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Reference Range Urinary Tract Infection

Normal values are as follows:

Color Yellow (light/pale to dark/deep Pus in the urine makes the urine appear cloudy,
amber) frothy or as brown discharge. Pus is produced in
Clarity/turbidity Clear or cloudy the body as the immune system tries to fight
against the infection. Diseases such as diabetes
pH 4.5-8
increase the chance of urinary tract infection.
Specific gravity 1.005-1.025
UTI is common in women as the urethra in
Glucose - 130 mg/d women is shorter than in men. This makes it
Ketones None easier for the microorganisms to enter the female
Nitrites Negative urinary tract and cause infection. Twenty percent
Leukocyte esterase Negative of the women who have developed UTI will see
Bilirubin Negative recurrence in the future.
Urobilirubin Small amount (0.5-1 mg/dL) Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Blood - 3 RBCs
Protein - 150 mg/d STDs can trigger pus cells in the urine. Men and
RBCs - 2 RBCs/hpf women are prone to STDs if they have an active
sex life and are not cautious in their sexual
WBCs - 2-5 WBCs/hpf
relationships. Mycoplasma and Chlamydia are
Squamous epithelial cells - 15-20
the cause for STDs, which in turn cause the
squamous epithelial cells/hpf
presence of pus cells in urine.
Casts 0-5 hyaline casts/lpf Other Causes
Crystals Occasionally
Bacteria None Some of the other causes for pus seen in urine
Yeast None are
Viral infections
The Significance Of Pus Cells In Urine Anaerobic bacterial infection
Presence of pus cells in urine is a definite Fungal infections
indication of some type of infection. Pus is a Chemical poisoning
whitish or yellowish or slightly green substance Kidney stones
which is thick like glue. Pus in urine signifies that Fastidious bacteria
the body is fighting an infection in the lower or Tuberculosis of the urinary tract
upper urinary tract. Pus contains dead skin cells,
Infection in prostate glands in men
bacteria and white blood cells. The medical term
Cancer of the urinary organs or genital
for the pus in urine condition is known as Pyuria
and it is a common symptom for various medical
Sometimes pus cells in urine also result from old
conditions. The most common reason for Pyuria
age and pregnancy. Certain medications also
is the existence of urinary tract infection. Women
cause the condition of pus in urine.
are more prone to urinary tract infections. The
The Symptoms Of Pus In Urine
condition can be quite severe if it affects a man.
Sometimes there wont be any symptoms of
The urinary tract infections are caused by
urinary tract infection or the presence of pus in
bacteria entering the urinary tract. The tract
the urine. When the symptoms occur they are as
consists of the kidneys, urinary bladder, ureters
and urethra. The infection can occur at any part of
the tract and commonly infections occur in the Foul smelling urine
lower portions such as the urethra and urinary Cloudy urine
bladder. Fever
Causes Of Pus Cells In Urine Frequent urination
The two most common causes for the presence Pain or discomfort while urinating
of pus cells in urine are Vomiting
Urinary tract infection or UTI Abdominal cramps
Sexually transmitted diseases If the pus in urine is caused by UTI the pain may
be felt deep inside the bladder or at the tip of the
urethra through which the pus cells exits the
body. If the pus is formed by STDs, there will be urine before and after sexual intercourse and
fever, weakness and there will be an overall keep the genitals clean.
feeling of being ill. Avoid resisting the urge to urinate. Holding
Complications Associated With Pus Cells In the urine for long keeps the harmful bacteria
Urine inside the bladder.
Depending on the cause of the pus in the urine Home Remedies For Pus Cells In Urine
there are different complications that can occur in The main problem associated with pus cells in
a person. urine is the severe pain or burning sensation
If the urinary tract infection is left while urinating and the urine that looks cloudy
untreated, the infection may reach the kidneys. with pus cells. At early stages it is possible to
When the infection affects the kidneys the treat the urinary tract infections using home
patient become dehydrated, as they cannot keep remedies. Negligence will result in infection of the
anything down. kidneys which may cause vomiting, chills, back
This situation will lead to kidney problems pain, fever etc. There are great numbers of home
Though UTIs are rare in men, they are remedies available for UTI infections and for
prone to more complications. sexually transmitted diseases, which will help to
Hence it is necessary to know about the remove the pus cells from urine.
symptoms of UTI as well as pus cells present in Cranberry Juice
the urine and get it treated by the right method.
This is one of the most popular home remedy to
Treatment For Pus In Urine
control the pus cells in the urine caused by the
A urinalysis is the useful and cheap diagnostic
UTI. The juice of cranberry is acidic in nature and
test for any unexpected substance in urine.
this makes it hard for the bacteria to survive in the
Treatment for pus cell in urine depends on the
body of a person regularly taking cranberry juice.
underlying cause.
Another component in cranberry called
According to the underlying cause for the
proanthocyanins prevents the bacteria from the
condition the treatment will differ.
adhering to the walls of the urinary tract. Hence
To control infections, doctors may suggest the bacteria get removed from the body along
antibiotics with urine. It is necessary that you take
If the condition is caused by kidney or unsweetened juice to get faster results. The sugar
bladder stones, it is necessary to remove the content in the juice will reduce the acidity of the
stones by dissolving it or using any other method juice. It is necessary to consume at least 400 ml
Drinking plenty of water and fluids will help of juice every day.
in removing the pus cells out of the urinary tract Uva Ursi
To get relief from symptoms such as
burning sensation while urinating, drink an This herb has antiseptic property. The active
alkaline mixture component which gives the anti- septic property is
You can use various home remedies to called arbutin. This herb is effective in reducing
control the symptoms such as pain, irritation, urinary tract infections and thus reducing the pus
vomiting etc. and to remove the pus cells in urine. This herb has tannin content hence
How To Prevent The Condition? pregnant women should avoid taking this herb. To
Take sufficient water, fluids in any form treat UTI the herb can be used in capsule form or
such as juices without sugar, coconut water along with tea.
lemon water etc. helps to remove the infection Drink Plenty Of Water
through urine.
This is one of the cheapest and the easily
Avoid spicy foods, coffee, tea etc. if you
available remedy to reduce the problem of pus in
suspect urinary tract infection
the urine. Drinking water regularly will help to
Bacteria that affect the urinary system wash down the bacteria and its removal through
pass through stools. So, clean the anus from front urine. This will reduce the infection of the urinary
to back after defecating tract. Apart from reducing infection, water dilutes
Another mode of transmission of the the urine and hence there will be less pain while
bacteria from one person to the other is through urinating. To get best result drink 2-3 glass of
sexual intercourse. So, it is necessary to pass water every hour.
Avoid Douching Coriander Seeds
Women should avoid douching if the pus in urine Take 10 grams of coriander seeds and soak it
is caused by sexually transmitted diseases. overnight in one glass of water. In the morning
Douching changes the normal pH balance of the grind the seeds along with water strain it and
vagina and it can flush the infection in the uterus drink the infusion mixed with sugar candy. This
and Fallopian tubes and this will result in pelvic will help to reduce the infections.
inflammatory disease. Cinnamon Powder
Golden Seal
If you are suffering from pus in urine take 2 grams
This herb is effective in treating Chlamydia which of cinnamon powder with a glass of water. This
is a cause of pus cell in urine. If you think will reduce the discomfort and pain during
Chlamydia is the reason for your condition you passing the urine
can take this herb in the capsule form. You can Use Condoms
consume one or two capsules per day. This herb
is capable of stimulating the immune system and It is necessary to use condoms while engaging in
boost the defense of the body this will reduce the sexual activities as the UTIs and sexually
infection and the formation of pus. transmitted diseases are transmitted during
Echinacea sexual intercourse.
Switch To Healthier Diet
This herb has antimicrobial property and it helps
to strengthen the immune system. You can It is better to avoid saturated and trans fat in the
consume it in the form of capsule to treat diet. Eat more fruits and vegetables that will help
Chlamydia infection. to boost the immune system.
Garlic Practice Good Hygiene

