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GUIDE 2017
Australian Army

Flying Museum

Based in Oakey Qld, at the Army aviation training aircraft. Our collection also includes memorabilia, ADMISSION
centre the Australian Army Flying Museum protects, uniforms, engines and weaponry. Hear the stories that Adults - $7.00
collects and preserves the history of the Australian depict the courage, bravery and ingenuity common of Children - $2.00
Aviation Corps and the men and women, past and the Australian military aviator. Family - $15.00
present who serve within. A visit to the Museum, will (2 Adults, 2 Children)
see you journey through the history of Australian Army OPEN HOURS
flying. From the basic machines first to explore the Wed - Sun, 10am - 3pm CONTACT
phenomenon of flight through to the sophisticated Phone: 07 4577 7666
and technologically advanced machines now adapted CLOSED Visit:
for military aviation. Monday & Tuesday Email:
Christmas day
On display you will find aircraft from pre WW1 Boxing day
spanning all the way through to current military Good Friday

Fleet Air Arm Museum

The Royal Australian Navy invites you, your family unique collection of original works by famed artists
and friends to visit the Fleet Air Arm Museum. The and photographers.
Museum houses the nations most comprehensive
collection of Naval aircraft ranging from a World LOCATION
War 1 Sopwith Pup that flew from RAN cruisers in Next to HMAS ALBATROSS,
the North Sea; through to the current ship-borne 489A Albatross Road, Nowra Hill NSW 2540
helicopters that now operate with the Fleet. The Phone: 02 4424 1920 Fax: 02 4424 1999
main focus of the museum is a display of RAN 2.5 hour drive from either Sydney or Canberra NEW ATTRACTIONS
fighters, anti-submarine bombers and helicopters Website: The Sea King helicopter Shark 07, a Gulf War
that have formed the Fleet Air Arm since 1948, veteran from the former 817 Squadron, and the ex
covering the Navys involvement in the Korean War, OPENING TIMES RAN and RNZAF Douglas Skyhawk two seater jet
the Vietnam War, the Gulf War and peace-keeping Open daily: 10001600 fighterbomber 880 have now joined the collection.
and disaster relief operations over the last six decades. Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day,
Artefacts such as engines, ordnance and flying Good Friday AIRCRA FT CO LLECTION
helmets are displayed in the many exhibition Over 25 unique and rare naval fighters, bombers,
areas and the Museums art ggalleryy houses a ADMISSION trainers and helicopters, including:
Adults $10 WW1 Sopwith Pup
Children U/18 free Korean War Sea Fury
Military members and Defence APS free Korean War Firefly
Vietnam War Iroquois Slick
FACILITIES Vietnam War Sioux
The collection is housed in a 6,000 m2 purpose Bristol Sycamore
built hangar and includes a gift shop, art gallery Westland Wessex
and helicopter flight simulator. Full disabled Fairey Gannet
access is available on both levels with a lift to De Havilland Sea Venom
the viewing balcony overlooking the runways. Grumman Tracker
The function centre will be reopening soon for Douglas Skyhawk
your convenience. Ample coach and car parking, Macchi MB326
with a shady BBQ area facing the airfield. MiG 15

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Temora Aviation Museum


1 Tom Moon Avenue (PO Box 263)
Temora, NSW 2666
Ph: 02 6977 1088

7 Days from 10 am to 4 pm except New Years Day,
Good Friday, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day.

Admission Applies (See the Visitor Information
page of our website for details).

Temora has a rich and noteworthy aviation history
having been home to the No 10 Elementary Flying
Training School (No 10 EFTS), which was set up by
the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) in
May 1941. No 10 EFTS was the largest
and longest lived of the flying schools
established under the Empire Air Training
Scheme during World War Two (WWII). No
10 EFTS ceased operation on 12 March
1946 making it the last WWII flying school
to close. The Temora Aviation Museum
was established on the former site of No
10 EFTS, with the purpose of being the
custodian of Australian aviation veterans
memories. The Museum will ensure the
veterans contribution is understood
through re-telling the stories of the
pilots, engineers, ground crews and all
men and woman involved in defending
Australia during times of conflict. The
Guard House, Barracks building, and Engineering
Mezzanine contain photographic displays covering
the history of No 10 EFTS, ejection seats, history of
the CAC Sabre, the RAAF in Korea, and hundreds
of viewable veteran video interviews as part of the
Museums Unsung Heroes Project. There is also
aviation memorabilia throughout the Museum, a
38-seat theatre, and a gift shop. The fully fenced,
aviation themed childrens playground and picnic
area is complemented by landscaped gardens. All
Gavin Conro

buildings are air conditioned with disabled access

and toilet facilities.

