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Cahiers du Groupement Hahnemannien

By Cyrus Maxwell BOGER
Presented by Médi-T

Part 1: ANALYSIS : A Short Repertory ( Under Construction - summer 2000)

Part 2: SYNOPSIS : An exposition of the important and characteristic features of the most
important remedies of the Homoeopathic Materia Medica, with their physiological spheres of
activities, modalities and relationships
List of Remedies in the Materia Medica Portion: AAA * Abro. * Aco. * Act-r. * Act-sp. * Ado. *
Aesc. * Aeth. * Agar. * Ag-c. * Ail. * Alet. * All-c. * Alo. * Alu. * Amb. * Am-c. * Am-m. * Amy-n. *
Anac. * Anth. * Ant-c. * Ant-t. * Ap. * Apoc. * Aral. * Aran. * Arg. * Arg-n. * Arn. * Ars. * Ars-io. *
Aru-t. * Asa. * Asar. * Asclep. * Ast-fl. * Ast-r. * Aur. * BBB * Bad. * Bap. * Bar-c. * Bell. * Bels. *
Benz-ac. * Berb. * Bism. * Bor. * Bov. * Bro. * Bry. * Buf. * Bur-p. * CCC * Cact. * Cad-s. * Calad.
* Calc-c. * Calc-f. * Calc-hyp. * Calc-p. * Calc-s. * Calend. * Cam. * Canc-fl. * Cann. * Canth. *
Caps. * Carb-a. * Carb-v. * Carb-ac. * Card-m. * Cast. * Caul. * Caus. * Cean. * Ced. * Cep. *
Cham. * Chel. * Chenop. * Chim. * Chin. * Chi-ar. * Chi-s. * Chio. * Chl-hy. * Chlor. * Cic. * Cimi. *
Cina. * Cinb. * Cist. * Clem. * Cob. * Coca. * Cocc. * Coc-c. * Cof. * Colch. * Coll. * Col. * Com. *
Con. * Cop. * Cor-r. * Corn. * Cratae. * Croc. * Crot-h. * Crot-t. * Cub. * Culx. * Cup-ar. * Cup. *
Cyc. * DDD * Daph. * Dict. * Dig. * Dios. * Diph. * Dros. * Dulc. * EEE * Echi. * Elap. * Epip. *
Equi. * Erig. * Eucal. * Eup-p. * Eup-pur. * Euphor. * Euphr. * Euon. * FFF * Fag. * Fer. * Fer-p. *
Flu-ac. * Form. * Frax. * GGG * Gamb. * Gel. * Gen. * Glo. * Gnap. * Goss. * Grap. * Grat. *
Grind. * Guai. * Gym. * HHH * Ham. * Hell. * Helo. * Hep. * Hyds. * Hyd-ac. * Hyo. * Hypr. * III *
Ign. * Iod. * Ip. * Iris. * JJJ * Jab. * Jal. * Jat. * Jus. * KKK * Kali-ar. * Kali-bi. * Kali-bro. * Kali-c. *
Kali-chl. * Kali-io. * Kali-m. * Kali-n. * Kali-p. * Kali-s. * Kalm. * Kre. * LLL * Lac-c. * Lac-d. * Lach.
* Lapp. * Latro. * Laur. * Led. * Lept. * Lil-t. * Lith-c. * Lob. * Lues. * Lyc. * Lycps. * Lys. * MMM *
Mag-c. * Mag-m. * Mag-p. * Mag-s. * Manc. * Mang. * Mar-v. * Med. * Mel. * Men. * Meph. *
Merc-c. * Merc-cy. * Merc-d. * Merc-i-f. * Merc-i-r. * Merc-p-r. * Merc. * Mez. * Mill. * Mos. * Murx.
* Mur-ac. * Mygl. * Myri. * NNN * Naj. * Nat-c. * Nat-m. * Nat-p. * Nat-s. * Nit-ac. * Nux-m. *
Nux-v. * OOO * Oci-c. * Oenan. * Old. * Ol-an. * Ol-j. * Onos. * Op. * Osm. * Ox-ac. * PPP *
Paeon. * Pall. * Par-b. * Par. * Petr. * Phel. * Pho-ac. * Pho. * Phys. * Phyt. * Pic-ac. * Plan. *
Plat. * Plb. * Pod. * Polyg. * Pru-s. * Psor. * Pul. * Pyro. * RRR * Radm-b. * Rana-b. * Ran-b. *
Ran-sc. * Raph. * Rat. * Rhe. * Rhod. * Rhus-t. * Rob. * Rum. * Rut. * SSS * Saba. * Sabal. *
Sabi. * Samb. * Sang. * Sanic. * Sars. * Scil. * Scop. * Scut. * Sec-c. * Sele. * Senec. * Seneg. *
Sep. * Sil. * Solid. * Spig. * Spo. * Stan. * Stap. * Stict. * Stram. * Stro. * Strop. * Sul. * Sul-ac. *
Sul-io. * Sumb. * Symp. * Syph. * TTT * Tab. * Tarx. * Tarn-c. * Tarn. * Tell. * Terb. * Teucr. *
Ther. * Thlas. * Thu. * Thyr. * Til. * Tril. * Tub. * UUU * Urt-u. * Ust. * VVV * Val. * Variol. * Ver-a. *
Ver-v. * Verb. * Vib. * Vinc. * Vio-od. * Vio-t. * Vip. * Vis-a. * XXX * Xantx. * ZZZ * Zin-ar. * Zin-chr.
* Zin-io. * Zin. * Zin-ph. * Zin-v.

Part 3:
(a) - Table of the Approximate Duration of Action of Remedies.
(b) - Complementary Remedies.
(c) - Antagonistic Remedies.
(d) - S.T.R.: Supplemental Reference Table i.e. a valuable additional table for ready reference to
the Repertorial Portion in the Text. (Under Construction - summer 2000)


The "Supplementary Reference Table" has been, enlarged considerably, especially by
transferring most of the comparisons to it from the text of the respective remedies. This makes
for clearness and facility of reference.

Parkersburg, W. Va.

As long as old ailments reappear or are worse, without the appearance of essentially new
symptoms which lie outside of its sphere of action, we should guard against a repetition of the
remedy, or changing to a new one.


Symptoms appearing last in a proving have the highest value.


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Cahiers du Groupement
du Docteur P. Schmidt
Publié sous la direction du Docteur J. Baur

Introduction Introduction

Abonnement aux Cahiers Abonnement

Historique des Cahiers Historique

Biographie du Dr P. Schmidt Biographie du Dr P. Schmidt

29ème série - 1992 Cahiers - 29ème série - 1992

Présentation de Livres
Dr J. Baur : Homéopathie, médecine de l'individu Homéopathie, médecine de l'individu

Dr J. Baur : Les Manuscrits du Docteur Comte Sébastien Des Guidi Les Manuscrits du
Docteur Comte Sébastien Des Guidi

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By Cyrus Maxwell BOGER
Presented by Médi-T


Correct prescribing is the art of carefully fitting pathogenetic to clinical symptoms, and as
such at present requires a special aptness in grasping the essential points of symptom images,
great drudgery a mastering a working knowledge of our large Materia Medica or a most skilful
use of many books of reference.

It is the aim of this book to simplify and introduce method into this work, so that the truly
homœopathic curative remedy may be worked out with greater case and certainty. For this
purpose a combination of the analytic and synoptic methods has been thought best.

The spirit of the clinical symptom picture is best obtained by asking the patient to tell his own
story, whenever this is possible. This account is then amplified and more accurately defined by
the questioner, who should first try to elicit the evident cause and course of the sickness, to
which he will add all the things which now seem to interfere with the sufferer's comfort.
Especially should the natural modifiers of sickness - the modalities- be very definitely
ascertained. The following are the most vitally important of such influences: Time, Temperature,
Open Air, Posture, Being Alone, Motion, Sleep, Eating and Drinking, Touch, Pressure,
Discharges, etc.

A consideration of the mental state comes next in order of importance. Here the presence of
Irritability, Sadness or Fear is the ruling factor.

The third step concerns the estimate to be put upon the patient's own description of his
sensations. This is a very vital point and in order not to be misled it is always well to ascertain
whether any of the following primary sensations are present: Burning, Cramping, Cutting
Bursting, Soreness, Throbbing and Thirst. There may be many others, but the presence of any
one of these often overshadows them, especially such as may be due to the play of the
imagination ; which feature is in itself of more importance than the particular thing imagined.

Next in order comes the entire objective aspect or expression of the sickness: This should
especially include the Facial Expression, Demeanor, Nervous Excitability, Sensibility,
Restlessness or Torpor, State of the Secretions and any abnormal coloring that may be present.

Lastly the part affected must be determined ; this also, brings the investigation in touch with

By going over the above rubrics in the order named the contour of the disease picture will be
pretty clearly outlined and will point fairly well toward the simillimum, and the prescriber has only
to keep in mind the fact that the actual differentiating factor may belong to any rubric whatsoever
and also that the scope of these rubrics reaches far beyond the appended synoptic text.

For ready reference the following diagram has been arranged:




composite effect. 1528. thus destroying its symmetry and forming a distorted conception of the natural image of the sickness. RESTLESSNESS. Sometimes we can advantageously change to another potency scale of the same remedy. yet be part and parcel of them. This new fifth edition of the Synoptic Key is herewith submitted to all brothers in the work. The possibilities that inhere in the contact of the simillimum with the disordered vital force can not be fore-known. just as we do our friends. of the correctly indicated remedy. especially in precisionizing differentiations. the selection has either been faulty. W. but always reflecting the same motive. this also helps in making differentiations. The symptom features of many remedies have been clarified in order to increase their usefulness. (etc. This is the sense in which we must learn to know our remedies. 8. This does not. OBJECTIVE ASPECT: DEMEANOR. resist the whole scale of an indicated remedy. for certain effects must be more prominent than others. however. the remedy should be repeated in the next higher potency. Upon these depends almost wholly the final choice of the simillimum. It will always remain true. The strain which runs through every pathogenetic symptom complex has been called the "genius" of the drug. COLOR. Sulfur. for only the most inveterately rooted dyscrasia can. by varying its expression. and thereby help the prescriber correct his bearings. PART AFFECTED: Organs. SECRETIONS. To this end is this book written. is present. Cyrus Maxwell BOGER.things Mercuric" only. The Repertory is only intended to orient the searcher. an ever changing. Whenever the general benefit derived from a single dose lags. "Just so. before attempting to scrutinize the remaining picture for those new developments which must point toward our next choice. FACIAL EXPRESSION. Whenever the chosen remedy excites little or no reaction. instead of looking upon the new symptoms as indicators for some other drug . nor should this successor be chosen until the new symptom picture-disease phase-takes on a fairly definite or settled form. To give this its proper place in the prescription should be the ideal of every prescriber. Mercury. mean that all symptoms stand on the same level. Right. THE SYNOPSIS. Va." chap. Copyright © Médi-T 1999 Main . It therefore behooves every prescriber to use the utmost care in selecting the curative remedy. D. M. -cures. as Paracelsus says in "Erste buch von blatern. NERVOUS EXCITABILITY. Left. by their air or personality . What often makes a cure hard is the laying of too much stress upon some particular factor at the expense of the disease picture as a whole. To this end rubrics from my private files have been freely drawn upon. one of the fundamental miasms which calls for either Psorinum. The scope of its contents is much enlarged by bracketing the most nearly affiliated remedies after some of the more important symptoms .). have been made. as it were. TORPOR. ODOR. They should reflect a speaking image. Medorrhinum or Syphilinum. Only changes of proven valve in co-ordinating and assembling the significant features of seemingly disassociated symptom groups. is intended to make clear the general expression or genius of each remedy. Parkersburg. or what is just as likely.














. Chest.. Bloated abdomen.. Sleeping in sun. Light. old face.Main A SYNOPTIC KEY OF THE MATERIA MEDICA By Cyrus Maxwell BOGER Presented by Médi-T ABROTANUM REGION: Nerves. Can't hold up head. etc.. Stomach floats in water (Buf..).. Cold. Vagus. Veins. tremulous and paretic. from navel. SHOCK. Chilled by: COLD. Protruding piles. Dentition. in bed. Nightly backache.. piles with rheumatism (Coll. Pains in left ovary. Zin. P. Nosebleed.. into pleura.. Emaciation. prickling. NERVES: Medulla. Checked secretions. Night. Rheumatism. While sweating. Pressure and touch... weak. dry and wrinkled. Vomits much offensive fluid. of legs. Wet. of youths. Viscera: Larynx. Fogs. Face cold. Weak joints.).. ascending. Vexation. Nutrition.. etc. WORSE: Cold air. Distended veins. HEART: Arterial. Led.. Related: Chin. Pale hollow eyed. Exudations. can't hold up head.. Alternations. Night. Respiratory centre. ACONITUM NAPELLUS REGION: MIND: Brain. During menses. True metastases. receding gout. . lying on side..M. Circulation. Sabi. on forehead. irritable children.). Abdomen. after diarrhœa. Motion. Joints. Numb. WORSE: Violent emotions: FRIGHT.. . numb fingers and toes.. burn on touch. BETTER: Loose stool (Nat-s.. Cross. Sympathetic. joints. dry winds. Flabby skin. Noise.

Vertex... Miliary eruptions.). Inflammation. Toothache.). Heart. ANXIOUS LOOK (Spo. tingle. Delirium. HOT SKIN. Med. with epistaxis (Bell. Orchitis.. throbs in l. Congestion to head and chest: acute. on palms.. rheumatic. Repose. Warm sweat. bounding. grass green. Laryngitis. Painfully sore externally. Sudden. Cof. during sleep.. Carditis. DRY. arm. NERVES AND MUSCLES: Cerebro-spinal. TERROR..). HIGH FEVER. Congestion. hard. As of a hot band about head.. Agonizing dysuria. painful cough. Throbbing in teeth and in head. Tension. Merc-c. with pain down l. . sits erect. Urethral chill. WITH FEAR. wants covers. big. Dysentery. Coryza. Face pales on rising. red cheeks. Forebodings. Joints. Complementary: Sul. violently acute. often apoplectic. alternately red and pale. burn. < from every inspiration. Water has a bad taste. Red. Excited nervous and vascular systems. nose. bleared. mouth. Suddenly suppressed menses. Ant-t. BURNING THIRST. Faintness. remain sore or numb after the pains. in forehead or eyes. Violent rushes of blood to chest. red or bloody urine.). Inflammation: internal. Violent squeezing or bursting. Ign. Numb nose. stare. Hair seems on end. anxious. Chokes on swallowing. Remote effects of fright (OP. Red finger-tips. Left side. Stitches in chest. Everything tastes bitter. one cheek red and hot. lungs. craves acids. ACTÆA RACEMOSA (Cimicifuga Racemosa) REGION: Mind. Pneumonia. Itching. hoarse. throat. with internal heaviness. of death. in waves. Cham. Related: Bell. Violent bilious or bloody vomitus. Front of thighs... feverish. sticking at anus. Dry. congestion and pain.. or as if ice water on it. foreign bodies in. Convulsions.. crowds.. with more urine. Eyesballs. Projectile vomiting (Ver-v. or white. etc. or whistling cough. Sticking. FEMALES. burning in. frantic from intensity of the pain. ringing. prickle or crawl.). Bell.). etc. a big storm that soon blows over. < night or drinking. shaking. Ovario-uterine. Shooting in eyeballs. nervous. must uncover.. Nape. Eyes glitter. Bright red hæmorrhage (Bell. < after ices.. Complaints of heart worse from sitting erect. slimy. Head heavy. Powerless legs. screams. Sweat: on uncovered parts. crackling in.). barking. Cystitis. Crepitation. burning heat. moans. Neuralgia. Occiput. < hot days and cold nights (Dul. Heart feels swelled. Retained. Collapse. ANXIETY. wants to die. Dry.. painful effects. Robust habit. Acute senses. gnaw the fist. Beside himself. . Sensitive.). chest. Oppression of left chest. Music saddens. other pale and cold. drenching.. Pulse fast. forcible and tumultuous or wiry.). Cries out and grasps genitals. alternates with heat.. Parts feel numb. Hot. Face: glastly look. anxious. AGONIZING FEAR. Grasps larynx. Anxiety. impatient and anxious. Appetite: milk agrees. Pleurisy. beer.BETTER: Open air. or boiling heat in brain. bites the nails (Ars. excited. Nose runs hot water.. tearing pains. ovary. scanty. Sleepless and nervous. Back and sacrum feel bruised. Stools of pure blood. shining swelling. Croup with fever. RESTLESS. Respiration short. Palpitation. Pulse very irritable. Arterial tension (Ver-v. forehead (r. or short.. aches. predicts time of death. in eyelids. CHILL.

about thorax.. cardiac. clear urine. as if to fly off. < during pain (Nux-v. Variola. Sharp stitches in l. Itching soles. l.. etc. needle-like pains. back (Agar. BETTER: Warm wraps. drops every 3rd or 4th. . with a general sick feeling. weakening. sensitive spine.. Weak will. utero-rheumatic (Caul.. etc.. Myalgia. Vomits green.. Sees various colors and forms. Neckache.). etc.. Pale. cramp down. Depressed and talkative.).. cough. agitated. feet. up nape. Tinnitus. of pregnancy or alcoholism. Emotions. Open air. uterus.. Bruised. puerperal. Annoyances drive her crazy. shock-like. Head retracted. lumbar spine. Alternate mental and physical effects.. Pain at angle of l. with black borders. through hips and down thighs. hot face. Gel. Nausea in A. Lumbago. in calves. Drafts. combined with oversensitiveness. Trmbling. Thyroid aches before menses. backward from or to l. Occiput. etc.). Plumpness. A depressing irritant.. Waving in brain (Glo. < lying on it. Alcohol. of rats. Irregular. Slow labor with nervous shivers. < pressure on spine.. achings. more flow more pain. with cries. Ovaralgia. Nervous. causing exhaustion and low spirits. Muscles fatigue. seems bound to side. drunken sleep. Profuse. Arms numb. sensitive women. During labor. Small. or alternating with other states. or coppery mucus hawked up. Change of weather. Insanity before menses. swelled. Suspicious. shooting. Puberty and climaxis. feel big.M. with constant change of subject. Eating. < speaking. Heavy. ascends to eyes (l). etc. Delicate. beat. Heat and cold. in bowels. irregular. alcoholic.. suppressed. neck. Stiff. Caul.. Sore and tender along track of pains. aching muscles. ovary to ovary (Arn. with yellow sand. Gloomy forebodings. Cold sweat on hands and feet. Mucus on teeth.. Irritable.. shuddering. here and there.). of death. Compressive pain. Grasping things. Air: Damp. Ign. Mania. Pul. contracted neck. violent with deafness. chest. with arms over head or yawning. Wind. etc. Left inframammary pain. Cramps in limbs. Continued motion. Melancholy. arm.. Related: Bap. fidgety. holds head and groans. Sitting. Deathly fear.. dry night cough. as of a cold draft or heat on. of part lain on. Uterine atony (Alet. etc. Violent pains. Cold. .. Pulse weak. scapula (Chen. like a blow or pressive pain. Menses irregular in time and amount.). Alternate mental and rheumatic symptoms.). Sleepless or dizzy. excitable and jerky. changeful or alternating symptom groups.. Heart sore. behing eyeballs. Thick saliva.. Spasms of cerebro-spinal fever. pulsative lumbar pain.WORSE: Menstruation. faints. Incessant. fingers. twitching. temples.. After-pains. Throws head back. tongue. ACTÆA SPICATA REGION: Joints: Wrist. urination. Pressure. Night.. Vertex. Sees red flashes. Grippe. insanity. Pleurodynia. Agitation. etc. Nervous. sore or heavy. Burning in throat.) or Tendo Achilles. Chorea. Eyeballs ache. etc. Chilly females. Sees rats.

. Aching occiput... < bending. Colo. After stool.. Dropsy.. Albuminuria. Dyspnœa. with a tired ache. Tongue as if scalded. on waking...... Naso-pharynx.. Sacro-iliac region. Vesicles on skin... Paralytic weakness of affected parts. with vertigo... ADONIS VERNALIS REGION: HEART. can not move. Stooping.. ABDOMEN (R). Viol. Joints swell.. Walking. Lying.. Wandering pains. RECTUM.. Bowels as if to break. Sleepless... BETTER: Exertion. arrhythmic. Spine. Dry.. Stic. Lying.. Occiput. fatty... Mucus membranes: Naso-pharynx. WORSE: Cold. Urging to urinate. from rambling thoughts.. . Tingling. Weakness.. < when in motion. Hypersensitive to cold. tickling cough... .. WORSE: Morning.. Urinating. Complementary: Caul.. Epigastrium. BETTER: . Slight exertion. Kidneys. Thirstless. Related: Buf.WORSE: Change of weather. Vertigo.... from heart. Tight scalp. Spine and nape stiff... Heart weak. < touching back. Faint in epigastrium. Touch. with palpitation.. ÆSCULUS HIPPOCASTANUM REGION: Veins: Liver. Apprehension. Sabi. Skin. Night. Old age. Cold.

even speechless. Nibbling appetite. Piles... Violent onset. Lach.). Regurgitates food long after eating (Kre. Continued exertion.. Distress in occiput and nape. spine. Stool.. clammy skin. Related: Alo. Complementary: Calc-c.. Face sunken... Venosity. Heat without thirst. from over-work. Violent convulsions.. slimy diarrhœa. Frequent eating.. < as disease progresses. > passing flatus.. Stomach seems turned upside down. convulsions. feet. of several colors. abdomen. anus. Cool. Watery menses. Lumbar region or back: as if to break.. Nose sensitive to cool inspired air. etc. DRY. Dentition. with BACKACHE (Nux-v.. etc. throat. Pains.). Tongue feels too long. Occiput. Dizzy and drowsy (Gel. as in cholera infantum. Digestion. ÆTHUSA CYNAPIUM REGION: BRAIN. Mur-ac.COOL: Open air.. sticking. chest pains. Parts feel screwed together.. ROUGH or full feeling internally.. STIFF. Eyes turn down. dull.. dry. THEN LIMPNESS AND DEEP SLEEP.. Pul.. DEATHLY NAUSEA. purple. hard. Purple puffy parts. Over-exertion. painful. Rectum: painful constriction. Liver. Ecchymoses. < walking. external.. as of a knife sawing up and down. profound exhaustion and lack of reaction. Nerves. Deathly aspect. Laming. etc. Digestion ceases from brain exhaustion. Follicular pharyngitis. deep in abdomen.. HARD CURDS.... Lancinating pains. Bathing. Hot weather. as of a bug crawling from anus (Sul.. Bubbling at navel. Violent sudden vomiting of milk.. Yellow-green..). blue white palor about lips. Squeezing headache. Related: Ant-c.. Kneeling. WORSE: MILK. AGARICUS MUSCARIUS . Bleeding (piles). Can't stand or hold head up. Paralytic heaviness: of arms. . Lymphatics swelled.. it burns.... small of back gives out. HOT. Weak. Glands.. lumbar pain. Cic. White linea nasalis. VOMITS LARGE.. Sweat (cold) with aversion to uncovering. like a string of beads. Neck. like hot lightning.. Retching. nervous and prostrated. .. Throbs.). Collin.. Irritable. Bruised pain in sacrum and hips. repeated efforts at rising. Weepy. Complementary: Carbo-v.. Eruptions that itch from heat. Congestive catarrh. Reflex rectal symptoms. as of a burr or sticking pains long after stool.. RECTUM: sore. Crushing in occiput. Can't fix attention.

Painful twitching. then sneezing. Antidotes: Coff. a cold drop or a weight on parts. Sweats on alternate sides.. burning along. stiff.. as if from spine.. FREEZING..). Premature ejaculation. relaxed genitals.. Lumbar region. NERVES. Distraction. < IN SKIN. As of a lump in epigastrium. Chorea. Palpitation during coition. Pressure. As of cold needles. BAD MEMORY. . Oscillating eyeballs. cold urine. During menses. Hot flatus or semen.. Tub.. Circulation.. < stooping. changing place on scratching.. has excessive pain only. drops things.REGION: SPINAL AXIS: OCCIPUT. AGNUS CASTUS REGION: SEXUAL ORGANS.. WORSE: Air: COLD. Spine sensitive. Restless arms.. Angina pectoris.. Pul. seems short (Sul. Coition. Many symptoms (Tub..... ANGULAR. < EYELIDS or tongue. then parts stiff and cold. depressed afterward. Gradual onset. Peristalsis. as a concomitant.... before pains or spasms. shooting. he reaches too far.). BURNING-ITCHING (Ap. easy expectoration of flocculi or balls of mucus. Jaded rakes. Related: Phys.. TWITCHING. Gum in canthi.. staggers or steps too high. Headache.... .. Shuddering. Single vertebra sensitive to heat. Sad and despairing. Respiration.. Stormy. IRREGULAR. Metastases from suppressed milk. Pressure or burning sticking from heart to left scapula.). Cold. Exhaustion: Mental. Alcohol.. over affected part. jerky speech.. Turns head to and fro.. UNCERTAIN AND EXAGGERATED MOTIONS (Ign... IMPOTENCY AND PREMATURE OLD AGE. Chills or sweats easily. Heart.. OPEN...). Chest. Itching. TREMBLING. Hilarious or dull and dizzy. Eyes. Nerves. etc. Isolated coughing attacks.. Touch. Nervous and restless. BETTER: Gentle motion. Complementary: Calc-c. Cold buttocks.. repeats that he will soon die. . JERKING or fibrillar spasm. Indistinct. Skin pains when cold. Morning. > after stool or urine. Musca volitantes. Chilblains. > pressure or touch. Night sweats. as if drunk.. Sprains. here and there. AS IF FROZEN. WORSE: VENERY. Angle of mouth droops. MIND.. Debauchery. Yawning. Rumbling and fermenting in bowels.

. Sighing. Skin. with weak heart. with loose pultaceous material.. Scarlatina maligna... Rapid prostration advancing MALIGNANCY AND STUPOR. Bap.. Pho-ac. Spermatorrhœa. foul fauces. WORSE: Suppressions. Adynamic fever. sparse patches.. Irritative itching of posterior pharynx. THROAT.. Mottled skin.. return slowly after pressure. Faint on raising up. or vertigo < lying. Related: Aru-t.. Copyright © Médi-T 1999 Main . Cold sweat. Sepsis. Lacunar tonsilitis. Agalactia.. Crawling over body. Mind. < left. AILANTHUS GLANDULOSA REGION: BLOOD. .. Bloody. Lac-c.. Diphtheria. Dry.. Gnawing-itching. Acridity. Thinness... Face and throat dark and swelled. Sordes on teeth. suppressed. Sight of food. nasal discharge.. Deep ulcers stud tonsils... Related: Old. < eyes. Dullness.. Petechiæ. BETTER: Hot drinks. Raising up. Aching. Fetor and LIVIDITY. tardy. Eruptions in dark.

. holds it back.. Sensitive to odors. Painful talking. Acute colds.. ACRID... Spring. noisy.. FREQUENT. Damp. as fine as a thread. Forehead aches. Hæmorrhage... Flatulence. < coughing. as if to tear or split larynx... must grasp it. into eyes and face. Raw throat or larynx.. Helo... Constipation. ALLIUM CEPA (Cepa Vulgaris) REGION: MUCOUS MEMBRANES: NOSE.. Larynx. Anæmia. > free coryza or menses. VIOLENT SNEEZING.. Blood. BETTER: Passing flatus. profuse menses.. FLUENT. Bathing.. Always tired. . Tril. Bending backward.Main A SYNOPTIC KEY OF THE MATERIA MEDICA By Cyrus Maxwell BOGER Presented by Médi-T ALETRIS FARINOSA REGION: Female organs (R). foul.. Hoarseness. painful... Abdominal colic. tickling cough. wants to rub them (Scil.. Winds. Shooting pains. Frothy saliva. Bowels. Singing. . Related: Chin. Incessant.. N. EYES. Uterine reflexes. Left to right.... Terrible pain during stool. CORYZA. BETTER: Cool.. . hacking.. Early. Dripping nose or from uvula. Galled feet... open air. Watery eyes.. Copious urine. Senile bronchitis. catarrhs or neuralgias.). Heaviness of parts.. Nerves. Motion... with burning.. Wet feet. Debility.... WORSE: Loss of fluids. WORSE: WARM ROOM. smarting..E. Neuralgia of stump. Tendency to abortion.

Liver. Foods: Artificial. Complementary: Pho. Parts seem full. ANUS WEAK. gelatinous.. Burning in anus. gurgling in bowels. or lumbar symptoms. Relaxation and VENOUS CONGESTION. damp. < cloudy weather (Pho. Drawing. Sul. ALUMINA REGION: SPINAL CORD. Diarrhœa. Summer. Head. SENSE OF INSECURITY. solid stool passes unnoticed. ROOM. WORSE: WARMTH.. then hurriedly passes a gushing. Heavy pressure on vertex.. Piles. etc.. HEAVY DRAGGING... piles. Stool escapes with flatus (Old. Downward sensation. < abdomen. watery stool (Kali-bi. Pod. Sep. lumpy. ALOE SOCOTRINA REGION: ABDOMINAL VEINS: RECTUM. RECTUM. left. with rectal pain. oozes mucus. .). Heavy.M. Rumbling. > cold bathing.. Early A.. as of a load. Lower limbs.. WORSE: HEAT. . Cold applications. prolapsing. urging to. Internal heat. stool.) or when urinating. Complementary: Sul. urine. bed.. Mucus membranes. open air. etc. Colon.. mushy. etc... Abdomen. Kali-io. Related: Euphr. Sexual erethism (in children). BETTER: Cool.. Pelvis. Mental effects. sudden urging. Gelatinous secretions: post-nasal. not stool.. Stepping hard. Female organs. > closing eyes. (in bed). Skin. Potatoes.. passes flatus only.. rectum.. congested uterus. lumbar. Pain from navel to rectum. rectum. flatus.) or constipation. Lumbar region. Evening. After dysentery. Related: Lil-t. Speaking. alternating with abdominal.. Prolapsus recti. Head. Gel. like a bunch of grapes. A plug seems wedged in pelvis. Heavy hypogastrium.

.. slight things < the breathing. Confusion. Hot. Agitation. etc. Itching burning over seat of pain. numb.. Exhaustion after menses. Milk. rough. As of white of egg or a cobweb on face. Related: Bry... Coldness in abdomen.. > open air. Dry. Must strain at stool to urinate. meager habit. Temperature. Chronicity. Imaginations. Vertigo. Coldness of body with twitching. One side. flitting ideas or fixed disagreeable fancies. Dusky wrinkled... hacking cough. senile. Mind. also sprained feeling in.. As of a hot iron thrust through lower spine.. Hasty.. Open air. Tickling in sexual organs.. Spinal.).. Inactive rectum and bladder. etc.. Heat. Mucus discharges. hard ones cause severe cutting. etc.. or irritability and relaxation. staggering.. Heavy lower limbs. Painful soles. etc. if eyes are closed. Asthma: dry. strains to pass a soft stool. profuse: before menses. Teeth feel long. left. cracked skin. < talking. the sight of knives. nervous.. etc. Early on awaking.. .). Craves coarse foods (Calc-c. Sad. the heart. interrupts breathing. rectum.. falling hair. AMBRA GRISEA REGION: NERVES: Pneumogastric. trembling.. dry. Uvula hangs down. Intolerable itching from heat of bed. Induration. numb feeling (in spots). Timorous. Old age. WORSE: Slight causes: Presence of others.. in occiput. time passing too slowly. but slow of execution... increased desire. Moderate: Exertion. Sitting. Depressive mental states.. itching. pain extends to other parts (Kali-bi. during menses.Dry weather. loss of reason. Slow grasp. etc. Gnawing under nails. Chilliness.. Female organs. red ear.. Evening. Early senility. Dry.. Locomotor ataxia. Illusions of being larger.. Eczema. Plb. Symptoms suddenly change place. Worn out. Profuse leucorrhœa. Paretic effects. acrid discharges (Hyds. Talking is exhausting.. smooth. Bad memory. Festination. writing. Twitching low jaw (Gel. Does not understand what she reads. thick. Music. Peevish. with sneezing. Double squint.).. Bashful. Thin. . inclines to lie down. eyes. of mucous surfaces. throat. Big bellied children. DRYNESS. inactive. Worry. Dreamy. slow flow. burning eyes. Violent stitches in brain. Vertigo. Pains from rectum to ankle. Nosebleed. Inflamed. Warmth.. ebullitions. Jaborand. Totters.. General pulsation. BETTER: Evening. Antidotes: Cad-m. < teething.. Scanty. on awaking. yet overimpressionnable. Dry. . Embarrassment. Weak eyelids. with itching. Solar plexus. fears his own impulses. hence mistakes in speaking. After menses.. leucorrhœa runs to feet. Bones feel squeezed. twitching. Throat feels full of sticks or constricted. hard knots or bright clots of blood.. Stools of small balls. Weakness of upper part of body with trembling of lower parts. old look... Depressed. Sudden loss of voice. asleep. Chest... start the menses. heavy.). Constant. expectoration. Thinking of it.

Bluish. Aphonia. LIVID. Rattling in chest. Collapse of nerves and heart. BETTER: PRESSURE.M. Numb r. open air.. Burning heat with thirst. but gets up little. Related: Bar-c.. starting in nose. Active. Scarlatina. Nose stopped at night. DURING MENSES. Loss of memory. 3-4 A. DAMP. Internal. Locally. Violent headache. Old age. Dark. with weakened intellect. Flatulence. WEAK AND DROWSY. Loose or blunt teeth. Between scapulæ. raw burning. > cool air (Carb-v.. but soon exhausted. Red or mottled skin. Liver. Continuous urging to sneeze. Female organs. causing stasis. Dark. AMMONIUM CARBONICUM REGION: HEART: Circulation. Low vitality. Blood. adherent secretions. Asleep feeling of part lain on... Floods of tears. acrid diarrhœa.. fretting and unruly.senile. RESPIRATION. AMMONIUM MURIATICUM REGION: MUCOUS MEMBRANES: CHEST. Tips of fingers and toes. full. Cracked. with cold sweat and lachrymation. Bruised. Palpitation. bleeding gums. then eructations. thin hæmorrhage. Related: Ant-t. Sweat on abdomen and thighs. Copious leucorrhœa. Eating. Lying on abdomen. . then dyspnœa or weakness. or bleeds. Ganglion. Scorbutic states. < vexation.. if hands or face are washed or on waking... Raw. sore pain. Coldness.. Malignancy. Falling asleep. Increasing shortness of breath. Lungs. dyspnœa. Tender. foot (Sep. < coition. < during pregnancy. Menses with choleraic symptoms (Sil. Mind vacant.) or during stool.. Catarrhs. lumpy flow. dark. hot. Can't have others present when urinating (Nat-m. on biting. Itching labiæ. Profuse. Ign. Motion. As a lump in chest (l). Heedless. Shocks through head. Palpitation. Right side. watery coryza. Sad.).. Lacks reaction.. Depressed..). Mur-ac. Brain seems loose. WEAK HEART. Blood. Spasmodic cough. etc. WORSE: COLD: CLOUDY DAYS. Bones ache as weather changes.. Glo.. Peevish. < night. burning lips. it wakes him. white expectoration.. Gall-ducts. Averse to cold.. Bronchiæ. . Lach. Acrid. bursting in forehead. Carb-v.). Persistent erections. Lies down..

