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INFORMATION ‘1700036241 Title, Allegation and Counts Brochu, Brianna, R SUPERIOR COU RT West Harttord “Wh BOD 200 Blom AVE Ag. 308 caneiyooo | Toate sae —s a a a ‘Connecticut charges that: hararonD wee [hh BREACH OF PEACE 2ND ee od West Hartford stati CRIMINAL MISCHIEF 3 [zor Ser see omer eet or atonal cous plas THe Court Action eo Detar asa oper Tas eam oo ae ‘os §ioco PN SIH ee. [ne oo» [pane CD Recor [ora fst se = count | Pleacate ee Remit ‘Adaivonal disposition is is ® s s 2 a _1a s 3 ecepinanter Cast Bond wloraion| Kwe C) vcr | Bondtereted (] Foreture vacated] Forfeture vacated and bod reinstated ‘aplication le recep narber ‘Gicle coe Program ee receipt namber | Orie one Probation fee recep number Tica oe i WIQ [pad wie froaa wig Frais ogee aaa Fepesarmonio ovoigaa depsenan [SFO EAT [eer Tiss page 1 of 8 2 page information REST WARRANT APPLICATION STATE OF CONNECTICUT [ ‘ - | eco SUPERIOR COURT | re | rrooose3 [ists ro ~ Brochu, Brianna, R [West Hartford |HARTFORD | Application For Arrest Warrant To: A Judge of the Superior Court The undersigned hereby applies for a warrant for the arrest of the above-named accused on the basis of the facts setforthinthe:|_pttidavitBetow. | ]atiavis) tached. an ° soles | ob _/ see _ Affidavit The undersigned affiant, being duly sworn, deposes and says: 1. That, the undersigned, Officer Anthony G. Miele (#362), being duly sworn does depose and state, that he is a member of the West Hartford Police Department, and has been a member of said department since June 2012. The following facts and circumstances are stated from personal knowledge and observations, as well a information received, and statements made by prudent and credible witnesses. 2. That, on 10/18/2017 at approximately 0113 hours I was dispatched to University of Hartford Department of Public Safety Headquarters on a report of a vandalism/harassment issue between two roommates. Both roommates were reported to be in the campus safely office with public safety officers. Upon my arrival | met University of Hartford Department of Public Safety Ofc. Waldo. Ofc. Waldo explained that he was investigating University of Hartford Department of Public Safety Case 17-1306 in which Chennel Rowe, was alleging her roommate, Brianna Brochu, was tampering with and vandalizing her belongings. 3. That, | spoke with Rowe in an interview room at University of Hartford Department of Public Safety Headquarters. Rowe had already provided University of Hartford Department of Public Safety (UHART DPS) a sworn statement attesting to what had been transpiring between she and Brochu. 4. That, through her written UHART DPS statement, verbal statements, and a WHPD sworn written statement, Rowe relayed to me the following information; (This is page 1 of a 3 page Affidavit) ™ HAVANT ee” “NBC ie Ke [Subscrbed ond sworn te before me on (Dae) Sioned (CudgeClerk, Commissioner of Superior Court Notary Pubic) wwJri}ao. Nibfee 122 surat Finding ‘The foregoing Application for an arrest warrant, and affidavit) atached to sald Application, having been submited to and Considered by the undersigned, the undersigned finds from sai affidavits) that there Is probable cause to believe that ‘an offense has been committed and thatthe accused commited it and, therefore, that probable cause exists forthe issuance ofa warrant forthe arrest ofthe above-named accused, AREST WARRANT APPLICATION f ' STATE OF CONNECTICUT ; SUPERIOR COURT crsm. 1700036241 ie jud ct gov st Hartford PD aa bioes hanma [ies are Iiienrons (ae Affidavit - Continued Rowe stated she lived with Brochu at UHART in C Complex, Poe [J Rowe stated that since the school year started she has felt ostracized by Brochu. Rowe said that Brochu generally ignored her and treated her as @ ‘ghost." Rowe stated that she put in for a room change because of how Brochu made her feel and on 10/17/2017 she began moving her belongings out of the room she shared with Brochu and into her newly Rowe stated at that time she was approached by a neighbor reported told Rowe that she had seen some very issigned room in| HEB. 210ng with two campus resident assistants. ‘concerning posts made by Brochu on Instagram. 