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YOU ARE MY LUCKY STAR Lyric by Music by ARTHUR FREED NACIO HERB BROWN Moderato (not too stom) ( Sf iF t P— F Tee rie eeeeeteleeahas a ae Fae ee In My im-ag-i - na-tion Tseatchedthe star-lit sky so bright mp In my im-ag-i - na -tion the night. } TS = FF 7t ii aR aie = | And thenone day I found you. Howcould I help but re. al - ize — popes Ss ap == = mp a = ————== eet Sr Copyright 1935 Metre.Gelduwyn-Mayer Corp. New Yor, N.Y. ‘Copyright auigned 1935 to ROBBINS MUSIC CORPORATION, Ieterntione! Copyright Secured Publi Pes ae a = ‘My luck-y star was smil - ing— ee FA == => Right there be-fore my ver-y eyes, = saw you 7 Two love - ly saw you 7 If Gar- bo iF et r Teese er fr te er, eyes at me_ they were gleam is a glam-or-ous crea r — + ma Ban ail ca — SS SSS SS SS : You've o-pened hheav- en's por-tal here on earth for this poor mor- tal You are my Shear- er, Craw-ford, Hep-burn,Har-low and _my Gar - bo in fi i i