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Monty Pythons SPAMALOT

Book & Lyrics by Eric Idle, Music by John Du Prez


Audition Brief

Presented by Arcadians Theatre Group

Director Juran Jones
Musical Director Lisa Baraldi
Choreographer Troy Lester
Producers Melissa Jones & Louise Tonge

Information Sessions Tuesday 14th & Thursday 16th October @ 7:30pm

Auditions Thursday 30th October 7:00pm 10:30pm
Saturday 1st November 10:00am 6:00pm

Rehearsals Tuesday and Thursday evenings 7:00pm 10:00pm

Sunday 15th February, Sunday 22nd February, Sunday 1 March, Sunday 8th
A detailed rehearsal schedule will be supplied at first rehearsal. Which will
include all rehearsals, tech rehearsals and dress rehearsals
First Rehearsal Thursday 6th November 7:00pm 10:00pm

Production Week 7 March till 12 March 2015

Opening Night 13 March 2015
Closing Night 28 March 2015
Performance Times Fridays 8:00pm, Saturdays 2:00pm & 8:00pm, Sunday 2:00pm

Venue The Miners Lamp Theatre

141 Princes Hwy Corrimal

Act I
The Overture opens the show, before the Historian comes on stage to set the scene. His story is of a man
with a great vision who gathered knights together in a Holy Quest (Historians Introduction to Act I). The
man is Arthur, King of the Britons, from the great land of England. After a quick correction in geography
(Finland/Fisch Schlapping Dance), the show can finally begin!
It is 932 A.D. in England, and King Arthur, joined by his servant Patsy, is riding through the land trying to
find men to join his Round Table. Arthur is frustrated by several failed recruitment attempts, including one
with an awfully resilient Black Knight, but his luck might not stay bad for long. In a near village, Sir Robin
the Not- Quite-So-Brave-as-Sir-Lancelot and Sir Lancelot the Brave decide to enlist in the army, because
unlike some other villagers, they are not yet dead (Monks Chant/Hes Not Yet Dead). Meanwhile, Arthur
continues to look for able-bodied men, and soon finds Dennis Galahad and his mother, both of whom are
politically active peasants that doubt Arthur is really a king. However, the Lady of the Lake, who is a
temperamental diva and years earlier pronounced Arthur King of the Britons, is called upon to convince the
doubting Dennis (Come With Me), and her Laker Girls provide a cheer to everyones delight (Laker Girls
Cheer). After things have quieted down, the Lady of the Lake and Sir Galahad share an appropriately timed
heart-felt moment (The Song That Goes Like This).
And so, King Arthur is finally joined by Sir Bedevere the Strangely Flatulent, Sir Lancelot the Brave, Sir
Dennis Galahad the Dashingly Handsome, previously just Dennis Galahad, Sir Robin the Not-Quite-So-
Brave-As-Sir-Lancelot, and the aptly named Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Show (All For One). It is not long
before they receive a quest from God himself to go in search of the Holy Grail, and they eventually make
their way to the Las Vegas-like town of Camelot (Knights of the Round Table). There the Lady of the Lake
encourages Arthur not to lose his way (Find Your Grail), and the Knights set once again on their quest. Now
at their destination, the Knights are scared away by a gang of taunting French sentries (Run Away!).