Morning (head, chest).
Afternoon (abdomen).
Evening (skin, fever, limbs).
Sprains (chronic).

Open air.
Rapid motion.

Fat and puffy with thin limbs (Ant-c.). Irregular circulation; ebullitions, burnings or localized
throbbings. Symptoms accompanied by cough or PROFUSE SECRETIONS. GLAIRY
CATARRHS. Hæmorrhage. Tightness, as if too short; tendons, hamstrings, lumbar region,
etc. Tired and sore. Festering pain. .................... Brain paralysis. A rough body obstructs upper
nares. Acrid, watery coryza; closing one nostril. Anosmia. Slimy mouth and pharynx. Pulsation
in tonsils. Tense, sprained feeling in groins; must walk bent. Scanty, hard, crumbling stools;
changing color. Polyuria. Menses flow more at night. Albuminous leucorrhœa. Blood from anus
or diarrhœa during menses. Prolapsus uteri. Cough, with salivation (Am-c.) or liver symptoms.
Can't breathe for coughing. Noisy, rattling, tenacious mucus in chest. Bronchitis.
Hoarseness, with burning in larynx. Pulsating, burning spots in chest. Swelled cervical glands.
Sore sprain or cold between scapulæ. Lumbago. Bleeding eruptions. Desquamation between
fingers. Contracting sciatica (l); < sitting > lying. Pain in or ulcer on heel. Chilly as often as he
wakes. Senses of heat; > open air; alternating with chill.

Related: Caus.


VASO-MOTOR NERVES: Circulation. HEAD. Heart.

Close room.

Flushing heats; then drenching (unilateral) sweat. Dilated cerebral vessels. Throbbings; <
head. .................... Blood surges to head; with fiery red face. Easy blushing. Migraine, with
pallor (Ars.). Aching, backward, along left floating ribs. Tumultuous palpitation. Constriction at
heart. Full, soft pulse. Stretching and yawning, with hiccough.

Related: Glo. Lach.


Nerves: Stomach. Skin. Palms.


Emotions: Anger, fright, care, etc.
Stepping hard.
Open air.
Long after eating.

Hot bath.

Mental and physical LACK OF POWER. Tremulous; on slight exertion, < knees (Stap.) or arms.
Repeated, DULL PRESSURE, as of a plug, or band. Dulled emotions, sense of hearing,
sight, touch, etc. Paralysis. .................... BAD MEMORY; suddenly forgets names, etc.
Brain-fag. As in a dream. Illusions, or fixed ideas; of duality, imagines others present, behind
her, etc. Cowardly and neurotic. Vascillating; at odds with himself (Bar-c. Cann-i.);
contradictory impulses. Ill-natured. Profane. Pressure in temples. Illusory smells. Bad breath
and taste. Stiff, swelled tongue. Gastric pain > eating, but < again in 3 hours. Rectum feels
plugged; can't evacuate even a soft stool. Breath stops on coughing or drinking. Cough with
occipital pain; then yawns and sleeps. Double stitch at heart; passing into lumbar region. As of a
heavy load on shoulders (Rhus-t.). Dry hands. Skin, insensible; itching, < scratching; yellow
vesicles. Dermatitis. Eczema. Easily chilled, > sunshine (Stro.). Clammy sweat on palms.

Related: Ign. Rhus-t.


Cellular tissue.

Terrible burning pains, with great prostration. Malignancy. Sepsis. Suppuration. Carbuncle.
Abscess of septum. Quinsy. Succession of boils. (Arn. Sul.). Black or blue blisters.
Gangrene. Hard cellulitis.

Related: Ars. Tarn-c.


Changing sides.

COLD: BATHING. Dampness. WATER (on head).

HEAT: SUMMER, of sun. Overheating. Radiated.

Gross feeders (Ab-c.), showing gastric, mental and skin symptoms. Lumpy stools,
leucorrhœa, skin, nails, etc. Strange absence of pain. Cracks in canthi, nostrils, angles of
mouth, etc. Gouty metastases (Abro.). .................... Fat, fretful, cross and peevish; cries if
looked at, touched (Stram.) or washed. Loathing; of life, food, bathing etc. Ecstatic, dreamy,
sentimental. Pustules in tarsi. Canthi red, raw, moist (ext.). Sore, scabby nostrils. Pimples
about mouth (Ast-r.). TONGUE THICKLY COATED, LIKE WHITEWASH (Ars. Bis. Bry. Kali-m.
Pho.). Aphthæ. No thirst. DISORDERED DIGESTION; food leaves an after-taste or causes
belching. VOMITING < eating or drinking; without nausea (Chel.) or relief. Stomach is painful to
pressure; gout of. Fulness in abdomen. Pappy or watery stool, mixed with lumps.
Gastro-intestinal catarrh. Voice lacks control, > using it. Aphonia from overheating. Violent
cough, each bout a little weaker. Horny or split nails; growths beneath. Shiny elbows. Gouty
pains in fingers. Footsweat; wilts the skin. Callosities on soles. Eruptive tendency. Warts; horny.
Sleepy and weary.

Related: Sul.


Pneumogastric nerve: Bronchi. Lungs. Heart. CIRCULATION. Respiration.
Lumbar region.

WARM: Room. Wraps. Weather.

Sitting erect.

RELAXED. MUCH SECRETION OF MUCUS. Old people and children. Complaints arising in
digestive sphere. .................... Icy finger-tips. Whines before attack, cough, etc. Crushing weight
on chest. Won't be touched or looked at. Prostrated in mind and body. Stupid on awaking.
Unwilling to be looked at or touched. Wants to be carried up-right. Mucus in tarsi. One eye
closed. Upper lip drawn up. Tongue: thick white pasty coat; very red or red streaks; dry down
middle. Flow of saliva. Craves apples. Vomits or expectorates with great effort. Abdomen feels
full of stones. Expectoration: gluey; suppressed. Feet go to sleep on sitting down. Shocks on
dropping to sleep. Asphyxia neonatorum. Apathy or easily annoyed; wants to be let alone.

Peevish, whining and moaning. Clings to attendants. Consciousness wanes on closing eyes
(Cann-i.). As of a lump in forehead. Sooty or flapping nostrils. Sickly, sunken, pale, bluish or
twitching face; covered with cool sweat. Papillæ show through white coat on tongue. Tongue
flabby, red in streaks. Craves acids, which disagree. Belchings, like bad eggs. NAUSEA; in
waves; with weakness and cold sweat (Lob. Ver-a.), loathing or anxiety. Forcible vomiting;
then exhaustion and sleep (Æth.). Violent retching. Sinking at stomach. Mucus or grass, green
stools. Diarrhœa; of eruptive diseases. Unequal breathing. SUFFOCATIVE SHORTNESS OF
BREATH; before cough or alternating with cough; a leaflet seems over trachea. LOOSE,
vomiting or sleep (Æth.); < anger. Must sit up to breathe or cough. Coughs and yawns
alternately. Thick expectoration. Capillary bronchitis or bronchitis. Pleuro-pneumonia. Paralytic
depression of heart and lungs (Bar-c.). Violent (lumbar) backache; < lifting; motion excites
retching and cold sweat. Restless arms. Dropsy of legs. Yawning; with many complaints.
SOMNOLENCY; with all complaints, or from warmth. Torpid, cool, SWEATY SKIN. Delayed or
receding, blue or pustular eruptions. Sycosis barbæ. Smallpox. Impetigo. Weak, quick pulse.
Heat coming from heart. Burning sensation. Sticky sweat.

Complementary: Bar-c.
Related: Am-c. Asclp. Ip. Lob. Op.

Copyright © Médi-T 1999


odorless.. Ovaries congested. Œdema. Asthma from hives. SKIN. Profuse urine. Head pains. effusion. Pressure. Amenorrhœa of puberty..). red tonsils. Suppressed eruptions. Orange yellow or tomato-sauce stools. sore. Burning urination. Scarlatinal otitis. coffee-grounds sediment. BETTER: COOL: AIR. Childish. stitches backward from apex. shiny redness. swelled. early prostration (Merc-cy. cystic. Air hunger. beat shakes whole body. BURNING-itching. Irritable. drawn in. Dysuria. Foolishly suspicious. Bathing. Nervous and awkward or absent-minded... SHRILL CRIES or pains. glazed or translucent pharynx. stabbing or as of a blow. chemosed. Touch. Red mouth or tongue. Inflammation. Heart. Larynx. conjunctiva or lids like water-bags. Heart. Blood. Musty head sweat. SUDDEN.. OVARIES... Eyes puffy.. Numbness. Purpleness of throat. Motion. > stool. Ascites. etc. Nephritis. Red nose. Profuse hot tears. Weather. PUFFINESS. prickling. SUDDEN. Grinds teeth. red. Angina. tired headache. < about eyes.. smarting. on straining at stool. but thirst during chill.. but drinks little. feels as if every breath would be his last. Hands and feet numb. waxy pallor. with suppressed menses. Bed. yet can't bear coverings. > cold things. Numb. fussy and fidgety or apathic. > pressure. Palms hot.. Drinks. ADIPSIA. Scant.. Fire. Squint. like hot needles. Abdomen tight. saccular. Œdema of uvula. . SEROUS CAVITIES. pale. Hot bath (Op. Cold nose.. right to left. Nails feel loose. to pain. PIERCING SHRIEKS. Cheeks hang down. Myosis. jealous. Uncovering. Right side. Must lie down. Diphtheria. Right tonsil.. bladder. Photophobia. Sandy. foul urine. Erysipelas. Sharp STINGING burning or bruised SORENESS. FACE. oozes blood or stands open (Pho. sting-like spots on. of eyelids or lips. Perforating corneal ulcer.. drops things. as if burnt. Thirstless and dropsical. ABDOMEN. < motion. that extort cries. Infections. .. ovaries. excitable. Anus sore.). After sleep. as if to break.. > cold drinks. Ovaries numb. Large urticaria. tumor of r.. etc. ROLLS THE HEAD. swelled.M. Panting breathing. rough eruption on. Tongue: vesicles on edge. Skin rosy red. dirty membrane. even of hair. Rapid onset. FAUCES. 4 P.Main A SYNOPTIC KEY OF THE MATERIA MEDICA By Cyrus Maxwell BOGER Presented by Médi-T APIS MELLIFICA REGION: CELLULAR TISSUE: EYES. Stiffness. Blindness. swelling. Painful hair. KIDNEYS. sensitive.. red. < occiput. raw. Face puffy or red. Meaty. WORSE: HEAT: ROOM. Nerves. Stinging burning.).. Respiration. BLADDER. Slight expectoration. of brain. SENSITIVE. nervousness. Scarlatina.

Bar-c.. Whistling breathing.. Scanty discharges.)... WORSE: After a short nap.. when hot. Diarrhœa. Pul. fluttering. Weak. Mat-m.M. BURNING HEAT. . right side. quick pulse. without thirst. Bewildered. Sweat in gushes.. Uterus. Heart. Aphthæ.. Rough. Enlarged prostate. with dropsy. Pains from liver to r. . WORSE: COLD: Weather. Uræmic vomiting. Drafts.. but water distresses. urticaria.Dry. SLEEPY. Faint. gushing stools. with dyspnœa. Lying. then dropsy (Chin. Chill: anticipates. Salty expectoration. Thirst.. irregular or intermittent. Can't think. and CRIES OUT. Uncovering. Digestive tract. Bed-wetting of old men.. Pulse slow. yellow. Complementary: Lob. dry skin..... Related: Chin-ar. Urt-ur. APOCYNUM CANNABINUM REGION: URINARY ORGANS. .. Weak. Canth. Nux-v. Drinks.. Irritation. Dyspnœa or violent cough after first sleep.. Merc-cy... Kicks covers off. Oppression of chest. Sneezing. BETTER: Warmth.... alternates with heat. vomits every drink. painless. Sitting up. Noisy. Sleepy. hot skin. Biliousness. but chilly if moved. Uterine hæmorrhage... BETTER: Lying with head high. Complementary: Arn. but too nervous. at 4 P.. with coldness of another.... < drafts.. Mucous membranes. scapula.. relaxed and nauseated. Heat of one part..... Antidote: Carb-ac. Weak and dropsical. Can't sweat. > slight expectoration.. Related: Ars. desire to uncover. ARALIA RACEMOSA REGION: Respiration. Sinking at epigastrium. alternates with gushes of sweat... partial..

Left side. ovary. Sticky teeth (Lach... Wrapping up. DAMPNESS: Cold. Right side. Related: Sele. BETTER: Smoking. then rage.. .... Bones. etc. Noon. Talkative and forgetful. Coffee. cartilages.. Cold to very bones (Calc-c. mucous membranes: LARYNX. can't get warm. < laughing.. Pale.. < using voice.M. Periostitis. Sore rawness. Loss of power.. Arthralgia. . . WORSE: USING VOICE.. Emissions. Condyles. Whirling vertigo. < touch... Bones. Stan. sallow and weak. Genito-urinary.. on retiring. Hasty.. Cold damp. deceitful. Foul leucorrhœa. Hæmorrhage. Shocks on dropping to sleep.. Diabetes. Nervous itching... deep. Enlarged spleen. Complementary: Ced. During rains. with polyuria... WORSE: EXACT PERIODICITY.. Slow... Exhaustingly profuse coryza. Violent pain in all upper teeth at once. suddenly cease. AS OF ENORMOUS ENLARGEMENT or numbness of parts. Epilepsy.. then trembles and throbs. Increasingly violent pains. Gray or tenacious mucus. etc.. ARGENTUM METALLICUM REGION: NERVES... Mental strain. Malaria.. Cartilages. eyelids or earlobes.. THICKENED SECRETIONS. Every damp day chills..). BETTER: Motion. 3 to 5 A. Hoarseness or aphonia. Testis (R). ARANEA DIADEMA REGION: Nerves. Nervous temperament. Bathing. Swelled ankles...). Weakness in chest (l). tarsi... > inspiration. gelatinous or starchy mucus. Zin. low grade processes. on waking... Heart stops. Croaking in abdomen (l). Blood. Easily raises gray.. mental.. Itching canthi. Chronic urethritis. over limbs. Joints. Emptiness or crawling in head.

Alcoholic gastritis. Emotional diarrhœa. Eyes. deep. ABDOMINAL. Crowds. etc.). Incoherence.. Lying on R side. Boring in l. Photophobia.. . etc. open. Nervous headache and nervous diarrhœa. Sinking downward from head.. Throbbing or weak spine. Painful coition. MUCOUS MEMBRANE: STOMACH. Progressive emaciation.. Left side. LIKE DEEPLY STICKING SPLINTERS. yet timid and anxious (Ars.. < lying on r. < drinking. Pul. Scaly tarsi. Food lodges in pharynx. Related: Lyc. Periosteum. Violent purulent ophthalmia. Shut in places. with painful priapism. loud explosive belching (Coca. Craves sugar. Violent pains from kidneys to bladder. Cough from laughing. dried up. Yellow. in a spot. Tormented by strange ideas or emotions. Hard pressure. Dilated pupils. Gastralgia.). Palpitation. nervous or flatulent. Astringent sour or bitter-sour taste and vomitus. < down back or legs. side. ARGENTUM NITRICUM REGION: MIND.. Sugar... Conjoined mental and digestive symptoms. or (dry) aphthæ on edge. impulsive and hurried. muddy color. erections. turning green. Head as if in a vise. Motion. Throat sensitive.M. chemosis. Swelled carunculæ. Fearsome. Cutting in urethra. impending evil.. bursting (Lyc. Migraine. Looking down. Nervous. ascending.. < night. Adherent crusts. NERVES: Cerebro-spinal. < gastric pains. up back. grinding or radiating. Ulceration. red tip of tongue. Complementary: Nat-m. Faltering speech. Laryngitis. which <. Craves fresh air.). ... Eyeballs feel big (Guai. > cool drinks. BETTER: COOL: AIR. yet smothers when wrapped up. Sickly.. frontal eminence. rigidity or twisting in calves.). gait. Paralysis. Dark red fauces and uvula. Bowels. WORSE: EMOTIONS: ANXIETY. Shreddy.) or splinter in. passing a certain point. Nat-m. Brain-fag. warty granulations. Dreads ordeals. Ischias antica. > tight bandage. tremulous and weak. VIOLENT PAINS. Compressive or deep head pains.. FLATULENCE. cause starting.. In room. Skin. Throat. Antidotes: Cina. sharp shooting. Painful. bloody pus (Hep.)..). Shivers through bowels. Eructates ingesta. hard edges..). Drinking. bloody gonorrhœa.). epileptic.. Suspense. Trembling limbs. Vertigo. like lightning. mucus stools. grayish.. Bath. Dyspnœa. discharged upward and downward. dark (Stram. angry. noisy diarrhœa. with much yellow. Urethra. as of a rough stick (Phyt. Peripheral neuralgias. loses his senses (Laur. Old. Parts seem ENLARGED or bound up (Glo. Weakness. Ulcers. Chill if uncovered. 11-12 A.

) or paralytic pains.. Nerves. After sleep. Sopor. stool. colds. Cramps from epigastrium down over bowels. Sprains. Suddenly shifting joint (Colch. puffy fauces. BETTER: Lying: Head low (Ver-v.. BED FEELS HARD. Motion. Petechiæ. of old age. Heart-beat shakes whole body. BLOOD-VESSELS. mottled skin. ARNICA MONTANA REGION: BLOOD. Fevers. Nerves. Bright red. Rhus-t. Thirst during chill. A very painful and offensive remedy. Apoplexy. Outstretched. Shocks. Hoarseness. Anorexia by day. R apex. etc. Shock: mental or physical. Lungs. Blood. sanguine temperament. says nothing ails him (Op. after the pains. Crushing pain.). or getting wet. taste. Has absorbent action. etc. Acrid. TOUCH. on awaking. Nervous. Catarrh of antrum. Angina. Morose... being struck or approached... Complementary: Calc-c. with an effort. Very sore acne or crops of small boils. Heavy lower chest. Physically restless. of the bleeding part (Fer. after labor. RESPIRATION. Weakened heart muscle. Typhoid. Coughs without waking. Echi. Cutting in kidneys. Eructations tasting of bad eggs. Troublous or frightful dreams. foamy.. ARSENICUM ALBUM REGION: MUCOUS MEMBRANES. but mentally prostrate or apathetic. stools. Symmetrical eruptions. MIND. Must wait for urine to pass. Sul-ac. Feels well. Red stripe down center of tongue. WORSE: INJURIES: BRUISES. After-pains. FOUL. Heart pains. Muscles. but it chills him (reverse of Nux-v. Involuntary evacuations. etc. left to right. Vertigo. Hyper. Dusky. VERY PAINFUL BRUISED..).. reverse (Ars. Bloodshot eyes. Overexertion. in dangerous cases.. all over. < suckling. Ruddy. drops to sleep as he answers.. . sickness. repellant mood. breath. Old age.) answers slowly. Progressive weakness.. Hot head with cool body. Coldness of part lain on. awakes in terror.).. As of a lump back of stomach. Digestive organs. Every little hurt makes a black and blue spot. Related: Bells. SORENESS. . Sore nipples. instant death. FEARS. Alcohol. epistaxis. Sepsis.. Erysipelas. Urine retained or dribbles. or cough causing cries. Brain feels tired.. > hanging down. HÆMORRHAGIC TENDENCY. Must uncover. Heart. etc. Post-natal dropping. etc. flatus. Labor. or full of lumps. Jarring. < exertion. then foul stools.. congested face.. Arm pains. Nat-s.). but canine hunger before midnight...

Anæmia. Increasingly irritable (Cimi. Early grayness. must sit up. Air. Wraps. puffy. TIPPLING. Fastidious... Acuminate eruptions. < affected part.. with anorexia. THIN SECRETIONS. LOOKS SEARED. Inveterate neuralgias. with burning. nightly. loathes odor. Pain over l. coryza.. Gangrene. Shocks on dropping to sleep. Heart. Foul. exciting shortness of breath (Nat-s. Congestion to head. externally...) AND IS VOMITED AT ONCE. but stopped nose. mucous or lienteric stools. yet tired of living. felt in nose. watery coryza. acrid. Takes colds. . Scrophulous ophthalmia. INSATIABLE BURNING THIRST. DRINKS. saliva. PUTRID. VEGETABLES. Motion. Suppressed. Burning tears. Falling hair. with internal. 14 days. BUT IT DISTRESSES STOMACH (Nux-v. Restless sleep. Company. ACRID. Uræmia (Pip-m. WORSE: COLD: ICES.. nightly. from ptomaine poisoning. FOOD. rice water or small. Sweating.M. Tobacco. ascends from coccyx to nape. intense effects. Multiple neuritis. VERY RESTLESS. from trivial causes. sweat. Nightly toothache. Sepsis. Frothy expectoration. Phagedena. AGONIZING FEAR OF DEATH. Suicidal impulses. Walking about.). < cold drinks. despairs of recovery (Aco. Serous cavities. DRINKS LITTLE AND OFTEN. receding eruptions or ascending. Bluish white tongue.. Pale. Black lips. haggard or distorted countenance.. VIOLENCE. Sitting erect. Rapid emaciation. lung. SKIN. Eruptions: Undeveloped. Oversensitive. ELEVATING HEAD. Sudden. Dropsy. burning . Drinks. Organs. dry. ANGUISH. dry. with biting. Scanty urine. Yearly. BETTER: HOT: APPLICATIONS (dry). Hay fever. with purging. but neuralgia. self-torture. Wheezing breathing. Bad meat. < odors.). palpitates. weak.). < slight causes. Pulmonary œdema. BURNING LIKE FIRE. sight or thought of food. Quinine. Whistling inspiration. Free desquamation. Nose colds descend to chest. during heat. in nose. Vomiting. SKIN. hot neddles or wires. FOODS. anxious and very weak. PERIODICALLY: MIDNIGHT. with cold sweat. burning.. baggy SWELLING. > cold.. COLD.. Swelled spleen. Profuse acrid leucorrhœa. Maddening pains. eye. must sit up. Spasm of eyelids. Restless. EXACTING. even during sleep. Restless and suspicious. AFTER 2 A. Cough alternately dry and loose. Dreams of death.. chronic. rough. CADAVERIC ODORS. dirty or shrivelled (Op. pulls her hair. Pain alternates between head and stomach or body. Eczema. Malignancy. > heat. PALE.. Infections. As of a vapor in larynx. etc. Low vitality.SPLEEN. Acute pain through upper third of r. Sensitive smell. black. anxious. Alternate internal and skin symptoms. DRINKING.. Cough. Stiffness. Lymphatics. Destructive processes. felt. < drinking. Lying on part. trembles.) or SUDDEN GREAT WEAKNESS.. Anxious. sunken..) or chilliness. Cold sores. Gastritis. Hives after eating fish. SHORT BREATH. SCANTY. after. Asthma. EXERTION. > heat. Sneezing.. Ulcerative tendency.. Muscles. Fault-finding. CRAVES ICE COLD WATER. bites her nails. Restless head.

heat. ARSENICUM IODATUM REGION: MUCOUS MEMBRANES: NOSE.. Ver-a.). Consumptiveness (Tub. Complementary: Nat-s. Erethistic weakness. Short of breath. Related: Kali-bi. Hoarseness. Skin.). dyspnœa or exhaustion. thin in acute.. Persistent. harsh or dusky skin.. Waves of icy coldness in blood-vessels or intense boiling heat. Weak heart.. Hectic.). Apples. Rapid.. irregular. Rawness. Lungs. Complementary: Kali-io. THROAT. BURNING.). Nat-m. burning or coldness in chest (Bry.). Nerves. Dull.. with insatiable thirst. Chills. . in spots.. Glands. irritable pulse. as of hot water in veins or they burn like lines of fire. Profuse. and can't get his breath.. Asthma of phthisical or psoric persons. WORSE: . Hay fever. gluey.. In room. Sul.. Eyeballs feel heavy. Digestive tract. with hunger. Old case of malarias. Nose drips water. Ichthyosis.. Colds. Night-sweats. yellow (Hyds. Coryza.. Debility. Air hunger. reddens upper lip (Merc. foul expectoration. Foul otorrhœa. Goitre. Lach. Burning heat in chest.). Exertion. Chilly. Left side. Pul. but unsatisfactory sneezing... Tubercular pleurisy. shaking. Related: Sul-ac. Windy. Larynx. cold. Thu. Dry. Heaviness. Cold.. acrid. heavy headache. with dyspnœa (Nit-ac. Kidneys. Hacking cough. Psoriasis. acrid discharges. Sweat. Scrofula.. Heat. WORSE: Weather: Dry. Yellow fever (prophylactic). Aching malar bones.) in chronic affections. Skin. craves hot drinks. Tobacco smoke..).. Brain. ARUM TRIPHYLLUM REGION: Mucous membranes: Mouth. or thick. < occiput.. yet > in open air (Aur. Yellow-green. Raw throat. with erethism. hot (Iod. post-nasal catarrh. Beginning resolution (Sul-io. Atypical or larval malaria. Foggy. BETTER: Open air. Heart. Blood. green. sensitive to.

.. wet winds... Cold.. Excessively cross and stubborn (Tub. Voice hoarse. the fingers or at one spot. . ACRID DISCHARGES. Painfully raw. NERVOUS.. Impetigo contagiosa. Heat. Irritation. Merc-c. Related: Ars.). PAINFULLY SORE.. Aphthæ.. inflamed mouth.. Raw... Singing... until it is sore or bleeds..). Hay asthma. cracked lips (angles) (Psor. Itching fingers and toes. sore. Raw sore throat. Copyright © Médi-T 1999 Main . fluent coryza. Pemphigus. Eruptions leave a brilliant red stain. yet grasps or wants to scratch it.... Complementary: Nit-ac. painful on clearing or coughing. Acrid.. Over use of voice: TALKING. squeaky or breaks. CHILD PERSISTENTLY BORES INTO NOSE or picks at lips.. Uræmia. Stools like corn-meal. RAW AND BURNING PARTS.

Caries. but intolerably nervous and OVERSENSITIVE. WORSE: Night. Ozœna. Sitting. hard throbbing. Bluish ulcers... hysterical. Foul. Numb about eyes. Fits of violent. Reverse peristalsis. Spasm of gullet and stomach. Everything presses toward throat.Main A SYNOPTIC KEY OF THE MATERIA MEDICA By Cyrus Maxwell BOGER Presented by Médi-T ASA FŒTIDA REGION: NERVES. ASARUM EUROPÆUM REGION: NERVES. Rest. Noise. Female organs. Pains extend outward. Foul. Gullet. as if heated. . Tibia. Left side. Rancid or explosive belching. sudden. Wind colic.. pressure. of nervous origin... Clutches throat.. Bowels seem knotted. Eyelids stick to ball. purple face. Globus. thin acrid secretions.. Heart seems full. Val..... Easy relapses.. Puffy. Clavus... pushing upward. Nose. Related: Aur. Digestive tract. Eruption of air vesicles. BETTER: Motion in open air.. Warm wraps.. Suppression. are associated with numbness and change place or are > by touch. Occipital ache > stool. Sumb. In room. Bone aches. Eating. Spasmodic tightness of chest. etc. distended. Full. Mercury. dark watery diarrhœa.. Regurgitations. Boring. Pressure. sharp sticking. Fickleness. stout aspect. Craves sympathy. Fainting. Flatulence. Blueness. Periosteum: Ears. burrowing pus. with high sensitive edges. Mucous membranes. Lach. Mind. Dark red swelling. Reflex heart symptoms. Greasy taste.. Hysteria.. WORSE: . Magnifies her symptoms. Foul.

Pleurodynia.. yellow coat on tongue.PENETRATING SOUNDS. Body numb. Short of breath and weak on walking. diarrhœa or rheumatism. ASCLEPIAS TUBEROSA REGION: SECRETIONS: SKIN.. Violent backache... of face (Flu-ac.. etc... with hepatic symptoms. > walking.. SWEATINGS. Colliquative states (Agar. yellow nasal discharge. Muscles. Emotions.). WORSE: Air.. takes her breath.. Shiverings. Rhus-t.. Stinging pains. Pericardial effusion. Ther...... Stools smell like rotten eggs. Painfully sensitive hearing. Violent vomiting... Lying.. WORSE: Motion. URTICARIA..... scratching on silk. jaundice. Contractive sensations. Chest pains. Cold saliva. Pleurisy.... Dysentery. . is unbearable. Vaso-motors.. EXCESSIVE NERVOUS SENSIBILITY. etc. Related: Calc-c. Lightness. with cramps in liver region... < motion.. Tobacco. Uncovering... Related: Ant-t... Castor. Gelatinous or shreddy mucus stools. Serous.). Sticky... Dry..... rattle of paper. Cough.. .... BETTER: Cold bathing.. Asthmatic breathing. in pleuro-pneumonia.. < lying or breathing. < odors or cold. or burn like fire. ASTACUS FLUVIATILIS (Cancer Fluviatilis) REGION: Liver. on right side only.. Mucous.. Glands. Deep breathing. . Related: Arg-n..... . Lientery... Tough. Chest (R). as if floating.. Flabby genitals.... Cold..

. Becoming warm.. coronary....).. in head. Sclerosis. Pimples about mouth.. Menses.. BETTER: Cool. Weeps from least emotion... yet sensitive to pain. . Cancer. Rushes of blood to head. Nerves..... Left side.. VASCULAR SYSTEM. Vascularity. Mental exertion. Drawn back feeling in eyes. Cloudy weather. Colch. Kidneys... cutting osteocopic. Indurations.. As of air blowing on part. Chronicity. ASTERIAS RUBENS REGION: Circulation. Bones: NASAL.. womb. Brooding melancholy. Cold bathing. WORSE: Heat. Necrosis. Liver. Cold. Heart (R). Female organs. Related: Murex. Intense.. Night: Sunset to sunrise. more to head and chest.. Mentally and physically flabby. Rectum. finally attack heart (Benz-ac... Sexual erethism.. Skull.... Mercurio-syphilitic dyscrasia. alternating with irritability or moroseness. Walking. Vaso-motor mobility. Extremely violent symptoms. Weak. glandular. Disordered affections.. Heart feels loose on walking. hopeless depression and suicidal anguish.. Cold wet. erratic ebullitions and venous congestion. Praying . Abuse of Merc. or Kali-iod. chest.. . WORSE: Emotions: Depressing. Music.. nipples. Joints. Nerves. it feels surrounded by hot air. Red face. etc. AURUM METALLICUM REGION: MIND... Pulsations. Glands. Patellæ. Stools of brown. Pains wander.. Sep. impel motion. etc.. gushing water.. open air... boring. Contradiction.

Symptoms radiate from small of back. Mur-ac. sudden. slides down in bed and lower jaw drops (Mur-ac. SENSE OF DUALITY. the bed is too hard. Diarrhœa. ACHING MUSCLES. HEAVY. Dark. Can't swallow solids. SORE. Fears the least noise. Soreness over liver. stripe down center of tongue. besotted look. bluish-red face. Cardiac hypertrophy. painless. as if to stop. Op. Weak memory. with heart symptoms. yet he feels too sick to move. Congested. (Med. Pains in zygomæ. Nightly leg pains. Hemiopia upper horizontal. numb or too large. Chronic orchitis. Painfully sensitive to cold. Mind. spots in body. excretions. on waking. Related: Arn. Bed sores. Falls asleep while answering or does not complete his sentence. Typhoid states. of pregnancy. Oppression at heart. Related: Merc. feels thick or is heavily coated. Jaundice. PARTS FEEL SCATTERED ABOUT. Sepsis. Uræmia. BAPTISIA TINCTORIA REGION: BLOOD. Lach. As if lower spine bulged backward. On awaking.). flies from mouth (Kali-c. Liver. Drowsy. Aphthæ. etc. horribly foul. drowsy. Grippe. < laughing.). Bewildered. at puberty. BADIAGA Cough. Rapid questioning. Left side. Violent palpitation. Fetor oris. Restless mind but lifeless body. Brown. Dull and confused. Rhus-t. .). Crushing weight under sternum < ascending. etc. sordes. Dyspnœa. mushy. Ozœna. dark or slaty. Fogs. etc. hæmorrhage. Red knobby nose. Sore orbits. Zymoses. Bronchial asthma. Dull. Aortic disease. Bulimy. Loquacity. Viscid saliva. numb inside but sensitive outside. candy. etc WITH RAPID PROSTRATION. Sweat about genitals. WORSE: Humid heat. Ragged ulcers in throat. Mucous membranes: Digestive tract. Gel. stool. Eyes feel swelled. Nerves. Ascites. heart. Hyo. Hyperpyrexia. SODDEN. menses. EXPECTORATION. Livid spots on body. etc. Hepatitis. STUPID COUNTENANCE. etc. stupid and languid. Spasm of gullet. odor of body. starting from heart.and self-reproaches. Air hunger. tumid mouth and throat. stool. Dyspnœa from weakness in chest. then gives one hard thump. gall-bladder. Pott's disease. excited by sweets. stools. Angina pectoris. Pressure. bleeds. Throat. Sensation as of a blow on occiput. sweat. mucous membranes. Zin. Easy vomiting. Dark red. DUSKY. Cold and damp all over. Tongue cracked. Spo. SEPARATED. Insensible to pain. FOUL. enraged by least contradiction. In room. Thick speech. Foul breath. Violent confusing headache. exudates. Vexed mood. syphilitic. BESOTTED. > standing.

