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2016-I Ciclo: II Seccin: 01-1 Mdulo II
Datos del alumno: FORMA DE PUBLICACIN:
Apellidos y nombres:
Publicar su archivo(s) en la opcin TRABAJO ACADMICO que figura en
[Escriba texto] el men contextual de su curso
Cdigo de matrcula:
[Escriba texto] Panel de control
Uded de matrcula:
[Escriba texto]
Fecha de publicacin en campus
virtual DUED LEARN:

JULIO 2016
A las 23.59 PM
(Hora peruana)


1. Recuerde verificar la
correcta publicacin
de su Trabajo
Acadmico en el
Campus Virtual antes
de confirmar al
sistema el envo
definitivo al Docente.
Revisar la previsualizacin de
su trabajo para asegurar
archivo correcto.

2. Las fechas de publicacin de trabajos acadmicos a travs del campus virtual DUED LEARN estn definidas
en la plataforma educativa, de acuerdo al cronograma acadmico 2016-I por lo que no se aceptarn
trabajos extemporneos.

3. Las actividades de aprendizaje que se encuentran en los textos que recibe al matricularse, servirn para su
autoaprendizaje mas no para la calificacin, por lo que no debern ser consideradas como trabajos
acadmicos obligatorios.

Gua del Trabajo Acadmico:
4. Recuerde: NO DEBE COPIAR DEL INTERNET, el Internet es nicamente una fuente de
consulta. Los trabajos copias de internet sern verificados con el SISTEMA
ANTIPLAGIO UAP y sern calificados con 00 (cero).

5. Estimado alumno:
El presente trabajo acadmico tiene por finalidad medir los logros alcanzados en el desarrollo del curso.
Para el examen parcial Ud. debe haber logrado desarrollar hasta2 y para el examen final debe haber
desarrollado el trabajo completo.

Criterios de evaluacin del trabajo acadmico:

Este trabajo acadmico ser calificado considerando criterios de evaluacin segn naturaleza del curso:

Presentacin adecuada del Considera la evaluacin de la redaccin, ortografa, y presentacin del

1 trabajo trabajo en este formato.
Considera la revisin de diferentes fuentes bibliogrficas y electrnicas
confiables y pertinentes a los temas tratados, citando segn la normativa
2 Investigacin bibliogrfica: APA.
Se sugiere ingresar alsiguiente enlace de video de orientacin:

Situacin problemtica o caso Considera el anlisis contextualizado de casos o la solucin de

3 prctico: situaciones problematizadorasde acuerdo a la naturaleza del curso.

Considera la aplicacin de juicios valorativos ante situaciones y

4 Otros contenidos
escenarios diversos, valorando el componente actitudinal y tico.


Estimado(a) alumno(a):
Reciba usted, la ms cordial bienvenida al presente ciclo acadmico de la Escuela
profesional de Ingeniera Electrnica y Telecomunicaciones en la Universidad Alas
En la gua de trabajo acadmico que presentamos a continuacin se le plantea
actividades de aprendizaje que deber desarrollar en los plazos establecidos y
considerando la normativa e indicaciones del Docente Tutor.

1.-Write ten advices about healthy life. (5 points) Include pictures.

2. - Make a word document and write the abilities of an system engineer.

Include pictures .Remember to use modal verb can. (5 points)

3. - Make a time line about you. Include the most important events of your
life. Use verbs in past tense. (8 points)

Review this link

1. Escribir diez consejos sobre la vida saludable. (5 puntos) Incluir

Leading an active life

Sedentary lifestyle only brings inconvenience to our body; therefore,
looking how to perform exercises at home or doing sports outside.

Monitor food
Seeking ways to lead a balanced diet that does not neglect
any food necessary for your body, ie, including vegetables,
fruits, poultry, vegetables, fiber and plenty of fluids.

Reduce intake of saturated fat

At this point it must be clear that we should not remove them or
anything, but not consume daily.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

All know the benefits of fruits and vegetables, how
healthy they are. We deliver a host of vitamins and
minerals, plus rich fiber, ideal for maintaining normal digestion.

Prefer whole grains and good fats

Eat well in every way, always with more fruits,
vegetables, grains and lean meats, maintaining limit
calories and saturated fats and observing the size of the
portions you serve.

No Smoking snuff is the most common form of drug

abuse and the cause of death is that most preventable, according to
studies done in the United States.

Maintain a healthy weight have been conducted research

that has shown that excess weight is a serious health
problem for many people, and that increases the risk of

developing serious diseases, including heart, stroke, diabetes ,
cancer and high blood pressure.

Importance of Sleep
The cells are produced and regain their strength when you
sleep, helping to keep skin in good condition. "A good rest
renews the skin, oxygenates and reduces stress," says
this important portal.

moisturizing creams and oils allow restore lost moisture and

are particularly useful if the cold and wind dry out the skin.

Careful daily hygiene

Daily cleaning should be done with mild products that do not
alter the acid mantle of the skin, non-irritating and are very
fragrant but help remove accumulated grease and dirt.

2. Hacer un documento de Word y escribir las habilidades de un

ingeniero de sistemas. Incluir imgenes .Recuerde utilizar verbo
modal can. (5 puntos)

Systems engineers are responsible for the proper functioning of the

whole system. They are involved in research and design, manufacture,
repair, maintenance and marketing.

Systems engineering is not only the knowledge of the various areas of

engineering, but making the systems work taking into account all the
factors involved. These include specifications and objectives,
development of systems over time, processes and methods involved, as
well as economic considerations, safety, and environmental quality. They
have to write reports to record the required resources, including
personnel, equipment, technology and finance.

Systems engineers can have a thorough knowledge of one area of
expertise, although it is essential to have extensive knowledge of many
fields such as electronics, mechanics, ergonomics and software.

A typical system engineering involves many different types of engineers

working together as a team; the systems engineer must be able to
understand and support the work of all team members.

Systems engineers should have extensive knowledge because they

often manage projects, involving leading teams of engineers with
different skills and experience.

Systems use computer-aided design to create computer models of


They must understand both the standpoint of the manufacturer and the
operator. Systems engineers also work with sales and marketing.

The list of skills and abilities, as well as the values and attitudes that are
needed for the exercise of each of the functions Systems Engineer is:
A systems engineer always has to be the ability to:

Improve the team with which you are working.

Must be able to express orally and in writing.
You must be self-learning ability.
Organizational capacity.
Numerical Ability.
Capacity for analysis and synthesis.
Capacity evaluation.
Ability to abstract reasoning.
Ability to present ideas from judgment, objectivity of judgment and
accuracy of observations.

Must have the creativity and ability to generate new ideas.
Values and Attitudes:
Socially responsible, ethical and democratic.
Punctuality, discipline and initiative at work.
Adaptability to work in inhospitable places.
Sociability: ability to treat people well and maintain adequate
personal contacts.
Self-criticism: ability to recognize one's limitations.
Spirit of cooperation: with the company or institution and those
around you.
Identity with the profession: a sense of belonging, vocation of
Commitment to the task: selflessness, responsibility.
Availability: assiduity and perseverance, discipline acceptance of

3. Hacer una lnea de tiempo sobre usted. Incluir los eventos ms importantes de su vida. Utilice verbos en tiempo pasado. (8 puntos)

I was born on 2000 2005 2006

October 8, 1990 Complete I finished Enter the
primary highschool Institute unsa


2013 2016-07-05
2010 2011
He had finished high
termine de actualmente me encuentro
Trabaje en la trabajar en la estudiando en la universidad
school wagon
machinery empresa de gloria empresa gloria alas peruanas