Aircraft Showcase Days are held regularly
throughout the year and provide visitors with a AIRCRAFT COLLECTION
personal, interactive and in-depth experience. The Temora Aviation Museum has a collection of 14 airworthy aircraft:
Visitors can meet and greet the pilots who fly the 1936 de Havilland Tiger Moth - Serial # 3508 A17-691 VH-UVZ
aircraft and the engineers who maintain them. 1940 Ryan STM S2 - Serial # 474 VH-RSY
Informative interactions allow visitors to learn more 1941 Lockheed Hudson III - Serial # A16-112 VH-KOY
about Australias ex-military aviation history and the 1942 CAC Wirraway - Serial # A20-653 VH-BFF
men and woman who served our country. 1943 CAC Boomerang - Serial # A46-122 VH-MHR
1944 Vickers Supermarine Spitfire Mk VIII - Serial # A58-758 VH-HET
WARBIRDS DOWNUNDER 1944 Supermarine Spitfire Mk XVI - Serial #TB863 VH-XVI
Inaugurated in 2011, Warbirds Downunder is a 1949 Gloster Meteor F.8 - Serial # VZ467 VH-MBX
two day airshow displaying Australias largest 1952 de Havilland Vampire - Serial # A79-617 VH-VAM
gathering of ex-military aircraft. Attracting in excess 1955 English Electric Canberra TT.18 - Serial # WJ680 VH-ZSQ
of 20,000 spectators this world-class event is the 1957 CAC Sabre (RAAF) - Serial # A94-983 VH-IPN
highlight of the aviation calendar with the next 1967 Cessna A37B Dragonfly - Serial # 67-10779 VH-XVA
instalment of Warbirds Downunder set to take place 1967 Cessna 0-2A - Serial # 67-21407 VH-OII
on 12 and 13 October 2018. 1968 Cessna A37B Dragonfly - Serial # 68-108052 VH-DLO
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Aviation Heritage Museum

LOCATION more personal stories and medals. The Museum also has
Air Force Memorial Estate a small aircraft children can fly, a flight simulator for
Bullcreek Dve, Bullcreek, WA. visitors and a video/DVD viewing room. In addition, there
Phone: 08 9311 4470 are also several exhibits that now offer sight and sound on
Web:\museum an interactive level.


7 days 10am-4pm. Closed Good Friday, Xmas Day, Without a doubt the pride of our collection is our
Boxing Day & New Years Day. Lancaster Bomber, with either our Supermarine Spitfire
or PBY Catalina running a close second. The comment
ADMISSION FEES we get the most is how Awesome the whole museum
Adult $15 is and how amazing it is that you can get up close and
Concession $10 personal with the aircraft. The Inside Lancaster Tour has
Child $7.50 been a great success with over a thousand tours in the
Family $35 last three years. It has had a 100% enjoyment rate.
Bookings required.
Opening in 1979, the Museum has grown to become AIRCRAFT COLLECTION
one of the finest aviation collections in Australia. The Museum houses over 30 complete aircraft including
Aiming to preserve and promote our proud aviation a Lancaster, Spitfire, Catalina, DC3/C47, Canberra
heritage, the Museum has divided its collection between Bomber, Tigermoth, Sopwith Camel (replica), Vampire,
two buildings one chronicling the historical and civil Macchi, Wackett, Auster, Bristol Tourer (replica), Avro
aspects of aviation; the other dedicated to military aviation, Anson and a Wirraway. In addition we have a collection
in particular WWII. Complementing our numerous aircraft of kit aircraft and gliders including a Slingsby Gull Glider
are fascinating exhibits covering such subjects as the and a Scorpion 133 Helicopter. We also have over 5000
WAAAF/WRAAF, radio communications, POWs as well as wood and plastic aeroplane models in the collection.