5. That fine showed Rowe what pictures she was talking about. [showed Rowe pictures posted by Instagram User, “breezy_bumble_b," whom she (J) knew to be Brochu. The Instagram posts that [I was concerned about appeared to be Brochu bragging about how she tampered with Rowe's personal items unbeknownst to Rowe, 6. That, the Instagram posts went as follows; On 09/08/2017 "breezy_bumble_b" posted a picture of a thermostat which read "76" with a caption, "Goodmorning from the sweat lodge. Lol when your roommate try’s to cook you on the daily :) room was so hot last night our fucking windows fogged up.” #canadiansweatlodge #sauna #swampass On 10/17/2017 at approximately 2236 hours “breezy_bumble_b* posted the caption, "Finally did it yo girl got rid of her roommate!! After 1 1/2 month of spitting in her coconut cil, putting moldy clam dip in her lotions, rubbing used tampons oh her backpack, putting her toothbrush places where the sun doesn't shine, and so much more I can finally say goodbye Jamaican Barbie." The caption was followed by (3) pictures. The first was of a purse later determined to belong to Rowe, stained with a reddish brown substance. Brochu later told me that was “period blood” from a used tampon, The second picture was a plastic food container with a milky white substance in it with a caption of, "Like this is moldy clam dip and I've been mixing it with her face lotion." The third picture appeared to be of some type of weave hair piece and had a caption of, "This bitch legit bought a box of fucking hair.” The aforementioned information was taken to UHART DPS at which point both women were brought to UHART DPS HQ and WHPD was called. (This is page 2 of a 3 page Affidavit cae) fo-AY 17 moe YZ ee [Signed (Judge/Clerk, Commissioner of Superior Court, Notary Public) durat | S0b#cribed and sworn before me ofDate) cia — a ‘ ros D wales Be, a g WAPRANT APPLICATION STATE OF CONNECTICUT ‘SUPERIOR COURT _ wees “West Hartford PO . — Reader Feecrte rst (Tor) [OSoDAONEH 8 West Hartford HARTFORD Sate Affidavit - Continued terview room. Brochu had already 7. That, after speaking with Rowe | spoke with Brochu in a ‘separate int provided a sworn written statement to UHART DPS regarding her involvement in this incident. | explained to Brochu that she was not obligated to speak with me and she could leave the room/cease speaking with me at any point, Brochu stated she understood and wished to speak with me. statements, and a WHPD sworn written hu stated that she did not have a good yy Rowe's “rude behavior, hu stated written statement to UHART DPS, verbal tion; Bro “hostile environment,” caused by sleeping and making fun of me snoring.” Broc! \d been unsuccessful in being granted one. 8. That, through her statement, Brochu relayed to me the following inform: relationship with Rowe and began to lash out due to a not compromising, and posting Snapchat videos of me that she requested a room change on 10/11/2017, but ha 4, That, Brochu stated that she di ick Rowe's “plate, fork and spoon,” put tampon blood on Rowe's backpack, fenied doing anything further and and mixed Rowe's lotions with other lotions also on Rowe's desk. Brochu d stated that anything else she bragged about on social media was a le in an attempt to “appear funny.” Brochu confirmed that the red stain on Rowe's backpack was her (Brochu's) own used tampon blood. Brochu concluded her statement saying that she took these actions against Rowe out of “spite because of the hostile living environment," and had “no intent of injury or to get her sick.” 10. That, it should be noted that Rowe has been experiencing what she described as severe throat pain, to the point she visited UHART Health Services for evaluation. Rowe stated she tested negative for strep throat and Mono, however the nurse told her there was “bacteria present in her throat.” Rowe could not elaborate further on this subject, but fet that her throat pain was a result of Brochu tampering with her personal items. Rowe also confirmed that her backpack was still stained with blood. Brochu and Rowe were told not to contact one another and they each signed UHART no contact agreements. Rowe moved her remaining items out of her old room while | spoke with Brochu. 11. That, based on the facts and circumstances of this case | believe probable cause exists to arrest Brianna Brochu, for a violation of CGS 53a-181, Breach of Peace Second Degree, and 53a-117, Criminal Mischief Third Degree. (This ts page 3 of # 3 page Affidavit Date Jo-4\~17 anlar WEA ae [Signed (Judge/Clerk, Commissioner of Superior Court, Notary Public) Jurat | Subscribed and eworn before me adDate) NO [zi }707 v Reviewed "Trial Referee) yO Nibehir how z=