. < vertex... Chronic bronchitis. Lying on: Painful part. Apoplexy. mouth. Adenopathies.. Inflamed mucous membranes. BARYTA CARBONICA REGION: NUTRITION. Burning soreness or vesicles on tip of tongue. Diarrhœa. Eyes. cervicals.) or marasmic. < blowing it. Enlarged tonsils (Calc-p. Cold: Damp. Organs. sickly. Pendulous lips.. Weak tongue. Cysts. Chronic quinsy. To head. Heavy pressure over eyes (Bell. Irresolute. Heart. Mouth. Left side. Changes. dwarfish (Med. Flabby genitals. Lungs. beclouded mind. INEPT AND BACKWARD. Childish. bruised sore. to feet. bruised soles at night. Acne.). Mucous membranes: Eyes. . Indurated glands. Lipoma. Groans from every little thing.). Arterio-sclerosis.). BELLADONNA REGION: Nerve centers. Chronicity. Senility. Brain feels loose. < wet.. Vascular softening and dilatation.. Pulse slow and small.. Forgets her errand or the word in her mouth. Too tired to even eat. Mistrustful. senile (Bar-m. Weakly. Old. Weak. if heated. Nerves. WORSE: Company..). Odors.. early (Calc-c... Wants to lie down. Cowardly. with lumbar ache. Con. Capillaries. High blood-pressure. Bad memory. Blood-vessels. Blood-vessels. Numb parts. Thinking of it. < suppressed footsweat. as if. MIND. HEART. SLOW. fingers. Sore spot in stomach.).. swelled like knotted cords. foul footsweat. Shy of strangers. Paralytic effects.. < menses. GLANDS: THROAT. Trembling feet. Erections when riding. Sil. Warts.. Increasing mental weakness. thoughtless behavior. Single effects (Agar. Skin. localised. > looking down. Torpid. warm air. Asthma. Hazy cornea.. Timid. Hot. Burning. weakened look.. Scrophula. Related: Kali-p. WORSE: Heat: of sun. Forced through a narrow place. genitals. Right side. .. Cold. Nose dry. Crusty ears. THROAT. Med. Baldness. tonsils. > cool air. Paralytic aphonia.. Syph. Prostate. Spasm of œsophagus. Brain. Takes colds. etc. Throat (glands) affected by every cold. BETTER: Warm wraps.

nocturnal. HOT MOUTH AND THROAT (Pho. Spasm. etc. DILATED PUPILS.). .. After taking cold. HAMMERING THROB. Pressure. hot FACE. red and dry. > biting. red.). Pains go downward from head. Merc.. Clawing or downward forcing in abdomen. Dilated arteries. Violent delirium. Must drink to swallow..M. SPASM. SUDDEN. HEAD SENSITIVE TO DRAFTS AND COLD. Internal coldness with external. Prominent. ferocious. Red streaked mammæ. Pain from stomach or liver to shoulder and throat. of quarrels. gushing menses. with cold limbs (Sul. Related: Glo. Over-active. Spleen.. pungent. RED. Pulls her hair. Hanging down. Skin hot. VIOLENT EFFECTS. Touch. Rolls head. Lurid. Intense dermatitis. Toothache. on closing eyes. SHOOTING or clawing PAINS. CONGESTION: TO HEAD.. Fiery red urine. Cutting epigastric colic. HOT HEAD.). THROBBING. Fiery RED. Tries to escape. but can't sleep.. or washing hair. Joints. of throat. BELLIS PERENNIS REGION: BLOOD-VESSELS. RESTLESS and talks fast. BETTER: Light covering. JERKS DURING SLEEP. DRAFTS. Sees red.. coming and going. Distended transverse colon. Red sclerotic.. discharges. Brain rises and falls in waves. but moist and dry alternately. Drinks in sips. Heavy. red. PHOTOPHOBIA. Complementary: Calc-c.. TWITCHINGS. Barking voice. Red nose.). Stram. Parts are hot. or alternately pale and red. on head. Stiff r. SHARP CUTTING.. Company. Erysipelas.). BRIGHT. cries out. Bearing down > standing. Scarlatina. neck and shoulder in afternoon. then prolonged unconsciousness. Enuresis on lying down.). hot (Sabi. brainy.. turgid. < lying on it. etc. then yellow vision. Rhus-t. of maddening severity. DRYNESS. burning heat. parts. hot sleep. LIGHT.. Early. profuse. Motion. Flashes before vision. BRIGHT REDNESS -streaked (Pho. etc.. DRY. Nerves. WITH GREAT PAIN. in repeated attacks (Nit-ac. < temples. sparkling eyes. Shocks. Biting mania.AND BURNING HEAT. Sunstroke. Hot sweat. Plethoric. < motion. > bending backward. Metritis. Stools contain chalky lumps.. > letting hair down. THROBBING HEAD. Bending backward. CHECKED SWEAT. FULNESS OR SWELLING. NOISE. Hyo.. Dry cough. Strawberry tongue. JARRING. Inflammation. noisy. Frightful dreams. . Rigid os. Hep.. hair cut (Glo.).< lying.. Furibund. vagina.. Meningitis. Swelled tongue. Sleepy. Craves lemonade. JERKS.. fire.). Back feels broken. swelled. Acute prolapsus ani (Ars. Rest in bed. CONSTRICTIONS. terrifying hallucinations. Blind attacks. Washing head.Afternoon (3 P. GLOSSY SKIN. Heat in body. Scant or hot discharges. with choking. Excited. WILDLY DELIRIOUS. Urging to swallow.

Boils. Tired. Wakeful. fagged. WORSE: INJURY. TOUCH. Sprains. Related: Arn. BETTER: Continued motion... Senile blood stasis. Wet.. Unbearable pains that drive to distraction. Cold baths or drinks. Acrid pus. Deep trauma or septic wounds.. too early.. squeezing or throbbing pain. < heat and > cold. Sensitive to cold. ending in shooting. Headache... Becoming chilled when hot... Senile vertigo.. ... Copyright © Médi-T 1999 Main .. Hard. Cold (local). etc. destroys the hair. Falls on coccyx (Hypr... Fulness about spleen. pelvic.. BRUISED SORENESS.. Left side. especially abdominal. Bleeding.. Impulse to move..). aching.

etc. GURGLING or bubbling. white. Meniere's disease (Sal-ac. mouth. grayish stools.. Lumbar region (hips).. DARK-BROWN URINE. Urinating. Dirty-gray face.. Lithæmia. foul. Dry mucous membranes... . WORSE: Motion: Jarring. Suppurating acne. . STRONG.).. gums. Changing weather. Bladder. Soreness. Uterus. HOT.. Profuse sweat. ammoniacal or odor of horse urine. Burning-smarting. .. Mentally and physically tired. Cold temples. of a pungent urinous odor... etc. Strong urinous odor of patient.. Fatigue.. Spermatic cord. Hygromæ (Am-c. without relief. Heart. JOINTS. < at heart or alternating with urinary symptoms. Cracking joints. As of a thight cap on head. BERBERIS VULGARIS REGION: Urinary and digestive tract: KIDNEYS. Left side. Sticky mouth.. shooting outward. as in urethra. Pains alternate with heart symptoms... Gravel. feces. Bunion.. insensitive to extreme heat or cold.). Cold... WORSE: Open air. Calculi. Bladder.Main A SYNOPTIC KEY OF THE MATERIA MEDICA By Cyrus Maxwell BOGER Presented by Médi-T BENZOICUM ACIDUM REGION: URINE: Kidneys. Liver.. rapidly changing or alternating symptoms. toes. etc.. like soap-suds. cottony saliva (Nux-m.. Painful pimple at tip of tongue... lower spine. Hard. gouty nodes. etc.... Sticking. Related: Calc-c.. about or RADIATING from one point. BETTER: Heat. Many.. Bowels.... Stepping hard. dry cough.. Copious. Changing or gouty rheumatic pains. Profuse urine. in knees. Foamy. Painful. Sees things in twilight.. Numbness. Rising from sitting......). night sweats. very foul. vagina. Joints. Salty vomitus..

Eruptions leave a brown stain. . after stool. Dry palms and soles.. renal (r). or in great quantities when stomach becomes full.. Coc-c. Chilly.. BORAX REGION: Occiput. Cad-s. Kidneys. when urinating. Crushing. WORSE: DOWNWARD MOTION. with cramping or burning. Intestines. MOUTH. which is vomited at once. stitching. Pul. Fistula ani. Dysuria. Urine thick. Everything excites sweating. Children. Pain from iliac crests down front of thighs. arresting breathing. Sudden noises. Torn loose feeling in epigastrium. . when the body remains warm. Gray or brown mucus replaces menses. WORSE: Eating. Black ulcers. smarting. Lyc. Colic. turbid. Chin. BETTER: Cold. NUTRITION: NERVES. yellow. bilious. Clear discharge from meatus. before urinating. Swelled gums. Genitals: cold. Apathetic and prostrated. drinks.. Violent gastralgia (Atro. with jaundice. Cold single parts. mealy.. applications.. Bladder. Fruit. Ox-ac. pains from gall-bladder to epigastrium. pale. sweaty. Cold.)..). or bilious after eating. Prostration. BISMUTHUM METALLICUM REGION: DIGESTIVE TRACT: Stomach.. tough. Motion. Food presses like a load on one spot. Internal heaviness. MUCOUS MEMBRANES. Related: Benz-ac.. Biliary and urinary calculi. Kali-bi.. Cholera infantum. Nurslings. along ureter.. wet. Vomits liquids only. Tearing. Complementary: Mag-m. Lumbago. Sore spot under (r) scapula (Chel.. Craves cold drink.. Burning kidneys. Itchy skin. red. pains change sides. Least uncovering. Stools.Pains from stomach to back or the reverse.. Backache with severe prostration.. alternating with head or face pains.. Gastric.. Related: Ars.. Skin. Foul belching. pinching pains. watery. overeating. Numb lumbar region.). sandy or slimy sediment. paralysing lumbar pain. Atrophia ablactatorum (Kre.. Bending back.

Tousy persons (Med. Raw tarsi. Acrid coryza. etc. DRY SKIN.. As of a lump of ice in stomach. Easy conception. Thick.. Restless in afternoon.. Colic. BETTER: Doubling up. smarting urine.. Stools: turning green. joints seem loose. Bloating.. Marasmus. Sticking or drawing pains. Heart feels as if on right side. Catch in groin on coughing. Uterus. Fretful. Dirty complexion. Eating. Awkward in speech and action. Related: Bell. with diarrhœa or menorrhagia. hot. Inattentive... Mucous diarrhœa. Clear. biting discharges. etc. anxious. acrid leucorrhœa. won't heal.. Weak jointed and nervous. after child nurses. Tough. heart. Hot.BETTER: 11 P. tender. drops things. Nephritis. Menses early. stutters. Violent palpitation. fickle. < menses. etc. as if to fall. Puffy.. SKIN.. Weak memory. BROMUM . Getting warm. Oozing hæmorrhage. WORSE: Menses. Eructations when painful parts are pressed. < wet weather. < deep breath and > hard pressure. Kidneys. Visible palpitation. Chill during pains.. flow between periods. Poorly nourished.. Starts at trifles. intercostal.. Albuminous leucorrhœa. Full moon. Cystitis.): frowsy hair.. then weakness.. starts from sleep. Membranous dysmenorrhœa. in soles. Sul... Gummy. Stitch in right chest.. Enlarged feeling.. . Aphtous. Dry. Weak calves. Itching eruptions. Shrivelled skin or mucous membranes. Short breath on using hands.. Eczema. pussy... aphthous mouth. Griping toothache.. Loose. soft and flabby.. The Carbons.. Hives. fidgety. Limbs tremble. Palate hard and wrinkled. > eating.. Confusion on awaking. head. indented tongue.. Hot head of babies. Numb mouth. Heat in single parts. acrid. Pain in opposite breast. Anxious cries during sleep. catarrhal tendency. they cry and scream when nursing or before passing stool or urine. at 10 A. Sweat on stomach.. palms. easy indentation. Fears downward motion.. mouth.M. crusty eyelids and nostrils.. Itching coccyx. Nervous. more at night. Puffy face. Ustil... vagina. forming thick crusts or scabs. repulsive stools. < night.. Dry cracked tongue. etc. hot. Frightened at every noise. Hæmorrhagic-herpetic diathesis. pasty leucorrhœa. Clear.. BOVISTA REGION: CIRCULATION: HEART. tangles at ends. Mother's milk is thick and tastes badly. sudden sounds. less if in motion. . like boiled starch. bloody mucus. Red nose of young women. Itching on back of hands. Nausea when thinking hard. Eczema... as child nurses. Averse to coition. Laxness. Diarrhœa. Heavy painful legs. oozing.). General puffiness. before stool. thick. etc. Nose stops on lying down.M. with pus beneath (Mez.. festers easily. Related: Ap. Red about eyes. Weak hands. Empty feeling in mammæ. A wedge presses into occiput. pappy.. Entropion. Blood-streaked or mouldy expectoration.

chest). Weak and easily overheated. Boring in bones. Drafts. Sep. Asthma. while hot. Related: Lach. Nosebleed. JOINTS. Ovaries. Motor apparatus: Nerves. Even a small goitre oppresses. Wants to take a deep breath. Asthma of sailors going ashore. VEXATION. WORSE: MOTION: LEAST RAISING UP. Circulation. Scrophulous blondes. Samb. Thyroid. glandular enlargement.. Room. Lungs feel coated with down. At sea. cold or raw. . COUGHING. burning coryza. WORSE: WARM: DAMPNESS.REGION: LARYNX.. Head congested.. Vegetables. but it excites cough.. Motion. CIRCULATION. Right side.... STOOPING.. Nervous palpitation.. Muscles. Colds start in larynx. fears a stroke. Suffocative fits. glandular induration or membranous formations. Heart. ABDOMEN. Spasm of glottis. Glands: Parotid. Mammæ. white expectoration. Calomel. DEEP BREATHING. he starts up choked with croupy or wheezing cough. < if heated. Flatus from vagina.. Acids. HOT: BECOMING. Constrictions... Overheating. Slow. Diphtheritic croup. SEROUS MEMBRANES: HEAD. Dust. Until midnight... BETTER: Nosebleed (vertigo.) and downward. or with palpitation. Cellular tissue. Chilled while hot. EXERTION. Drinking. .. Thick. Liver. RESPIRATION. BRYONIA REGION: Blood. Acrid.. then sweaty and sensitive to drafts. Face seems drawn to a point at nose. Touch. go upward (Merc.. Sea bathing. Cardiac hypertrophy. EATING. ROOM.. Inhaled air seems smoky. Deep hoarseness. head. CHEST.. Dry: Heat. Weather. Cold. Lymphatics.

. VERY HARD STOOLS. Delirium. Right chest. as if from stomach.. fronto-occipital. Interscapular numbness or pain going to epigastrium or from l. parched. INFLAMMATION. Vertigo. dreams of hard work. eruptions. Constipation. side. < moving eyes. SPLITTING OR HEAVY crushing headache. scapula. damp days. but can't. Eyeballs sore. irritable and ugly. Tongue very dry. < cabbage. with < of all symptoms.. Jaundice. Sour or oily sweat. < hot weather. FOR LARGE DRINKS. LARGE. . sore liver. HARD. < stooping. adherent secretions. as if burnt. Chest. cracked lips. burning. SHARP STITCHES IN CHEST. Related: Phyt. burning heat. Chill. Bandage. VERY PAINFUL COUGH.. < lying on r.M.. Chewing motions. vicarious. Dry. Dry. STITCHING or heavy. Slowly advancing. Lyc. Pleurisy. in joints. BURSTING. straining at stool. or vomitus. Scanty. tender epigastrium. Peritonitis. DIZZY OR FAINT ON RAISING UP.. Appendicitis. Sensitive scalp. Loathing. Craves what he can't relish. Soapy saliva. . catarrhal.. Blood-streaked or tough expectoration. < eating or drinking. Nat-m.). Oily hair. BITTER TASTE. Heat to inflamed part. Dry mouth. Pain over l. Wants to take a deep breath. Lumps of tough mucus after stool. Wants to be let alone or go home.. etc. sore pain. Nausea. typhoid. Bronchitis. Suppressions or non-appearing discharges. eye. Descending colds. etc. pains behind. < warm room. Heavy.Suppressions. felt in occiput. chest or head. > lying on it. red at base.. FULL. Hawks brown lumps from posterior nares. Taking cold. coated along center. Wagging lower jaw. Pneumonia (r. THIRST. Lumbago. Dull. Gushing diarrhœa on rising. CIRCULATION. Heavy.. Painful. mushy stool. taciturn. COOL OPEN AIR. Groins sore before menses. coughing. before menses.. Yellow. continued fevers. QUIET. going backward.. every hair pains. Dryness of the mucous membranes.. on coughing holds sides. rusty expectoration. Throbbing. Nosebleed.. Head. Rhus-t. BETTER: PRESSURE: LYING ON PAINFUL PART. DRY. Dark red face. etc. HARD PULSE.. Drawing knees up. blood seems hot. Very painful effects. QUICK. after suppressions. Dryness everywhere. Complementary: Alu. or it excites cough. etc. localizing in unyielding tissues. DRY. AVERSE TO LEAST MOTION.. Streaks of red. Early A. or at r. Vicarious menstruation. friction sound.. even of distant parts. Gastro-bilious-rheumatic type. BURSTING. Cloudy. forcible processes.. Dry. Undeveloped measles. to heart. hard mammæ. exudation. Congestion. BUFO (See Rana Bufo) BURSA PASTORIS (See Thlaspi Bursa Pastoris) CACTUS GRANDIFLORUS REGION: HEART (muscle). Heavy load in stomach. etc. rough. Milk fever. hard breasts before menses.. Stony.. Determined. with hot head and red face. right.

Cough.. Ozœna.. Irregular circulation. intermittent beat. not > covering. Cold. Hot gushings into chest. As of a weight on vertex or chest. stitches. Strong pulsations in odd places.). from heart affections. Related: Zin. Nux-v.. Least motion. Suffocates on dropping to sleep.... BY AN IRON HAND. which are vomited at once. Violent congestion. or 11 P.... chest.M. BETTER: Open air. cease on lying.. Chest contracted. Pains that extort cries. Circular muscles.. As if an iron band about chest. Periodical neuralgias. 10-11 A. Fingers tingle. seems to turn over (Lach. Pressure on vertex. Numb left arm. rattling. Grap. (Bar-c. heart. HÆMORRHAGE. Craves little drinks of cold water. CONSTRICTIONS. Coc-c. Related: Aco. Faintness on rising. On occiput. Med. Menses lumpy. HEART FEELS CLUTCHED AND RELEASES ALTERNATELY.. Red face.M. .). Exertion. Periodically.. irritable. CADMIUM SULFURICUM REGION: Stomach. Night. behind stomach. Chill. Nausea. with asthma. Copyright © Médi-T 1999 Main . Localised pulsations. WORSE: Lying: On left side.. Sul.. Respiration.. neck. WORSE: Raising up.. or feels it expand and contract. that compels quiet to avoid vomiting. black.. body feels tight or wrapped..

SHIFTING SYMPTOMS. in A. Epigastrium. Styes. Anæmia.Main A SYNOPTIC KEY OF THE MATERIA MEDICA By Cyrus Maxwell BOGER Presented by Médi-T PULSATILLA REGION: MIND.. stopped on lying or in room. Licks lips... then suddenly ceasing. etc. Blind attacks.. Phlegmasia. hands. bloody... menses. Metastases. Nausea. BOWELS. tearing or ulcerative pain. one side (L). cutting. milk. without thirst. SUPPRESSIONS. Gentle motion. REST. lochia.. Whining. going to part lain on. Right heart. Eyes. STOMACH. Respiration. CHANGEFUL. Ices. part lain on. THIRSTLESS.. Can't lie with head low. BED. feet. Iron.. WEEPY. Slimy mouth or dry. rising to a certain pitch. Alternate sides of throat or neck. Pale. . Uncovering. < coughing. Numbness. VEINS. < eating. BEGINNING MOTION. HEAVY OR DERANGED STOMACH. Sudden loathing.. TIMID. THICK. greasy. Nightly earache. sticky lids. OPEN AIR. FRESH. PREGNANCY. MUCOUS MEMBRANES: TONGUE. vicarious.. Alternations. Long after. passive. Before menses. EATING: RICH FOOD. SUPPRESSIONS. One side. Bad breath. Pale face.. fill with tears (acrid) or seem covered. MILD. Craves acids or what disagrees. .. colds affect the. Easily offended.. YELLOW-GREEN DISCHARGES. Quinine. Jerking.. WORSE: WARMTH: AIR. Craves sympathy. FEMALE AND GENITO-URINARY ORGANS. < wind. Tongue feels scalded. Drawing toothache. SHORT OF BREATH AND CHILLY. etc. > cold. Continued motion. Heart-burn. Eggs. EMOTIONAL. LYING. unilateral. Foul discharge or bad odor before nose. bitter mucus. ROOM. EVENING.. Averse to water or fats. Venosity. PROFUSE. Occipital ache.. gonorrhœal. BLAND. PUBERTY. Taste bad. ERECT POSTURE. After a good cry. FATS. < menses. ophthalmia. BETTER: COLD. Peeling cracked lips. Hæmorrhage.M. Headache start in vertex. Food leaves an after-taste or lodges in throat. chilly blondes. Anosmia. Clothes. Coryza. Blepharitis. Profuse sweat on scalp. Getting feet wet. Crack in center of lower lip. with digestive or menstrual disorders... pulsation. otorrhœa.. Discouraged.

Aching. Sore stitch beneath clavicles. from tickling in epigastrium. green mucus. Echi. Leucorrhœa. absent. Ulcers. Nausea. MENSES DARK. Throbbings. Thyr. Veins full. Chilly. Excited.. with sweat. Violent. After pains. Weak labor pains. Complementary: Ars.. Bearing down. taste. without relief. Acute periostitis. Bloody emissions. < lying on l. smooth tongue. Sweat. Dysmenorrhœa. Chilly.) or the reverse. sweet. PYROGENIUM REGION: BLOOD. > very hot drinks. felt in bones. Puerperal sepsis.. Cold sweat on legs. big or full. SCANTY. Sticking in tibia. Lies with hands over head.). AIR HUNGER. backs of feet. Lower limbs. involuntary on lying. Adhesive urinary sediment. secretions. SORE and prostrate. Sweet taste. Sudden pulsation. aching. slimy. side. Ars. Zin. BRUISED. Sensation as of a stone rolling in bladder. Chills start between scapulæ.. alternate sides. Spi. Sil.. Kali-bi. < lying.. Heavy pressure on or cramp in bladder... Enlarged prostate. Retained placenta. WORSE: Cold damp. Anxious and sensitive. IN A WARM ROOM.. Grap. > tight band. milky. spermatic cord. < bathing. Orchitis.. Feels heart. Throbbing headache. at night. Fever. Quickly oscillating temperature. must sit up. Mammæ. cold. milk in virgin. Foul. Rosy. Hallucinations. The nails threaten to fly off. Swelled glands. Confused. Asthma from suppressions. Numb elbows. salt. Bap. Disgust at his own body odor. Bone pains. Sensation as of a cap on the head. Hard rocking. expectorates bitter or salty as it loosens up. Bed seems hard. sore. Motion: Constant change of position. as of a heavy stone. pains down. < neck (Bell. etc. varicose. Piles. if heated. numb. < lying. Rolls head side to side. throbbing headache. wants to breathe heat of fire. Chest oppressed. Ham.. at puberty. Sep. Muscles. One hand cold. Pains are > during hot stage. irregular. Rapid ideation. varicose. purulent (Cetrar. Follows: Lach. dry hacking. Feels like menstruating. Awakes confused or tired. BETTER: Heat. as by a load. Slowly advancing hectic. as if tired.. . at menses. changeable. Sense of duality. Measles. pains into groins. bilious. Swelled joints. then dry evening cough. red streaks.. etc. painful. Disturbed dreams. > cool air and motion.).. on lying down at night. gonorrhœal. Burning down l. Hot bath. Circulation.Abdomen. Wants to inhale heat of fire.. yet restless. < after midnight. followed by blood. Day sleepiness. with fever and intense restlessness. Nat-s. Palpitation. as if from abdomen. Related: Ap. Expectoration thick.. Pressure. Cough. Kali-bi. OUT OF ALL PROPORTION TO TEMPERATURE (Lil-t. glistening areolæ. Loquacious. Partial sweat. Cimi. Loose morning. heavy legs. with the pain.. Stools. yet averse to heat. Skin itches on being heated. scanty milk. Nocturnal enuresis.. Feels as if he covered the whole bed. Foul foot-sweat. Related: Anthraxin. vicarious. PULSE QUICK. Purring at heart. Heart. aching lump (r). LATE. Decomposition or sepsis. . with hard. Fiery red.. acrid. odor of body. < lying. Urination.

RADIUM BROMATUM REGION: Skin. burning. Vivid dreams. BETTER: Open air. Great toe. < smoking. with air hunger. must lie down.. Necrotic changes. Eczema. Lymphoid tissue.. Branny scales. Eating... alternating with ear or chest pains... Dry. of fire. backward. Callosities. seeming true. .. Pul.. Itching genitals. Shifting sides. Sexual organs. then erections. Red. Scabby..). on ears. Tightness at heart. > open air and exertion.. heart. Washing. Nerves. Pain over eyes (l). Constriction. burning heat as if afire. Groin. Circulation. hard ache. Bones. Numbness. Ascending lumbar pain. > lying on face. Scleroderma. thick. < stretching part.. Cold drinks. Irritable.. itching skin. . prolapsed rectum. Related: Pho. Injuries. < face and genitals. Craves pork.. During sleep. etc. Rushing in ears. Rheumatism of hands. with pounding of heart. Rhus-rad. Weak between scapulæ. chest. Skin. Continued motion. smarting eyes. WORSE: In warm room. RANA BUFO (Bufo) REGION: Heart: Blood... Sexual excitement (Onanism). deep in joints. Cough. awakes panting. Hot bath (Rhus-v.. Weak muscles. Averse to sweets. Least motion. Sore. Shaving. Dull. Kidneys. Rheumatism. Raw throat. Psoriasis. Ovaries. Gout. < reading. moist if scratched. Abdominal. Dysuria.. craves cool air. Muscles and joints: Lumbo-sacral.... Sudden shifting or electric pains. WORSE: Motion.

Talks nonsense.. Quarrelsome. Bruised hypochondria. Obesity. etc.. Open. Pemphigus. Bullæ. BLUISH VESICLES. Increased saliva. (l).. Heart seems to float or beat in water or air..). Distended feeling. Anxious. Herpes. Melil.. Cool air. CUTTING. Feels swelled in A. Red streaks under skin.. Moral depravity. Neuralgia. Changing: Weather. Pleurodynia. SHARP.. Pinching colic. Violent pain in mammæ. Position. As of cold balls running through bowels. SKIN. biting. wants to scratch it. Sexual epilepsy.. RANUNCULUS SCELERATUS ... (Bov. Itching palms. < raising up or least movement. Bloody oozings.. PAINS.. Low minded and low disease forms. Motion: of arms... Cold. Burnings. silly tittering.. Tic (r). Drafts. Lymphangitis. Flushings. to ear (Pul. Rhus-t. Chest is sensitive to air. Chilliness. Horny scabs. Tender abdomen. Rapid heart action. bilateral. stabbing. Smarting eyes. WORSE: AIR: Damp. Depravities and bad inheritance. Fears animals and strangers. Eyes. Scraping-burning down throat. Corrosive ichor.. Related: Canth.. Burning.). shooting. can't rest. Suffocative cough. Pleurisy... Temperature. alternates with chest pains. Feeble minded..BETTER: Bleedings (Lach. nipples. then angry if not understood. Muscles. Trembling and as of electric shocks through body. Sore spots.... feet in hot water.). stitching. Tarn. Asthma..M. < night. Antidote: Op. Fingers and toes.. Pillow hurts occiput. Anæsthetic spots. extort tears. Childish. As of a peg in joints. Horripilation.. in exophthalmos. Serous surfaces. with shuddering.. Pain along inner edge of scapulæ. Early break-down. Breathing.. .. Dropsy. Complementary: Calc-c. Sars.. Related: Bar-c. THORAX. Crawling on palate. . saliva. Bathing. bruised soreness or as of deep ulceration... oppressed breathing. Trembling. Panaris.. Shingles. Festering sensation. Lumbago. Touch. ebullitions of heat. Left side.. STITCHING CHEST PAINS. Alcohol.. RANUNCULUS BULBOSUS REGION: NERVES.. Grap. Evening. Duplicity...

. Exertion. painful hiccough. RAPHANUS SATIVUS NIGER Numbness. Right side. Bullæ. Aru-t. rectum.. Walking in open air. Fissure ani..M.. thin....... causing faintness. under navel. . As if brain would fall out of forehead. Nipples. > eructations. > hot water. < lying.. Nightly toothache. in heart. with acrid contents.... Violent.... Pemphigus. WORSE: Night. Retained flatulence. must walk about. Anus. Eating... Sharp cutting.. Acridity. Anxiety. Gnawing in knees. Hysterical meteorism. Blunt teeth. Vertex. Pains here and there. rawness or burning-smarting. RATANHIA REGION: Rectum. etc. WORSE: Evening. Stitches in chest muscles. Hæmorrhage. etc. Related: Ars. scrawny and irritable.. Constriction or as of sharp splinters (of glass) in rectum.. ... gnawing or boring pains... Deep breathing. Motion. BETTER: Cool bathing. BETTER: After midnight... Cracked nipples. Sneezing coryza.. Nausea after 12 P. Mapped tongue. Griping in stomach. Teeth.. SKIN. As if cool air came from teeth.. Heat... Gout of small joints. Bursting headache when straining at stool. or short breath. . with burning urine.. changing place.. Fissure.. in stomach. Dark.. Dry or itching anus. Sense of constriction. it is sensitive externally. Coldness of a foot. As of a plug forced between ribs.REGION: CHEST. Yellow vesicles. Ascarides. stool is forced out with great straining and followed by prolonged aching-burning.. Touch.

with shivering. sweat. Genitals. Sensitive to windy weather. Sopping.. Nursing women. RHEUM OFFICINALE REGION: Muscles of: Bile ducts. Pæon. stools. even if he is in house. Tearing. descending.. sour. vomitus. rapidly changing.. colicky children. mouth or on upper lip. < eating unripe fruit. Related: Cham. etc. Bones. Lower legs. WORSE: Dentition. BETTER: Heat. green.. Complementary: Mag-c. Difficult teething. Offensive mucus in mouth. Motion (at once). about nose. zigzag. cries and twitching of face. Burning in bladder. Night. Summer. Sleep. < uncovering any part. WET WEATHER.. with whining.. fermented.. Liver. BETTER: Warmth.. impatient. etc. Gouty-rheumatic subjects.. Single parts. Eating. wet hair. boring. Colic with cries. < evening.. Changing.. then pappy. Nerves. Vascular system. Cold damp. RHODODENDRON CHRYSANTHUM REGION: FIBROUS TISSUES: Forearm. SENSITIVE TO WINDY OR STORMY.. > doubling up. slimy or acrid stools. after sleep. Small joints. brown. Sour taste. Wrapping head. Intestines. Rest.. who are always screaming and crying. Sweat on scalp. Wrapping up... Sour.... Midsummer. In sun. Rough. Wine. WORSE: Weather: BEFORE STORMS. Duodenum. restless. . Loathing after first bite.. fingers. Cloudy. Related: Nit-ac. Windy. .

. Board-like pressure in forehead. forgets his subject (Bar-c. Pain from rectum to genitals. Shattering or loose feeling in brain.. Bath. Orchitis.. Headache. etc. Teeth feel loose.). An infectious irritant. rusty-red.. Drawing. > lying on it. Slow answers. Scraping. Cellulitis... Sorethroat (l) in A.. Sad. Vomits from coughing.. TEARING PAINS. Red spot on l. Trembling. . then headache. head. Testes hard. If heated. etc. Tissues: Cellular. Grippe. When hot or sweaty. swelling and lividity. Eyelids. RHEUMATIC OR PARETIC EFFECTS. chill. Dry. easily dislocated. sore. Itching.. adherent... Before storms. Coppery or straw-like taste.... Nostrils obstructed alternately. BEGINNING MOTION. Testes and glans feel crushed. Violent aching in bones of nose. Deafness long after rising. As of a weight hanging to feet.. wrinkled scrotum. cold. As of chamois skin stuck on tonsils. exciting TYPHOID. Throbbing in r. sprained feeling in chest and wrists. pains in. Bruised. < jar. Mucous membranes. herpes on. Genitals. SPRAINS.. Twitching muscles. urine. BETTER: Continued motion....... gnawing or tearing loose in periosteum. Variola.. Ligaments. TONGUE. Painfully stiff scalp. Craves cold drinks. sweaty. sensitive tip of nose.. Tearing. Fibrous. stiff.. cheek. Nose-bleed. Profuse.. Left side or left to right. Must cross legs to sleep.. WORSE: EXPOSURE TO: WET. Whirling vertigo. bruised or STIFF. meat water or musty secretions.. NIGHTLY SHOOTING. firmly closed. AFTER MIDNIGHT. Confused and stupid. stiff. RHUS TOXICODENDRON REGION: SKIN: Face. Strong heart-beat. Face-ache.. Holding abdomen. Overexertion. Joints. Air. hands.. < early in bed. Pain behind eyes.paralytic pains. GLANDS: Pyer's. REST. Dislocative sensation.M.. RED TRIANGLE AT TIP. Scalp. foul. anxious.. gushing tears. tearing in periosteum of long bones and under scalp. . itching fauces.. Sore. > eating.. Flesh feels beaten or torn loose.. hot. Related: Rhus-t. Acrid. Maxillæ crack. Low delirium. Formication. Colic at navel. Rubbing. Profuse.). etc. depressed or beclouded. although they < cough. Crawling. Hydrocele (of boys). . cracked. coated diagonally or on one side only. Sordes. STITCHING. HEAT: Wraps. causing eruptions.. < motion. Burning. Bloody saliva runs during sleep. jerking faceache or toothache. Wants to cross legs. Drawing from spermatic cord into abdomen and thighs. Roseola. pain alternately. > food or warmth. NERVES: CORD. Nose-bleed. Cool drinks lie heavy. puffy.. at night. stiff face. CAN'T REST IN ANY POSITION. dry red center. lying on back. cracked. Diarrhœa. Saccular conjunctivitis. Vertical diplopia. Uncovering. Rheumatism of hot weather (reverse-Rhus-t. dry. Photophobia. Menses with fever. Parotid. Red. crusty lips. Blood. < fruit. WASHING.... with swelled glands. it drips water. Sciatic. Chill or draft. with sweat. Swelled. Red. Numbness.