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HARS Aviation Museum


HARS Aviation Museum is one of the largest and most We aim to give our visitors an unforgettable experience. AIRCRAFT ON DISPLAY
unique collections of aircraft in the Southern Hemisphere. We welcome photographers and provide our visitors Auster J-5G Autocar
The museum attracts over 15,000 visitors annually and with the best possible access to our collection. Bell AH-1P-BF Huey Cobra
houses more than 40 aircraft of historical significance, Boeing B747-438
many of which are maintained in airworthy condition. LOCATION Cessna C-310B
Illawarra Regional Airport CAC CA-27 Sabre
HARS Aviation Museum tells the story of civil and Cnr Airport Road and Boomerang Drive CAC CA-25 Winjeel
military aviation history in Australia. With over 10,000 Albion Park Rail NSW 2527 CAC CA-28 Ceres
m of indoor exhibition space, the facility allows you Phone: (02) 4257 4333 CAC CA-30 Macchi
to get up close to the aircraft and imagine what it Consolidated PBY-6A Catalina
was like to fly such historic machines as the Tiger Convair CV-440
Moth and Dakota of the 1930s through to the fast de Havilland DHC-4 Caribou
jets and airliners of the 2000s. OPENING TIMES de Havilland DHA-3 Drover
HARS Aviation Museum is open every day de Havilland DH-82 Tiger Moth
Take a seat in our flagship, the classic Lockheed from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm except Christmas Day. de Havilland T.35 Vampire
Super Constellation or the record-breaking Qantas Douglas C-47B Dakota
Boeing 747-438, City of Canberra. ADMISSION Douglas C-54E Skymaster
Admission is by guided tour only Douglas DC-3 Dakota
Our military history is well represented with a pair of Family $55 English Electric T Mk.4 Canberra
Vietnam veteran Caribous, the Lockheed Neptune, Adult $20 Fokker F.VIIb/3m Southern Cross
Catalina flying boat, Dassault Mirage jet fighter Child $8 General Dynamics F-111C
and the worlds last operational General Dynamics Concession $15 GAF Mirage IIIO(F)
F-111C supersonic jet bomber. Grumman S-2G Tracker
Tarmac Days are held on the second weekend of each Let L-200A Morava
THE HARS EXPERIENCE month, including Friday and selected aircraft from our Lockheed C-121C Super Constellation
Explore Australias military and civil aviation history collection are displayed on the airport apron. Lockheed P2V-7 Neptune
See aircraft restorations in progress Family $35 Noord 1002 Pingouin
Sit in the cockpit of the worlds fastest jet bomber Adult $15 North American T-6 Texan
Explore the hidden areas of a modern jet airliner Child $5 Piaggio P.166 Portofino
Enjoy exploring our vast collection of historically Concession $15 Victa AT.115 Airtourer
significant aircraft.

