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Outdoor Fire Siren
Technical Data

Power supply 20...28v
Standby current consumption 1oInA
Charging current consumption max. l00mA
Current load during work Supply by Battery
Back-up battery 12Vl 4Ah or 7 Ah
Sound Mode (vary) 900...2400H2
Sound pressure 118 dB
Prcduct B type (Outdoor)
Protection level IP 33C
Wires 0,22. . .l,5mm2
Weight (withoul battery) 3Kg
Sizes 295X200X100mm
Opemting temperatue -40...+85.C
Max humidity 95% RH
SelfTest Battery, Lamp, Hom

The PS'128F fire siren device are designed for application in the fire alarm systems.
Way of example it could be connected to fre loop four,-tbree, -two wires or deenergized starting
In case offour wires mode used the siren able to trouble event send to the hre control panel, such that
end of.esistance oftbe loop is inlerupted. So the fire cofltrol paDel indicated the signal Ioop fault.
The siren is provided sound and lights, while the siren given signal tdgger from fire control pan€l.

The device ofpackage contents a paper template. So we can mounted the siren on the flat wall easier.
With this template paper could be made a mark on the wall for wire, bolt and wall-plug. Please
removed the siren of cover and mounted it on the wall by fow scre\'r's.

Before setting ofjumpers must be power offat the device.
;,Tamper': If necessjty, plac€ ofjumper can be connected the tamper switcher: without tamper
switcher l ve it on.
,,Relay"i Felhelyez6sivel a a lez{rrst megszakft6 reid iktathat6 ki (hibajelentds tiliisa).
,,1": Ielhelyezdsdvel a tApelvdteles inditds tilthat6, elt ivoliLisaval enged€lyezhet6.
..2''...J*: \ol used (reserved).

Connectin Modes:
1. mode: Two wires nol-supervised 2.modeitr our wires non-supervised starting
(deenergized) starting mode: mode:
lfyou removed the,,l"jumper it can be Better than the first version, that power outage
enable the deenergized starting mode. ln cas€ u ill nor sran. It is advantageous if lhe siren is
of enoDght two wircs. The Siren ofDC + not the last member of the loop. The
(+24V) and DC - (GND) points, connected by disadvantage is that the control panel does not
relay to the Aux+ and Au-\- ofthe fire svstem. detect erors lhen declared.
Fire system
PS.t28F PS-128f


DC 24V Sounder rrq![. check up the siren. Then. or distributor of following fire alarm system.-. In any case. mode: Threel wires starting mode: mode: The s en oftwo wires power supply required In case of failue ofthe fire alrrm control panel and for the sarting signaljust one wire requird. rcfer to the document.3. it may indicate a fault until the battery reaches the proper levpi. is working. Ifthe baitery is new or has been discharged. and tum on th€ fire control paneltoo. . hom loop. Fire systcm ls{28F Start up. as shown below. the outgoing wire to the R + and R-terminals connected polarity. ifnecessary. Installation: lfyou sure the wbing is correc! reconnect the battery negative t€rminal ofthe biack wire to the positive pole ofthe red.-. appears on the siren circuit fault is indicated by The tdgger signal can be connected in two the siren briefly intenupied by the closure. alam of satiing in is about 0V when the siren make sure the compatibility before installation. so that The dlird version connection is not working 0V voltage given for siren DC in. for the fire properly in all fire alann system.--r5onnF] | (r l. The loop of siren circuit Ifa PS-128F is not the last ofthe siren circuit. If the eror persists even after two days. contact your dealer. it must be connected to the check with the manufactue. unscrew the two screws on the cover. depending on the polarity. ways.--r I R Of Elrd lDrl LILI ATTENTION !!! Ifthe trigger signal polarityis negative. tum on the power supply (24V). If everything works. it must be connect€d to the following PS-128F PS-128t H ru llom"}=-. mode Fourwires supervised starting 4. which is detect€d through the center ofthe If the trigger signal polarity is positive(Start+). so positive voltage gjven for siren DC in.