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All About aging.

Physiological in normal human will experience decrease in function when they reach
certain age which is known as aging. Aging begin since we are born from the mother womb and
is not a disease. Aging are influence by genetic, physiology and environment. There are two
type of physiology which is homeostasis and homeostenosis. Homeostasis is a dynamic balance
in processes while homeostenosis is decreased in homeostatic balance in aging people which
make the cell prone to stressor.

There are 2 categories of a man aging theoris which are programmed theory and error
theory. Programmed theory has biological timetable or internal clock whereas error theory is a
result from the internal or external assault that damage the cells or organ so that they are no
longer functioning well. A human have chronology age and biological age. Chronology age is
the age which is counting from they are born while biological age is the age based on their
organ state.

In aging people, gastric emptying are slowdown due to autonomic nerve disorder. The
parasymphatatic nerveous that accelerates the movement of stomach does not function like a
young age anymore. The hormone cholecystokinin (CCK) also reported increases in elderly,
causing movement of gastric emptying becomes inhibited . CCK is a hormone produced by the
duodenum which aims to digest food in the small intestine before advert of the food from the
stomach. CCK is 5 times higher than in yonger age.

Some molecule in the central nervous system is thought to play a role in the aging
process include neurotrophic factor, neurotransmitters, cytokines and steroids. The
neurotrophic factor maintain a specific population of neurons of the brain in the process of
aging and neurodegenerative disease. Neurotransmitter such as glutamate, acethylcolin and
dopamine also plays role in regulating the process of aging and neurodegerative disorder.
Steroids (estrogen and testosterone) and glucocorticoids which have important role in the
structure and function of the brain and also altered by the aging process.

Vulnerability of airway usually occurs in old age and is associated with an increased risk
of respiratory disorders and decreased in lung function. The old lung ( senile ) is characterized
by a homogeneous and excessive widening of the air spaces . Connective tissue changes to be
decrease in lung elastic recoil pressure thus reducing respiratory function . Elastic recoil is an
important factor that reduces the reduction in airway caliber when bronchoconstriction