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Fighter World

LOCATION hand for over fifty years. The base saw the introduction atmosphere of Cafe Fighter World. Adjacent to the
49 Medowie Rd Williamtown NSW 2314 of Australias first jet aircraft the Vampire, the first main hangar, Cafe Fighter World offers a range of
(Newcastle Airport adjacent to the RAAF Base) supersonic fighter the Sabre and the first Mach 2 snacks and light meals, beverages and steaming
Phone: 02 4965 1810 aircraft the Mirage. Fighter World is committed to hot espresso coffee to warm your heart. For the
Fax: 02 4965 1940 protecting these celebrated aircraft and increasing kids theres the legendary Fighter World milk shake
Email: public awareness of the role of these hi-tech machines to brighten their day and of course complimentary
Web: in defending our nation. WiFi goes without saying. Stay cosy inside or venture
Facebook: outdoors to enjoy all the noise and action of the
Twitter: @ Fighter_World DISPLAY airfield. The choice is yours.
Exhibited in two hangars, Fighter World is a tribute to
OPENING TIMES 10am 4pm Every day Australias fastest and most exhilarating machines. COLLECTION
(except Christmas Day) With 15 aircraft on display visitors are rewarded The collection boasts some unique aircraft including
with a unique opportunity to experience the thrill and Vampire A70-1, the first jet engine aircraft ever
ADMISSION FEES excitement of these astonishing aircraft by being able built in Australia and A3-3, the first Mirage built in
Family $ 40 (Unlimited kids) Adult $15 to walk around, touch and sit in some of Australias Australia. Also of equal interest is one of the great
Concession/Child $10 most famous aeroplanes . Inside the two hangars adversaries, the Mig 21 UM Mongul B. The aircraft
Child under 5 Free resides an eternity of jet engines, piston engines, on display spent most of its life in the Polish Air
aeronautic al history, weapons, radars and support Force before joining the Australian air show circuit in
MUSEUM BACKGROUND equipment just waiting to be discovered. In the main 1992. Add to this the Avon Sabre, Gloster Meteor,
For more than 25 years Fighter World has been hangar you will also find the Norm Forrester Collection. Hawker Hunter, Aermacchi MB326H, CAC Winjeel
preserving the history of Australian fighter aircraft and Unique to Fighter World, this collection is undoubtedly plus Spitfire, Stearman and Fokker Triplane replicas
is now officially recognised as the RAAF Williamtown one of Australias greatest presentations of hand built and you start to get a feel for how extensive this
Heritage Centre. Born from humble beginnings, model aircraft revered by patrons of all ages. The collection is and dont forget to inspect the Sopwith
the RAAF Base at Williamtown was created out of Fighter World displays are conveniently located on one Camel under construction. For those who have
necessity in wartime. The establishment has developed level with easy access making it the perfect destination a more mechanical orientation there is a large
into Australias most important air defence and fighter for those with special needs and the friendly staff are collection of jet engines showcasing developments
base. Currently undergoing a multi-billion dollar always there to assist. from the pioneering days of production right up to
redevelopment RAAF Williamtown will become the the sophisticated engines of the present day plus
home of Australias newest Defence acquisition, the FACILITIES all the aircraft armaments including missiles, guns,
5th Generation F-35 Lightning II in 2018. The RAAF When you finish browsing the exhibition, stop and bombs and radars. Its a fascinating collection and
Base and high technology have been marching hand in enjoy the warm welcome, great food and friendly well worth a visit.

44 | F L I G H T PAT H
Airways Museum


LOCATION MUSEUM BACKGROUND air/ground & ground/ground communications

Essendon Airport, Vic. Located on Edgar Johnston The Airways Museum is an aviation museum, but with equipment
Lane, which is near the corner of Lionel St & Wirraway one difference there are no aircraft! Instead, the radio navigation beacons & radar
Rd. Melway Map Ref 16 C7. Enter via Edgar Johnston Museum houses a collection of national importance airport lighting & visual approach guidance
Lane at the rear of Building 44. that traces the development of Australias civil aviation flight calibration of navigation aids
Phone: (03) 9374 3905 airways system through innovation and technical
President: Roger Meyer OAM. Ph: (03) 9818 4950 (h) development from its beginnings in the 1920s The Civil Aviation Historical Society, which operates
Postal address: Box 6, 20 English St, to today. The story is told through artefacts, films the Airways Museum, exists to preserve the history
Essendon Airport, Victoria 3041 and photographs, and illustrates how Australia has of the Department of Civil Aviation, its predecessors and
Email: often played a leading role internationally in aviation successors. The Society also maintains an extensive
Website: development. The technical leadership of Australia and archive of photographs, documents, publications and films
Australians is a prominent theme of the Museum. covering all facets of civil aviation. A great deal of material
OPENING TIMES is available on the Societys website and Facebook page.
Tours of the Airways Museum are available MAJOR AREAS COVERED The archive is open to researchers by appointment.
on Tuesdays 9am-3pm and at other times by IN THE MUSEUM INCLUDE:
appointment. Groups are welcome. Air Traffic Services The Society holds bi-monthly meetings with guest
Check the website for special events. Tower Control speakers at the Museum and visitors are welcome.
Approach Control Other events during the year include Film Nights and
ADMISSION FEE En-route Control an Open Day each November for the opening of our
entry by donation Aeradio/Flight Service annual special exhibition.

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