œdema. Easily chilled. < lifting. Heart. fecal. laborious. tremulous or irregular pulse. Lumbago. Shingles. hyper-trophy. Calc-c. with pains in limbs. arm. Arms nervous and shaky. alternating with heat. < swallowing. < genitals. Pus erodes the hair. hoarse. Pains down back of thighs. Inter-scapular pain. Sudden hypostasis or œdema of lungs. slimy. < least uncovering. dry. tearing. of blood. Mag-c. dry. Palpitation. Abdomen sore. with sleepiness. Fine VESICULAR. Weeping ulcers. runs bloody water. hot. burning. cracked and sore. Weak. Ileocæcal symptoms. from tickling behind upper sternum. painful to cold air. Dry. Stools watery. swelled. Complementary: Bry. feels tired. prickling limbs. Sweat. awakes tired or nervous. Heat with busy delirium. Palms. < drinking. preceded by cough. < warmth. eczematous. Stiff neck. Coccyx aches into thighs. foul. sharp. crusty. rapid. septic. itching. Bry. with bloody taste. hot. itching. gelatinous. Nephritis. pains going down l. < stool. gangrenous ulcer. Copyright © Médi-T 1999 Main . walking about or bending backward. thick. < cough. Vesicles over abscess. Related: Arn. < prepuce. etc. Numb. cramp in calves. brick red. involuntary or with tenesmus. Dreams. Phyt. Rhagades on backs of hands. swashing in. Chill as if dashed with cold water or cold water in veins. Med. as of a lump in. Legs feel dead. Metritis. < during pain. Milk-crust. Sciatica. Genitals. tormenting cough. washing causes burning. Contractive or breaking backache. moist or ERYSIPELATOUS ERUPTIONS. wooden. frothy or bloody. Chest pains on using arms. (l). Paralytic pain in elbows. > motion. stiff. Dul. Piles. Baker's itch. itching. SKIN. > hard pressure. alternating with dysentery. in single parts. Rhus poisoning.

. Trickling along spine. Asthma. Comminuted fractures. WORSE: INJURIES.. Coldness. Hysteria. Nervous. Prickling.. Eye and face injuries. Internal itching. Flat bones. PERIOSTEUM. Non-union.. As of hot water flowing through part. FRACTURES. Oppressive tightness in left chest. Related: Mos. Complementary: Lact... Burning pyrosis. WORSE: Motion. Inspiration. stitching pains.. Deficient callus.. Laughs and weeps by turns.. Heart.. SYMPHYTUM OFFICINALE REGION: CARTILAGE. Left side.. tenacious discharges. to periosteum or cartilage.Main A SYNOPTIC KEY OF THE MATERIA MEDICA By Cyrus Maxwell BOGER Presented by Médi-T SUMBUL REGION: Nerves. Excessively painful (old) injuries. irritable and sleepless.. Early senility. As of a hair or cobweb on face. Related: Calc-p.. Choking constriction in throat.. Climacteric. Blows from blunt instruments. . Sexual excitability. BETTER: Gentle motion. SYPHILINUM (See Luesinum) ..... Dyspnœa. cold skin. Yellow. Pale. cardiac.. Music. Dreams of falling.

.. Cold fingertips. TARAXACUM REGION: Liver. Lying on left side. with complaints.. Sour taste or hawks sour mucus.. HEART.. Icy cold skin... Sudden cold sweats. Twilight. Gel. angina pectoris.. with tearing pains. Fuzzy fingertips. Depression.. Morose. Sinking at epigastrium. Ver-a. Nightmare... like sour milk. of one cheek. down spine. Cold legs. Thready. watery stool. Heaviness in r.... Deathly nausea and violent vomiting. internal. BETTER: Cold. Related: Ars. sick feeling. with nausea. Tremor. Retina retains images too long. Much spitting.. Bilious diarrhœa. with much spitting. intermittent pulse. < lying > walking. Pains. Heat.. then paralysis. Colic... heart. slides down.. Cramp.. GLANDS. White stools. curdled. Impotency. Asthma. Stomach. Confusion.. SECRETIONS. Faintness. < opening eyes.. etc. fresh air. Night sweats... Jaundice. Stitches.. WORSE: MOTION. Touch.. Renal colic. Vagus. Emissions. with rapid changes.. with copious sweat (cold). dangerous cases. sitting. Seasickness. free secretions and exciting muscles of hollow organs. Mental fag. Coated tongue. < least motion. despairing and wretched or indifferent. Burning toes. abdomen. of riding. WORSE: Rest. Twisting about heart.. Tetanus.. . Ileus. Wants abdomen uncovered. with chills. causing prostration. pinched look.. Uncovering abdomen. . Acidity. Chilly after eating.. Backache.. Unsteady heart beat. mapped. Angina pectoris. with raw patches. Sympathetic. Paroxysmal or jerky effects. Deathly pale. BETTER: Walking. . Retching.. Bilious. in renal colic. standing. Relaxing irritant. Pregnancy.. < from heat... Restless limbs. Complementary: Op. Involuntary choleraic or thick.. etc. cold sweat and collapse. of bowels. Ganglia. TABACUM REGION: Nerves: Cerebro-spinal. Related: Nux-v. Spasm of lower jaw. Excessive vertigo. Stormy. with weakness. Clutching about throat. Constricted chest. Retracted lips.. Dribbling urine.

. Violent. Music. and rubs it.. Synalgias.. Death agony. Painful abscesses. Selfish. Meningitis. Hateful. Bluish abscess. Heavy l. Sepsis. crafty. Evening.. Twitching. As of needles pricking brain.. then rapid onset. Malignancy.. Gangrene. Suddenly changing moods. Right side. After menses. Shattering cough.....). . < head. Hysteria. Ars.. Tendency to vomit. Rolls from side to side (Am-c.. WORSE: TOUCH... TARENTULA HISPANA REGION: NERVES.. Paralysis. Sepsis.. as an accompaniment. Emaciation... .. BETTER: Relaxation: Rubbing. RESPIRATION. Sweating.... atrocious burning or sharp stinging pains. Malingering. Pruritus vulvæ.. Riding horseback. VIOLENCE. Death agony. Cold. in incessant motion. Slow incubation. Smoking. Related: Anthx. Exertion. Felon. Dances up and down. crushing headache. Carbuncle. Throws things. Impulsive... then screams. Periodically: Same hour.. Expression of horror. TARENTULA CUBENSIS REGION: Cellular tissue... .. Spasmodic difficulty of breathing.. Sensitive and nervous. but walking <. Spine. Noise.. Thick tears. Violent pain. hurried. Nervous restlessness. Kleptomania. Lacks control. Pungent heat of surface.). bloated.. Open air.. Yearly. sudden. board like HARDNESS OF PART and copious sweat. Drowsy. Erratic. HEART. Damp. Restless. Generative sphere. pertussis. Face fiery red. In the sun. Lat-m. Quivering. fidgety. Numb prickling.. Intense diphtheritic fever. Fidgety feet. Lach... Vertigo. Craves raw foods. with alarming prostration. Nervous laughter. sexual (Ap. WORSE: Cold drinks. Unsteady gait. Fulness in head. Angry despair. adroit. with impatience and nausea.. Purple discoloration. fancies or strength. then convulsions. from excitement. < face. cunning and destructive or depraved (Buf. Jerking. Chorea. Trembling hands.). parietal ache to face and neck. Averse to green colors. then spasms. deep.. Sleepless.

Related: Agar.). < falling to sleep.. Painfully sensitive spine.. < coughing. Lying on part. takes sudden jump. TELLURIUM METALLICUM REGION: Spine. touch excites pains in heart. Sweat. Chills down spine. profuse. > smoking. hoarseness and watery eyes. with cold feet. Sele. Skin. with arm symptoms. Festination. bluish. Noma. evacuates pus rapidly. ends in yawning. Spinal injuries. Twitching face. excoriating. Heart. raw. Empty swallowing. puffy ears. < coughing. Respiration. Fluent coryza.. mucus from throat. Numbness. Sharp. etc. Eyes. Sprained pain in chest muscles. Restless arms.. Mygal. Ears. .. Offensive. etc. impulse to walk. Related: Cep. General heat. Cough. Nerves. Suppuration. Itching. Cold. then soreness. oily. vesicles. < noise. Restless legs. Stool. septic.Heaviness in pelvis. Sensitive genitals. Otitis.. etc.. Blood. Heart. Very sensitive or sore spine. Sense of retention. < lying on back.. Rancid belching.).. Weekly. < hands in cold water. cold spots or as of cold water flowing or dropping on part. excited by washing head. Salty. Chorea cordis. SUFFOCATION.. chest. sticky lumps. Bladder. like putrid fish brine or garlic. < raising arms. hot. Vertigo. Retching. acrid. with sandy sediment. Ars. picks fingers. pains jerk angle (l) of mouth up. Acrid discharges. Sawing bone pains. . moist feet and hands. Right to left. Hot semen. Leucorrhœa of clear. Fever. Complementary: Ars. Motions or burning in uterus. straining or lying. (Bell. Skin. Ringworm. Periostitis. deep. over heart. TEREBINTHINA REGION: Mucous membranes: KIDNEYS. Thick tarsi. itching vulva and vagina. Itching soles. < scratching. excite itching. Dry. taste. Alternate chill and heat. Circular eruptions. Stomach feels hollow.. must have fresh air. twists around.. as from bugs. keeps hands busy.. Burning in an old scar... pus. Inflamed. Sexual erethism. pricking. Deep sciatic pain. Bronchial. Linear head pains. purplish (Sol-n. Cold.... sneezing. Cancer of cervix. WORSE: Touch.. ecchymotic. Foul urine. quick pains.

glossy tongue. Complementary: Calc-c. Cramp in knees. Over-sensitive and excitable. WORSE: Weather: Changing. Exhausted and sensitive. < excitement. Sil. < coughing... Lungs. scarlatinal.. damp... Advancing purpuric spots.. Cough. Follicular pharyngitis. kidney. Tympanites.. Bruised... Pho...... epigastrium. with coffee grounds or thick. Atrophic catarrh.. Fingertips. HÆMORRHAGE. bloody. after excitement.. Cold. Ingrown nails. Polypi. lumpy discharge. odor of violets. sore. Stiff.. . Pains alternate between bladder and navel. Internal tremor. Smooth. side lain on closes. Hands feel swelled. Itching anus. In bed.. Sweat. Flatulence. TEUCRIUM MARUM (Marum Verum) REGION: NOSE. Night. Strangury. Erig. Heat under skin. Sleepless. Ascites. BETTER: Motion. Bleeding bladder. tip of tongue.. smoky. RECTUM.. sore muscles. Pain... with rheumatism... BETTER: Open air. Burning or pains along ureters. Metritis. etc.. Burning. on hawking or coughing... Cold sweat on legs. Toe-joints. Bronchial asthma. Related: Canth. Nephritis. Anosmia.. Lying. early. THERIDION CURASSAVICUM .WORSE: Dampness... with violent bronchitis. oozing mucous surfaces. Related: Cina. Rapid pulse.. uterus.. Kidneys affected. slimy. Mouldy taste in throat. Cold. passive. Solid lumps from posterior nares. along larger nerves... Antidote: Canth. Drowsiness. Sudden. Delicate and sensitive. Urine. Congestion. Profuse mucous stools. excites urination. yellow. prevents sleep.. grippy aching. Pinworms. muddy sediment. Cystitis... . sore abdomen and bladder. small of back. Pressure. Itching of palate and ears. must pick it.. Crawling in nose.

on closing eyes.. History of hæmorrhage or suppressed vaginal discharges. Riding.. Weakness between scapulæ. Stinging thrusts in skin. Gonorrhœa.. Touch. Internal coldness. etc. wrings them.. and pains all over. Bones.. causes nausea. affects the teeth... Least motion. Pain from above eyes up over head to nape. Spine is sensitive to pressure or jar. Pains at end of left floating ribs. head. Related: Asar. Left side. nipple. Craves butter-milk.. Headache felt during sleep. WORSE: Every other month.. Scrofula. Sea-sickness. Too much air seems to enter chest. Dampness. < jarring.. Phthisis florida. Luminosities. BETTER: Bathing. Warmth. NOISE IS INSUFFERABLY PENETRATING. chills.. Sense of duality. Spine.. Hypersensitive. Taste like bad eggs. Leucorrhœa excites itching.. Cardiac anxiety. Milky water runs from r.. Bones seem broken. Sil. Impulse to walk far. thick. jerks body together.. Hysteria. .. Complementary: Sep. Burning in upper arms. Female organs.. Pain over root of nose.... Migraine... Flatulence (r).. foul nasal discharge.. BETTER: Rest.. Bounding internally. Yellow-green. < least motion. Cough. chest. Fruitless activity. Post-nasal catarrh. Jar.. Restless feeling in hands.. Menses or leucorrhœa leaves a fast stain.. Glittering vision on stooping. then blurred vision.. Stitch back through apex of left lung. CLOSING EYES. THLASPI BURSA PASTORIS (Bursa Pastoris) REGION: Vascular system. Ozœna. strikes painful spots. Nausea.... . Necrosis.. WORSE: NOISE.. Kidney stone.REGION: NERVES. Startled by the least thing. Vertigo with nausea... Water feels too cold. Cold sweat is easily excited.. . Burning in liver.. Rapid motion.

side. atrophy of long muscles. Moist anus or perineum. Painful soles. fungoid tissue. pediculated. Mucus in choanæ. etc. Cutting squeezing in lower bowels. sensitive vagina. Mind. Face. Moist... Intestines. of some one at his side. SKIN. Nerves.. cutting in urethra on urinating. Offensive genitals. Burning. Prurigo. Dry. of a live thing internally. Jerkings. hurried. Sclerotitis.. spraying. Vertigo. Ill-humored. Rapid emaciation. Sneezing. Prepuce puffed. Cracking joints. split hair. Mercury. Testes seem bruised. Photopsies. loathes life. Illusions. BETTER: Warm: Wind. Increasing moon. Retracted nipples. kidney to epigastrium. Urinating.. Crossing legs. then fixed ideas. Foul. Yearly.. on waking at night (Nat-m. watery. condylomata. pale. Ileus. Touch. Restless knees. as if in a swing. Shaking chill.M. etc.. Occiput. prostatic. Glands. musty. limbs feel paralyzed. waxy. gassy. Motion.. During menses. in urethra. dribbles. Can't concentrate. head. hydrogenoid or lymphatic constitution. Tearing in ovaries (l). < .. Expectorates easier lying.. Cheesy sputum. Asthma. Foul pustules. < breakfast. Syphilis. Trickling. jumping out feeling. Tearing or like a nail in l. of fragility. Chordee.. full of tears. Exhausted and soft. Stools. Gonorrhœa. Nails ribbed. Neurasthenia. over trifles. Forward. drawing or wandering pains. Numb fingers. Sleepless when on l. crumbling. gnawing pains. hairy. Teeth decay at edge of gums. numbing. Free secretions. < cold. Pain from l. dirty. acrid. Vaccination.. Eruptions itch or burn violently from cold bathing. shiny. Wrapping head. < motion. Oily stool. sad. Skin brown. dark under eyes.. Bluish white ulcers. Dreams of the dead. Parts look dead.. Stinging. Blood-boils on back. Left side. Noisy swallowing or belching. Chest pains take various directions. Eyes blood red.. WORSE: COLD DAMP. sticking. Hasty and anxious. . foul polypi. skin or sweat. copious. black lumps mixed with gushing water. difficult breathing.. Heat. Boring in zygomæ.. Gurgling in bowels. explosive. Tea. Sycotic. Ranula. Lithæmia. must wait. of hard.. of spinal origin. acrid foot-sweat. Short. Nævi. with yawning. of being in hands of a stronger power. Soft. grass green stools. Rancid or greasy eructations. Itching. Periodically: 3 A. Rheumatism. suppressed. stand open. Crawling or inflamed finger or toe tips. Onions. foul. black. beyond visual field. Cough by day only. bladder or urethra. rancid or sweetish odors. < warmth.. Pushings in abdomen. spotted. Hips give way. Foul. Stools gurgle or pop out. brittle. Bloody scabs or briny odor in nose. Gonorrhœa. discolored or distorted. groins. Itch. Back. Epistaxis. of bed. pressure over kidneys. sloughing. polypi. frequent. with sunken apices.). ovary. throbs. warts. then painless. Neuralgia. spiderlets on. Anxious palpitation. THUYA OCCIDENTALIS REGION: Mucous membranes: GENITO-URINARY. exuberant. Air. Jagged iris. soft. Urine burns. Great prostration.

Nit-ac. Nit-ac. < company. Sil. > washing. with icy hands. Complementary: Nat-m. gushing. Sweat on bare parts. profuse on genitals. foul. Sabi. nosebleed or cough. pungent. with cold hands. with dry heat on covered ones. not > heat. Copyright © Médi-T 1999 Main . urinating. staining. Related: Merc. Heat rises into chest. Sabi.

Vertigo.Main A SYNOPTIC KEY OF THE MATERIA MEDICA By Cyrus Maxwell BOGER Presented by Médi-T CALADIUM SEGUINUM REGION: GENITALS. > expectoration. Nervous excitation. Dreads to move. glans like a rag. BETTER: Cool air. Respiratory. alternating with skin symptoms. Ascending. CALCAREA CARBONICA OSTREARUM REGION: NUTRITION: GLANDS (Cervical. Mesenteric. dry stripe down center of tongue. Tobacco.). BATHING.. Sudden noises. . Change of weather. as if rocked. Flaccid.. CHEST. feet. Heat during sleep. Sweet sweat. Wet.. food eaten seems too dry. Fear of going to sleep... PRURITUS VULVÆ. WORSE: Sexual excesses.. Eyestrain. . sweaty genitals. DRYNESS. Skin. Motion. Short sleep.. WORSE: COLD: RAW AIR. Related: Caps. Low fevers. Cooling off. R. PRESSURE OF CLOTHES... CHILDREN. Sweating. Lung. BONES. with asthma.. Inclines to lie down. EXERTION: Mental. On falling to sleep. DENTITION. Puberty. or neurasthenia. Hard cough.. Cold single parts. must drink to swallow. Physical. HEART.. sexual erethism. Mucous membranes. Violent. after gonorrhœa. SKIN.. with burning.. from pinworms... attracting flies... Crawling or as of a cobweb on face. NERVES. ceases on waking. BLOOD. Numb hands.. Red. Impotency. widening toward tip. Atonic pollutions.

Arterio-sclerosis.. objective. sweet expectoration. etc. Easily sprained. < occiput. Chronic synovitis. Skin cracked. like a snake. Weak heart. on vertex. Sad. hard and of alabaster whiteness (Ars. Polypi. Chapped hands. Sore chest. Lyc. Stinking pus.. Cautious. Faulty bony development. Scrofula. Numbness. as from dust. but not strong. Thick. OPEN FONTANELLES.. Nux-v. odor of body. Internal heat. from rush of ideas. Emphysema. Periostitis of lower jaw. Thirst for cold water at night. HARD ABDOMEN.. Cysts. fears disease. Chalky. spots on head. Birth-marks. Swelled nose and upper lip (Bar-c. being observed. Indolent.). moist air chills through and through. with externa coldness and sweat. PROFUSE. Soft. neck.. COLD. ENLARGED GLANDS. CALCAREA FLUORICA REGION: Elastic fibre: Veins. Hydrocele. Scalp itches. of stony hardness. nasal. uterine. Changing weather. Everything makes him short of breath.. Skin cold. Sour.. < ON HEAD OR CHEST..). Hot head from mental exertion. in chest. White urinary sediment. Neck pains.. Sul. insanity. cold.). Sweat. of affected part (Led. varicoses. DILATED PUPILS.. Foul or strong urine.. Weak in morning. breasts before menses. Hip-joint disease.. Xray burns. . Face pallid. Thick. Arthritic nodes. DAMP FEET. exostoses..). etc. glands. Struma. Sep. Sil. icy.. Painless hoarseness.. shattering. knees and feet. Psoriasis. Gushing. head. disaster. Averse to meat. Clammy hands (Sul. gray (Pho-ac. from overwork. stools. ribs. Takes cold easily.MILK. WHO SWEAT EASILY. Rickets.. suddenly.. Migraine. tonsils. Sluggish temperament. Apathetic. pasty and puffy. Expectorates tiny. Fistula. Lientery.. Swelled tonsils. wet. Grows fat.. tonsils. foul milk-crust (Sul. Forgetful.. Left side. Depressed melancholic or doubting mood. Discharges turn grass green. Sul. partial. DURING SLEEP. aneurism. Cold wrists and ankles.) or green. enamel. Sees things on closing eyes. watery stools. Periosteum. After apoplexy. scrophulous habit. Purulent. etc. Awaking. yellow lumps. Related: Bar-c.. etc. < wind... General stiffness. or head. Anorexia. on hands. mesenteric. Sil. misery. Cramp at navel. flabby BLONDES. .. Cold. (Lil-t. < lifting.. Cataract. curdled vomit (Nat-p. Craves eggs or coarse foods. processes. etc... edge of ulcers. misplaces words. Biliary colic.. Fat. hypertrophied nails. . Curvatures.. cervical.. etc. Vertigo. chest. Lumbago. torpid. Nightmare. tumors. learns poorly. beside visual field.). Rough and ragged. Deep head pains-beating. periostitis. Sleepless... dry. INDURATIONS... etc. on awaking. Drafts. STOMACH LIKE AN INVERTED SAUCER. Bursitis. Numb parts lain on. Palpitation. Tardy teething and walking. Slow.. tough. Chill with thirst. Vascular dilatation. Sprains. WORSE: Beginning motion... Coryza.. Confused. Senile catarrh. with eructations. sweats. Anxiety. > dark. hands. Complementary: Bar-c. WITH LARGE. piles.). watery stools or carrion odor. milky. Malnutrition. loose. with polyuria. OFTEN SOUR DISCHARGES. etc. Follows: Nit-ac. Calculous tendency. Nodes in breasts. Cough. BIG HEAD. Coldness. Glands. gushing leucorrhœa. inflamed. saliva. Cold.. Ver-a.).

.. Drafts. etc. Fistula. East wind. feels hollow. CALCAREA PHOSPHORICA REGION: NUTRITION: BONES (SUTURES. CALCAREA HYPOPHOSPHORICA REGION: Nutrition. GLANDS. Child loses its breath on being lifted up (Bor. soft. Addison's disease. with night sweats. Tonsils. Malassimilation. then burning leucorrhœal flow. Sore throbbing in spleen. Peevish. vertex. Weak digestion: every bite hurts the stomach. Rickets. Cold.. large. in occipital protuberances... . Teeth.. BETTER: Lying down. Pædatrophy. Idiotismus versatilis. Ravenous hunger.. Adenoids. ABDOMEN. Open fontanelles. decay easily. Pale and weak. SUNKEN ABDOMEN. Sore fingertips.. Hecla-lava. brownish skins... Neck or chest pains from drafts. Fruits. with dirty. > cool bathing or sneezing. thin bones. every two weeks. of school children. Crawling in genitals.... scanty. Craves raw. WORSE: Exposure to: Weather changes. Anorexia. Uterus heavy. DENTITION... Abnormal cravings.. Soft. leucorrhœa. Cider. alternating with chest symptoms... Exhausting nightsweats. lienteric. Complementary: Rhus-t. Rapid and extreme debility or emaciation. < fruits. pains. Related: Chin. Headache. Diarrhœa. PERIOSTEUM. Loss of fluids.. etc.. the head bobs about.. Bronchitis. Eruptions. Tumor in left mamma...). Melting snows. Scrofula. Weak. mycosis (Kali-m. .. > lying. Related: Grap. Starts in sleep. Delicate.).. cold limbs. erethistic. Puberty. School girl's headache. Diarrhœic tendency... Excitable. or fingers. Chest. Persistently vomits milk.. Crawling.. wet. Throat aches. Festering navel. down spine. Menses early. Anæmia. Rheumatism. Cartilage. Nerves. Thin skull bones... restless and fretful.. hot. salt. < 2 hours after meals. FLABBY. As of ice in occiput. Pains shift. with violent drenching sweats. tall or scrawny children. Frying or sizzling in ears.. < during menses. piquant foods or bacon. Scrofula. eye-balls..).. Spots. Exalted sexual instinct. tip of nose. Albuminous discharges. Mental exertion. cold or sore. As of a . WORSE: Vital losses. nervous and sleepless. as a sequel.. Arthritis. only > when stomach is full.. Stools foul. late. Cavernous phthisis. Hydrocephalus.. Cough. spluttering and watery. numb. thin neck. Vertex. weak or aching.

torn. at night. ragged or suppurating WOUNDS.. brittle bones. Pain. ears. Catarrh. Cold. during pains. Touch. cut. Easily chilled. teeth. (r) ovary.. Mucous membranes. Skin.. Sickly sweat. Pott's or hip-joint disease. Nat-m. Cutting pains. Prevents pus.. Chills up back. bloody. deep. Rut. corneal. Slow ossification. Excessively painful. Bones. Starts from sleep.. Wet.). Fistulæ. Averse to covers. Weak through hips.. Uncovering. in scalp wounds or after drawing teeth. as if wanting air. open. WORSE: Weather... Stool coated white. Thick.. malignant.. Pus thick. Hurried. Related: Carb-a.splinter under nails.. CALENDULA OFFICINALIS REGION: SOFT PARTS. Hæmorrhages.. Skin won't heal. lacerated. Pyelitis (Berb. Poor reaction. but heats down back. < coughing. CALCAREA SULFURICA REGION: CONNECTIVE TISSUE. etc. Infants with bloody coryza.. Ears flow dark wax. Chin. ABSCESS. BETTER: Bathing. Easy sweat. lumpy. Cold. Sensitive to damp or . Ulcers. cloudy. During chill. Red. Open air. along sutures or edges of nails.). yellow... Related: Hep. foul footsweat. Spine.. Heat (local). Swollen glands. Dry heat at night. when cold. Thin. recurrent (Pyro. Choking. < head and throat. Tendency to suppuration. WORSE: Drafts. Glands. white leucorrhœa. Heat of room. Croup. . non-union.. Cold limbs with digestive trouble. damp. Eating. Liver. diarrhœa or eczema. Follows: Fer-p... running. burning. itching tarsi.

or wants them off then on. Corrects spoiled cases and antidotes most remedies. ICY COLD. in chest.. YET AVERSE TO COVERS (Sec-c. cholera. then stupor. with cold skin. CAMPHORA REGION: DIGESTIVE TRACT. Hæmaturia. MIND. Thinking of it. Scanty or retained discharges. Hammering in occiput.. at start of colds.. BETTER: Free discharges.. ... in old age. Dry skin. Cold breath... upper. Erysipelas. dry collapse.. Hoarse... with internal burning heat. Jaundice.. Urinary organs.. > air. inflammatory fevers with rapid alternation of heat and cold. Retracted lips. Wants cover during hot stage only.. Related: Carb-v..). Yellowish vision. Sexual excitement.... Thumbs cramp backward. Nerves. Nausea. GENITO-URINARY ORGANS. and anxious. can't get warm. . Cup. Bellis. old.. SUPPRESSION. Related: Arn.. Inhaled air seems cold. Pho. Cholera.. Antidotes: Coff. Insensibility or anxiety. Bruised pain at angle or right scapula. Sec-c. etc. followed by rapid prostration. Heat or sweat. Head feels knotted up. Algidity. Violent tonic spasm.. CANCER FLUVIATILIS (See Astacus Fluviatilis) CANNABIS REGION: EMOTIONS. Satyriasis. Cerebro-spinal nerves. Nose. Op. Sudden. Drafts. of bladder. Very sensitive to cold air or taking cold.. Shaking chill.. Cold tongue. Nit-ac. Curdy stools.). When half asleep. Burning in stomach. (Mag-p-au.. Op... Cramp in calves.. WORSE: Cold. Coryza. Burning thirst.. Takes colds. pinched look.. below scapulæ. before colds. with coldness.. Strangury. Sweat. Chilly.. Asphyxia neonatorum.. squeaking voice. Inattention.. Sudden weakness.. Mental exertion. . Shock... Bluish.

. Chest pains.. Corneal opacity.. Vertex opens and shuts. with hallucinations.. BETTER: Warmth. Drinking. Walking. Irritable caruncle. INTOLERABLE URGING AND FEARFUL TENESMUS OR DRIBBLING.. Wonderful hallucinations. Discharge of bloody.. Serous effusion. Sexual irritation... Skin of face seems tight..).. Dreams. Can't control voice. but averse to liquids. BURNING. larynx. CUTTING-SMARTING or BURNING-BITING PAINS. Gonorrhœa. Painful priapism. PASSED DROP BY DROP (Canth. tremulous tongue. dry coughing spells.. Griping in bladder. Sound of water. Mania of grandeur. Bladder. . ecstatic. raw edges. Nephritic colic. Rapid and intense action. Delirium tremens. short. EXALTED IDEATION AND PERCEPTION. Skin. Lower bowel. Acute nephritis. Pollutions. Cystitis. Touch..WORSE: URINATING. Violence... Violent headache. Violent retching and vomiting. Yellow vision. Feels weak and all gone to nothing.. with pain going backward. with loss of sense of proportion. turning . Gaiety. or time and space (Onos..). with tenesmus of rectum and bladder. acrid water. Weak attacks. Nephritic colic. Many. Throat and larynx painfully constricted. Alive feeling in abdomen: it throbs here and there.. painful swallowing.. Sensitive over stomach and kidneys (Solid). < deep breathing.. Vesicular erysipelas.. Bright objects.. Head seems separated from body. at heart. Pharynx. Gonorrhœa.). Related: Anhalo. burning stools. of the dead. Trickling sensations. > eructations. WORSE: URINATING. Cocain. Swelled. Profuse menses. Bloody urine. Burning thirst. heavenly. and as if afire.. Imaginations. Weak vision.. or rapidly destructive. Rest. Pulls at penis. Shreddy. Suffocative attacks. Strangury. Levitation. BURNING URINE. WITH CUTTING. Pomum adami... Nux-m. as if raw.. erotic. Dropsy.. cold. of agonizing terror or pain. Op. VIOLENTLY ACUTE INFLAMMATION. Gangrene. Right side. WITH MENTAL EXCITEMENT... Loquacity. DARKNESS. Excitement during the pains. Brain. Pain in limbs. SCALDING URINE.. Pericarditis.. Pleura. that take the voice away. Exertion. CANTHARIS REGION: MEMBRANES (Mucous and serous): URINARY ORGANS.. Swelled prepuce.. Amorous frenzy. Extreme psychic mobility. Rage. Priapism.. Pleurisy. Antidote: Apis. Painfully swelled genitals. Gonorrhœa. Sees objects outside of visual field (Ign... Talking. with great pain. Craves light. Dysuria. Throat: full of blisters. ... SCANTY. Stram.

Chill. dark (Ran-b. Antidote: Aco.). on genitals. Merc-c. Cam. Copyright © Médi-T 1999 Main . Ars. Urinous sweat. during stool. Bullæ. Related: Ap. Complementary: Apis.

. spongy mucous surfaces or oozing bloody mucus. Acid dyspepsia. Changeable.. mounting to head. Waterbrash. with excruciating backache. pungent things. Dysentery. painful aphthæ. piles.. white. with urging to swallow. Splitting headache. Sprangling. . Mastoids. stomach. Drunkards. red. Old age.. Glands.. Craves stimulating.. Homesick. Tongue greenish at base. Increased saliva. Bones.. with tenesmus. NOSE AND FACE RED... BUT COLD. Related: Canth. who react badly and dread the cold. then thirst and lumbar pain. alternating with heats. CARBO ANIMALIS REGION: NUTRITION. Empty swallowing. Uncovering. Eating. Ears affected alternately.. with violent thirst. Chilly. COLD: AIR. Capricious. creamy gonorrhœa. Dark. prostate. Sweats easily.. too weak to cough out expectorate.). also of bladder. or excites urination. < drinking. or raises foul air.).. red (Asaf. cold on thighs... Bathing. Ribs seem dislocated. Cough causes distant pains. BURNING-SMARTING.. SORENESS. Deep abscess. stool. unclean persons (Sul. Swelled uvula. Thick.). Neuralgias. but shivers from every drink. Drinking: < throat.Main A SYNOPTIC KEY OF THE MATERIA MEDICA By Cyrus Maxwell BOGER Presented by Médi-T CAPSICUM ANNUUM REGION: MUCOUS MEMBRANES. Sleepy after meals. hot. Kidneys. Constriction. thread-like pains (Cep. Smoker's sorethroat.. Urging to urinate. Vesicles or flat.. Small. Lax. BETTER: Continued motion.. Strangury. mucous stools.. tip of tongue. > heat. Complementary: Nat-m. THROAT. Dipsomania. Indolent and can't think clearly. WORSE: SLIGHT DRAFTS. Dampness. of throat. Mastoiditis. throat. Coldness of affected parts. lazy fat. . clumsy. wants a bracer. Water. Foul secretions. with the pains. then sweat. begin in back.

Dry. or threatening malignancy.M. Right ovary seems a heavy ball. swelled. Overlifting. BETTER: Laying hand on part. Related: Calc-fl. brown stripe across. sprains or overaffected by small losses. Weather: Extreme temperatures. Foul acrid discharges. Slow.). swelled glands.. humid. Cold taking. Neglected bubo. BETTER: ERUCTATIONS. HIGH LIVING.. then great weakness. hard painful processes. Walking in open air. painful nodes in breasts. Venosity. Pressure of clothes. red. . WORSE: WARMTH. Blood. EXHAUSTING DISEASES. Air. Rad. distended after operations. All food distresses stomach. with itching pimples and desquamation. Whining. DISSIPATION.. while suckling. WORSE: Slight causes: Small depletions.). affected parts. cold air. Susceptible to colds...VEINLETS. Old age. as of bugs.. Occiput. at night. Rich foods. Old and feeble... cheeks. hard. frosty. Pelvic bones pain on sitting. WHILE EATING. Lifting. only.. Hard. DEPLETIONS. Cold night air.. > eating. Indurated os (Sep. hot. lips.. Bluish skin.. Sprains. Suppression. moist anus (Carb-v. staining yellow. etc. Hard. Crawling. Coppery eruptions on forehead. Sense of looseness... Hæmorrhage. nervous dyspnœa. Suffocation on closing eyes. burning like fire (Ars. Cool air.). Cooling off. Complementary: Calc-p. Brain seems loose or as if crown would split. Nose. Grap. Pains down through (r) eyeball (Gel.). Sore. Goneness in stomach. Can't locate sounds. exhausting sweats. Foul. Shaving (Ox-ac. Wind on head.. Dark menses.. After menses.). Surgings or hot flushes.. Abdomen. .. Gummæ. CARBO VEGETABILIS REGION: MUCOUS MEMBRANES: DIGESTIVE TRACT. etc. in A.. HEART: VENOUS CIRCULATION. STOMACH. Old age.

