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The Authority shall consist of the following members, namely

1. The Chief Minister of Karnataka who shall be the Chariman.

2. The Minister in charge of urban Development who shall be the Vice-Chariman.
3. The Chairman, Bangalore Development Authority.
4. The Mayor, Corporation of the City of Bangalore.
5. The Chief Secretary to the Government of karnataka.
6. The Divisional Commissioner, Bangalore Division, Bangalore.
7. The Secretary, Finance Department Government of Karnataka.
The Secretary, Housing and Urban Development Department, Government of
The Secretary, Public Works Command Area Development and Electricity
Department, Government of Karnataka.
10. The Secretary, Commerce and Industries Department, Government of Karnataka.
11. The Chairman, Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board.
12. The Chairman, Karnataka Housing Board.
13. The Chairman, Karnataka Slum Clearance Board.
14. The Chairman, Karnataka Electricity Board.

15. The Chairman, Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation.

16. The Director of Town Planning, Government of Karnataka.
17. The Chief Conservator of Forests (General), Government of Karnataka.
18. The Chairman, Bangalore Urban Art Commission.
The Divisional Railway Manager, Southern Railway, Bangalore (with the consent
of the Central Government).
The General Manager, Bangalore Telephones, Bangalore (with the consent of the
20. Central Government). There members appointed by the Government representing
labour, women and Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.

Four members of the Karnataka State Legislature representing the Bangalore

Metropolitan Region, appointed by the Government.
Four members form amongst the persons representing the local authorities in
23. Bangalore Metropolitan Region, appointed by the Government.

24. The Metropolitan Commissioner, who shall be the Member-Secretary.