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Rancangan Pengajaran Harian

School : SJK(C) Cheroh Date : 22/5/2017
Class : Year 1 Time : 12.00pm – 1.00 pm
Class size : 19 Pupils Duration : 1 hour
Subject : English Topic : Unit 7: Our colourful
Learning field: Listening and Speaking 21th century Communicative
learning skills : Application
and HOTS

Theme : World of Knowledge Teaching aids : Coloured bottles,
Colour papers,

Learning At the end of the lesson, students should be able to:-
outcome 1.2.1 (ii) listen to, respond to and talk about colours with correct
pronunciation, word stress and intonation at phrase level.

1.2.3 (i) listen to game rules and follow simple instructions according to
colours given to them.
- game (Simon says)
1.3.1 talks about a stimulus by responding to at least 2 wh-questions.
-What is the colour of the (finger pointed object)?
-How many (coloured object) are there in the picture?
Activities Introduction:
1. Teacher showed different colour of plastic bottles and asked
questions about the colour.
 What is this?
 What is the colour of this bottle?

2. Students answered the teacher by saying the colour of the bottles in
words, phrases or sentences. Eg:-
 Bottle.
 A bottle.
 Yellow bottle.
 The bottle is yellow.
3. Teacher introduced all the colours to the students.

Step 1
1. Teacher a brief story gave with picture as stimulus.
 Ming is dreaming, he is in a world of giants with his friends. He
sees many things.
2. Teacher described the things Ming saw in his dream and the students
called out the number of picture described. Eg:-
 Teacher: The car is blue.
Students: Number nine.
3. The activity above was reversed.
 Teacher: Number nine.
Students: The car is blue

Step 3 1. . (colour).  What day is today? 2. Workbook exercise.”  Groups of students with the colour of the paper mentioned by the teacher will stand up  The pace of the game will get faster as the game proceeds. Students played a game of “Simon says”.  Students colour objects according to instructions given by the teacher. Teacher explained the rules of the game  Teacher will give instructions starting with “Simon says.  Eg: A red balloon. blue bus. Here I am. 2. Students took out their activity book and wrote down the day and date under teacher’s guidance. how do you do. Students sang a song about colours following the lyrics in a video. where are you? Here I am.  The game will be played of 5 minutes.  Blue bus. stand up please. Closure 1.Step 2 1.