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Ever since she could remember Diala had been taught that their home of Delthuntle was to be

valued above everything else. As the youngest of the 6 children Lord Mael, one of the 5 Lords, it
was never her fate to be an important political figure. If it had been up to her mother she probably
would have been married off to some other high ranking noble, but in the end it never came to that.

When Dia had been little she had always been told that her birth had been under a dark star, which
had left her with a pure white strand of hair in her otherwise red brown locks. Her mother and
nanny had always belittled her, calling her sad and ugly and comparing her every move and every
word with her older sister Paemita who always was the perfect little princess.

The years went by and eventually one of the other 4 lords proposed a marriage between their
families between his son and Paemita but things went differently when Ailen decided to ask for
Diala's hand instead.

For the first time everything seems to be perfect in Diala's life, or so she thought.

But her sister green with envy and hatred for her little sister who took the spotlight from her hatched
a plan to punish the two unusual lovers. She poisons a bottle of wine and exchanged it with an
identical bottle Diala had bought before to give to Ailen as a present.

Since she doesn't like alcohol Diala refused when Ailen asked her to drink with him and thus, when
her betrothed started to show symptoms of poisoning which left him unconscious it was her that all
fingers were pointing at.

Having to pass judgement over his own youngest daugther Lord Mael didn't bring it over himself to
sentence her to death for the attempted murder of one of the other Lord's sons and instead banished
her from Delthuntle never to return unless she'd find one of the four legendary artifacts if their old
gods. And this Diala was thrown out into the world to fend for herself.

Sokar of the Flame - represents sun and fighting spirit burning in soldiers

Roviri the Lightbearer - Represents moon, wisdom and insanity, said to be the patron of thieves and

Anlad the Maker - Represents nature and growth as well as the hearth and fertility

Sulleis the Traveler - Patron of sailors and everybody on the road.

Sokar's Might: A sword that burns the enemy with righteous fire.

Roviri's Eyes: A Mask that when you wear it while meditating over a question grants you visions of
the past, present or future regarding your question

Anlad's Roots: A Staff that has the power to heal all ailment be it in human, animal or plant life

Sulleis' Wings: Nobody really knows what they are exactly.

To praise Sokar you greet the rising sun with closed eyes every morning.
For Roviri you leave a bowl of liquid out (alcohol works best) with a silver coin lying on the bottom
on a full moon

To ask for Sullets' guidance on a long journey you usually take a small pouch and fill it with the
earth of the place you are and take it with you to your destination where you scatter the earth.

No idea for Anlad yet XD

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