Septic albuminuria. Reading. at heart. Ign. Related: Kre. FETOR OR AIR HUNGER. foot (l). Dyspepsia... foul. Thick. . Alternate chill and heat. STOMACH. Heavy. distending. Passes mucus from anus when urinating. loud. failing reaction or obstinate sequelæ. .. FLATULENCE. All food turns to gas. Sepsis.. Sepsis.. Erysipelas. unilateral. Internal. anxious palpitation. Tremulous.). or thirsts for cold water. General bruised soreness or heavy aching burning.. < lying. Twitching upper lip. Scorbutic gums.. WEAKNESS. Icy. Warm head. without >. Shreddy stools. of parts lain on. with headache and vomiting. expectoration.. Profuse. Vomiting.. hot itching. Varicosis. Vesicles or pustules.. Pregnancy. Low fever... Burning in rectum. Sopor. Venosity. cold limbs.. < blowing nose or sneezing. Prickling-burning or sudden pain.).. HÆMORRHAGE. green or dark.. Lyc. PALE ABOUT NOSE AND MOUTH. WORSE: Jar.. Small. Spasms of tormenting. Slow. suddenly. Complaints of old age. Sneezing from irritation in larynx. < upper abdomen (Pul.. Sore. < coughing. Antidote: Nat-m. knees.. Tender scalp. < overheating. Easily chilled. Stomach sore. Black tongue. thick.). Weak fingers. Ulceration (aphthous).. Painless. legs. Related: Am-c.. Raw or mottled skin. Aching between scapulæ. Mumps with metastasis. Fetor oris. Collapse.. Bloody exudations. Colds go downward (Pho. Respiration. Thready pulse. ulcers. As of a plug in back. with pulselessness. CARBOLICUM ACIDUM REGION: MUCOUS MEMBRANES: Throat. Hoarse in evening..Elevating feet.. depraved. Overfulness.. causing itching. Dejected. Ars. painful aphthæ. Complementary: Chin. FOULNESS. with cough. ICY COLD... PINCHED. Destructive lung diseases. on awaking. compressive. Lungs. Loathes even the thought of food. Dusky face. breath. Flatulence. Low. < cold drinks and in bed. Dull. Continuous. SICK AND EXHAUSTED. Cold.. Sore ribs. Collapse. etc... Grap. Ulcers.. As of a burning ball in forehead. obstructed. < occiput. at night. Acute smell. Malignancy. dark oozing. cold sweats. acrid discharges (Hyds. etc. Sele. grave. Unhappy.. Kali-c. Itching anus. lying or pressure of hat. with most complaints. Chin. burning heat.. anxious and irritable. RANCID. Follows: Caust. Thready pulse. Old catarrhs. Numbness. swelled vulva. Leucorrhœa.. Colic. languid and PROSTRATE. Heartburn. Atony. Combing hair (Bry. BELCHINGS. BLUENESS and decomposition. hollow or choking cough. Burning secretions. WEAK. heavy (leaden) headache.. but wants air. with icy skin.). Blood. Loose teeth. ... in bones. Pertussis and its effects. HEART. Urine. yet wants air or to be fanned. tongue. burning and bleeding. in chest. Senile asthma. EXCESSIVE FLATULENCE. expectorates with retching. HIPPOCRATIC or DUSKY FACE. Colch. scant. sore or weak chest. Horrors during sleep. Fainting. or cachectic states. Glazed throat. etc. Bowels...

Exhausting sweats after fevers... Related: Calc-c. clayey stools... Motion... Gall-stones (Lept. yellow complexion.. Broken or hard thrombosed veins. Asthma. Beer. Debilitating diseases. Related: Mos. Weak upper lip and (r) tongue.. Fibrillar twitchings. Colics. Hypochondriacal.. Cellars. Dull frontal headache. WORSE: Lying on L. Touch.. . Meteorism. BETTER: Bleeding. Lept. side... Sang.. Weak and lacks reaction..). Tongue has white center with red. CASTOREUM REGION: NERVES. Knotty. Cold. NERVES. indented edges.. then cold sweat... Summer diarrhœa of green mucus stools (Asar. swelled laterally. > pressure. Eating... Golden yellow urine.)... Hepato-hæmorrhagic diathesis (Bur-p. Nervous and spasmodic effects of uterine origin... CAULOPHYLLUM THALICTROIDES REGION: FEMALE ORGANS.. Val.. . CARDUUS MARIANUS REGION: Liver (R).. Female generative organs... Acidity.. High diaphragm. Veins.). Abdominal symptoms.. with sudden weakness . Irritability.. Hysteria. Twitching in tongue. Fatigue.. Violent cutting dysmenorrhœal colic. Vomits acrid bile or blood. Dirty. Spleen.... During menses. . Liver engorged. with yawning. Dropsy... BETTER: Pressure.. Blood-stasis. WORSE: Emotions.

Stooping. LARYNX... palms (Nat-m.. OR IRREGULAR. Profuse. which gets stiff. of little girls... Nervous. Gentle motion. Continuous eye pain. High fever. Respiration.. Extremes of temperature.. Open air.. Dysmenorrhœa. etc.. excitable... Tight scalp... Broken down.. Epilepsy. MUSCLES: BLADDER. Profuse acrid tears. Empty behind forehead.. drooping eyelids. ERRATIC.. Rawness. Much. hamstrings. rheumatic. increasing uncertainty of control.. drawing. sore lower limbs. Vaginal spasm. Jerks of single muscles.M. Hopeless. intermittent. To and fro or nodding motions..). Lower limbs. Habitual miscarriage. on neck. Weakness. Internal tremor. Contracted tendons. OR EVENING.. Drafts... .. BETTER: A COLD DRINK (EVEN CHILLS). crampy pains. face. Right side. Diplopia. Suppressions.. Oversympathetic. CAUSTICUM REGION: NERVES: Motor.Muscles. at puberty. . before menses. Sore nodes on finger-joints. of single parts. Neck. worn out. despondent. of bed. larynx.. Sensitive to both heat and cold. As if overfull of blood. etc. of small joints. bladder. Uterine atony. Reticent. shooting. Skin. Chloasma. Uterine reflexes. etc. Objects look large. Sep. stumbling. Fretful and fearsome. Aching. Limbs. P. WORSE: Air: DRY COLD.. After-pains. Exertion. LABOR PAINS FLY ABOUT (to breasts).. Rheumatism.. Heavy. false. Stiff joints. Warmth. < in twilight. Chorea.. Paralysis: of one eyelid (r). Raw. etc. Soreness. 3-4 A.. Cataract. Atrophy. Washing. Burning. throat. ARE WEAK. acrid leucorrhœa. ending in neck. Mental tire. Coffee. > looking to right... Late menses... Related: Cimi. anus. .. Paraplegia. Change of weather. Albuminuria. WORSE: Pregnancy. Anxious forebodings (felt in head). Sensory. Often acts as prophylactic of false labor pains. Atony. Exhaustion. Trembling. wants to die. Small joints. Vomiting of uterine origin. cramping. Eases labor.. after child-birth. finally PARALYSIS. Suppressed menses. WINDS. PAINS...M. Violent. Anæsthesia.. Pul.. with little flow. Deformities.

Must sit down to urinate. Malaria. URINE SPURTS ON COUGHING. or l. < stooping. Complementary: Nat-m. Sore chest. profuse. Skin: cracks. Related: Aran. WORSE: Cold weather. with dyspnœa. Cramp in rectum on stooping. Complementary: Carb-v. hard cough. Anus. Coldness. CEPA VULGARIS (See Allium Cepa) . After sleep. Insensible urethra or rectum.. nose. > sips of cold water. Warts. Green urine. in A. vest seems tight. < opening mouth. Bursting in fingertips. Urine retained after labor. Pain in l. Brow ague. Menses by day. at same hour. but piles < standing. ropy. or swallows the wrong way. Related: Gel. Greasy eructations. Prosopalgia. Echo in ears. diarrhœa or leucorrhœa. > pressure. Sep. Polym. Eruption on lower nose. difficult. Lying on left side. > talking.. not > warmth.). CEDRON REGION: Nerves. Cough from tickling in throatpit (Sep. diarrhœa. CEANOTHUS AMERICANUS REGION: Spleen. Lach. Swelling at root of tongue.M. Excitement before chill. dry night and morning. Numbness. Deep burns and their effects. side. Stiff neck or back on rising. stooping. A. Stool glistens. dribbles or passes slowly. leucorrhœa by night. Periodical neuralgias. fingertips. Tinnitus. lids. Greasy. hard pustules. Wandering chest pains. causes paralysis. WORSE: Periodically. Eyes burn like fire. to solid stools (Alo. Urging to swallow. Orbital neuralgia (r). < walking. on slight exertion. ulcers. > standing. Stooling easier by standing.). pain goes forward or to thighs. incessant. Can't cough deep enough (Rum. on brows. Blood. Purring in chest. EXACT PERIODICITY.M. cold air. seedy. expectorate slips back again. bleeding. Cramps in calves. etc. Stap. Aphonia or hoarseness. Facial paralysis. Dry. small. Rhus-t. difficult expectoration. Swelled spleen or liver. larynx. ulcerating. cough. Throat. Pain in spine on swallowing. < open air. Kali-bi. > sitting. < stooping.). Sweat about 4. prolapses on coughing. of speakers. < heat of bed. Pho. feet or toes. Related: Chin. Sore streak in larynx. Grap. Piles.foul earwax. > cold water.

OF COLIC. Mucous membranes: DIGESTIVE TRACT. Faceache (r). NERVES. with heat of another. ACID. hence takes cold. down inner thighs. Cutting or wind colic. snappish and intolerant of pain. DENTITION. Sweating. Sleepless from abuse of narcotics. lumpy menses or lochia. Jaws feel tired. Sensitive to cold wind about ears. etc. Cold: Air. tickling cough. Jaundice. Cramps.. vexed at every trifle. Coldness of one part. OVERSENSITIVE. BETTER: BEING CARRIED. by pain. of muscles. < dry weather. sour breath. Bad. etc... OR LIENTERIC.. Hot coryza. Dry palms. UGLY. WANTS TO BE CARRIED or what is refused when offered. Neuralgic or gouty-rheumatic subjects. Dark. Repeated spasms. Sweat on head. Feverish. Distended bowels. arms. SLIMY. Eructations like bad eggs. CHAMOMILLA VULGARIS REGION: MIND. STOOLS. GRASS-GREEN. to ear. Abrupt. HACKED. Colic going upward. demands instant relief. hands. Unappeasable crossness. disturbed. Tosses about. Copyright © Médi-T 1999 . Pul.. after pain. or REDNESS OF ONE CHEEK. Left side. Beside himself or prostrated by pain. Alcohol. Wind. Bad temper. Hot and thirsty or hot sweat. Liver.. Mad during pain. Antidotes: Com. Nux-v.. QUARRELSOME. Chilly. going up.. legs.). > warmth. Narcotics. Taking cold. yellow-white fur on tongue. < uncovering. hot. Related: Nux-v.. on awaking. Sleepy. starting up. Alternate chill and heat. Averse to being spoken to or touched. Magnifies her pains.). NIGHT. Stap. Damp. CROSS. with the pains. WORSE: ANGER. Mild weather. smelling like bad eggs. Omits words. Bitter taste.. < anger (Colo.. Women and CHILDREN. Irregular. Numb.. of face. yet easily over-heated. Cold applications.. yellow-green. < night. AND UNCIVIL. etc... Sanic. with bilious vomit. . of dry.. Sticking. hot stools. Frantic irritability.. cries out or walks the floor (Ars. from suppressed discharges. Complementary: Mag-c. COFFEE.. Cramps when child nurses.. Thick. Spells of being irritable and restless. Asthma. when grasping objects. Heat. Swelling. Ign. EMOTIONS. labor-like pains. earache.

Main .

DROWSY and chilly. piquant or hot foods (Lyc. crawling. YELLOWNESS.. .. clayey or hard balls. Stitches. Choking. One foot cold. Abdomen. Mucus in eyes. Kali-bi. Sweaty.). North Easters. Yellow tongue. Bowels (R). stiff. Bitter taste. Milk. Despondency. Kidneys. Horror of motion. > eating. Headaches extend backward. > eating. Related: Bry. SCAPULA.M. etc. < urinating (Dul. Numbness. Lazy. as from dust. Sensation as of a plug in stomach. bright yellow. Lethargic. . Left sided goitre. Dark red or sallow. felt in vertex. Eating... Fluctuating temperature. Knees. with aversion to uncover and without relief. after midnight. Complementary: Lyc. 4 A. spreads from hands over body. Mucous membranes.. scraping gastric pains..). (Ign. Hot bath. Pressure. temple. but little expectoration. Flapping alæ. in ears. or it flies from mouth.. Cough. Rawness in liver. Cough. Like a nail deep in r. Heavy occiput.. BETTER: Hot food. jaundice.). as from too large a morsel. with much rattling. Change of weather. Occiput. Burning heat. vomiting. Hepato-pectoral symptoms.. Cold fingertips. Op..M. shoulder and occiput (Kali-c. Bilious pneumonia (Merc. sunken face.Main A SYNOPTIC KEY OF THE MATERIA MEDICA By Cyrus Maxwell BOGER Presented by Médi-T CHELIDONIUM MAJUS REGION: Right side: Portal system. Craves milk. Gall-stones... Bending backward.. with indented edges (Hyds.). Sep. Nausea. paralysed. Supra-orbital pain. Sensitive epigastrium. Itching. Averse to mental exertion or conversation. As of a string about abdomen or neck. Vertigo. blowing. sore... and 4 P.. Pains shoot backward or in all directions. dislocative or broken feeling.). Nux-v.. etc. Pain from neck to r. pale. OR FIXED AT ANGLE OF R. WORSE: Motion. Dyspnœa. Stools pasty. catarrhs. Gnawing. Red nose. Bilious disturbances. Merc-dul.. Lungs (lower).. Merc. Touch. Heavy. LIVER PAINS GOING BACKWARD. chest. dinner.. Icy cold nape and occiput.). to r. Outward.

turbid. after gonorrhœa. everything upsets him. Coc-c. PROFUSE. in the perineum. HÆMORRHAGES. WORSE: VITAL LOSSES. oversensitive and nervous. TOUCH. PERIODICALLY: Alternate days (Ars. .). > high pitched voice. light. Noise. Gravelly urine. Eating. Weak. Nat-m. urine. Pho-ac. scanty. INTERMITTENCY. CIRCULATION. Organs.). Mammæ (R). Complementary: Kali-m. EXHAUSTING DISCHARGES. milk. Fluttering in kidney region. Nerves. Liver. Old nodes in or atrophy of glands. thick.). drafts. Glands: Liver. Mental exertion. CHENOPODIUM ALBUM Deafness: variable. etc. Sabal. WORSE: Cold damp. Calc-hyp. foul. CHINA OFFICINALIS (RUBRA) REGION: BLOOD. fruit. SECRETIONS: Digestive. Kidneys. Sitting. Related: Berb. (Abro. noise. Loose clothes. wind. BETTER: WALKING. Cold. ROPY or muco-purulent. Beginning urination. Feels as if sitting on a ball. Jar. Spleen. Open air. Standing. CHIMAPHILA UMBELLATA REGION: Bladder. BETTER: Hard pressure (Lach. Prostate. Acute inflammation in urinary tract.

Hard swelling. DRENCHING SWEATS. . or eructations. sickly look. < least motion. AT NIGHT. or bruised feeling in brain. Sore stomach. Puffing.. Anæmia.. Craves delicacies.. Tinnitus. foul.odors.. earthy. < touching hair. profuse... Teeth throb. Heavy pressure (load) on shoulders. Typical malaria. Twitching in knees. with cold hands. CHININUM SULFURICUM REGION: NERVES. Red. between scapulæ or on sacrum. with tinnitus (Sal-ac. As of a band about legs.. sour or bitter taste. Painfully sore chest and interscapular spine.. < sucking. Petechiæ. Thirst in all stages. Dark.). .. without relief (Arg-n. Complementary: Carb-v. Periodical liver symptoms (Quas..). Deafness. Clearly staged chill. CHININUM ARSENICICUM Nightsweats.. Rheumatism. Acute. Granular. brickred. then heat. A net. Neuralgias. WORSE: EXACT PERIODICITY. Pain from rectum into genitals. Oscillating temperature. Chill. or is tender.. Hot red ears. swashing. Pale.. Increasing fever and prostration.. Sensitive. then vertigo. Marked prodrome. rattling. fog or mote before eyes.. Loud belching.). falls backward. CIRCULATION. Head to left. then thirst. Brow ague. Dorsal spine... Cold. heat and sweat.. as a prodrome. < eating. watery.. Related: Chin. hot face. Thirst for cold water that aggravates diarrhœa... Deafness. Tympanitis. Stubborn. Spine (cervico-dorsal) aches. Hectic. Anticipating chills. Quick satiety.... Pain in marrow.. painless. Sore scalp. pain. Anxious dreams. Sepsis. bluish about eyes. Disobedient. Throbbing. face). Dropsy.. snoring sleep.. 10-11 A. Neuralgia. Emaciation. Vertigo. profuse. etc. but exhausts. urinary sediment. Tinnitus.). Clear apyrexia. CHIONANTHUS VIRGINICA REGION: . Profuse sweat which >.... etc. bursting. then thirst. Heavy. breathing. Sleeplessness. Swelled liver and spleen. Gall-stones. Flatulent bloating. Related: Carb-v. BLOODY.. Anorexia. Bursting. Delirium during heat. Kali-c. Vertigo. < night. Every motion excites palpitation and takes his breath.. Blood spitting. exhaustive. Tropical fevers.. clotted menses.. STOOLS. Nervous. Thirst during apyrexia. BETTER: Yawning. Suppurative phthisis (Hep. Swelled veins (hands.M.. Itching. LIENTERIC. Slow digestion. with profuse nightsweats... Drowsy. < temples. Fer. from weakness. dark..

Griping at navel.. periodical. Mucous membranes. etc..... Wants to be fanned.. Astringent expectoration.. greenish-yellow or feels drawn up. WORSE: Alcohol. Vomiting bitter-sour. clay-colored or undigested.. Tongue. Weak heart. gushing. Uneasy ache in liver. Liver. Arrested menses. . Jaundice. Merc. Heart.... Skin. Night. Night terrors.. Nose. Glands.. Dyspnœa. BETTER: Open air. hears voices. ropy. Motion. liver.. Lept. Mania. Related: Bry.. Cold sweat on back of hands. Heat. . Choleo-cystitis. Cancer-flu. with aversion to uncover. Bilious sick headaches.. As of a weight on chest. Pains ascend from forehead. Head.).... Sleepless from fatigue.. with colic and cold sweat on forehead and back of hands. Bed-wetting. Urticaria. etc.LIVER. Indifferent and sleepy or cerebral excitement. WORSE: Jarring.).. As of a band about abdomen. Exertion.. Bruised soreness. setting teeth on edge (Sul-ac.. pressure at root or squeezing on bridge (Ham. stomach. bilious. Related: Ap. Muscle prostration. eyeballs. Iris... Cold.. Stools tarry.. Muscles. Gall-stones. hot. CHLORUM REGION: Respiratory organs. Bileless stools. . BETTER: Lying on abdomen (Chel.... Nerves...... Weakness in hypogastrium.).... CHLORALUM REGION: BRAIN. Skin.

Touch. tickling or whistling in. sweat face. Spasm of diaphragm. Dry tongue. aching. a terrific spasm moves downward (reverse . Turns feet inward. Violent convulsive phenomena. Vertigo. Fears insanity or losing senses. Laryngismus stridulus. Bleeding ears. then rigidity or shrieks... alternating with thoracic spasm (Stry.. Skin. coal. Delirium.. WORSE: INJURIES.WORSE: Expiration. CAN'T EXHALE. As if air were forced into upper chest (Sabi. Related: Ars-io. Related: Cup.).. CIMICIFUGA RACEMOSA (See Actæa Racemosa) CINA . yellow (loose)... Headaches. the eyes jerk and stare.. DYSPNŒA. Spasm of glottis. then prolonged unconsciousness. Constrictions.. Merc... Tremulous palpitation.). Cold.). Jar. Putrid aphthæ.. with bloody foam from mouth. NERVES. etc. Suspicious... Rigid muscles.. Red.. Meningitis. Twitchings.. Sudden shocks through body (Ign. Rash. OPISTHOTONOS and frightful facial contortions. Acrid coryza. Trismus. Meph..) or head.. Protruding eyes.. Throat-pit.. Heart seems to stop (Dig. After midnight... Stry. < head and face. then utter prostration. Laryngitis.). > passing flatus. Squint. Head twists to one side. of arms and fingers. Craves chalk... Oppressed breathing... Easy sweat.. Iod. CICUTA VIROSA REGION: BRAIN. Loud hiccough.Cup. of gullet.. Impetigo. or big toes up during spasm. with vomiting and purging (Ver-v. massive crusts. Grinds teeth. Violent....). Jerks. Noise.. . Suppressed eruptions. Dentition.).. Congestion to head. Rapid emaciation.... TO BRAIN (Nat-s. Lying. BETTER: Motion. Antidote: Lyc. Open air. Childish. .. of head. Epilepsy. Pustules coalesce into thick. Asthma of hay fever. Sensitive skin.

< every full moon. Fever. Sickly. TOUCHY. BETTER: Open air. cries out. then gurgling down throat. Canine or gnawing hunger. Wants to be rocked. Cold sweat about nose and forehead. WORSE: Touch. pale face. Sunshine (Stro. Ugly. cross. Neck... Nat-p. PICKS AND BORES AT NOSE. Dros. looked at. Restless sleep. White. Vexation.. Painfully sore to motion and touch.. Nostrils drawn in. Dark rings about eyes. after eating. after vomiting. watery stool. Full moon. < if crossed.). precedes chill or follows sweat. MILKY URINE.). Dilated pupils. Twisting at navel. lies on abdomen. Stiffens out. Ratan. during cough. distended abdomen. .. Motion. with pale face (Bry.. Light. The greater the emaciation the greater the hunger. Squint... Children. Yawning. Spasms. > rubbing... unilateral... ABDOMEN.REGION: NERVES: Cerebro-spinal. Wiping eyes. GRINDS TEETH. (Left side. Looked at. Related: Cham.. petulant and dissatisfied. Staring. Hard. Bones.. during cough.. Bed-wetting. etc.. during sleep. Chews and swallows in sleep. choking cough. Noisy swallowing. Bruised soreness. Naso-pharynx. Eyes. Colored vision. . Worms.)... alternating with anorexia. Nervous. CINNABARIS REGION: Blood. BETTER: Lying on abdomen. Eyes fatigue. Regularly recurrent. BLUISH WHITE ABOUT MOUTH. > pressure. DURING SLEEP. Dampness. Mucous membranes. wakes in terror. < worms. WORSE: TOUCH. Digestive tract. Worms. Twitchings.. Complementary: Calc-c. Tosses arms and legs from side to side.

Complementary: Thu. acrid sweat between scrotum and thigh. Heart flutters. Pain outward along brow . eruptions. encircling eyes. Thin. < pressure of glasses. wakes from sleep. then rushes of blood to head. < nose. acrid. Related: Merc. heavy pressure at root. Nose. Warts on prepuce. Cramp in calf. or like a saddle at root of nose. Nodes on shin bones. discharges foul. Sweat. Hawks down stringy mucus or lumps of mucus drop from posterior nares. white diarrhœa. hard chancres. etc. Old. burning serum or dark lumps. Naso-pharyngeal catarrh. Copyright © Médi-T 1999 Main . after walking. Foul. Fiery red ulcers. Dry mouth.

Indifference... glairy mucus. BETTER: Sweat.. or dribbles. Scrofula. stomach.. Drafts..). Fear... Moon..... Chilliness.. Excitement. WORSE: GONORRHŒA. Internal and external itching. crawling pains. Mammæ (l). Iritis. < and > with (Phel. eructations. Tarn. Headache from missing the noon meal. WORSE: COLD: Inspired air. GLANDS: TESTES. VERY HARD. NIGHT. Coldness of tongue.. saliva.). Skin. itching. Mammæ.. Suppurations.. Burning. Related: Calc-c. Lungs. Hard.. Much thick. Light.. canthi.). Burning.. Flaccid muscles. Swelled inguinal glands and spermatic cord. < sweating. l. > eating. Skin. Colds affect the throat. Callosities. As of a lump in naso-pharynx. TESTES (r). strains out a few drops. . Hep..... yellow or foul mucus. Painfully sensitive to cold.. Ant-c. in throat. swollen glands.... Stricture (Con. > sips of water. with cutting.. Chronic conjunctivitis. PAINFULLY SWOLLEN GLANDS.Main A SYNOPTIC KEY OF THE MATERIA MEDICA By Cyrus Maxwell BOGER Presented by Médi-T CISTUS CANADENSIS REGION: GLANDS: Naso-pharynx.. it feels spongy.. mamma. URETHRA.. Cold washing. Urine flows by starts. Cracked tetters. to inspired air. Mucus in urine. lips. stinging. Helod. etc. fingertips.. . Mental: Exertion. then full stream follows.. itches or has a dry spot. Neck. Taking. Heat of bed. sandy. Occiput.. Mercury. leaving painful rawness (Æsc.. scalp.. Touch. Indurations. Throat. Epididymis. Ovaries. Expectorates quantities of tenacious. CLEMATIS ERECTA REGION: MUCOUS MEMBRANES: EYES. Lachrymation... Crawling over body.. . < on neck. Water. sore pains..

> walking.. Senile asthma. WORSE: Ascending. Cracks across tongue. Mental prostration. hip. Exhilaration. Timid. Cold... ending in flat. < occiput and lower legs. etc. Muscles. < stool. Vesicles. stomach. alternating with brightness. outward darts in. Related: Eup-p... dyspnœic and exhausted (Ars. Like a worm under skin (Calc-c.. Sitting.). Palpitation. foamy. Soreness. Sweet.. Pain along spine and down both legs... < walking... eating ulcers. < sitting. sensitive breasts. lumpy expectoration. Sour taste.. Genitals. foot-sweat.. Heat of bed or sun. Sense of guilt. BETTER: Rapid motion.). . heavy. in open air. Carious teeth.. Stap. Loathes coition. Emptiness at navel (Flu-ac. High altitudes... WORSE: Sexual losses...... Related: Pho. can't straighten up. Lumbar ache.. Vertigo or head feels big... < coition.. with violent sweating. COCA REGION: NERVES: BRAIN. Mental exertion. Continued motion. Heart. Kidneys. . BETTER: Hawking mucus. Complementary: Merc. Sudden weakness in l. Aching bones. Sleepiness.. Loquacious excitement. Pustules. Crawling numbness in arms. Migraine. moving away when . with thick crusts and eczema. Corroding eruptions.. Bones..Orchitis. Yellow spots on abdomen. Vernal photophobia....)... Full. COBALTUM METALLICUM REGION: Spine (lumbar). with profuse desquamation. with blissful visions. After sunset. Dizzy. Skin itches violently.. Aphonia. craves solitude.. Flashes before eyes. Muscle exhaustion. with weak knees.. excessively rapid pulse. Frothy discharges.. Sense of impending death. before menses. Respiration.. Rhod.

Easily offended.. Sleepless.. Knees weak. Paraplegia. nervous women. HOLLOW FEELING. with salivation. Carriage. things seem unreal. COCCUS CACTI REGION: MUCOUS MEMBRANES: FAUCES. dysmenorrhœal... During menses. Cramps. in heart.M. with lachrymation. Extremely sad. CARS. Alternations between arms.. Nausea. Too weak to hold up head. lower jaw. Retching. Exertion. < lumbar.... Emotions.. OPENS AND SHUTS. taciturn and peevish. Related: Cann. Dazed. in A. with nausea. Occiput. SPINAL WEAKNESS. in masseters. Throat. Lying. Slight causes: Loss of sleep.. Muscles. Periodically.. Paralysis. Benumbed.. Clutching in uterus. awakes with a shock in brain. in forehead. Tremor. < raising head. with palpitation. Weak neck. Ign. Hysterical asthma. Left side. VOMITING. Anxiety. Pain.. WORSE: Motion: BOAT. Alternations.. intention. nervous. Complementary: Petr.. Hands numb. Depleting menses. < lying on it. Heat. Spasms. < menses. Abdomen seems full of sharp stones. Loathing. stand or even speak.. Related: Gel. Train and sea sickness. cracking. Lumbar. < grasping objects. Larynx. Awaking. Low fever. EMPTY. Open air. Sleepless. WORSE: IRRITATING FAUCES. > bending backward. of head. Female sexual organs. One side. Humerus feels broken. Hysteria.. COCCULUS INDICUS REGION: SENSORIUM. Weak. rising into head. from mental or physical exhaustion. Touch.touched. Eating.. Speaks or swallows with difficulty. Drowsy. twisting (wind). Colic. < walking. muscular relaxation. Acute senses with heavy or paralytic. abdomen. Vomiting with syncope. . Clumsy gait. with faintness. aches. Slow grasp. replaced by gushes of leucorrhœa. Sweaty. Sensitive to cold.. Noise. Chest. Throat tickles. Cerebro-spinal axis: OCCIPUT. Genito-urinary. Limbs go to sleep.. Cold exposure. VERTIGO. < standing on tip toe. alternately hot and cold. Cold. hysterical. . bloated. Heavy head.

Berb. urine. EXPECTORATION. Spasms.. . thick. NERVOUS SLEEPLESSNESS. then gradually declining. Windy).BETTER: Washing in cold water. as of a fluid forcing its way.. feeling in throat. at tip of tongue. Gouty-rheumatic. Intolerable internal tickle. red face and internal heat.).. Exertion. awakes at or hears every sound. Catarrh. Sticking along ureters. OVERSENSITIVE. ROPY MUCUS (Kali-bi. sour.M. Urine scanty. Hæmorrhage. . Whooping cough. Sex organs.. Antidotes: Cham. etc. ENDING IN VOMITING OR RAISING MUCH CLEAR. Faceache (r).. Mental: Emotions.. pleasure.. Violent kidney pain. etc. sediment.. Nephritis. Faints easily. from rush of ideas.. brushing teeth. Profuse post-nasal discharge. Urging to urinate.. after pleasurable excitement... STRINGY DISCHARGES. etc.. black menses. Alcohol.. COFFEA CRUDA REGION: NERVES. .. BETTER: Lying. Warmth. brown or white.. Pulsations. Rushing ideas. with dysuria. > bloody clots from vagina.. etc. Odors. > ice water. Now joyous. < as it warms. < sun heat. Air (Open. Women. Hawking. Sad. Related: Coca.. Soreness or stitches in apices of lungs. slowly increasing. Stomach feels overloaded. Uric acid. skin. itching genitals. on waking at 2-3 A. Touch. Irritated bladder... dark red. with a purple. Irritable and wakeful.. Cough incessant. CIRCULATION. Resents sympathy.. Acute hearing.. Coldness in back. REGULAR PAROXYSMS OF VIOLENT TICKLING. it may even be painful (Ther.).. Brain seems torn. excites cough. Toothache. Nervous palpitation. Painfully sensitive skin. heavy. Pho... Ign. overhears distant sounds. Complementary: Aco.. laments and tosses about. WORSE: NOISE. Overeating. Nux-v. Ign. Sensitive. Related: Ap. to pain. now gloomy. in glans.. > cold air or drinks. After-pains. Constricted throat.. to noise. vulva... Lach.). sandy.. of measles. Clavus. Sleep. Burning. periodically. cardiac. pains into finger-tips. Weeps... (Lach. hanging from mouth. fauces. bloody mucus.. Emotions cause severe symptoms. Itching scratches until it bleeds. etc. EXITABLE AND OVERACTIVE. retching or vomiting. during menses.. Night. Trembling hands. as of pepper in nostrils. Hot. Bright eyes.. shattered or crushed.. Dark blood. with kidney symptoms. Cold. Nephritic colic.. RACKING COUGH.

Touch.. then tenesmus or spasm of anus. Stubbing toes. Urine sedimentitious. Doubling up.. etc. Tissues: MUSCLES. Rest. Glossitis. Spi.. Circulation. Pinched. Night. Ver-a. > lying quietly... gelatinous.. WORSE: MOTION. with a sense of dryness. sour at night. Carb-v. odors nauseate. Flow of saliva. Slight exertion. strong odors. Dark nostrils. Small. Meteorism. etc. COLLINSONIA CANADENSIS REGION: Pelvis: Anus.. rectum. Related: Ars. Depressed.. then gouty effects. . Acrid tears. Ligaments. Mouth hangs open. HEART. Diarrhœa. rapidly shifting areas of severe pain. damp. but little swelling.. Thirsty. Heart. NAUSEA. every little hurt pains terribly. Dropsy. Irritable and sensitive. Changing. Choleraic or shreddy. Sweat. even to fainting. Checked sweat. Retching.. Burning or icy coldness in stomach. Nephritis. Cardio-arthritic affections. Kidneys.. BETTER: Warmth. Sitting. sunken face. or sight of food.. JOINTS. Unequal pupils. Uterus. WEATHER: Cold. mucus stools.. Complementary: Ars.. Moist collapse. BUT SENSITIVE AND RESTLESS. Tearing. Tenesmus. Chest seems squeezed by a band. Irritable and sensitive to impressions. Weak heart. digging. Mucous colitis. drawing pains. Cold limbs. COLCHICUM AUTUMNALE REGION: DIGESTIVE TRACT. Cutting or stinging at heart. black. that finally attack the heart.. Autumn... pericardium. Subacute states. Heat on rump. Stretching. Sensitive to odors and impressions. after dysentery. small. rooms. but LOATHES THE SMELL. Bowels. Pharynx. Creepings. Vibration. COLD AND WEAK. Serous. ACUTE SMELL. Sundown to sunrise. Many joints are attacked. Fibrous.. cold on face. Rapid sinking.. .

< least food. Night. with oppressed breathing. Rectum.. Chagrin. Congestions. etc. Gas colic (flatulent colic).. ... Pregnancy.. Night... WORSE: PILES: During suppressed.. Light. Constriction. Acrid diarrhœa. then numbness. Sul. then longer on spinal nerves. < moving eyelids.. making him TWIST.. Lyc. Kidneys.... Drafts. SUDDEN.. Cold. Left side. etc. Varicocele.Liver. Excitement. Colic. gripings. Lightning-like pains. Ovaries. COLOCYNTHIS REGION: NERVES (large): TRIFACIAL. seems dry and full of sticks or sand. chest or rheumatic symptoms.. < pains.. Distorted face. alternating with heart. Persistent bitter taste. DIGESTIVE TRACT (NAVEL). Intestines feel ... Prolapsus. Taking cold. Speaker's sorethroat or cough. clitoris. in limbs. pelvic. Related: Lycps. CUTTING. easily vexed. Gentle motion. Nux-v. . Swelled feeling. uteri. INTESTINES. clamping. with piles. GRIPING. BETTER: HARD PRESSURE. Pressure > at first then <. GRASPING. Heat. aches. Constrictions. Piles (bleeding). Rest.. Constipation or piles of pregnancy. Acts on digestive tract. Tearing head pains. gnawing or boring pain. ABDOMINAL. reflex from or combined with hæmorrhoids. Convulsive jerks or constrictions during pain (Ign. Flushes of heat.. pinching.. with eye symptoms or alternating with cœlialgia. After stool or flatus. ani...). knotty stools. Anger. Neuralgia.. WAVES OF VIOLENT CUTTING. Coffee. with cardiac pains.. especially cardiac (Lycps...... tearings.. CLUTCHING OR RADIATING ABDOMINAL COLIC DOUBLE HIM UP. burns. etc. vulva. Palpitation. destroying the hair. ATROCIOUS CRAMPINGS. Anger.. with nausea or diuresis..). Lying on painless side. at navel. in bed. Cutting in bowels.. Spinal. Parts seem too short. > HARD PRESSURE... turn or cry out in pain. WORSE: EMOTIONS. SCIATIC. VEXATION. Itching of vulva or anus. Faceache (l)....

