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Biochemistry in 1894.

Health, the one desirable condition of life, is the human organism in normal condition.
Biochemistry, or biochemic treatment of disease, opens up a new phase of medical science. The
treatment of disease with the inorganic cell-salts is so rational, so in accordance with well-known
principles of natural law, that its basic principles need only be presented to the intellect to be understood
and adopted.
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All diseases that are curable, are cured in a natural matter through the circulation; the constituent
parts of the human organism that are carried by the blood-vessels and transude through the walls of the
veins and capillaries into the surrounding tissue, restores normal conditions when the blood contains
the proper amount of its inorganic salts, water, sodium, ferrum, potassium, calcium, silica and
When a deficiency of one or more of the constituent parts the blood occurs, a disturbance arises in
some part of the organism and a symptom (pain, fever, spasm or some cry of distress) is set up, in order
that the intellect may heed and supply the want; or it may be that while the blood contains roper
balance of the vital principles a disturbance may arise because, of a condensed condition of a group of
cells, tissue, muscles or nerves, the salt solution of the blood fails to enter and feed. In either case, a fine
dilution of the salt indicated by the symptoms is needed, either to supply the lack of it in the blood, or
to restore the normal condition of the part affected. It will be observed that there is nothing
miraculous about this processit is simply a natural law; and in no other way can a normal condition
be restored in disease.
No improvement can be made on the human organism in this respect. The constituent parts of our
bodies, placed there by the Creator, keep all in perfect harmony, when rightly understood; and harmony
cannot be restored by an attempt to improve on Gods plan, by introducing a poison into the system.
The symptom may be changed to one that manifests itself in a different manner, but the patient is not

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body is made up of cells. Different kinds of cells build up the different tissues and
organs of the body. The difference in the cells is largely determined by the kind of inorganic salts which
enter into their composition. If we burn the body, or any tissue of it, we obtain the ashes. These are the
inorganic constituents of the body, the salts of iron, magnesia, lime, etc., which build up the tissues.
They are the tissue-builders, therefore, and both the structure and vitality of the body depend
upon their proper quantity and distribution in every cell.
The biochemic remedies are these inorganic cell-salts, prepared by trituration, according to the
homoeopathic method, and thereby rendered fine enough to be absorbed by the delicate cells wherever
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There are twelve tissue remediesthe twelve inorganic salts found in the ashes of the bodyall
essential to the proper growth and development of every part of the body. They are the,

of Lime, Calcarea phosphoric.

Phosphates of Iron, Ferrum phosphoricum.
of Potash, Kali phosphoricum.
of Magnesia, magnesia phosphoricum.
Chlorides of Potash, Kali muriaticum.
of Soda, Natrum muriaticum.
of Lime, Calcarea sulphurica.
Sulphates of Soda, Natrum sulphurica.
of Potash, Kali sulphuricum.
Fluoride of Lime, Calcarea fluorica.
Pure Silica Silicea.

Of these, those entering into the formation of Nerve Cells, and hence useful as remedies in
diseases of the nervous system, are Magnesia phos., Kali phos., etc.
Of Muscle CellsThe same and kali mur.
Of Bone CellsCalcarea, Silicea, etc., etc., etc.
This method of treating all forms of disease has been eminently successful, and can be
confidently recommended to all who are in need of medical treatment.
The following indications for the use of these remarkable remedies can be relied upon, and
have been verified by hundreds of physicians in all parts of the country.
In order to achieve the striking results recorded, it is essential to procure these remedies
prepared strictly according to the biochemical method.

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The great advantages and simplification of medicaments by the new treatment with biochemic remedies,
their safety and certainty, may be shown by a few examples; and their relative position to such remedies
as are used in homoeopathic and allopathic treatment.
The great desideratum in medicine is certainly as to the right remedy. The more drugs to choose from,
the more uncertain the success.

(See examples of comparison between treatments)

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