Garlic is helpful in the treatment of various health It is necessary to have a hygiene life style to
conditions. It can be also used in the treatment of prevent infections and to get rid of the infections.
Chlamydia as it has a natural antibiotic effect. Take daily showers and use herbal products to
You can either consume it in the raw form or you clean the body. Do not use chemicals or harsh
can use as an additive in your food. There are soaps to clean the genital area.
also garlic capsules available in the market which Pomegranate Juice
makes it easy for you to swallow it. Like cranberry juice, pomegranate juice also
Wild Oregano reduces the chances of infection. Drink
pomegranate juice on a daily basis to prevent
This is another home remedy to treat Chlamydia. UTIs and to reduce the UTI.
This herb is believed to have antibacterial Avoiding Alcohol And Smoking
properties and hence used for the treatment.
Baking Soda Avoiding alcohol and smoking will improve the
resistance power of the body and the body will be
If you are having first signs of urinary tract able to fight the infections better. This will reduce
infection which can lead to formation of pus in the pus formation.
urine, try using a mixture of tsp baking soda Vitamin C
with eight ounces of water. Drink this mix to
maintain the acid-base balance and to prevent Vitamin C plays an important role in the immunity
the growth of bacteria in the urinary tract. of the body to various diseases and infections.
Cucumber Juice Include vitamin C containing fruits and vegetables
in your diet like oranges, strawberries, melons,
Cucumber will cool your body and increase the grapes etc.
quantity of urine expelled from the body. Take Yoghurt
25ml of cucumber juice three times a day to get
rid of a UTI. Yoghurt contains good bacteria called lacto bacilli.
Consuming yoghurt will increase the good
bacteria in our urinary tract and prevents the
bacterial infections of the vagina and urethra.
Green Tea
Children 3,8-5
Green tea is an antioxidant and it will improve the
immunity of the body and prepares the body to
fight against infections.
Hemoglobin (HGB)
Fiber Rich Foods
Fiber rich foods like beans, whole grains, nuts,
fruits and vegetables prevent constipation and Men 13,0-
hence prevent fecal contamination leading to
Pine Apple Women 11,6-

Pine apple is another effective remedy for

reducing the inflammations caused by UTI. When Hematocrit Ht
pineapple is consumed regularly, the enzyme
present in it called Bromelain will reduce the
urinary tract infection. This enzyme is well known Men 40-52
for its anti-inflammatory property. It is necessary
to use fresh pineapple pieces or juice to get the
best effect. Women 36-48
Tea Tree Oil
The antibacterial properties of tea tree oil help to
reduce the infections. Mix 1 tsp of tea tree oil in White Blood Cells (WBC) 4,5-1
your bath water and use this water to wash the
opening of the urethra to reduce the infection.
Repeat the remedy three to four times a day to Neutrophils % (NEUT) 45-85
get faster results.
Are you a person suffering from pain and
discomfort due to pus cells in the urine? Are you Neutrophils (NEU) 2,4-9
looking for some ways to control the pain and
discomfort? Then try the above remedies. Some
infections are difficult to cure with home remedies Lymphocytes % (LYMPH) 20-45
and if the symptoms persist or worsen get
medical attention.
Lymphocytes (LYMPH) 1,0-4

Complete Blood Count

Eosinophils % (EO) 2-6%

Values () 0,1-0

Red Blood Cells (RBC) Basophils % (BAS) 0-1%

Adults, Men 4,6-6,2 Basophils (BASO) 0,0-0

Women 4,2-5,4 Platelets (PLT) 150-4