Limbs drawn up like a hedgehog. Dysentery. Yellow. rotation or night. Screwing. > lying on painful part. > pressure. shreddy.). Pains alternating between ovaries. Copyright © Médi-T 1999 Main . Gelatinous. < least motion. Lumbar ache. Complementary: Caus. Vomits from pain. Antidote: Op. sticky or stringy urine. squeezed between stones. Pain under r. Heart feels pushed up by a distended stomach. scapula. Slippery bubbles escape from anus. Related: Stap. sourish or gelatinous stools. Urinous sweat. Cramps in hips. band-like or shooting sciatic pains. watery. > pressure (Bry. with colic and gas. Ovaralgia. frothy.

Ovaries. difficult articulation. Hard blood-vessels.. Pain from under l. Early senility. Right side. uncertain gait. Cachexy. Eyes.. CONIUM MACULATUM REGION: NERVES. Sexual excesses. BETTER: Letting part hang down. faints at stool. Irregular action ending in progressive DEBILITY. of reduced skin. Ascending symptoms.. taking. Night. WORSE: Heat.. Eczema.. ŒDEMA. etc. breast through to scapula. with numbness. Paralysis. .. As of a lump in brain. BETTER: Open air.. looks old... Suddenly sick or weak. Cough.. Trembling. Sexual organs. head low.Main A SYNOPTIC KEY OF THE MATERIA MEDICA By Cyrus Maxwell BOGER Presented by Médi-T COMOCLADIA DENTATA REGION: Skin. Chronicity. New growths. Sore eyeballs. Old age. Lying. MUSCLES. After exertion.. Burning. ALCOHOL. Continence. . Raising arms. itching of eyes and nose. Injury... as in old age: clothes distress. WORSE: SEEING MOVING OBJECTS. GLANDS: MAMMÆ. STONY HARDNESS. with violent sneezing. Wandering rheumatic pains... in epigastrium.. recurrent.. Nose. Respiration. Cold...

Complementary: Pho. at stool. as if from abdomen. Eating. Rectum.. Testes enlarged. Too hot if . milky gonorrhœa.. Urticaria.. bloody expectoration.. Sour saliva. Sleeps with head under covers. Suppuration ascends urinary tract. as if bone would push through. Rushes of blood to head and face. Menses irregular. Prostatic dribble. suppuration. yet fear being alone. nodes in. Almost continuous paroxysms of extremely violent. congested before menses. < before menses or at every step.. CORALLIUM RUBRUM REGION: RESPIRATORY ORGANS. COPAIVA OFFICINALIS REGION: MUCOUS GLANDS: Genito-urinary.. Stools of masses of or covered with mucus. > standing. odor of violets. on chin.... Urine stops and starts. bloody urine. < outer side. etc. are accompanied by a purple face. uterus. etc. etc. in ovaries. MUCOUS MEMBRANES. Acrid. Complementary: Sep. < stool... Painful cough. GLANDS HARDEN AND GET SORE. calf. spasmodic cough. Spinal injuries. Tormenting cough from dry spot in larynx.. Vision.. Hot flushes or sweat on dropping to sleep. Iod. Stabbings.. Pulpy earwax. Photophobia. Acrid leucorrhœa. Shy people. from tickling in throat-pit. and followed by exhaustion. colored. Cough as soon as he eats... Weak memory. Urethra feels wide open.. Toward morning. Heels. Gel. Bronchial. etc. . Caus. Can't think after using eyes.. in popliteæ..... emotions. Burning in lungs. VERTIGO. droop. A reverberating. . Skin greenish. NERVES. with heat.. cold on nape or palms. foul or eczematous eruption. Hebetude. oppression of chest and foul. Dysuria. Eyes feel crossed.. Coldness in nape.. Very red (flat) venereal ulcer.. and vomiting of stringy mucus. etc. senile. as semen passes. drinking.. Whooping cough. on lying. Cutting.. Skin. sticking in. which begin with gasping for breath. Emissions. WORSE: Morning... Sweat under eyes. Purulent or acrid... shooting in. Inhaling. WORSE: AIR: Change of. minute gun cough. Calc-fl. Cold flatus. least motion of eyes or head. Catarrh of bladder. etc. Palpitation... Related: Arn. from mere contact. like an old bruise. lids heavy. too much milk. Related: Tered. Slow... shrunken. spots on. Taking cold. scanty.Tearings. Bar-c.... Pulsation in penis. Apathetic. Constipation on alternate days. FOUL BLENORRHŒA: bronchorrhœa. whirling. Mammæ. Hot spots on head. turning over. < exertion.

Pain under left scapula. Pulse rapid. Puberty.. Cardio-hæmorrhagic or lithæmic cases (Lycps.. Digestive tract. Old malarias. Pregnancy.. with burning at anus. with albuminous expectoration.. Liver symptoms. Incompetent valves. Angina pectoris.. Sleepy before the chills. Circulation. Cardiac dilatation. Cough. Eyes. WEAK HEART MUSCLES (r).. Strop. stitches or insomnia.. Spleen... Burning.. Female organs. with the heat and after meals.. smarting eruption in back of neck. WORSE: Motion. Dark. Taking cold. Weak and exhausted.. CROCUS SATIVUS REGION: MIND. but chilled by uncovering.. CRATÆGUS OXYACANTHA REGION: HEART. axillæ and chin. Despairing. Liver. Nerves. Related: Eup-p.covered... Diarrhœa. irregular and small. Myocarditis. Related: Apocy. with oppression.). Related: Coc-c.. Sallow skin. < heat and sweating. Sweaty palms. foul stools. with aching eyeballs. CORNUS FLORIDA REGION: Blood. . WORSE: Night. NERVES. Dropsies. > washing. . suddenly.. Irritable. Complementary: Sul... Cardiac dyspnœa. Weak and depressed.

rapid decomposition and MALIGNANCY.. Faint... Related: Lach.. trembles.. Dark. . Blood-boils. Œdema about affected parts. Spring.. slow. with scarlet skin. ulcers. with faintness and cold sweat on forehead. oozing of dark. Chorea. WORSE: Lying on R. Nosebleed.. Torpid. thin blood. etc. of sides. fears evil. Tarn. Narcotic sleep. Impressionable.. Falling to sleep. foul. stringy. Craves stimulants. Mouldy excretions. Bilious vomit. in waves from spine. Horrible dreams. of young girls. Complementary: Lycps.Reading. Jumping about. First one limb then the other is numb. BETTER: Light. as of something alive internally. goitre. stringy menses. Putridity. Singing during sleep. Epilepsy. > pressure. Alcohol. CROTON TIGLIUM . Threatened abortion.. CROTALUS HORRIDUS REGION: BLOOD. . side. Mouldy breath. Motion.. Deathly sick.. Delirium. Faintings. weak. Involuntary laughter and weeping. Liver. Sexual excitement.. drowsy and hysterical. Related: Ign. Rapidly changing or alternating symptoms. Cerebro-spinal nerves.. tremulous and weak. < music. sensitive to lying on l.. Winks or must close eyes tightly. Gangrene... as after weeping. Hysteria. upper eyelids. Dark or bluish parts. Sul-ac. Distorted face on waking. besotted face. Occipital ache.. Occiput..... Warm weather. of opposite moods. Heat. BETTER: Open air. General burning. Heart. Single muscles twitch. Jaundice. labored breathing.. Forgetful.. of the dead. Anxious.. Perineal abscess. Swelled tongue. abscess. Black-water fever. etc. Stiff palate. affectionate and moody. of mind and body... Plaintive speech.. Craves pork. Mistakes in writing. High fever. Septic. Dry. instead of menses. or as if in a cool wind. Grinds teeth. Lachrymation when reading. HEART.. HÆMORRHAGE. burning eyes. HÆMORRHAGE. Bloody pus or sweat. feels loose or turns over.... Dark. Throat... Climacteric hemicrania. tonsils.. etc. pharyngeal. Timid. dark. Right side. Petechiæ.... side. tough..

red skin. Violently itching. of blisters which burst and form crusts. Cramp or cutting-burning after urinating.. < genitals. Eruptions. Bladder.. Mammæ. Nodes in mammæ. then into womb. Vertigo.. Related: Cist. PROFUSE.). Stringy gonorrhœa. Gurgling or swashing as of water in bowels... FACE. Pressure excites rectal pain or a stool. THEN SUDDEN. cold stools. Neuralgia of tongue.. Catarrhs.. Motion. Diarrhœa. REGION: MUCOUS MEMBRANES: Bowels.. Receding eruptions.. as child nurses. sore if scratched. BETTER: Walking about. Copyright © Médi-T 1999 Main . nipples. then acrid.. tense burning. Can't inhale deeply enough.... Eyes. Eczema.. Related: Rhus-t.... on blowing nose. yellow or green... CUBEBA OFFICINALIS REGION: Mucous membranes: URETHRA. ... Drawn backward feeling. vesiculo-pustular (Sep. GUSHING STOOL OF YELLOW WATER. Skin: SCROTUM.. Neck and shoulders pain. Cholera infantum. etc. As of cold air blowing through a hole in clothes on chest or back. Zoster.. > gentle rubbing... Pain from nipple to back.. Veins of forehead distended.. Griping down over hips. then prostration. with grains like rice.. temples and crown of head. Menses stain indelibly (Bur-p. in eyes. Eating.. Violent inflammation.. Cop.. Burning rawness. Bladder.. WORSE: Night in bed.. clustered. WORSE: DRINKING. . Gelatinous.. Washing..). Uterus. Vagina... offensive discharges. CULEX MUSCA Œdema. < DRINKING..

in recurring symptom groups. Loss of sleep. Chorea. Visceral neuralgia. Cholera infantum. Hot weather. Numb. intermittent sweat. clammy. in chest. Abdomen. extort cries. Sharp. Blood. shooting abdominal pains. Dampness. . Pressure. paralysed feeling in legs. Violent cramps and colics. Vomiting. Pressure over heart. BETTER: Cold drinks. > pressing foot on floor (Stry-p). Related: Cup. affecting the centers of the medulla. radiating from or of single parts. Sub-oxidation. Overtax. calves. Raising arm. Rice water stools. Leg cramps. Vomiting and diarrhœa. Muscles. inflammatory. with obstinate hiccough or icy cold body. Suppressions. WORSE: Emotions: Anger.. Motion. Intestinal catarrh. Digestive tract. Muscles. Touch. WORSE: Touch. fingers. with uræmia.Main A SYNOPTIC KEY OF THE MATERIA MEDICA By Cyrus Maxwell BOGER Presented by Médi-T CUPRUM ARSENICOSUM REGION: DIGESTIVE TRACT. Convulsions. Weak heart. etc. of all kinds. Nerves. Cold. Epigastrium. CUPRUM METALLICUM REGION: NERVES: Cerebro-spinal axis. CRAMPS AND SPASMS. toes. Violent effects.

Fresh air. membranous. sleepy and morose.. with spells of fear of death. excessive. Loss of speech. Silent weeping. Latency.. Milk in virgin breasts. Slow pulse.. Diarrhœa. afebrile. Anosmia. dark or changeable. glittering or black vision. Nat-c. Puts tongue out like a snake. Spasm of glottis. Pains. pale or distorted... Icy cold. Eyeballs oscillate behind closed lids. being broken. Quick satiety... less if in motion. Whooping cough. Hypersensitive: every drug overacts. Impulsive. in racking darts.. with internal tremor.. spasmodic laughter. chills. Confusion. Dull. Pulls her hair. in chest. pressive. Metallic taste. scaly eruptions. Cough. etc. < coffee. temple. During menses. Dreads open air. Easy relapses. < at menses. calves > stretching leg out. Jerkings. at night. Sense of losing consciousness. Grinds teeth. Crawling on vertex. tormenting. with yawning. constriction of (lower). etc. behind sternum. Blueness. then cold sweat. > stool. Menses. Frightful colic.. Craves lemonade. then deathly exhaustion. Poor reaction. loquacious. Nausea in throat. Hiccoughy eructation. Hiccough.).. Sneezing. sad. Cramps prevent coition.. Clenches thumbs into palms.). Suppressed urine. Closed mouth. Nervous. Blood.. < raising arms. < coughing or laughing.. with cramps.. painful. After-pains. Asthma. Air seems to stream from nipples.. The room seems too small (Berb. < after menses.tonic. Sees stars. Painful transfixion cramp. Evening. etc. without curing.. epileptic. . in violent paroxysms. Vertigo. from menstrual or gastric disorders. loud rattle in. Swelled breasts. > cold drinks (Caus. diarrhœa and shrieks or convulsions. FEMALE SEX ORGANS. Fluttering. twisting the head awry. Meningitis. Coughs. violent. Can't hold head erect or bores it into pillow. with trismus or hiccough... Digestive tract. of fingers. Hyperemesis. Heavy ankles... Pain in l. Lies on stomach and jerks buttocks up. Cholera.. Convergent squint. Vomiting.. Weeping. Complementary: Calc-c.) or lachrymation. Self-reproaches. Yellow. tricky.. Chlorosis. Spurting stools. Piercing shrieks. Continued weakness. early. Delirium. during sleep.. Brain feels wrapped up. coughs herself out of breath. with itching in ear. < touch. Tense abdomen.. Face livid. Prolonged migraine. < deep breathing or bending back. VISUAL EFFECTS or vertigo. Cold. alternately yielding and headstrong. Vision.. etc. Blurred vision (Nat-m. CYCLAMEN EUROPÆUM REGION: Cerebro-spinal axis. or soles.. without waking. Sitting. of green water.). Dyspnœa. Chilly.. Fats. Hard pressure in epigastrium.. as from blows. Melancholy. Sullen. ... Nausea. Jerking hands and feet. nocturnal. Uneasy.. Lost or salty taste... > pressure. (Zin. knotting the muscles. WORSE: Cold.. discharges.). Chest.. < pregnancy.. . Related: Ver-a. with agonizing colic. through whole body. clammy sweat. Dysmenorrhœa.. > drinking. BETTER: Motion. clotted. spasms (Zin.. can't bear anything near mouth. Noisy swallowing. Collapse. Repressed or undeveloped eruptions.. Loathing and nausea from the least food.

Dreams of piercing bodies of her children together (Pho.... before menses. WORSE: Standing.. Chilly all over.. DIGITALIS PURPUREA REGION: Vagus.) seem separated from body (Bapt.. Head feels big. etc.. coated on one side only (Irid.. Bones. Somnambulism (Pho. not > covers. Exhaustion.. Tongue... Sleep.. Parts (head. . arms. Evening in bed. < in knees. Chilly. Rhus-t.).. with bilious vomiting. Fetor. DAPHNE INDICA REGION: Muscles.. HEART. Lungs..... Cramps from anterior thighs into uterus. preceded by blindness...Weakness.). Bruised pain. Psor. Sensation of milk flowing into mammæ. Nerves. Increased secretions. . Left side... < standing on feet. Burning.).. Stomach..). Related: Rhus-t. CIRCULATION: Liver.. Waning moon. DICTAMNUS ALBUS REGION: Female organs. from bone aches.. Clammy sweat.. Sleepless.. sore heels. Offensive sweat. Bearing down.. WORSE: Cold air.. Pains in thinly covered bones. A lump rises in throat. Occiput.. muscle.. Sad.. Related: Pul.. of black clots. Genito-urinary organs. Menses early. Related: Pul. .. WORSE: Raising up....

Lying on L. side.
Smell of food.
Cold drinks.
Excesses: Sexual.

Cool air.
Lying flat on back.

WEAKNESS, faint-like; can hardly talk. Heart slow, with indefinite or causeless symptoms.
HEART SLOW, weak or irregular; quick, on motion; with liver or sexual symptoms; at puberty.
Must walk about, with precordial anxiety; with teasing to urinate. .................... Anxious
solicitude. Dizzy. Crashes in head; on dropping to sleep. Spastic hemicrania. Yellow-red
conjuctiva. Seething in ears. Face pale; bluish, also lips and tongue. Thick, flabby tongue. Much
thirst, little appetite (Sul.), but no fever. Deathly nausea or with faint sinking at pit of
stomach. Liver sore, swelled. White, putty-like stools. Dribbling urination. Dropsy. Throbbing in
neck of bladder. Early morning erection. Swelled prostate; senile. Atonic night losses. Glans
inflamed; gonorrhœa of (Jaca.). Profuse, thick, yellow-white gonorrhœa. Slow breathing. Cough,
with pains in shoulders and arms. HEART; weak; feels like stopping; sprains; palpitation.
Slow, intermittent pulse. Numb or weak left arm. Drowsy. Dreams of falling; wakes with a shock.
Cold skin. Flushes of heat, then great weakness. Cold, clammy sweat.

Related: Glo. Spi.


NERVES: Cord. Abdominal. Sciatic.
Right side.

Doubling up.
Tea; eating.

Stretching out or bending back.
Motion; in open air (Mag-c. Pul.).
Hard pressure.

A remedy of pains, of all kinds. UNBEARABLY SHARP, CUTTING, TWISTING, GRIPING OR
GRINDING PAINS; that dart about or radiate; to distant parts, arms, etc.; in paroxysms;
cease suddenly, then start in a different place; periodical. Shudderings, from pain, etc.
.................... Nervous and easily troubled. Confused, full head. Sensation as if head were
crushed down (Dio.). Eructations; with hiccough. Cardialgia. Pains shoot from liver to right
nipple. Violent abdominal colic, > motion; pains go into back, chest or arms. Flatulence.
Darting, from anus to liver. Piles like a bunch of cherries. Weakening morning diarrhœa, without
relief. Erections lasting all night. Cold relaxed sexual organs. Atonic emissions, then weakness;
< knees. Violent dysmenorrhœa. Chest or cardiac pains radiate into both arms. Felon. Burning,
numb, sciatic (r) pain, < motion. Hamstrings seem too short. Cold, clammy sweat; of strong odor

on genitals.

Related: Colo. Mag-c.




Weak and restless, but without pain, or aching, breaking joint pains, > lying. Wants to be
held. Drawing in muscles, then sudden snap. Jerking of single parts. Internal trembling.
.................... Sees visions. Carphology. Moisture at edge of hair. Fanning of alæ nasi, with
snoring. Yellow, thick nasal discharge. Flushed face; center of cheeks purple. Moist tongue, with
red tip or a dark red spot back of tip; red papillæ. Throat dark. Thick, gray membrane; on tonsil
(l). Fetor. Wants cold air down throat or craves cold drinks. Diphtheria; prophylactic; painless;
relapsing. Post-diphtheric paralysis. Obstinate tonsilitis. Faintness at stomach, > sips of milk.
Dry, hot palms; they feel withered. Dry skin. Talks in sleep, with open eyes. Low temperature.
Chilly, then hot.

Related: Carb-ac.


Bones: Long (Stil.). Joints.

After midnight.
On lying down.
Cold foods.
After measles.


Spasmodic, catarrhal and hæmorrhagic effects. Tuberculosis; of bones. .................... Easily
angered. Desire to drown himself. Sensitive to sour odors. Painful sneezing. Putrid taste.
COUGH; as if from abdomen; taking away the breath; compel holding the sides and

ending in retching, vomiting (first of ingesta, then of mucus), nosebleed or cold sweat;
followed by loquacity. Typical whooping cough. Tickling like a feather or crumb in larynx. Bloody,
purulent expectoration. Hoarse, toneless voice. Constriction of chest. Stitches below axillæ.
Writers' cramp.

Complementary: Sul.
Related: Coc-c. Cor-r.


MUCOUS MEMBRANES: Bronchi. Bladder. Eyes.
BACK: Muscles. LOINS.

BEING CHILLED: WHILE HOT. Sudden change of temperature. Uncovering. COLD WET;
feet, ground, cellars, beds, etc.
Suppressed discharges, sweat, eruptions, etc.
Before storms.

Excessive secretion of mucus. Catarrhal-rheumatic-herpetic tendency. Stiff, numb, achy and
sore from every exposure to damp cold. Tearing. Paralytic effects. Griping in bowels, testes,
etc. .................... Confusion. Depression. Scolding. Difficult speech. Easily becomes delirious.
Occiput feels large. Ringworm of scalp. Aching in nose. Coryza; stuffed; summer colds, with
diarrhœa. Nose obstructed by the least fresh air. Nosebleed; replaces menses. Thick,
brown-yellow crusts on face. Swelled tongue. Tenacious, soapy saliva. Cutting at navel; then
painful, green, slimy stools. Sour, watery stools, < night. Every cold settles in eyes, throat or
affects bladder (Pul.), bowels or respiration (Sul.). Frequent urination. Cloudy, slimy or foul
urine. Cystitis. Dropsy. Enlarged testes, with griping pains. Watery menses. Cough: caused by
tickling in back of throat; in prolonged fits; with much loose, easy expectoration. Eruptions;
scaly, thick, crusty, moist, bleeding or herpetic; < before menses. Urticaria. Pruritus. Large,
smooth, fleshy, flat warts. Coldness; in occiput; lumbar region; in bowels; icy, of paralyzed
part. Chilliness starts from back; not > warmth; < evening. Chill with urging to stool and urinate.
Foul sweat.

Complementary: Bar-c. Nat-s.
Related: Rhus-t.

Copyright © Médi-T 1999



By Cyrus Maxwell BOGER
Presented by Médi-T


Left side.



Weak, tired and achy. Slow speech, gait, replies, etc. Weakness, in stomach; in bowels; of
heart; in knees; with vertigo. Sepsis. Lymphangitis. Rheumatism. .................... Depressed or
cross and out of sorts. Can't exert mind. Sharp pain deep in brain; it seems too large. Throbbing
through temples. Hot, burning forehead. Twitching brows. Bluish face. Teeth sensitive to drafts
of air. Mucus, frothy in mouth; hawks from throat. Tongue numb. Peppery taste. Aphthæ.
Nauseated and chilly. Sour, bloody vomitus; like coffee grounds. As of a load in posterior liver.
Blood follows stool. Seminal emissions. As of a lump under sternum. Burning under l. scapula.
Hands, numb alternately or restless; on awaking. Dreams of difficulties; laborious or
quarrelsome. Irregular chills, heats and sweats. Chill in l. occiput. Sweat on upper parts; on
forehead. Increasing, but variable pulse.

Related: Arn. Pyro. Rhus-t.


Right side.

Approach of storms.
Cold; drink or food.
In room.

Black discharges; hæmorrhages, etc. Internal coldness; in chest; < drinking. Adynamic sepsis.

with spitting of viscid saliva and nausea. or cutting in urethra. < until 4 P. Joints. weak or insensible.. lung. Drinks feel like ice in stomach. Pressure. Right side feels paralyzed.. Stomach. Fear causes chattering teeth and trembling... going backward. ERIGERON CANADENSIS REGION: Genito-urinary tract.... then >.. Cystitis. EPIPHEGUS VIRGINIANA REGION: Nerves. with irritable bladder. Nosebleed. Weekly headaches. Ozœna. Related: Ign. Stools of black. Neurasthenia. Red spots on face.... eye. Related: Crot-h.) headache. of shopping.. Peeling palms and fingertips. Fears rain. WORSE: Fatigue. full. Prickling. burning. General cold sweat..). . Air hunger. Rushes of blood to head. Complementary: Sil.. Confusion. tender bladder. Aching. Tartar on teeth.. frothy blood.. Stuffed feeling in naso-pharynx. Black rings before l. Antidote: Cedron.. Dribbling urine. Painful cough. Eyestrain. Related: Canth. WORSE: At close of urination. Pain at apex of r. Dysuria. Iris.. EQUISETUM HIEMALE REGION: GENITO-URINARY TRACT. nervous. . at night. Helod. Like fingertips pressing into temples. Twisting spasm. BETTER: Sleep.M.Oscillatory motions. Deafness. Green-yellow crusts in nose. then paralysis.. Wrinkled mucous membranes (Ars. Liver. Mucus in urine. Weak arms. Icy cold feet. œsophageal. Compressive (r. NOCTURNAL ENURESIS.

Cough of influenza. Diuresis. as from taking cold. Smell or sight of food. Chill.. bright. or 7th... WORSE: COLD AIR.. Grippe. WORSE: Periodically.. with putrid gas.WORSE: Rainy weather. Tympanites. EUCALYPTUS GLOBULUS REGION: Mucous membranes.. then nausea and vomiting.. Profuse catarrhal discharges. acrid. Burning eyes. foul... Dysuria.. Terb. day. . Slow digestion...... Migraine. Hæmorrhage. Related: Canth.). Dul.. Limbs prickle.. dysenteric... PERIODICALLY: 7-9 A.. Fever with aching. jerking pain at night. Limbs.. EUPATORIUM PERFOLIATUM REGION: BONES. Tinnitus.. Related: Chin. Anus seems torn. . Hard aching. Bronchial asthma. Mental exhilaration. Merc-c. Vertigo in all stages.). Congestion. Echin. 3rd... Pasty tongue. Smarting-burning... Vesico-rectal tenesmus (Canth. Occiput. Rheumatic-hydrogenoid constitution. Muscles: Chest.. then ache. Back. typhoid.. Blood. Tension across nose.. gushing. . Retained urine.. toxæmic and hæmorrhagic.. Sticky sweat on genitals. Watery coryza. Aching in bladder. Burning in stomach and abdomen (Ars. Stomach... stiff and weary..M. Aching. Liver. Coughing.. Weight in bowels. Sticking. Lying on part. Bronchiæ. Diarrhœa. Night. Ecchymoses. Respiration. Muscles. vomits and purges pure blood. senile. Malaria.. Exhausted.. Old malarias. BETTER: Vomiting bile.. Motion. Bronchorrhœa. Throbbing in stomach.

Stitches from epigastium into sides of chest on coughing.. in joints. Lying on face. > vomiting. Paralytic weakness. after chill or during heat.. in bones at night. Mercury.... Vertigo.. with a sense of dryness. Sep. Ozœna.. Pyro. of mucous membranes. . EUPHORBIUM REGION: Mucous membranes. Much secretion. Complementary: Nat-m. chilly and nauseated.. Sore throbbing head pains.. Chest. Intense backache... Restless... Hoarse in A. Related: Nit-ac.. Whitish stools. Nux-v. < lying on r. Burning heat. vomit. Slow inflammation. Scanty sweat. aching eye-balls. Migraine. .. Thirst or nausea. EUPATORIUM PURPUREUM Bones-breaking pains. Dropsy of legs. face. then >. BONE-BREAKING PAINS (Coccl. with swelling. alternating with gouty pains. gouty nodes. but drinks excite bitter vomiting or chill.. begins in small of back.. < occiput. .. High fever. crumbling teeth. WORSE: Sitting. as if beaten... right side... Sore. Teeth. Caries. Much abortive sneezing. hot. Brittle. Rest. Internal burning.. side.... Bones.. Urine now profuse.. sore ache. Malaria.. Related: Bry.). then violent shaking chill. Beginning motion. Bilious effects. Rut. EUPHRASIA OFFICINALIS REGION: MUCOUS MEMBRANES: EYES. Mouth feels coated with rancid grease (Iris. Coryza.... Bruised. Bitter vomiting. from a laryngeal tickle. WORSE: SUNLIGHT. Sensation as of a metal cap on head. Vomits bile at height of head pains.Sweating. and catarrhal sequelæ. Skin. sways to left. Weakness.. sore chest and bronchi. Grippe. Thirst. Aching lower limbs. Sul. Bruised pain in calves. VIOLENT... Painful cough. Sneezing. Catarrhal fevers.M. Nose. Urinary stream smaller.). etc. acrid.. it hurts head. Erysipelas. yellow eyes. < back. ascending.. ACHING.. now scanty. Painful. Raw. must hold chest. bullosum. Colds.

varying or of several colors. ..Thu. BETTER: Open air. lying or coughing (Chel. leaving a varnish-like mark. with spasm of lids..... WORSE: Eating.. Wiping eyes. Gushes of fluent coryza. Crawling. Conjunctivitis.... wants to wipe them. < open air.. WIND. less on lying down at night. Copyright © Médi-T 1999 Main ... of measles... Related: Rhe. compressing eyes. Evening.. Chronic sore eyes.. Photophobia. with bland coryza... Sticky eye-gum.. ACRID OR HOT. Pressure over brows. Easy expectoration. (reverse .). acrid.. Winking.. Acrid pus. Violent injection. ABUNDANT. Left to right. as of a hair before them. watery secretions. Thick yellow or acrid discharge from eyes.. cutting eye-pains. Red. in forehead..).. Gall-stones. Acute catarrhs.).. Free. Pressive. ... Room... Vertigo.. Albuminuria.. < back. Related: Cepa.. Kidneys.. burning-itching tarsi. Pain about navel.. Warmth. in day time only. Profuse stools. WATERY EYES... EVONYMUS EUROPÆUS REGION: Liver. Chemosis. swimming in tears. Loose cough... Engorged liver. SMARTING TEARS. as if drawn up and pitched forward (Calc-c.

Skin. WORSE: Scratching. deep in hands. WORSE: NIGHT. Pruritus vulvæ. Lach. Drinking. Sudden motions. Coffee. Blood-vessels. Itching. sour eructations. anus. < rest. Slight bleeding (Calad. Heat and cold. Left deltoid. Digestion. legs. Raising arms. FERRUM METALLICUM REGION: VASO-MOTORS: CIRCULATION. Leaning head on something. eyes. Quinine. Eating. Card-m. BETTER: Cold bathing. BETTER: Gentle motion. Pains along fingers. Sweats. Violent exertion. . Emotions. Blood. Pain along lachrymal duct. Scalding. arm.).Main A SYNOPTIC KEY OF THE MATERIA MEDICA By Cyrus Maxwell BOGER Presented by Médi-T FAGOPYRUM ESCULENTUM REGION: Digestive organs. posterior nares. Related: Pul. As if neck could not support head. Cardiac pain to shoulder and l. Eggs. Spleen. etc. hot. > lying on back. with yellow leucorrhœa. Vital losses. ears. Sun-light.

Fevers. < lying. Brain-tire. < during menses. face. alternating with constipation. Chill. etc. with vertigo. lies down. after over-exertion. Nose-bleed. Cerebral irritation. stomach. tormenting. acrid. Sweats... Red faced old men.). Checked sweat. Soft pulse. < morning and evening. FERRUM PHOSPHORICUM REGION: Vaso-motors. Blind attacks. if lies on back.. Exophthalmos. Hæmorrhages (bright or with small clots).. feels bloated. rheumatism. Violent earache. tickling cough. acrid or debilitating. Sensitive and excitable. Puffy eye-lids. Sleepless. pneumonia.. in rapidly growing youths. Menses pale. Excited. Laryngitis. Weeps and laughs immoderately. phthisis. Anæmia... WORSE: Night (4-6 A. Anæmic blondes. FLOWING PULSE. Always in the right. spluttering. Diarrhœa... Colds cause deafness. Complementary: Chin. with sensitive scalp. Jar. aching from vertex down over sides of head. Acute exacerbations. Headache. with distended veins.. Eustachian tube. chest. Toothache.. < while eating. muscles. . shoulder. Omodynia. Averse to meat. eye. Excited and talkative. irregular surgings. Acute otitis. Cough.. Inflamed soft parts. with earache (Pul.. Irritable mind and body. Blood-spitting (streaked). hacking. yellow.. Measles. > ice water. chest. Keeps quiet. Motion.. Pulsations. hæmorrhagic.. Passive congestion and weakness.. Enuresis. Raw vagina. Cold air. Pressure on chest. .). Chest heavy. Nephritis. False erethism or plethora. with desire to stretch.. weak. with heavy pain on vertex. Leucorrhœa. < least opposition. Cachexy.. Relaxed blood-vessels. Chill. food seems. < coition. Impending hydrocephalus. Drowsiness. vagina. continued. dilated veins. Face pales and reddens alternately. sore or congested. Easy vomiting. florid. etc. Chronic nephritis. Bloody (streaked or meat water) discharges. with backache. Omodynia. Cough. Anger.. Hyperæmia... Urinates after every drink (Sarsa. of singers (Aru-t. Noise. < cough or stooping.. Rapid emaciation. starts in the temples. Dyspnœa or palpitation. clammy. head. Burning rawness. Dry. Lying down. Heat. FULL. cold. Nausea at mid-night. at puberty.. Nose (root).. Wandering orgasms.. Spits up his food. Sweatiness. Vomits ingesta. excited by the least opposition... etc. Tinnitus.). > letting hair down. painless lientery. Bleedings.). Cracking joints. Jerking limbs. > motion. milky. Pain over l. Nightly pains that compel motion of part.. Diarrhœa.. Swelled hands and feet.. Constriction of or flying stitches in chest. Frequent stools of bloody water.M. media. Related: Arn. etc.Pale mucous membranes. Dry. Throbbing headaches. with red face and thirst. Sudden cramps or tearing boring in limbs. Heat with sweaty hands. hammering headache. spasmodic. Throbbing... Suffused eyes. BETTER: Cold.. etc. Mang. Venous circulation: LUNGS. Bruised soreness. Enuresis by day only. Stomach won't tolerate any food. nightly gushing. Changeable voice. Erethistic chlorosis. nightly.. intermit. intercurrent.. Menses early. shooting pains. Heels pain. Ears. SOFT. infectious.. < if nervous or tired. Emissions. Face flushes and pales or reddens from the least thing. > nosebleed. watery.. .