Act II
After their defeat, at the castle, King Arthur is utterly disheartened, and having fled from the Frenchmen's
taunting, the Knights find themselves scattered about in a dark and very expensive forest (Historians
Introduction to Act II). King Arthur and Patsy stumble upon the most feared group in all the land, the
Knights who say Ni. Though things seem rough, Patsy convinces Arthur all is not lost (Always Look On
The Bright Side of Life). Robin and his Minstrels are also making their way through the forest (Brave Sir
Robin), and soon join back with King Arthur. As a payment for passing the bridge they guard, the Knights
who say "Ni" demand, as their second sacrifice, not another shrubbery but a Broadway musical from King
Arthur and his Knights (You Wont Succeed On Broadway).
Elsewhere, the Lady of the Lake wonders why she has been left out of the quest (The Divas Lament
(Whatever Happened To My Part)), while Prince Herbert, the son of the King of Swamp Castle, waits in his
tower for his rescuer to come (Where Are You?). Thankfully, luck is on Prince Herberts side, because Sir
Lancelot arrives to save him from the clutches of his father who evidently hates music (His Name Is
Lancelot). Unable to complete his journey, King Arthur is thoroughly upset (Im All Alone), until the Lady of
the Lake arrives to give him her final words of encouragement (Twice In Every Show). And he is able to go
Before their journey is complete the Knights of the Round Table encounter a pyromaniac Enchanter called
"Tim", and then must defeat the Killer Rabbit of Antioch with a new type of weapon for which they receive
thorough operating instructions from Brother Maynard and the Monks. The Knights overcome these
obstacles and by the end are celebrating with a Broadway wedding (Act II Finale).

The King of England who sets out on a quest to form the Knights of the Round Table and find the Holy
Grail. Great humour. Good singer.

Age 30 60ish
Vocal Baritone (Low G2 High F4)
Dialect English - royal
Dance Minimal but must be a good mover.
Audition Singing: Im All Alone, King Arthurs Song
Reading: I-5 I-6, I-16, II-32 (leading into song)
Dance: 1


A Diva. Strong, beautiful, possesses mystical powers. Think Liza Minnelli on a bag full of speed. Powerful
singing voice essential as she must be able to sing effortlessly in many style and vocal registers. Must have
top-notch comic timing and improvisational skills.

Age 20 40
Vocal Alto with large range (Low E3 High B6). Must be able to belt.
Dialect English / Diva
Dance Minimal must be able to move well with diva movements
Audition Singing: Whatever happened to my part, Scat in Round Table, Find Your Grail
Reading: II-35 II-37
Dance: 1

A knight of the Round Table. Ironically called Sir Robin the Brave, though he couldnt be more cowardly.
Joins the Knights for the singing and dancing.
ALSO PLAYS: BROTHER MAYNARD a long-winded monk.

Age 30 40
Vocal Tenor/Baritone (Low D3 High G4)
Dialect English - posh
Dance Strong
Audition Singing: You wont succeed on Broadway
Reading: I-5 I-7, II-13 II-14 (leading into song). MAYNARD: II-41
Dance: 1

A Knight of the Round Table. He is fearless to a bloody fault but through a twist of fate, does discover his
softer side. This actor MUST be great with character voices and accents.
ALSO PLAYS: THE FRENCH TAUNTER an arrogant, condescending, over-the-top Frenchman, KNIGHT
OF NI an absurd, cartoonish leader of a peculiar group of Knights, and TIM THE ENCHANTER a ghostly
being with a Scottish accent.

Age 30 40
Vocal Tenor/Baritone (Low C3 High E4)
Dialect English / French accent / High pitched voice / Scottish accent
Dance Some dance ability
Audition Singing: Always look on the bright side of life, TAUNTER Run Away
Reading: I-9 I-11, II-18 II-19. TAUNTER: I-43 1-44. NI: II-2 II-3. TIM: II-38
Dance: 1
King Arthurs horse and servant. Underappreciated but always longing for King Arthurs approval. Good,
funny, physical mover with some tap dancing.

