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A Day in a Faster's Life

(Ramadhan Projects)

Do you want to protect yourself from the thirst of 50.000 years on the Day of

When you fast one day in Ramadhan, this means you fast for 14 hours =
50.000 seconds. Do you imagine that these 50.000 seconds protect you from
the thirst of 50.000 years on the Day of Judgment?

This means that one second in Ramadhan equals an entire year of the
years of thirst and heat on the Day of Judgment!!

Dear brother and sister, Ramadhan, once missed, cannot be recovered. It is

enough that you missed many Ramadhans in your life. If you fell once, rise up
and do not despair.

Let this Ramadhan be as if it were the last in your life. So, whet your resolution
and start Ramadhan projects with us as much as possible:

Project (1): How to be a multi-millionaire in 30 days

• Do you know that the good deeds of reciting the whole Qur'an on
regular days = 3.3 million good deeds (it means that it cancels 3.3
million bad deeds).
• Multiplication of good deeds in Ramadhan makes the reward of umrah in
Ramadhan = the reward of performing hajj with the Prophet (Peace be
upon him).
• Then, what about the recitation of the whole Qur'an in Ramadhan?
Here are hundreds of millions of good deeds in your hands. Would you
let them go, then you shall regret every single good deed you lost on
the Day of Judgment? Recitation of the whole Qur'an will make your
balance more than that of millionaires and billionaires!!

Project (2): Ramadhan has changed me

(Taraweeh) preparation project)

Taraweeh is: the restful night prayer in Ramadhan

• Prepare the part of the Qur'an to be recited at night during the taraweeh
prayer. Read it after afternoon prayer with deliberation and reflection
and you will realize the profound difference in your concentration at
taraweeh prayer. (In this way, you will achieve two recitations of the
whole Qur'an: the one at taraweeh and the one after afternoon prayer).
• If possible, read the interpretation of that part or listen to a cassette on
the same topic. Then you would achieve a rare recitation of the whole
Qur'an: study recitation. You can then say that there is a real change in

Do not say that this is difficult … (The average length of the

interpretation of each part of the Qur'an in -Sa'di's Interpretation- is
only 29 pages).

Project (3): Lost Treasure

• Many people waste their time after iftar although that if you read just
one part of the Qur'an you will recite the whole Qur'an during the
month. What prevents you from doing that: is it a comic program? Or
an interview with an artist?

Project (4): What are you waiting for, brother? (Repentance Knights)

• Promise Allah (the Almighty) in Ramadhan to repent every day from a

certain sin and never perpetrate it again. On the first day, give up
smoking; on the second, give up forbidden mingling with the other
sex; on the third, stop listening to the forbidden songs; on the fifth,
clean your mobile and hard desk from anything that can cause
Allah's wrath etc. (Try as much as possible to use television and the
Internet beneficially in Ramadhan, and ever after).
Project (5): What are you waiting for, sister? (Ramadhan Female

• Wear full hijab in Ramadhan, that of Lady Fatimah and Lady 'Aishah
(May Allah be pleased with them). For if you do not obtain Allah's mercy
while all doors of paradise and the seven heavens are open, when then?

Project (6): Night Worshippers (Knights of Night Vigil Prayers)

• Read this amazing hadith: (Every night in Ramadhan, Allah descends to

the nearest heaven and asks: Is there no one asking forgiveness that I
may forgive him? Is there no one asking sustenance that I may grant
him sustenance? Is there no one under trial that I may relieve him? Is
there not such-and-such, is there not such-and-such, and so forth
until dawn rises.’) [Narrated by Ibn Majah with a weak chain and
corrected by al-Albani.]
• Allah (the Almighty) descends every night of the year during the last third
of the night but in Ramadhan it is two thirds. Night in Ramadhan is a
valuable opportunity for relief and forgiveness. What a chance for all
of us!!
• You can sleep tight only if you do not have sins, if you do not need
anything from Allah (the Almighty), and if you do not long for the
nearness of Allah in Paradise.

Project (7): First Kick

• Let the beginning of the month the strongest. Once Ramadhan starts
whet your resolution and insist that the first night would be the night
Allah (the Almighty) protects you from hellfire. Let every night in
Ramadhan be like that. (Every night Allah frees people from hellfire.)
[Corrected by al-Alabni] You have 60 chances for protection from
hellfire: every day and every night. One of them is enough; let it be!!

