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19-23 BAISAKH 2070

Venue: Nepal Administrative Staff College, Jawlakhel, Lalitpur

Day/Date 10:00-11:30 11:30 -13:00 13.00-14.00 14.00-15.30 15.30-17.00

19 Session 1: Session 2: LUNCH Session 3: Session 4:
Baisakh Registration, Public Procurement Act & BREAK Procurement of Works: Procurement of Works:
2070 Inauguration, Rules and Institutional Preparation of Bid, Notice, Bid Examination and
Expectation of the Arrangements, ITB, Bid Data, COC, Bid Evaluation,
Thursday participants, Objectives Procurement Cycle, Types Contract Data, Bidders Award of contract,
of the training of Contracts, Methods of Eligibility, Qualifying Commencement,
Procurement , Criteria and Pre and Post Possession of site,
Procurement Master Plan Qualification Work plan schedule
Procurement Plan Addendum to bid
document, Bid Submission,
(SKS) Bid modification/
Withdrawal, Bid Opening (MRG)
20 Session 5: Session 6: Session 7: Session 8:
Baisakh Procurement of Goods Extension of Time, Liquidated Price Adjustment / Rate Practical Session on
2070 Damages, Termination of Revision and its Negotiation Price Adjustment
Bid Document Contract , Compensation and Approval
Friday Preparation including events, Disputes, Arbitration
Specification, (DS)
Evaluation Criteria, (DS) (DS)
INCO Terms and
Liquidated Damages

21 Session 9: Session 10: Session 11: Session 12:
Baisakh Understanding of Practical session on variation Roles & Responsibilities of Managing post
2070 contract clauses, issues employer, engineer and construction phase
on variation orders contractors (taking over certificate,
Saturday (KS) defects liability period
(KS) (TS) and closing of contract),
insurance policies and its
application in works
22 Session 13: Session 14: Session 15: Session 16:
Baisakh Procurement of Procurement of Consulting Introduction to E-procurement Introduction to E-
2070 Consulting Services services & its application procurement & its
Technical & application contd..
Sunday Procurement types, Financial Evaluation, (AM) (AM)
Costing and Negotiation,
estimation of Award of
consulting services, Contract
Advertising, EOI, Case Study
Preparation of TOR,
setting the evaluation (With General short description
criteria on ADB/WB Guidelines and
FIDIC only)
23 Session 17: Session 18: Session 19: Session 20:
Baisakh Discussion on issues in Group work on contract Group work on contract Presentation of group
2070 Procurement & Contract management documents management documents work, Training evaluation
Management in DUDBC and Closing session
(MS) (KS) (KS)
SK: Shambhu KC; SKS: Shankar Krishna Shrestha; MRG: Mani Ram Gelal; SNS: Satya Narayan Sah; DS: Dinker Sharma; KS: Keshav Sharma;
TS: Tulsi Sitaula; HD: Hari Dhakal; AM: Ajay Mul; DB: Deepak Bhattarai; MS: Mahendra Subba

Program Coordinator: Er Kishore Shakya (IDI Pvt. Ltd)