rove ir the neo fbr ae a ack the chet athe Ieper times of the Get Grund A ey age wooed the Age of the Tnpesiun The glncting achicements of the Datk Age of Technology hive been all bt la obscuied by vecouted centuries of superstition sd fe, The worlds of Mao are scattered scour the gly, with vast gulf of wilderness space spurting ose Aron enther. Bat thes ‘Age of the Imperium bis cat the Emperors Divine Light actos + lion worlds It fas eshblished an foe togine aly, maintined through flesh and blood. endless toll: monbmestal ssfice apd vrihinkng lolly to disust Terre Man bis lreed vo embeace war 1s fas teligio, lls tke op arm gains alexy of Coca Grst ship sil the void thet goss chrged'10 in deth upon the eigmics ob the God Emer Sill i of enough to guard the fragile worlds of Min from cruclind acing vives Sill is st enough to guard psig she danumbered horrors which sk ypon frgoten ‘worlds, the alien vices wich prey upon the Scattered outposts of umesity aod the hecics who dare to defy the Exper will ‘And even these dige thes ple before the ancient and impltsbe fared of the tors who'took wp een aia the Emperor in the taclist days of the Imperium Traitors who gave ther worship to the auth and terble gods which wll inthe Rell of Chios. Traitors who woutded the immoral Emperor soto desth and freed hin 0 séck solite upos the Galden Throne from where he rules still, his tsence maintained only by the scrifie of spplicants rom scons his vant real. By the EmpeotS sopren® sacrifice thee ‘isons of evil were deleted and: driven forth tors the sight of Manso jin with her foul the outer atk Ten, thowsind ‘years has not led thet this fot. vengeance and thee plots to bring tin poe Mankind até pared with uadimined malice, “This the Age of the Impeiam, A. sme of wae and cxmige among the star, of gen fees ind mighty srmicn yelfles heise and ackestiafy you dite enter these dik times tdob Game Design and Development Andy Chambers, ‘Gavin Thorpe, Jefvis Johnson Box Artwork Rulebook Cover Artwork John Blanche Richard Wright Tinternal art John Bianchi, Alek Boyd; Wayne Eriglnd, Des Hanley. Neil Hodgson, Nuala Kennedy, Paul Smith, Joon Wigley. Miniatures Designers Model Makers. Graphic Design Tim Adcock & Dave Andrews OWweN|Bianham, Mark\Jones, Chris Smart. Wayne England & Talima Fox A Miniatures Painters ), (Dave Thomas, Matt Patkes*Keith Robertson, Maitin Foot, Stuait Thomas, Richard Baker, Ne ‘Thanks to Pete Haines, Gary ‘Slim’ Parsons, Rober Gerrish, Jes Goodwin, Riek Priastey, John Carer, ‘1 (Che Webster, Richard Hodgekinson & everyone wi CONTENTS RODUCTION ‘SQUADRONS: ‘THE GALAXY OF > usu wo Sea aia THENIST MILLENNIUM |. 85 ADEs Sarre oh 4. SHIPS OF THE GOTHIC SECTOR tn3 Frc owino, Tne ston Yor ric ncn ‘THE.TURN FHORTING lv LOW Os AAaDDRS WARP - spent THE ART-OF SHIP BUILDING .'49 yinuy consis avast comic | THE MOVEMENT PHASE 5