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Date : 02.06.


Time : 3.25pm- 4.45 pm(80 minutes)

Form : 1T

Level of proficiency: Intermediate

Subject: English Language (Reading)

Topic: Chocolate

Prior knowledge: Students have ever eaten and taste chocolates before.

Curriculum specification: 2.2 Process information by:

a. skimming and scanning for specific information and ideas;

b. answering SPQ based on what they understand and read.

c. Matching questions to answers.

General Objectives: By the end of the lesson, students should be able

1. To learn how to skim and scan advertisement in magazine.

Specific Objectives: By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

Pre-Reading (All level)

1. Skimming and scanning the test.
While – Reading

2. Get correct answer for at least 70% of the open ended questions.

Post Reading

Match at least 4 out of five questions to answers right

Moral values : eat healthy

Teacher shows students a Pre Reading picture. Is eating chocolate good or bad? Rationale . Teaching Materials: 1. WH-Questions ( appendix 2) 3. (10 minutes) Teaching aids: 2. 4. Willis J.To stimulate student’s interest to the text . Textbook. Teaching of Reading in an ESL Context. How does it taste and do you like it? iv. Teacher asks students if they have ever eaten and Text of “Malaysian’s largest chocolate taste chocolate before. OUM. Questions: i. paradise” 3. Have you ever eaten and taste chocolates before? iii. Huraian Sukatan Pelajaran Bahasa Inggeris Tingkatan 1. Teacher asks whether they like it or not. 4. 3. 2. Bahasa Inggeris Tingkatan 1. Teacher asks what goodness and badness of eating chocolate regularly. Teaching English through English. 5. Text of “Malaysian’s largest chocolate paradise” (Appendix 1) 2. What can you see in the picture? ii. Teacher asks how does it taste. Stage/Time Activity/Content Presentation/ Rationale Set Induction/ Whole class activity 1. Worksheet : Intermediate (Appendix 3) Thinking skills: Evaluating References: 1.

Teacher responds to each answers and provides the correct answers. Stage/Time Activity/Content Presentation/ Rationale While –reading Whole class activity 3. What are their chocolates are made of? 4. silent reading. Students check answers with their friends. .To develop student’s ability in understand the text.To expose students to new vocabulary Stage/Time Activity/Content Presentation/ Rationale . What does the place offers? 4.To develop student’s ability in comprehending the text. This destination is mostly visited 3. 1. What are they specialties? are supposed to do as follow: a) (Intermediate) Will do worksheet 1 individual They are to answer open ended questions based on text. chocolate paradise in the world?? 2. . Students Worksheet 1 5. Teacher explains what they 5. Which country has the largest 6. Teacher instructs students to do 1. Teacher asks students at random for the answers. 2. Teacher distributes text (25 minutes) to Appendix 2: Open ended questions: 4. Teacher discuss language mostly by whom? point 3. Rationale .

Post Reading Pair work. Mind map 3. 4. Teacher gives remark for each pair group that has presented and inculcates the moral value.To provide opportunity for students respond to others view. Rationale . Closure / extended 1. Teacher injected activity moral values in the lesson and revise what they have 10 minutes learnt about the good and bad habits of eating to much chocolates. Teacher facilitates. Teacher explains the task Worksheet 2 to them. . Teacher instructs students 35 minutes into pairs.To provide opportunity for students to contribute to brainstorming activity. Appendix 3: 2. 1. .

Which country is the largest chocolate paradise in the world? 2. What does the place offers? _______________________________________________________________________ _ 4. This destination is mostly visited mostly by whom? 3.Appendix 2 ( worksheet 1) Name:______________________ Class :___________________Date :______________ Instruction: After reading the text. 1. answer all the open ended questions given below based on the text. What are their chocolates are made of? _______________________________________________________________________ _ .

Destination for who? Made of? Topic? _________________________________ . What are they specialties? _______________________________________________________________________ _ Appendix 3 – worksheet 2 Name: _____________________________ Class:__________________________ Instruction: Produce a mind map from the advertisement. 5.

Ideal for? Specialty? .