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My best mate is Ramon. I first met him at university when we were eighteen.

I remember that
it was in the universtitys cantine we were having at lunch. To begin whit, he seemed very shy
and and I didnt like him at all. But he made a joke about what a terrible footballer I was, and
it was so funny that I had to laugh. Weve been close friends ever since, although there have
been times when we havent seen each other for years.

Many people find it hard to understand Ramon. He comes across as being very serious, but he
loves having fun and meeting people. Hes really good company and Hes got a great sense of
humour, although he doesnt like telling jokes. Hes also a very good listener. Over the years
he has helped me when Ive had a problem by sitting and listening. Because hes very easy to
talk to, we chat for hours about stuff like football, politcs and relationships.

Physically, he is average build and quite tall. He has got a pale complexion and curly blond hair,
but the first thing you notice about him is his moustache. I wouldnt describe him as good-
looking, but he has an interesting face. He has lively blue eyes and a prominent nose that lots
of women seem to like.

Hes into lots of things, especially music, but he hates dancing! Hes got a real talent for the
guitar, and he plays a lot when hes alone at home. He is quite an active guy and he enjoys
sport, although