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Below, is a list of body language phrases.

Eyes, Brows and Forehead
arched a sly brow: sly, haughty
blinked owlishly: just waking, focusing, needs glasses
brows bumped together in a scowl: worried, disapproving, irritated
brows knitted in a frown: worried, disapproval, thoughtful
bug-eyed: surprised, fear, horror
cocky wink and confident smile: over confidence, arrogant, good humor, sexy humor
eyes burned with hatred: besides hatred this might suggest maniacal feelings
eyes flashed: fury, defiance, lust, promise, seduction
eyes rolled skyward: disbelief, distrust, humor
forehead puckered: thoughtful, worried, irritation
frustration crinkled her eyes
gimlet-eyed/narrowed eyes: irritation, thoughtful, mean, angry
gleam of deviltry: humor, conniving, cunning
kept eye contact but her gaze became glazed: pretending interest where there is none/bordom
narrowed to crinkled slits: angry, distrust
slammed his eyes shut: stunned, furious, pain
squinted in a furtive manner: fearful, sneaky
stared with cow eyes: surprised, disbelief, hopeful, lovestruck
subtle wink: sexy, humor/sharing a joke, sarcasm

Place To Place, Stationary Or Posture
ambled away: relaxed, lazy
barged ahead: rude, hurried
battled his way through the melee: desperate, anger, alarm
cruised into the diner: easy-going, feeling dapper, confident
dawdled alongside the road: lazy, deliberate delay for motives, unhurried, relaxed
dragged his blanket in the dirt: sadness/depressed, weary
edged closer to him: sneaky, seeking comfort, seeking protection, seeking an audience
he stood straighter and straightened his tie: sudden interest, sexual attraction
hovered over them with malice/like a threatening storm: here it’s malice, but one may hover for
many reasons.
hunched over to look shorter: appear inconspicuous, ashamed of actions, ashamed of height

impatient. arrogant Head Movement cocked his head: curiosity. possibly sexual interest . burdened. disappointment sallied forth: confident. hiding true feelings nodded vigorously: eager tilted her head to one side while listening: extreme interest. shock skulked on the edges of the crowd: sneaky. thoughtful cocked his head left and rolled his eyes to right corner of the ceiling: introspection droop of his head: depressed. snooty. ill waltzed across the floor: happy.leaped into action feet hammering the marbled floor: eager. diligently seeking pivoted on his heel and took off: mistaken and changes direction. impatiently waiting sagged against the wall: exhausted. impatient lumbered across: heavy steps of a big man in a hurry minced her way up to him: timid. blissful. surprise. rushed rocked back and forth on his heels: thoughtful. arrogant. conceited. insecure. dainty or pretense at dainty paced/prowled the halls: worried. fear. irritation tottered/staggered unsteadily then keeled over: drunk. arrogant skidded to an abrupt halt: change of heart. following orders. evil. worried impatience. exuberant. fear. insecure. abrupt change of mind. downcast. reluctant rammed her bare foot into her jeans: angry. mocking. proud. drugged. wondering. angry retreat plodded down the road: unhurried. joyous long-legged strides: hurried. sneaky. aged. determined shrank into the angry crowd: fear. timid slithered through the door: sneaky. conceited tall erect posture: confidence. military bearing toe tapped a staccato rhythm: impatience. seeking to elude sketched a brief bow and assumed a regal pose: confident. ashamed. bad intentions stormed toward her. hurried. smart-alecky. pulling up short when: anger with a sudden surprise swaggered into the class room: over confident.

Mouth And Jaw a lackluster smile: feigning cheerfulness cigarette hung immobile in mouth: shock. upset. grimace. disappointment gagged at the smell: disgust. worried. teasing. sarcasm lips screwed into: irritation. disbelief smacked his lips: anticipation smile congealed then melted into horror : terrified smile dangled on the corner of his lips: cocky smirked and tossed her hair over her shoulder: conceit. distaste gapped mouth stare: surprised. fear of the worst scarfed down the last biscuit: physical hunger. lazy. scorn lips set in a grim line: sorrow. uncaring. relaxed casualness clinched his jaw at the sight: angered. worried. fear. disbelief gritted his teeth: anger. conceit spewed water and spit: shock stuck out her tongue: humor. horror licked her lips: nervous. angry. shock. insulted lips pursed like she’d been chewing a lemon rind: dislike. holding back opinion inhaled a sharp breath: surprise. sarcasm. haughty . irritated. surprised expelled her breath in a whose: relief. greed slack-mouthed: total shock. anger. hopeful wary smile surfaced on her lips Nose nose wrinkled in distaste/at the aroma nostrils flared: anger. irritation. lips primed: affronted. over confident sneered and flicked lint off his suit: sarcasm. childish toothy smile: eagerness. sarcasm. sexual attraction nose in the air: snooty. shock.