Age 30 40
Vocal Tenor/Baritone (Low Bb3 High G5)
Dialect English slightly cockney
Dance Strong must be able to or willing to tap
Audition Singing: Always look on the bright side of life
Reading: II-4, II-35 II-36
Dance: 1

A Knight of the Round Table. Begins as Dennis, a lower class mud gatherer who becomes Knighted and
transforms into the dashing Sir Galahad. Strong bari-tenor required.
ALSO PLAYS: PRINCE HERBERTS FATHER a wealthy, brutish Yorkshireman at odds with his sensitive
son, THE BLACK KNIGHT who is always ready to duel despite multiple injuries

Age 20 30
Vocal Bari-Tenor (Low Bb3 High Bb5). Very strong vocal.
Dialect English, becomes very posh once knighted / Yorkshire accent.
Dance Minimal must be able to move well
Audition Singing: Song that goes like this
Reading: I-16. BLACK KNIGHT: II-18 II-9. FATHER: II-21 II-22
Dance: 1

A Knight of the Round Table. An inept scholar. No solo singing.
ALSO PLAYS: DENIS GALAHADS MOTHER a shrill peasant woman, CONCORDE Sir Lancelots horse.

Age 20 30
Vocal Baritone (Low D3 High G4)
Dialect English Must be able to do a Terry Jones high pitched voice for Mother
Dance Minimal must be able to move well
Audition Singing: Always look on the bright side of life
Reading: MOTHER: I-17. CONCORDE: II-18
Dance: 1


The Lady of the Lakes posse. Featured throughout the show. Must be strong dancers and vocals. 6 roles
available. Other smaller roles as per script.

Age Varied
Vocal Varied However strong vocal ability a must
Dialect N/A
Dance Strong dance ability required.
Audition Reading: N/A
Singing: Find your Grail
Dance: 2 Showgirl

MAYOR A jolly red-faced man who advertises the merits of his hometown and the drunks. CARTER and
Audition Reading: N/A
Singing: Fisch Slapping Song, Always look on the bright side of life
Dance: 1

HISTORIAN A tweedy academic (the Narrator). GUARD 2
Audition Reading: NARRATOR: I-1
Singing: Always look on the bright side of life
Dance: 1

NOT DEAD FRED A sickly little fellow who, despite others beliefs, claims he is not yet dead who then
becomes Sir Robins MINSTREL
Audition Reading: MAN: I-9 I-12
Singing: Not Yet Dead, Brave Sir Robin
Dance: 1

Audition Reading: GUARD 1: II-21 II-22
Singing: Always look on the bright side of life
Dance: 1

PRINCE HERBERT The hopeful and frilly prince who love to sing and pines for his love atop a tower.
Audition Reading: HERBERT: II-21 II-22
Singing: His Name is Lancelot, Where Are You?
Dance: 1

Audition Reading: N/A
Singing: Always look at the bright side of life
Dance: 1

The above are a few of the minor roles. Other roles include FRENCH GUARDS, FRENCH PEOPLE,
YMCA DANCERS etc as per script. Some male ensemble must be able to or willing to tap dance.

(The production team reserve the right to alter the above Ensemble roles as per auditionees)




Yes. But please be aware that due to time constraints we may need to cut short a song or reading (once
we have heard and read what is needed we will move onto the next character). Please list all roles you wish
to audition for on the audition form supplied at auditions. You will only be considered for roles you have


To book an audition slot, go to and click on the relevant Spamalot links and follow
the instructions.

If auditions do fill up, we will organise another audition session and advertise this.


You will be required to read and sing the appropriate audition material supplied. Please come prepared for
this and familiarise yourself with the material. You can download the cast recording from itunes and there is
also plenty of youtube videos.

Please see the audition as a performance so act it, sing it, fisch slap it

Please arrive at least 10 mins before your slot.

You will also be required to rehearse the choreography shown at the info sessions and perform this at your

Most importantly have fun, relax and enjoy yourself.

Auditions will be attended by the Director, Musical Director, Choreographer, Producers and a member of
the Arcadians committee.


Go to and click on the relevant Spamalot links. This will be a dropbox and each
character will have an allocated folder with material.


If callbacks are required this will happen Sunday 2nd November venue and time will be advised to people


Cast will be notified and cast list will be available online either Monday 3rd or Tuesday 4th November.

Once cast you will be required to become a financial member of the Arcadians Theatre Group.