Project (8): Daily Seven Hajjs (pilgrimages) in Ramadhan

•5 hajjs: do you know that if you go to perform ablution once you hear
athan (prayer call) and then head to the mosque to pray, you will have
the reward of hajj. (Whoever walks to an obligatory prayer in
congregation, it is like hajj, and whoever walks to a voluntary prayer, it
is like a voluntary umrah.) (Saheeh Al Jaami` and corrected by al-
Albani). The woman at home has the same reward.
• Another hajj: (Whoever prays fajr-morning prayers-in congregation,
then sits remembering Allah until the sun rises, then prays two rakats,
he will receive the reward of hajj, and umrah - complete, complete,
complete.) [Saheeh Al Jaami` and corrected by al-Albani] This means
you will have the reward of 30 times of hajj and umrah in Ramadhan.
• Another hajj: the Prophet (Peace be upon him) once said that the reward of
attending a scholarly lesson is like that of hajj. If you pray taraweeh
and listen to the brief sermon among the rakats, this would be a
lesson. Be sensible and do not waste the reward of seven times of hajj

Project (9): Keys of Allah's Treasures

• Do you know that in Ramadhan you have 60 supplications that will be

rewarded? This means that 60 problems of your life can be solved or
60 dreams can come true. (For every Muslim, there is a rewarded
supplication on every day and night) [Corrected by al-Albani].
• If the richest person in the world gave you 60 blank checks, you would
be in the air!! Allah (the Almighty) gives you 60 rewarded supplications.

(Keep a small supplications booklet in your pocket and read in order

not to waste the keys of Allah's treasures).

Project (10): The Night of Life

The Night of Power is 12 hours that are better than one thousand months, that
is, better than 720.000 hours (3/4 million hours). During that Night the hour is
better than 60.000 hours (the ayah of the Qur'an during that Night is better
than 60.000 ayahs in other nights and the rak'a is better than 60.000 rakats etc.)
Indeed, (the one deprived from its bliss is the deprived indeed) [Hadith Sahih]

It is really life night, visit your relatives, invite people to iftar (time of eating
after fasting), call those you have a problem with, pray as much as possible, and
forgive those who have wronged you.

Project (11): Be a Companion

(An umrah in Ramadhan is like accompanying me on hajj). [Sahih al-Bukhari]

Only umrah in Ramadhan can make you like the Companions in accompanying
the Prophet (Peace be upon him).

Project (12): Increase and Extend your Sustenance

Do you have a problem in sustenance? Do you search for a rewarding job? Do
you want a good husband? Do you want to have children? Do you want a good
wife? (Whoever wants an increase in his sustenance and that the marks of his
feet remain for a long time in the world (i.e. to live long) - he should be kind
and helpful to his relatives.) Do not forget to invite your relatives and
neighbors for iftar in Ramadhan.

Project (13): 30 Places in Paradise

These are not 30 palaces in the Riviera or the Northern Coast; they are in
Paradise. Observe 12 rakats of sunnah every day (2 before fajr, 4 before noon
and 2 after, 2 after maghrib, and 2 after isha.)

Project (14): Fasting Insurance

Every faster you invite for iftar gives you the reward of another fasting day in
Ramadhan and the reward of one day can be multiplied by ten. If you invite 36
fasters it is as if you fasted 360 days, that is, as if you made the whole year an
elongated Ramadhan. (Do not forget Ramadhan charity bag, putting date boxes
at the Mosque, giving people date while going to the mosque, iftar of people
on highways, and other situations).

Project (15): Da'wah Knights

• Allah (the Almighty) helped the Companions in Ramadhan and they won
in the Battle of Badr and the Conquest of Makkah, so what victory
will Allah help you to achieve in Ramadhan?

• Ramadhan is the month in which the sinners would like to listen

to religion; so, seize this opportunity and struggle with your
money and effort. Distribute cassettes and CDs among the
undevouts and let them promise to listen to them. Distribute
the copies of the Qur'an among your friends to get the reward.

Project (16): Intensive Care Project

I'tikaaf (seclusion) in the last ten days; the lives of many youth changed due to
I'tikaaf and the writer is among them. Try that in order to be brought up again
during these days.

Project (17): Direction of the Monies of Zakaat and Charity

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