. acrid or salty discharges. Skin. Varicose veins. itching or cracked skin. Pale. Ebullitions of heat. Felon. flabby and broken down. varicocele.. Impulse to walk fast. .. Distorted nails.. Fissured tongue.. Right side. Secondary syphilis. > urinating. Always too hot.. Before snow-storms. Lachrymal stricture. Bones. Acrid. < at roots. Œdema of scrotum.. pungent sweat on genital. Stunning headache. Pul. Brittle. Ulcers. BETTER: COOL BATHING. Sweat on hands and feet. Œdema. Rapid motion. cachectic. Bending head back.. Related: Gel. for pungent or cold things. of room.. ... FORMICA RUFA REGION: Joints. FLUORICUM ACIDUM REGION: FIBROUS TISSUES: VEINS. indurated or fistulous tissues. Sul-ac.). Deafness. WORSE: HEAT.. Complementary: Sil. Thin enamel. with pains in bones. As of a cold wind in eye. Slow deeply destructive effects. Spine. Gnawing hunger. tousy hair.. Kidneys. Scars surrounded by pimples. Night. Upward drawing in urethra (down-Merc. acrid leucorrhœa. seeming to emit a hot vapor. Alcohol. Palmar abscess.. Stale eructations. Complementary: Kali-m. Profuse.. Related: Calc-sul. Keloid. Motion. Lecherousness. Melancholy. WORSE: Cold. Mastoid. that cause itching. Dry. excites itching.. Eating. Bed-sores. > bending head back. miserable. Puffy glabella. Caries. Necessity to be always in the move. wants to bathe in cold water... Sour foods. wet. Sexual erethism. Puffy. Itching or burning at anus. eroding sweat. Teeth decay rapidly. Thin. foul. Liver. Short sleep. harsh.. Oily.


Sudden rheumatic or gouty pains. Takes cold easily. Tuberculosis. Hyper-plasia. ....................
Light, foaming stools. Hydrops ovarii. Nervous asthma. Hives, in flat plaques. Profuse sweat,
without relief.

Related: Rhus-t. Urt-u.




Nervous females with enlarged or prolapsed wombs. .................... Must talk. Hot spot or
dryness on vertex. Throbbing in occiput. Heavy abdomen with bearing down or falling out
sensation. Sensitive left ovary. Profuse menses or leucorrhœa. Cramps in feet. Hot flushes.

Related: Sep. Vib.


Stomach and BOWELS.

Motion in open air.

Burnings. .................... Burning pains. Itching eye-lids; he rubs them (Ign.). Sneezing.
Gurgling, pinching in bowels, then sudden yellow or green, THIN STOOLS COMING OUT
IN PROLONGED GUSHES, with burning at anus and much relief.

Related: Crot-t.


MUCOUS MEMBRANES: Nose. Gall-ducts.

Right side.

Weather: SPRING. Foggy. HUMID. Muggy.
Heat of summer.

Profuse urination.
Alcoholic drinks.
Mental effort.

ACHING, TIRED, HEAVY, WEAK AND SORE; < limbs. Grippe. Overpowering aching. Heavy
single parts, heart, liver, etc. Lies quietly, half reclining. Nerve exhaustion. Dull, drowsy and
dizzy. TREMOR; or twitches of single muscles, face, chin, tongue, etc.; wants to be held.
Chorea, of pregnancy. Paretic effects; eyes, throat, anus, bladder, etc. Inco-ordination.
Fulness. Passive congestion. Symptoms accompanied by vertigo, eye or visual effects,
drowsiness or polyuria. .................... CONFUSED, dazed, apathetic, torpid, dull, drowsy and
dizzy, or indifferent; answers slowly. DREAD of falling; of ordeals, death, pains, etc. VERTIGO;
drunken; in occiput. Headache; dull, HEAVY, band-like, occipital, to over eyes; < tight hat;
swelled feeling; basilar. Meningitis. Apoplexy. Suffused, sore, aching eyes. HEAVY,
DROOPING EYELIDS. VISION; double; swimming; blind spells; affected, then migraine. Face
full, dusky-red; heavy, expressionless; besotted. Ciliary neuralgia; pains into ears on
swallowing. Pains to occiput. Nose stuffed. Sneezing; thin, acrid coryza. Sensation as of hot
water flowing from the nostrils. Heavy tongue; thick speech. THIRSTLESS. Griping in
gall-bladder. Copious, yellow stools. Painless, nervous diarrhœa. Rectal pains after labor. Clear,
watery urine, > headache. Alternate pelvic and head symptoms. Atonic seminal losses. Heavy,
sore uterus; it feels grasped. Dysmenorrhœa. Labor pains go up, backward or down thighs.
Rigid os. Deep yellow leucorrhœa. Hoarse, during menses. Tiresome breathing. Chest; as of a
lump behind sternum; congestion. Heart sore; threatens to stop, must move. Spine, dull pains
up and down, > walking; with occipital pain. Pains under scapulæ. Hard ache in r. humerus.
Wants hands in cool water. Heavy lower limbs. Weak knees, < descending. Tottering gait; can't
direct his legs. Moist, yellow skin. DROWSINESS; starts on dropping to sleep. Heavy, stupid
sleep. Full, round, soft pulse. Blood rushes from occiput to forehead. Visual disturbances, then
chill. Chilly and achy; with languor (Sil.); mingled or alternating with heat; up and down
back. Cold hands and feet. Heat with sopor. ABSENCE OF THIRST, or trembling. Cold sweat
on genitals. Fevers; bilious-remittent; malarial; cerebro-spinal. Measles. Ebullitions and heats.
Sluggish fever. Shuddering chill.

Complementary: Arg-n. Sep.
Related: Con. Ign. Mur-ac. Nat-m. Sep. Ver-v.

(Scoparius Genista)


Left side.

Turning on left side.

Cool air.
Rapid motion.
Passing flatus.

Heavy ache; stomach and bowels seem filled with stones or a firm mass. Flatulency. Colic, then
bright, acrid, foamy stools followed by burning at anus. Very profuse, bright, foaming urine, then
burning pudendum. Intercurrent congestion of kidneys. Anxious oppression at heart, radiating
to left shoulder and neck. Palpitation, with congestion to head. Deadness of right arm and
fingers. Barber's itch.

Related: Pho.



HEAT: ON HEAD. Overheating. OF SUN, lamp, etc. HOT WEATHER.
MOTION: SHAKING. JAR. Bending head back. Injury.
Suppressed menses.
Weight of hat.
Hair cut.

Open air.
Elevating head.
Cool things.
Cold application, bathing, etc.

A tempestuous remedy, full of VIOLENT PULSATIONS. EBULLITIONS or irregular
congestion; general P.; with numbness. UPWARD RUSHES OF BLOOD. As if enlarged,
distended or being smaller. Bursting, expansion or enlarged feeling of eyes, head, tongue, etc.
Pains that come long after injuries. .................... Confused, bewildered; loses himself. Sinks
down unconscious. Sun-stroke. Apoplexy. Congestion to head in suppressed menses,
eclampsia, albuminuria, etc. WAVES; OF TERRIBLE BURSTING, POUNDING HEADACHE, as
if standing on head; expanding and contracting or blood surging back and forth from head, <
carotids to heart; alternating between temples; < sunshine; < damp days. Cracking, snapping,
shocks, explosions or soreness deep in brain. Head lies too heavy on pillow. Pains in malar
bones, ending in a headache. Numb, sore vertex. Sharp, shooting behind ears. Red lower
eyeballs or lids. Staring, dry, protruding or sunken eyes; lids stick to balls (Guai.). Blind spells.

Bluish face. Veins of temples swelled. Heavy tongue. Thick saliva in A.M. Throat feels swelled.
Heavy breathing. As of a load on chest. Heart seems full, quivers; strong pulsation, and into (l)
neck. Violent palpitation. Cardiac pains; radiate to all parts; toward arms. Cardiac pains, <
leaning backward or wine. Neck feels full and stiff. Trembling hands. Awakes fearing apoplexy.
Full, tense pulse. Venous pulse. Heat on crown of head and along spine. Burning in small
areas or single parts. Heat, with hot sweat. Horrible sinking in epigastrium.

Complementary: Bell.
Related: Amy-n. Bell.

Copyright © Médi-T 1999


. scanty and watery. GOSSYPIUM HERBACEUM REGION: Uterus.. GRAPHITES REGION: NUTRITION. WORSE: Motion. SKIN: Folds. Related: Senec. Cold damp... Orifices. Ovarian pains extend toward uterus.. Uterine reflexes. Vomits on motion or raising up. Mind. Intense sciatic pains. Eyes.. Mucous membranes. Nausea on awaking. Flow of saliva.. Sensitive stomach.. . Abdominal. Ovaries. Flexures. Angles.. alternating with or followed by numbness or formication. Behind ears. Kidneys. BETTER: Flexing limbs.. Sensitive womb... WORSE: Walking. Menses late.. < morning. Hyper-emesis. Sitting. Circulation. Ustil. with much gas. Offensive diarrhœa with colic. Lying. Cervical pain. Glands... Uterine torpor..Main A SYNOPTIC KEY OF THE MATERIA MEDICA By Cyrus Maxwell BOGER Presented by Médi-T GNAPHALIUM POLYCEPHALUM REGION: NERVES: SCIATIC. Nails. .. Crural.. Related: Colo..

During menses.
Suppressions of eruptions.
Empty swallowing.
Hot drinks.
Warmth of bed.
Wet feet.

Open air; after walking in.

LUMPY, THICK OR HARD (Chin. Thu.); skin, glands, tarsi, nails, scars, callosities, stools,
crusts, etc. Infiltrations. EXCORIATIONS, CRACKS OR FISSURES; in angles; at margins of
mucous membranes; of eyes, nostrils, mouth, finger-tips, nipples, anus, etc. Emaciation; of
affected part. Scanty, foul, thin, sticky, corrosive secretions. Watery hæmorrhages. Sense of
burning, numbness or deadness. Pains go to part not lain on. Fat, relaxed, chilly and costive.
.................... Impulse to groan. Sad, fearsome and irresolute. Music brings tears. Brain feels
numb. Burning spot on vertex. Heavy occiput. Wens. Matted, brittle or falling hair; < vertex and
sides. Milk crust. Sore or cracked outer canthi. Scrophula of eyes. Pale tarsi. Ingrown lashes.
Photophobia. Inflamed or dry, scaly tarsi. Scales from ears. Briny otorrhœa. Tinnitus. Hears >
in a noise. Moist eruption behind ears. Dryness in ears and nose. Nose; stuffed coryza;
bleeding, < before menses. Acute smell. Sensation as of a cobweb on face. Acne before
menses. Barbers'itch. Lumpy goitre. Rotten taste. Dots of thick, white fur on tongue.
Choking; on swallowing, from goitre, etc. Sour: taste, eructation, blood about teeth, stool, urine,
odor from mouth, sweat, etc. Hunger. Averse to meats and sweets. Alternate digestive and skin
symptoms. Gastric pains -burning- necessitate eating. Morning sickness during menses. Can't
bear pressure about waist. Foul belching. Flatulence. Stomach > heat, hot food, eating and
lying. Abdomen distended, as from incarcerated flatus. Intestinal torpor. Large, knotty,
difficult, stringy, slimy coated stools; or loose, brown, lienteric and very foul. Constipation; for
days (Sep.). Fissures of anus bleed and ulcerate. Stool of masses of mucus. Slender stool and
urinary stream. Priapism. Sexual exhaustion. Itching of anus and pudendum; before menses.
Averse to coition. Swelled (l) ovary. Cramps in various places or burning. Indurations; ovaries,
mammæ, etc. Menses irregular; late, scanty, painful, etc.; cold taking, morning sickness or
sweats during. Gushes of irritating, white leucorrhœa; instead of menses. Suffocation, after
mid-night, > eating. Voice lacks control, > using it. Circulation irregular. Flushings. Rushes of
blood to head. Bunions, < fire heat, > pressure. Can't stretch enough. Paralysed feeling in limbs.
Arms and legs go to sleep. Rawness in folds of skin. Eruptions, cracked, moist and bleed easily;
< on head and behing ears. Foul, acrid foot-sweat; chafes toes. Crippled, crumbling nails.
IRRITABLE, DRY, rough skin, that breaks easily and exudes A GLUEY MOISTURE; < in
folds - and is slow to heal. MOIST, CRUSTY ERUPTIONS. Eczema; anal, crural, palmar, etc.
Wandering or recurrent erysipelas (Hyds. Rhus-t.). Eruptions, < from heat. Supersensitive to
cold; it < bone-pains, coryza and stomach. Cold, wet feet. Burning coldness.

Complementary: Sul.
Related: Ars. Calc-fl. Carbons. Fer. Kali-bi. Pul.


Gastro-intestinal tract.
Sexual organs.

Drinking too much water.

Atony. Paralytic pains. Coldness. .................... Weak will. Hypochondriasis. Emptiness after
eating. As of cold water or a loose, heavy load in stomach. Profuse, gushing, watery or
frothy, yellow-green, exhausting stools, then relief (Gamb.). Nightly emissions, then
erections. Nymphomania. Coccygeal pain. Limb gives way, with sciatic pain.

Related: Mag-c.


Pneumo-gastric nerve.

Falling to sleep.

Profuse secretions. .................... Suffocates on falling to sleep or on awaking. Asthma.
Rattling breathing. Tenacious expectoration. Bronchorrhœa. Cutting soreness about spleen.

Related: Lach.


Secretions: Glands. TONSILS. Ovaries. Skin.
Fibrous tissue: Ligaments. Joints.

Rapid growth.

Cold (locally).

Rigid, painfully swelled joints. Arthritic symptoms. FREE, FOUL SECRETIONS, expectoration,
sweats, etc. Impending suppuration, quinsy, old bronchitis, etc. Burning heat; in affected
parts. Gnawing or sticking pains; < chest. Muscles seem too short; eye-lids, back, thigh, etc.;
sore. Growing pains. Contraction; between scapulæ; palmar; distorting. Fixed, short tendons.
Nodes. .................... Forgetful. Pain from head into neck. Eye-balls seem too big for lids.
Ex-ophthalmos. Throat; burning; dry; painful to touch; tonsilitis (r), recurrent (Phyt.), then
rheumatism. Averse to milk. Stoppage in epigastrium causes cough, dyspnœa, etc. Dry cough,
with hot face and burning fever. Sticking in apex of (l) lung. Phthisis. Recurrent pleurisy. Aching,
sore neck; one side stiff. Tense, short thigh muscles. Arthritis deformans. Yawning and
stretching. Wakes as if falling. Sweats, profuse; on single parts, face, etc. Night-sweats.

Related: Fer. Kali-bi. Kre. Pho-ac. Phyt.


Urinary organs.


Leaning against something.

Lividity. Numbness. .................... Slow grasp. Head feels bound. Pain under brows and into
nose. Outpushing in eyes; wants to rub them. Crawling on (l) face. Teeth sensitive to cold air.
BLUISH TONGUE. Hot, sour belchings. Burning spot in stomach.

Related: Op.


VEINS: Rectum. Genitals. Limbs. Throat.
Abdominal and chest walls.

Air: Open. Humid. Cold.

SORENESS, bruised; in blood-vessels; localized; abdominal, etc. Tense, bursting feeling; in
piles, joints, or lower limbs. Congestive fulness. Veins, sore; cutting; swelled; inflamed. Painful

varicoses. Hæmorrhage; capillary; dark, fluid; relieves or causes undue weakness.
.................... Irritable and chilly. Hammering headache, < l. temple. Blood-shot eyes. Taste of
blood. Pain and heaviness back of stomach. Piles. Pain up along spermatic cord. Neuralgia of
testes. Orchitis; < touch. Varicocele. Breaking backache. Profuse, dark menses. Scapular pains.
Dull ache about kidneys. Phlebitis. Ecchymoses. Varicose ulcers with bloody bases.

Complementary: Fer. Flu-ac.
Related: Arn. Pul. Vip.


Nerves; motor; sensory.
Membranes: Serous. Mucous.

Cold air.
Evening (4-8 P.M.).

Strong attention.

A dark, dusky remedy; dark face; sooty nostrils; dark lips, hands, etc. Serous effusions. Gradual
onset, with advancing weakness, blunted senses and sluggish responses; drops things,
staggers, etc. Automatic acts. Lies on back with knees drawn up. Muscle pains, spasm or
paralysis. Feeble and delicate. .................... Inattention. Stupid, obtuse or apathetic. Brain
symptoms, with anorexia. Blank, somber despair. Won't eat or speak. Fixed ideas. Things look
new. Heavy, numbing headache. Rolls head or bores it into pillow for relief. Congestion.
Hydrocephalus. Stupid, staring or tired look. Eyes half open. Pale face. Chewing motions.
Fetor oris. Numb, dry, trembling tongue or covered with yellow ulcers. Ptyalism. Averse to
vegetables. Distended abdomen. Watery or gelatinous stool. Urine, scanty, with dark flecks or
sediment; retained. Nephritis. Uræmia. Dropsy. Amenorrhœa from cold. Small, soft pulse.
Sopor; with cries or starts. Coldness. Chill, with fever or heat; with sweat.

Complementary: Zin.
Related: Bry. Op. Zin.



. TO HEAD. like sharp splinters. aching-burning. Swelled. HEPAR SULFUR REGION: NERVES.. Aching between scapulæ. Deep gloom.. Sore pain in outer side of thighs. or to touch. Rough sticking like a splinter.. Mastoiditis. WORSE: Fatigue: Labor. violent. Corneal ulcer or maculæ. to pain. in muscles. SUPPURATION. Noise. WORSE: COLD. Sugar and albumen in urine.. Holding abdomen. itching. Squeezing in chest. sore. wants to be let alone.. Abortion.. in back. Related: Senec. Pressure of clothes.. Bridge of nose (Kali-bi. Hawks mucus. foul. aphthous vulva. etc. kidneys.). Melancholy. easily becomes cross and violent. . Lying on painful part. DAMP WEATHER. Dull ache and heat in region of kidneys. Hair falls in spots. tender. WINTER. Anæmia. fish-bone. BETTER: HEAT: WARM WRAPS. WIND. Ripened colds and old catarrhs. or much thick pus. stools.. Tril. Sep. expectoration. Wears overcoat in hot weather. .. without relief. Heat or upward pressure in vertex. Hasty... CONNECTIVE TISSUE. Heavy. irritable or dissatisfied. like old cheese. Night.. Abscess. lumpy or curdled leucorrhœa. dry: AIR. Boring at root of nose. etc. BETTER: If busy. ulcerated or prolapsed womb. Mercury. Uterine reflexes. Tak(e cold from damp exposure. Yellow. SWEATS EASILY. hæmorrhage from atony. Foul.. Irritable. Excessive urine. Pregnancy. Aphthæ. sclerotic. smell of body. Inflamed.. Tender nipples.. Exertion. painful mammæ. Diversion. sweat.. EVERY HURT FESTERS. to cold. Lax.. to pain. mentally and physically. Heavy dragging in pelvis. Nephritis of pregnancy. Photophobia. Sudden weak memory. Flexures. threatens.Muscles. Unduly exhausted females. painful nose. in . sweat...... As of a wind blowing on part. Skin. Heavy. sore.. Kidneys. Stooping. sore to touch... Sore STICKING.... Hot. and profusely.. LEAST: UNCOVERING... Moist. Dark. Bad temper.. PART BECOMING. Profuse secretions. Touchy.. etc.... faints easily. CHILLY AND OVERSENSITIVE. foul blood from uterus. Chronic otorrhœa. when tired. but dare not uncover. Sour.. Sneezes from every cold wind. cold.. RESPIRATORY MEMBRANES. Stuffed. TOUCH. GLANDS. etc. DRAFTS.

Sil. Sil. Croup. Must wait to urinate. WEAKNESS AND MUCH RATTLING IN CHEST. after scarlatina. Hectic. hot.). Eating refreshes. membranous or pussy leucorrhœa. Poor granulation. Impetigo. Foul mucus from anus. LOOSE. moist eruptions in folds.M. Quinsy. Stool difficult. barking. Hoarseness. Asthma. Kali-io. Goitre (r). hacking. Sil. must bend head back. Aphonia. The upper jaw projects.. choking. yellow. but causes heaviness. Stomach weak. Much expectoration. choking breathing. of singers. Copyright © Médi-T 1999 Main . as from a feather. pains into head. Cham. Very foul. Follows: Pho. passes blood and pus afterwards. condiments or stimulants. chronic. tightens up in cold air. Complementary: Iod. pimples or boils. although soft. easily upset. Painful larynx. Foul. Antidotes: Bell. Body exhales a foul odor. Cough. Low fevers. Related: Merc. encircled by smaller ones. Skin sensitive to cool air (Agar. Merc. but can't expectorate. pulsating ulcers. Craves acids. Nephritis. Cough from least uncovering. < cold drinks or in A. Whistling. Night-sweats. Recurrent bronchitis. throat. Sweaty and rattles with every cold or cough. after suppressions. thick. from every cold. Torpid.

Slight bleedings. failing. apoplexy. Epigastrium. Obstipation. Palpitation. Pulse. Nose.. .. profuse sweating. Atonic. Evacuations cease. yellow. sunken face.. Dirty.. sore. Pale or bluish face. Muscles. Taste bitter. A mucus remedy. Sense of raw-burning. Mouth dry.... Dry. Yuc. collapse.. Loathing. scapula.. Intestines. compression at. dyscrasic and emaciated. writhing in them. Asphyxia. with weakness. Storms.. slow breathing. metallic.. ropy secretions. Senile bronchitis.. Prolonged faints.).. Neuralgia of scalp and neck. in nape. Gall-ducts.. etc... Dry winds. Contracted dorsal muscles. tickling. acrid leucorrhœa. acrid (Sanic. indented tongue (Nat-p. side. < lying on back or r. Thick. burnt. Raises quantities of mucus.. Shallow ulcers. HYDROCYANICUM ACIDUM REGION: Brain.. Open. Gasping.. cachectic or degenerative conditions. . Suppressions. yellow.. Sudden effects. Cutting from liver to r.. mucus in stools. Cramps in masseters... Thick. Old age. Washing. WORSE: Full moon.... < hands. unequal. Goneness or as of sharp lumps in stomach. bloody crusts.. . WORSE: AIR: Inhaling.. flabby. cold. Cholera. Fear of death. Kali-bi. of pregnancy... Taste pussy. urine.. Post-nasal dripping. bleeds. Intense cerebral congestion. coated or mixed with mucus. Hæmorrhagic or CATARRHAL processes.. Respiration.. Heart: Circulation. Blue exanthema... Ulcer of cervix. irregular. Loose cough.).. slimy. spasms. bloody expectoration. Icy coldness. Lumpy stool. involuntary cries. Pul. astringent. Lightning-like jerks from head to feet. Heat alternating with chilliness. Aphthæ. yellow. after purgatives. with occasional strong beats.. Weak. Lacks reaction.. Noisy swallowing. Thin. Related: Ars. Mucus in urine. Sinks down unconscious. hawks up much mucus. STOMACH.Main A SYNOPTIC KEY OF THE MATERIA MEDICA By Cyrus Maxwell BOGER Presented by Médi-T HYDRASTIS CANADENSIS REGION: MUCOUS GLANDS: Nasal cavities. Distended blood-vessels. night cough. Heart: failure.. Uterus. Cramps every where. Loud.

BETTER: Sitting up. Starts out of sleep. babbling. then can barely be aroused. MANIA. pale skin. laughing. Inter-scapular. Related: Bell. Speaks each word louder.. Lying. scanty. Change of weather. HYPERICUM PERFORATUM REGION: SPINAL NERVES: COCCYX.. etc. Eclampsia. with angular or clutching motions. nightly urination or retained urine. Concussion. Meninges.. .. WORSE: INJURY: Jar. Stools involuntary. night cough.. fears being alone. water.. Sleep. Vertex. Stiff. Cup. Congested nerve centers. dark. painful. Stram. . Fogs. exposes genitals.. etc. tremor.. the lower jaw drops. Muscles: Face.. < lying.bloody or yellow watery. Low fever. Zymoses. although hard. Sexuality excited by Hyoscine is antidoted by Platina.. Sordes on teeth. Motion. with comical acts. Picks fingers. Waves of pulsation in head. cracked tongue. Pho.. Grimaces. Squint.. Penetrating. red. riotous.. Bruises. can't think. Exertion. erotic.. Nerves.. from a dry spot in larynx.. Fumbles the genitals. or ending in depressive narcosis. silly. Touch. then spasm. Vertigo. Averse to light. etc. Lascivious (females).. subsultus. Brain. Spasmodic closure of eyelids. Shock. Spasms of dry. talking. Typhoid states. Elongated uvula. Nervous wakefulness. plays with fingers. hacking. Confusion. or active mania. Frequent. etc. eating or talking. Many bewildering aberrations. < bending forward. Related: Agar. jerks. HYOSCYAMUS NIGER REGION: MIND. cramps. alternating with. Suspicious. quarreling. TOUCH.. Pulsating headaches. Delirium. with hot. Head shakes to and fro. singing. being pursued. WORSE: EMOTIONS: Fright. has involuntary stools . with pale face... Laur. wants to escape. Eyes. Damp. then relaxation. Cold. Jealousy. with muttering. Warm sweat.. he slides down in bed.. Spasm. Cold. Jealousy. First. CARPHOLOGY.

Flashes of light. etc. with rigidity. of reprimands (Colo. Heart seems to drop. often violent. Nose sensitive to inspired air. Commotio spinalis..... with frothing at mouth. Touch. inward weeping.. Jerks run through whole body. AIR: Open. as an outcome of injury. Neuralgia of stump. Empty sinking or spasmodic ache in stomach. Spasms from punishment (Agar. Moody. Fright. Cramp in gullet. Alternate headache and backache (Melil.. Indurated tonsils. down sides of head or chest. Pains in hips and small of back after labor. OVERSENSITIVE AND NERVOUS. Tobacco. Lying on part. Masseters stiff and hard.). Obstipation of neurasthenics. Pressure. Head feels drawn to a point.. ERRATIC. Jaws snap shut.. Chagrin.. SENSE OF A LUMP. bites inside of cheek. Coccygodynia. Laborious dreams. Enjoys being sad. Eyelids seem dry. Pain in a spot. etc. Gaping wounds. > indigestible foods. ALERT.. Stap. Nausea or vomiting. lancinating along nerves. > sitting.. Swallows over a lump.). difficult although soft. TAKES DEEP BREATHS. from violent coughing... BETTER: Position: Change of. Faints easily.. Highly emotional. Weak and excitable.. Hysteria. Urination.. tremor. Hiccough. Feet seem furry or bones ache. with nausea. finger-tips.. after long sitting. with eructations. Heaviness or formication in brain. interscapular spine. shooting. Pain over root of nose. Intolerant of contradiction. in epigastrium. Spasms. . Unhappy. injured or inflamed nerves. Piles. Aching in l. Headache ends in yawning and vomiting... Shock. Hunger. Irregular menses. Related: Arn. Rhus-t. Dry rectum.. Bending back. Tetanus. etc. If alone.. Stool painful. WORSE: EMOTIONS: GRIEFS. IGNATIA AMARA REGION: MIND. NERVOUS SYSTEM.. WORRY. etc. < close attention.. Clavus. Very painful. mashed fingers. Neurotic inheritance. Globus. toward trunk. GRIEF.. Bubbling at navel. CONTRADICTORY OR SPASMODIC EFFECTS. Cold... Tonic spasm of single parts.. tongue. twitchings.. during pain. weeps or laughs by turns. Angry with himself. for relief. Craves raw foods. foreign body or sharp pressure. Silent and sad.. Neuritis. with crawling and numbness. love. then constriction of rectum. sciatic.. Hacking . Brooding grief. with little ulcers. LACERATED.. SIGHS. not > eating... Symptoms pass off with a profuse flow of urine. Coffee.. Odors. Pain shoots up rectum. occiput.. Oversensitive to pain. Changeful. Cerebro-spinal axis.. Sneezing attacks.BETTER: Lying on face. Led. empty or bitter. Delicately conscientious. Everything irks her. Limbs feel detached. Prolapsus recti. Spasm of glottis. Capricious. brooding.. sore parts... etc.). One cheek red. Choking. . coccyx.. Injury to or reflected from brain or cord. Painfully sensitive spine. Shuddering. > solids. Intolerably violent.

Painful skin.. Nat-m. Apex or base). IODUM REGION: GLANDS: THYROID. ALWAYS TOO HOT. Pain at root of nose. Rough voice. Flu-ac. Spo. Laryngitis. Testes.. Thinks he is well. Mesenteric.cough.. Complementary: Aur. shaking.. Exertion: Ascending. < pain. Pho-ac. MUCOUS MEMBRANES: LARYNX. Cough violent. Early morning sweats. Air. Wraps. Intensely rapid action. Prominent eyes.). Lungs (R. Op. Excited. Blood-vessels. Light sleep. Dry. Short breath. with >. much sneezing. GLANDS. Antidotes: Ars. Heavy mammæ. HARD or heavy. < open air. Infiltration. HEART. brownish. Diphtheria. Bathing. Foot-sweat on backs of feet.. Impotency.. Pho. Vascular degeneration. can't talk. Talking. spasmodic yawning. Eating.. Persistent or salty secretions. Hot. Always hungry.). Menses brown. Fasting. Catarrh. every sound wakes. Motion. Heart feels squeezed. Skin. Hectic. Dejected or intolerably CROSS and RESTLESS. Nux-v. Lean. Atrophied testes... > pressure. < coughing. Metallic taste. Hyperpyrexia. cheesy or lienteric stools. brown spots on.. nervous. Palpitation. Heavy feet. expectorates cast of larynx (Kali-bi. Bell. tickling. grasps the larynx. with weakness. Connective tissue. after every stool. . Burnings. as from dust or sulphur fumes. Rest. but no thirst. Sep. Leucorrhœa erodes thighs and linen. over and over. Restlessness in blood prevents sleep. Hep. Local torpidity. Constriction of thorax. Dreams same horrid dreams. Sediment in urine like red pepper. withered. Internal tickling. or variable appetite. with aversion to uncover. Painful. General pulsation or local throbbings. Reverberations in head.. Pneumonia.. Frothy. dry. croupy cough. Complementary: Lyc. WORSE: HEAT: ROOM. it drips hot water. > if busy. Sep. rapid extension. Related: Cimi.. Pho. Tension in nape. Weak and rapidly losing flesh. Scrofula.. Subject to head colds. BETTER: COLD: AIR. foul. Violent pulmonary congestion. fatty. Chill with a red face. Heat. Cramp in calf. Sil. SWELLED. acrid or watery discharges.. Night.. Related: Ars. Sarcocele. but motion < and exhausts. little pus. or external coldness with anxiety or stupor. Goitre. Heat waves to head. Mammæ. Miserable. choking hoarseness. sallow or dusky look. Acute exacerbations (Fer-p. Skin. Nose red and swelled.. dirty. . Chill. soapy. Nerves.. rough.. later dwindling. Sweats easily. dry. Violent. Sudden dreadful impulses. Increased saliva. hungry and hot. with thirst. wheyey. yet emaciates. Raw bronchiæ. it shuts off the breath. Hard goitre.

. Broncho-pneumonia. incessant or SUFFOCATIVE cough. Room. < least motion. Spasm of vocal cords. during chill. Umbilicus. CONTINUOUS NAUSEA. . gasps with each gush of blood. BETTER: Open air. ear. Gasps for breath.. Quinine. stool. etc. Lungs. Sneezing. NO THIRST. Catarrhal or gastric fevers. WITHOUT EXPECTORATION.M. Pertussis. Pork. Profuse secretions.. Vomiting. Cutaneous. Cold (r). nausea in all stages. Paroxysms of retching. gastric disturbances.. Recessions. WORSE: Periodically: Weekly.. pointed tongue. toward uterus. Suppressed or mixed intermittents. Cup. Sudden faintness. Urging to urinate. IRIS VERSICOLOR REGION: GLANDS: DIGESTIVE TRACT. Nerves: Pneumo-gastric... Nosebleed. Miserable sinking or hanging loose feeling at stomach. Related: Ant-t.. Mental exhaustion. Pains from kidneys into thighs.. LOOSE (coarse) RATTLE IN CHEST. other hot. clawing or cutting at navel. Pancreas. Foamy discharges. Mixed or rich foods.. BRIGHT RED. damp. etc. < stepping into open air. blue about eyes or lips. IPECA REGION: MUCOUS MEMBRANES: DIGESTIVE. HORRID NAUSEA. Hæmoptysis. alternates with heat or with external heat (Ap. bloody urine. Balls of mucus in stools. Dysentery. Infantile convulsions.. to root of tongue.. Larynx and chest tight. Griping. Migraine. One hand cold. Complementary: Ars. Hands and feet drip cold sweat. Gushes of tears.. < stooping. Conjunctivitis. Asthma. Heat and cold. without thirst. GUSHING HÆMORRHAGE (rapidly clotting). Clean or red. with every breath. Spring and fall. Spinal. Overeating: Ices. Periodically... grass or yellow-green. Nerves. Stomach. gags or vomits. Right side. . Cries... bilious. Painless hoarseness.. Veal.). Long heat. Downward crushing in head. screams and is hard to please. turns red or blue and finally is nauseated. Face pale. WORSE: WARMTH. molasses-like or bloody stools. Repugnance to food. 2-3 A. Lob. not > vomiting. Short chill. LIVER. Occipital pain. Cutting in uterus (l to r). white linea nasalis. Uterine hæmorrhage. or shortness of breath accompany most complaints. Brown.. < vomiting. > warmth and repose. After midnight. stiffens out. Hot weather. RESPIRATORY.

. Nervous sweats. Related: Ars.. Eructations. Tendency to sweat and take cold. Painless cholera morbus. general pulsation and tremor. muddy or sour.. bloody.. Diabetes. WITH BURNING. Mumps. acrid vomiting. Sour... Eyestrain.. greasy taste and fatty stool. then hypersecretion of upper respiratory tract and salivary glands. BURNING excretions. < along whole digestive tract. > noise. blindness.... Ip. Violent ebullitions to heart and chest. Red skin. Visual disturbances. bitter.. BURN LIKE FIRE. Stomach.. Cold.. Stools watery.. accompany ophthalmic migraine (r). Nerves.. hemiopia. Ant-t. burnt or scalded. Salivation. Child is good all day. Colliquative states. with periodic visual disturbances. Very nervous and tremulous. Zoster (r). WATERY STOOLS.. throbbing in head and pelvis and backache. Exophthalmos. with diarrhœa..... Related: Agar... Shooting laming pains along limb. WATERY. Colic. SOUR OR ACRID VOMITUS. Dryness. but screams and tosses about all night. Tension in salivary glands. Menses start with coldness... Tongue feels cold.. WORSE: Night. Asthenopia.BETTER: Gentle motion.. Sour-bitter belching (Nux-v. BILIOUS. Mouth feels greasy.. Eyes. etc.. Related: Colo. involving teeth.. acrid. Headache. Sore over liver. The hip feels wrenched out. Sweats. not > by cold drinks. Sweet taste.. JALAPA REGION: Intestines... Nervous deafness. Burning. Exhaustion.. urging to stool and profuse urine.). Stubborn vomiting of pregnancy. Oily nose. Sciatica (l). Affections accompanied by rapid elimination. ACRID. Merc.. BILIOUS. Continuous nausea. .. Pho. with palpitation. Profuse ropy saliva. WORSE: Start of menses. .. Nausea on using eyes or looking at moving objects.. Goitre. JABORANDI REGION: GLANDS....

