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Action is key, but before you can act, you need information, good and true information!

That is one of
the problems most people have, they don't know how to distinguish between right or wrong, they don't
realize the deception going on through several layers behind the apparent reality and they don't realize
the manipulation in all the new age/love and light etc. movements. They think by knowing about the
next layer of reality partially, that they are enlighten or they "woke up'! If they are making contact with
real information, which is usually hard to understand and takes time to assimilate, two things are
happening, cognitive dissonance and an unwillingness to sacrifice enough time out of their busy
schedules (the "Bachelor" is on, not now!) to gain knowledge which is a must know for their own soul
and humanity in total. That evil you talk about is very real. Nobody wants to know. I guess it's every
man for himself.