inattention. shy crossed his arms over his chest: waiting. derision. frustrated. mocking. worried rested his chin in his palm and looked thoughtful rubbed a hand over his dark stubble: thoughtful. disbelief constantly twirled her hair and tucked it behind her ear: attracted to someone. arms crooked like sugar bowel handles: anger. greedy doffed his hat: polite gesture. bored firm. teasing doodled on the phone pad and tapped the air with her foot: bored. anger. show of pride clamped his fingers into tender flesh: anger. forceful managed a deadpan expression: expressionless muscles in her face tightened: unsmiling. worry. insecure brandished his fist: anger. ready to fight. anger. ashamed. demanding. confident. scorn Arm and Hand a vicious yank: angry bit her lip and glanced away: shy. angry clapped her hands on her hips. lack of enthusiasm propped his elbow on his knee: relaxed. thoughtful . introspection drummed her fingers on the desk: impatient. ashamed of his appearance screwed up her face: anger. threatening. palm to palm hand shake: confident. could almost be any emotion sneered and flicked lint off his suit: conceit. smiling. surrender. putting a barrier crushed the paper in his fist: anger. embarrassed. protective. wants to inflict pain clenched his dirty little fists: stubborn. Face in General crimson with fury handed it over shame-faced jutted his chin: confident. eager. bored fanned her heated face with her hands: physically hot. discard dived into the food: hunger. honest flipped him the bird: sarcastic discard forked his fingers through his hair for the third time: disquiet/consternation. impatient. shame limp hand shake: lack of confidence. concealing emotions. thoughtful handed it over shame-faced: guilt. indicating attraction fiddled with his keys: nervous. ready to cry.

expecting service: arrogant. possible sexual interest stuffed his hands in his pockets: self-conscious. throwing up a barrier sweaty handshake: nervous. drugged. affronted/insulted snapped a sharp salute: respect. relaxed. possessive wide sweep of his arms: welcoming. hunger. joy. bored. fearful touched his arm several times while explaining: sign of attraction.punched her pillow: restless. self-centered sneered and flicked lint off his suit : arrogant spread her arms wide: welcoming. depressed. love stabbed at the food: anger. fawning. lazy. conceit. totally relaxed. lack of respect. obsequious. all inclusive gesture. pronouncing or taking ownership exploded out of the chair: shock. disinterest. squaring an ankle over one knee: relaxed and open slouched/wilted in a chair and paid languid attention to: drowsy. flattering punched her pillow: can’t sleep. depressed. angry rested his chin in his palm: thoughful. lazy. anger. nervous. anger. miserable. exhausted. supreme joy roosted on the porch rail like a cock on a hen house roof: claiming ownership. powerless. sarcastic gesture meaning the opposite of respect snapped his fingers. drunk. needs the bathroom Recline flung himself into the bed: sad. frustrated threw himself on the floor kicking and screaming: tantrum . just waking shoulders lifted in a shrug: doubtful. careless discard slapped his face in front of God and country: enraged. can’t sleep. flattery. content sat. worried scratched his hairy belly and yawned: indolent. desperate. horror Sitting or Rising collapsed in a stupor: exhausted. determined stood straighter and smoothed his tie: sudden interest. sad. happy prostrated himself: surrender. eager. disrespectful squirmed in his chair: ill at ease. disbelief enthroned himself at the desk: conceit.

bored. military bearing was panting now at: afraid. exhausted. anger slumped shoulders: defeat. sleepy. joy. shyness. in pain stretched extravagantly and yawned: tired. arthritic. surrender stiff-backed: priggish. enjoys the music bounced in the car seat. pointing: excitement. Entire body and General body stiffened at the remark: offended. coward. fear. eager cowered behind his brother: fear. depressed. alerted body swayed to music: dreamy. reconciled quick and jerky like rusty cogs on a wheel: unsure of actions. unconcerned sweating uncontrollably: nervous. out of breath. fear. . eager humped over his cane. tense. aged inhaled a deep breath and blew out slowly: buying time to find words/thoughtful. sad. anger. defensive heart galloping: anxiety. fear. each step shaking and careful: pain. gleeful manhandled the woman into a corner: bully. fond memories. edgy rocked back and forth on his heels: impatient. affronted stood straighter and straightened his tie: wants to make an impression stooped and bent: aged. self-conscious. cocky. haughty. guilt tall erect posture: confidence. desperate curled into a ball: sorrow.