Rice water stools.. Icy coldness. JATROPHA CURCAS REGION: Stomach. albuminous.. then profuse gushing stools... BETTER: Hands in cold water... of lower limbs... . Related: Crot-t... Copyright © Médi-T 1999 Main ... easy.... Vomiting.. Intestines. Morning. Loud gurgle. Summer... WORSE: Covering. Violent cramps.. like water from a bung-hole. in abdomen. that draw the calves flat.

running bloody. with fever.. . Aversion to open air.. Noise. KALIUM ARSENICOSUM REGION: Cardio-vascular system. Ligaments. Stomach.. Duodenum. as if chest would burst. with nephritis. then diarrhœa. coughing or asthmatic attacks. Generalized dry catarrh. stiffening out (Ip. Puffy hands and feet in A.Main A SYNOPTIC KEY OF THE MATERIA MEDICA By Cyrus Maxwell BOGER Presented by Médi-T JUSTICIA ADHATODA REGION: Nerves: Cerebro-spinal. obstructing the breath. WORSE: Close room. with cutting. Long paroxysms of violent retching cough. with lachrymation and loss of smell and taste.. fluent.. Chilliness. Sensitive. Chilly and sensitive to cold. Passes much gas.. 1-3 A.. Respiratory membranes.. Fibrous tissue... Pharynx. Pul.. Tough expectoration. itching and dyspnœa.. . burning. acrid. aching in stomach. Can't get too warm. Burning... KALIUM BICHROMICUM REGION: MUCOUS MEMBRANES: Air passages.. Coryza. Whooping cough. Nights are filled with suffering. with sneezing. BETTER: Rainy days. even in summer.. Black leg ulcer.M. trembling or convulsions.). Eating. NOSE. Cold feet. etc... foul water. Palpitation. Related: Ip. in throat. Dros. WORSE: Touch.M. Fits of sneezing. with a bronchial rattle.. Noise. with violent sneezing. Dust.

WORSE: COLD: Damp... Ozœna. < flexing leg. Milk is stringy. Pul. little fever. Paralytic weakness of hands. As of a hair on tongue. profuse. Tickling cough. Fissured pharynx. Deep cough with stringy expectoration. then vertigo. with pains into neck and shoulders. with eructations. Crusts in nose. BETTER: Heat. foot-sweat. Complementary: Ars. deep processes. Sweet. Hot weather. Constriction at root of penis. > looking with one eye. frothy water. metallic taste. Alcohol. Kidneys. Root of nose. perforating. etc. chilly and cachectic. Undressing. As of a bar across chest. Heaviness. Beer.. Slow. > pressing on root of nose. > heat. Genitals. Old catarrhs.. KALIUM BROMATUM REGION: MIND. Suppressed catarrh. Abscess. deep. retains foul secretions. Radiating toothache. pressure or stuffed at root. Laryngitis. Asthma. Ascending. or penis. must wipe it away. tongue. expectoration. lumpy or thick discharges. Pho. MORNING. Fibrous exudates going downward. Throat. like bugs. Stubborn suppuration. septal. on skin. Chill with sweat.. Merc.. burning in. < cold. Yellow. Migraine. etc. Heavy kidneys. Indolent. STICKY taste. Spine. Fair. peptic. . Slow reaction.M. Vision seems crossed. Tongue. eyes. Phyt.. glistens. after eating.. chills.. smooth or heavy.JOINTS. etc. Like a solid block on forehead. Eye-lids red. Bitings. with swelled glands. Blindness. vision.. Acrid leucorrhœa. itching. > in cold air. Sciatica. Motion. Internal itching. etc. TOUGH. acrid. something sticks in. Furred membranes. Psor. fat and sluggish. with overhanging edges or thick crusts. NERVES: Brain. Nasal discharges. ADHESIVE SECRETIONS. . heats. jump about and finally attack stomach. Hawks thick mucus. or food lies like a load. then sticky sweat. 2-3 A. cracked. Circulation. vagina. Protruding tongue (Cist..... Skin.. but great weakness. Œdema of uvula. granular.. Bristling hair. Spring. feels cold. then chill. Larynx. Heart weak. Craves beer. Regurgitates liquids. Snuffles. gastric pains. pains through to back. Gelatinous stools or gushes of brown. etc. Hoarseness. Pustules with black apices. Sharp stitches. Hot flushes. lungs. etc. Pains outward along (r) brow..). Skin. with dark dots. Cracking joints. Ulcers. Open air. Indifferent. Sore heels. Nose pains at bridge or root. Nasal diphtheria. then pain over one eye. Pains in small spots. look punched out. in nostril. Vomits bright yellow water.. Under sternum.. STRINGY. dry. lemon yellow cast. pains when protruded. etc. after sleep. leucorrhœa. Sickly. < after rising. green clinkers. Pains along border of foot. Related: Kali-c. Sticky mouth. swelled. then burning and tenesmus. tongue. Cold sweat on hands and feet. Constriction from liver to shoulder. round. A drop remains after urinating. rawness. Sore spot in stomach.

etc. Lying: On painful or left side. Gives out. dropsical or paralytic. epigastrium. swelled. Sitting with elbows on knees.. abdomen. DIFFICULT SWALLOWING. > open air. back. Puffs over. Vision. Headaches. intellection. etc. Gray tongue. Nose stuffed. fleshy. lower).. sweat. muscles.. leans on something or lies down. SHARP STITCHINGS.. After labor. Water... Slow onset.. Left side. Depressed sexual power. Emotions. Melancholy. Salty regurgitation.... Hawks up tough mucus in A. Sub-acute conditions. WEAKENING. omits or mixes up words. Head colds. spotted.. etc. back. as if full of water.Skin. Uterus. .. Blood.. fidgety. Puberty. yellow-green or crusty discharge. muscles... head. KALIUM CARBONICUM REGION: Muscles. Sensitive.. Throbbing . as if ground gave way. on dropping to sleep.M. Depressive delusions. Periodically: Night. heart. profuse secretions. Eyes. Fulness.M.. stabbings or catches in joints. with backache. Joints. Indifference. Cool skin. SEROUS and mucous membranes: CHEST (R. with rapid collapse. Acrid discharges. < touch. Winter. etc. BETTER: When busy. like drops before.. Vertigo.. Croupy cough. Eyes weak. etc. chest. inner angle of eyes or baggy upper lids. go to chest. Sexual excesses. Catarrh descends to larynx (Am-bro. fingers.. Green. Night terrors. BETTER: Warmth. numb or cold single parts. watery stool. WORSE: Mental exertion. Slimy mouth. limbs. Sleepy. Antidote: Zin-pho.). Peevish. Con. Stram. Poor memory. Before menses. Hebetude. Itching gums. thin blooded and cold.. WORSE: Cold: AIR.. fumbles. fears people.. wrings hands. into eyes. Flooding of young women. Summer. Nervous.. . Cholera infantum. etc.. Time: 2-3 A. even after drinks. ligaments: HEART.. busy hands.. Cutting colic. Drafts. Throbbing. looks on all sides.. LUMBAR. Mania. Op.. Easily startled. Soft. Changes after exertion. Related: Calc-c. yet can't be alone. Parts lain on are painful and go to sleep.. distended stomach and abdomen. < occiput. bursts into tears. wake from sleep. Puffy face.. remorse. Vomits sour mucus. Brain-fag. Old.. Stitches out of ears. Changes after Overheating. New moon. from but little.. Open air.... No pain.. in the dark. Anxious aversion to solitude. Acne... Suspicion. Loss of fluids. Anxious at epigastrium. Slow hesitates. General numbness. Moves arms about wildly.

. then burning or torn feeling. red sediment. Related: Calc-Hypo. etc. Mercury. etc. Noma. in open air... Continuous rectal pain. Colic. > riding horseback. Coldness. with vertigo. KALIUM CHLORICUM REGION: Blood. Back and legs give out. WORSE: Heat. then irritating menses. numb pinching in left. left small. Complementary: Carb-v. skin. Piles inflamed.. Mouth. > washing. and sleepiness. Internal burning. limbs.. Pertussis. Nerve sheaths. at navel. Chilly. with thick. variable. Constricted chest. > cool bathing. Everything affects the small of the back or pains start there. Sensitive soles. feel heavy. plastic exudates. Œdema of left foot. tongue. Cardiac degeneration. Respiration short. futile cough. Arrhythmia. Painful tips of fingers and toes. Delayed first menses. ankles in evening. Heart seems to hang by a thread. kidney. white. Nit-ac.. Pulse small. Pleurisy. Lungs: Upper. Fine stitches in mammæ. Incessant. Scurvy. Night. alternating with diarrhœa.. Coldness. in blood. Dry hair and skin. soft. KALIUM IODATUM REGION: Glands.. Rectum. lochia. precordium. Pho. Inefficient labor pains. nosebleed. in morning. Gastric pains going to back. etc. arms.. . Gas colic. foul on feet. bloody stools.. Stool difficult. during menses. tough. Lungs seem to stick to ribs. Mercurial salivation. Nose. hard lumps. Sweat scanty. stick like fine needles.. then weakness. Arms weak.. Catarrhal aphonia. Frontal sinus. skin. throat. Lumbago. in valvular disease. bleeding. < least motion or walking. Stabbing chest pains.. scapula. then vomiting.. asthmatic. Lobe. etc. Swelled face. Albuminuria. Urine foamy. pains toward l. Talks in sleep. with hot hands. Lyc. Eyes. Sudden vomiting. Burning in l.. Palpitation. in diarrhœa. chest.. and easy hæmorrhage. feet. Fetid mouth. of large. intermittent or dicrotic. Flatulence. . Amenorrhœa. Hard tympanites... Aphthæ. Right pulse full. WORSE: Cold.. Pressure. Gray. descend when urinating or coughing. Touch. hard retching or choking. Periosteum. Profound prostration. General itching or hives. Nocturnal enuresis of adults. Pho. back of stomach. Nephritis. Kidneys.

Incipient organic changes. watery coryza. drafts. Motion.. Bad temper. . Œdematous swelling.. Shoulder (R). Antidotes: Merc. Frequent stools and urine. Head bone pains. Heat in evening. Crushing or sharp stitching pains. in A. Pains long after trauma. Despondent. etc. like meat washings.. Craves motion in open air. tight pain at root. Glutinous mucus on lips in A. Diffuse soreness. asthmatic breathing.. Pneumonia. thick. harsh tempered and cruel. bitter on waking. Dampness. in scalp. Nit-ac. BETTER: Motion. lightning like. (Zin-cl. Frothy expectoration. watery.. Heat of bed. salty. uncovers. Eustachian tube. Changing weather. Various symptoms. Salivation. Big head and small jaws. in painful parts. Raw air-passages. rickety. . Croupy hoarseness.).. Pain. Violent sneezing. Lying. fissured. then drenching sweat. Flatulence. zygomæ and root of tongue. Related: Iod.. Takes cold. then chills. Air hunger. Burning throb in nasal and accessory cavities. Mucous glands. Acrid coryza with dyspnœa and salivation.).Damp. Sprains.M. Occiput (l). Tender spots on head. Crosswise. Red.. Dry bronchitis. One side. Chemosis. Colds from every damp day. Middle ear. Giant urticaria. Joints. Chilly in bones. Irritable. swelled nose.. < warmth or lying on part. corrosive. Whistling. Backward chest pains. Sul.. Burning. KALIUM MURIATICUM REGION: EPITHELIUM: Throat. Stubborn chronicity. Cachexy. which >.. Scalp sore. Hot and dry. Open air. Syph. < left. with flatulency. rickets. Fats. Can't think. gouty-rheumatic. Actinomycosis. Tinnitus. Night. Sore-throat of speakers (Aru-t. Many and diverse symptoms. Cool air. awakens strangling.. puffy eyes. Arterio-sclerosis.. Early diarrhœa of phthisis. Harsh. sternum to back. Profuse night sweats. acrid. Heat with shudders. green or foul discharges. Nagging toothache. Ozœna. Painful lumps. WORSE: Open air. Catarrh. Leucorrhœa.. Acrid. Jolting.. Mercury.. Cold foods.. Muscles. syphilitic. watery. COPIOUS.. Taste salty.M. Cold drinks. Alternate heat and chill. Feels used up.. of affected part. Bilateral headache. squeaking. < cool air.. Weakness.

.. Eruption around mouth. scapula. . clotted or tarry menses. Lightning pains from small of back to feet. Branny skin. Cold. Piles. Dull kidney pains.. with shivers.. in legs. gasping breathing... slimy or lumpy secretions.. > lying. Throbbing. Diuresis. shifting pains. Toughness.. > wraps. Vaso-motors.. Rubbing. Face bluish. Veal. Anxious dreams. fluid stools. Stunning shock in or a leaden load holds occiput down. Catarrhs. at night. Relapses of phthisis. Backache.. Deafness. can only drink in sips. Painful breasts before or at menses. Fulness in abdomen after eating. shoulder. hard or flocculent stools. Aphthæ. < walking or stools. BETTER: Gentle motion. Respiratory organs. Copious. Complementary: Calc-s.. Pain from back into chest.. Throat grayish-white. Snapping. Brain feels loose. Hands and fingers feel swelled. Scintillations on coughing.. Hawks out thick white mucus. Buzzing under l. Slow re-action. Stubborn infiltrations. thick. Irritable or angry. Tonsils swelled. . Sudden œdema. chronic sorethroat. < lying. Discontent. External coldness. Coldness at heart. sour expectoration >. white dandruff.. Pustular cornea. Palpitation.) or stitching. Damp. < chewing. plastic or fibrinous exudates. VIOLENT DYSPNŒA. itching or crawling. Internal burning.. Eustachian occlusion or soreness. ulcerated. at trifles. Dull stitches.. Rapid. Stomach heavy. Nausea. inflamed. Related: Bry. Bronchitis.Rich foods.. Epigastric or sub-sternal pains go toward axillæ. Swelled glands. External angle of r.. Heaviness under r. eye twitches. cutting (outward-Asaf. Tough.. Profuse. Congestion of r.. BETTER: Cold drinks.. < binding hair. Pale. KALIUM NITRICUM REGION: Cavities: Blood-vessels. WORSE: Walking. after stool.. Very weak. Lying with head low. sore. gray or white at base. inky menses. sunken. Taking cold. Pul. MILKY WHITE... Anus. Follows: Fer-p. Nausea. sticky. During menses.). ..... Dribbling urination.. Salty taste. Letting hair down. WHITENESS. Nephritis. Cold hands and feet. Head sweats. Dark. Numb. discouraged. Free. Heart. Tongue mapped. Sits in silence. sits upright.. Expectoration sticky or flies from mouth. Hæmorrhage. viscid... Loathes fat or rich foods. Numbness. Kidneys. Cutting in bones (Saba. as if wooden. Dark.. Sore. Cold foot-sweat. Vomits food.. Flushes of heat in chest. Increased secretion into cavities. Scorbutic gums.. Rawness in chest.. Crawling. skin. Asthma. Tension in legs alternates with tension in arm (l). Cramps in limbs.. Hard deposits. lung. chin. Difficult or oppressed breathing.. fears evil. Cloudy lens. Twitching thighs. Faintness. itching or as of a plug in ears.

SENSITIVE. yellow-gray. KALIUM PHOSPHORICUM REGION: Nerves: Brain. Craving hunger. Pain. Numb fingertips. Touch. Puberty. Irregular menses. Pic-ac. WORSE: Warmth. Yawning..M. etc. Inactive skin... with prostration after coition or nightly emissions. Eating. . Coccl. Entero-colitis. Zin. Enuresis nocturna. Evening. Foul odor of body. Sexual erethism. Eyes. Sneezing. PROFUSE. Palate feels greasy. Torpid processes. and weakness follow painless. BETTER: Sleep. Little pain. Walking. etc.. Itching in posterior nares. . Glands. WEAK AND EASILY FAGGED. care-worn look. Gentle motion (Fer. Mental fatigue. at 2 A. pulse. KALIUM SULFURICUM REGION: EPITHELIUM: Respiratory organs. Glon. Cold.. Fasting. coat on tongue. Aphonia. hot stools. Retinitis. DEEP YELLOW DISCHARGES. One side. vinegar and sweets. Angry. Sad. Drowsy. Stitches. soon after eating.. Cutting in abdomen. Excretions. Skin. Aphthæ. Related: Cam. Noise. Nervous asthma. Nervous and sensitive. Pul. Brown stripe at edge of hair.. left lid droops.. thin or sticky. watery stools. Worry. Spinal irritation. Tongue yellow. Paralytic weakness.. pro-phylactic. WORSE: Slight: Excitement.. Consolation. Vertigo on facing sun. sting and swim in tears. Reflex eye symptoms. Craves ice water. NERVOUS. or golden-yellow excretions. Carrion odor of secretions. Foot feels frost-bitten. Milky urine.. Prickling hands and feet.. Pains in soles. Golden yellow. dry air. like liquid mustard. especially by pain.. etc. Axillary sweat smells of onions. Shyness. Hay fever. Suppuration.). Neurasthenia. Related: Caus. Paralysis.. BETTER: Cool air. milky secretion. stool. Empty gnawing in stomach. Gloom. room. air. Dread. Averse to her own.. PUTRID.. burn.. Cord. Horribly foul leucorrhœa. > eating.. putrid..

With the sun. Tingling. festering pains. HEART. irritable. .. palpitation.. Becoming cold. Rhus-t. Rheumatism. Arthritic nodes..... Aching. Neuralgia. WORSE: MOTION: Lying on L. deltoid. Rheumatism. visible... or dull tearing. yellow water. etc. that shift about.. Spi. BETTER: Eating. numbness. trembling or paralytic weakness. Hurried..... radiating to l. Shooting from nape to vertex and face.. Stiff. Cracking noise in head.. skin. slimy tongue. Continued motion. to heart or alternating with cardiac symptoms. Copyright © Médi-T 1999 Main . Yellow. stiff feeling. Right.. chest. or between upper and lower limbs. Complementary: Benz-ac. Heat. taking away the breath.. formication. burning. Joints. < heat. tremulous. Profuse.. paralysis. Changing pains. bruised.. head. tearing. weak.. HEART. Maddening supra-orbital (r) pain. shoot outward along nerves. Eyes. Irritable. Dry skin. moving downward. Vertigo. arm.. Left. Oxaluria... eyelids. Bending Forward. lips.... Spi. Dig. Face (R). Looking down. Pyelitis. crushing. Ulcers ooze thin. pains. easy sweat. scapula or arm. Croupy hoarseness... sharp.. Skin.. weak. Related: Aco.. Desquamation. Circulation. Related: Pul.. Coarse rattle in chest. side.. numbness.. KALMIA LATIFOLIA REGION: NERVES: SPINAL. then suddenly. Stitching. Brachialgia.... As of a heavy load on stomach. . Cloudy weather.. Pulse very slow. fluttering.

Yellow pallor. Uterus. Summer. Stupid. lienteric stools.. Plat. ACRID discharges... During menses. WORSE: DENTITION. Screams at night. TEETH SOON DECAY.. Pregnancy... Motion. teeth. FOUL.. Stomach. with itching. Taste bitter. then throws them away and wants something else.). bleed after coitus. during chill or heat.). of pregnancy. general. Fulness. painful dentition. leucorrhœa. undigested food. < lying. Tormenting cough... anxious heaviness. low down in throat. bluish. Hectic. Tumefaction. Miserable and weak. Scurvy. long after meals (Æth. Longs for death. lochia. Gums. Complementary: Sul. Teeth. Cold. Nit-ac. Icy cold epigastrium. wilful and obstinate. lumpy. Brown. Psor. menses. Ulcers break out and heal repeatedly. Nausea. like bloody water. joints. bleeding. eructations. watery. Black. Neglected phthisis. with red blotches (Iod. Ulceration. Urination hurried.. Abdomen. Female genitals. as if to come out. Leucorrhœa. dark.. As of a lump pressing down on bladder. Vomiting.. Fer. < pregnancy. Profuse.. etc. Marasmus.. with little expectoration..Main A SYNOPTIC KEY OF THE MATERIA MEDICA By Cyrus Maxwell BOGER Presented by Médi-T KREOSOTUM REGION: MUCOUS MEMBRANES: DIGESTIVE TRACT. Chest... Frothy eructations. with sore larynx and chest. Heaviness. redden the part. Profuse. brown. black spots on. face. Hæmorrhage. sputum. take her breath. Cross. passive. Lumpy discharges. etc. intermittent menses. LAC CANINUM . Dissatisfied with every thing. Eating. Related: Aru-t. Aphthæ or salivation. Diuresis. BETTER: Warmth. BLOOD. gushing.. sweetish.. moist or scurfy eczema on eyelids. Senile bronchitis.M. deep pains. Hot food. Ars. Buzzing in head. painful gums. . Cold sweat. Carb-ac. Burning like fire. of uterine ulcer. intolerable ache. involuntary when lying. Pulsation. etc. Grap. to 6 A. 6 P. Dragging from back to genitals. Rest.M. Violently itching. back of hands. Lying. of pregnancy. wants things. Puffy.. HOT. Rawness.

hoarseness. Heart. large. During menses. Diphtheria. or wander about. Always chilly. . Nausea. WORSE: TOUCH. Morning of one day and evening of the next (Eup-p. Breasts sore and swelled. . < at start and close of menses. DRIES UP THE MILK.. as if floating.. Cold air. etc. Pul. Right to left. Full of imaginations.. Skin is super-sensitive to cold. throat. then back again or reverse. Dry. Galactorrhœa. with much pale urine. Cold finger-tips. Oversensitive. Loss of sleep... Amenorrhœa. LAC DEFLORATUM REGION: NUTRITION. SYMPTOMS ALTERNATE SIDES. ovaries. Glistening.REGION: NERVES. Sore heels. Tonsilitis. Boring... painful stools. < during pain.. during. sickly look. Thigh (Outer). vermin. BLOOD. Female generative organs. Averse to milk. touch each other. gives out from exertion. Vertigo. Related: Lach.). before menses. etc. paralysis after. Painless swelling of face. Polyuria. Exhaustion.. Menses green. Scanty flow of milk.. Pale. Lyss.. Weekly. Related: Nat-m. Anæmia. fingers. Scanty milk.. side. Photophobia.. Blind then throbbing frontal headache. Jar.. THROAT. etc. Glistening parts. Despondency. Hysteria at height of sexual orgasm. or wind. throat. ulcers. or red glistening.. Head (Left).... BETTER: Rest. Given to restore milk.. of snakes. < lying on l. Every symptom seems a settled disease. THROAT SORE. sore pain in kidneys. can't have parts. Wet. horrid. Migraine. etc.. Cold creepings down back. or drinks. Hands in cold water. WORSE: COLD: Least draft. gushing or ammoniacal. has glistening patches of china whiteness. Pressure of bandage. Sour vomiting. BETTER: Open air. Milk..

rushes of blood. excitable. rum blossom (Agar. ASCENDING SENSATIONS. metastatic. VASO-MOTOR. Persistent. Led. SUMMER SUN. dusky during heat. scanty menses. SWALLOWING. SENSITIVE TO: SLIGHT TOUCH OR PRESSURE OF CLOTHES. ulcers. etc. MORNING. < turning to right. Pain from anus to navel. PAINFUL. Much thick. down nose. discharges with every cough.. Suffocates on dropping to sleep. stools. into ears. Carditis. Indolence. Heart weak. in liver. Compelling delusions. Nervous. Tickling. < coughing.. FETOR. spots over body. Aphthæ. Lower jaw drops. bloody urine. in throat. Vertex. in rectum. the wrong way. Feels full of poison. then right: THROAT. EMPTY. blundering speech.. CIRCULATION. Soreness or cramp in epigastrium. liquids. Cloudy weather. Rapid onset. BETTER: OPEN AIR.. vicarious. Hard throbbing or hammering (Fer. LACHESIS MUTUS REGION: Mind. bloody pus from. mottled. Noise. netted veinlets. FREE SECRETIONS.. MUST LOOSEN COLLAR. HÆMORRHAGE. Septic gall-bladder. Depression. from eyes over vertex. Insane jealousy.. pasty saliva. on awaking. hands. Waist (Ap. dark particles. CLIMAXIS. Must take deep breaths. Tonsilitis. . heavy. A LUMP. FLUSHES OF HEAT. WORSE: SLEEP. Hard pressure. Diphtheria. Nose. Apoplexy. Vertigo. Constriction.. Thick. rectum. Sore festering throb. Pain in l. without ability.. EXCESSIVE PAINFULNESS. SWALLOWING. HEART. choking... DRINKS.. bursting.. of throat. of tongue. Disintegration. chills. of anus. erotic ideas. Drawing. COLD DRINKS.. OR MOVING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT. Blueness. Tremor. HEAT: SPRING. vertex to jaws. Piles. or that heart will stop. Fears. > eating. Throat. Larynx. Epilepsy.. nose-bleed. as of a soft body in. < touching neck or auditory canal. Carbuncle. abdomen. Dipsomania. Peppery taste. Eyes feel small. Tongue catches on teeth. rambling. ascends throat and is swallowed back again. oris.). as of a skin hanging in. Air hunger. intensity. BLOOD. LEFT-SIDED COMPLAINTS. deep in liver. LEFT SIDE. < NECK. stopped coryza.). ovary. Purpura. etc. Thirsty.. Quinsy. from nape. Gangrene. Faceache. Sepsis. as of a skull cap. then sadness or repeats same thing. etc. ROOM. > retching out a little expectorate.). side (r) feels cut off. but fears to drink. Headache. Hawks foul pellets from throat. or a valve. turns over or too big. rolls about in bladder. hands. prostration or malignancy. FEMALES. . PNEUMO-GASTRIC. Bathing part. painful.. etc. lying down. ALCOHOL. Sympathetic. AFTER. Grap. THROAT. Can't bear anything before mouth or nose.. going to sleep. from ovary to heart. Constipation of pregnancy. OVARIES. Dark. choking cough. Congestion.. RETARDED DISCHARGES. Erysipelas. as if. Start and close of menses. hot lump in. of throat. laryngeal. thin. Bro. returns through nose. NERVES: CUTANEOUS. must lift covers. Suspicion. of acrid discharges. Face purple. LOQUACITY. etc. diabetic. Septic mumps.. pit feels swelled or sore spot back of pit.

. on waking or falling to sleep... .. Joints. Related: Caus. Sleepless from cerebral irritation. Numb. sore uterus. AXILLARY SWEAT. vomits it. Eating ulcers. or cold. sour taste to meat. < touch. sore aching.. Toes feel broken. fears to lose breath and die. . Skin cold as marble.. Sweat.. Front of thighs weak. Shaking. Hard ache in axillæ. Pho.. Many small boils... SOURNESS.. violent. LAPPA MAJOR REGION: Secretions. on legs.. LATRODECTUS MACTANS REGION: HEART. at corner of nails.. Angina pectoris. tipplers. Nausea. Blood. Dilated capillaries. Zin-io. swelled glands. with sweat. Frightful dreams. Sores about joints. on vertex. Numbness. l.. Chill. Complementary: Mag-c. garlicky. with numbness. Numb. aching calves. Dreams of flying.Axilla. Transfixation of pain or sinking at epigastrium. run down chest. etc.. BETTER: Cloudy weather. Restless. dark marks. with dark areolæ. arm. HEAT. about neck. during sleep.. Quick.. Eruptions.. on head. Moist. Apnœa. fungoid.. Heavy. Cold knees. sticky. WORSE: Cold wet. side.. Vertigo. CARDIAC PAIN. Bruised. Zin. .. all food turns sour. Skin. feeble.. Lying on R. varicose. with cardiac pains. foul eczema... Gasps. foul foot-sweat.. then abdominal pain... Complementary: Lyc. thready pulse. as if lying uncomfortably..... Cracks in skin. of snakes. Red about eyes and across nose. even of hands. COLD. Vaso-motors.. IN FLUSHES.. Weight on vertex. finger-tips. in axillæ. WORSE: Least motion. Constriction.. Face. Trembling in chest. lumbar region. < drinking.. face. and prostrated.). staining blackish. with nausea and vomiting.. sharp to shoulder or both arms (l) (Kalm. foul.. Mottled or livid skin.. Sep. Liver. Exertion. Violent exertion. bloody. Precordial anxiety.

fright.. etc. of thin blood.1 P.M. Ankles.. protrude. Livid face. Can't raise the chest walls. Lungs.. Heart.. of cardiac origin. Nervous collapse. then gurgling flatulence.. Related: Am-c. Eating. Fearful anxiety and restlessness. in brain. Tendons. Hyd-ac. Stove. BETTER: Lying with head low. Spasm of gullet.. Weak. LAUROCERASUS REGION: MIND. Raw larynx and trachea. Objects look large. Blood flecked or gelatinous sputum. Low voice. Nightly tearing in vertex. Shallow breathing. spasmodic night cough of phthisis. Night. facial. tickling. Cough. variable. BRAIN.. SUDDEN LOSS OF MEMORY.. WORSE: Sitting up. short or dry.. lack of reaction. Gullet.. Capillary circulation: SKIN. Chest pains in cardiac region. Symptoms accompanied by SUDDEN DEBILITY. coldness or cyanosis. Cool. slow or irregular pulse. Falling down. WORSE: Warm: Covers.. < 11 A. from pain.. can't fall to sleep. Nerves. Air.. Sleep. Nerves. Suffocation. in abdomen. Related: Tarent. Injury. Pru-sp. LEDUM PALUSTRE REGION: Fibrous tissue: JOINTS (small). Blood. Open air. Motion. staring. blunted senses. Heels. NOISY SWALLOWING... Apoplexy. Persistent hiccough. Weak sphincters. Speechlessness.M. Gel. Holds hand over heart. . Long faints.. . Sinkings. Periosteum.. Cold. Coma vigil.. Blue babies. gasps for breath. Head. . Eyes. Respiration. on sitting up. Twitchings. sensation. Hæmorrhage. etc. Internal burning. Left side. Chest. heart. Exertion.. livid skin. Eyes open.

Bladder. etc. Jaundice. Gall-stones. or along spine. < rising from sitting.. Tender soles... Pain in (l) sciatic nerve on sitting.. with hæmorrhage (Lach.. foul pus. FOUL. pulsating headache. Wine. Hopeless. Petechiæ. Painful. Feet (dorsæ) itch by night and are stiff in A. after diarrhœa. œdematous joints. Bilious vomitus. Double inspirations. WORSE: Cold drinks.. < receding eruptions. Profuse night-sweat. waxy. Sore heels. tearing pain. Much uric acid sand in urine. Gouty-rheumatic-hæmorrhagic persons. Tipsters. Nails very thin. Larval gout. Ovaries. Sec-c. Swelled. stings. bright. LEPTANDRA VIRGINICA REGION: Liver...Eggs. Rectum. Persistent nose-bleed.. Wounds. numb. Periodically.. Related: Arn... . Purple. Raging. Acute liver conditions. Cough. warm. Air. crampy back. Craves iced drinks. weak and drowsy. Parts become weak.. Sub-mental gland swelled. Torpidity. cold. Sprained ankles. Dysentery. Leucorrhœa. Rushes of blood. stringy. Sore or dull bursting ache over gall-bladder. watery. < covers.M. tormenting. during fever. Muddy. ecchymotic legs and feet. BETTER: Lying on stomach or side. down over bowels to navel or toward left scapula.. Hepato-hæmorrhagic diathesis. LILIUM TIGRINUM REGION: VENOUS CIRCULATION: FEMALE ORGANS. cold and wither... in hepatic region. Motion. Chio. blotchy. Left side. or liver. punctured. Burnings. BETTER: Cool: Bathing... Hæmorrhage. from nails.). Hip-joint.. watery.... Bry.. Bleeding fibroids. Right side.. STOOLS TARRY OR BLACK. Dropsy. from tickling in larynx.... Complementary: Pho. HEART (R). morning stool. with pain at navel.. soft and splitting. runs down limbs. < dampness. < limbs.. Prolapsing piles. twitches in. yet averse to external warmth. Hæmoptysis: alternating with rheumatism. Scalp.... Uterus.. Rhus-t. Related: Bap.. Shifting.. Mottled or red (pimply) face. with the pain. Coldness of part. Ascending effects. cramps over. Stiff. Foul sweat... spurting.. . as if in cold water. Blood-shot or bruised eyes. puffy and chilly. Lumbago.. frothy. Nerves. then sobbing respiration. Liver swelled transversely. with epistaxis. . from feet. Card-m.

< tire. uterus.).. with tenesmus. leucorrhœa. Crossing legs. with pain below (l) breast. with dysuria. Pain from hip to hip. Miscarriages. etc.). Consolation... Standing.. Stiff. (l). nervous. HEART... Motion. being incurable. snappish and erotic or depressed.. Craves meat. < stooping. Palpitation. gurglings and burnings. small stools. acrid. scapula. Fruitless activity. tense abdomen. Walking. < lying on (r) side.. knees. Oppressive load on chest. Wild.. Related: Alo. takes long breaths. must hold parts (Sanic. Thin. Burning palms and soles. overful. of insanity. with vertigo and visual effects. brown. etc. Hurried. Chilly.. < after rising. Eyes. patchy tongue.. BETTER: Cool. Burning headache.. eyelids. to occiput. nervous. Can't walk on uneven ground. Sharp pains. crazy feeling. heart.. ovary (l).. from heart to l. from nipples through chest. WORSE: WARMTH. air hunger. about eyes. morning diarrhœa. Marked nervo-hysterical reflexes (Con. Neckache. in spine. . Ovarian pain.. < doubling up. into limb.. of room. Pulsation. hangs by a thread. Hunger. ache over (l). Venous congestion.. > open air. as if from spine. while moving only. frequent. Plat. etc. As of a rivet or ball under (l) mamma. Can't bear weight of covers. pains into (l) arm. weak.. Med. eye. feel sprained. Desires finery. Heavy dragging or outward urging in pelvis. in hypogastrium. Menses free. Dread. Backward pains. Nervous tremor. Utero-ovarian sagging. Sele. Sunset (Coca.. < before and after menses. Lying on left side.). Spi. Pul. Copyright © Médi-T 1999 Main . Yellowish. Sweet taste -back of mouth. ebullition. fresh air. feels clutched. Pressure. Acrid discharges. When busy.. FULL. bite and burn. Broken feeling between scapulæ. < reading. especially mental or cardiac. cold. HEAVY or forced out feeling. Early.

. Prickles all over. > urinating. after. with much thirst. with pain in left temple (Ars. Headache. Small joints. Rheumatism. Urinating. Sul-ac. > grasping. with sweat. sore. Vaso-motor nerves.. LOBELIA INFLATA REGION: RESPIRATION. Lungs. Epigastrium.. Lumps of mucus drop into throat.. . Gnawing in stomach... BETTER: Rapid motion. Related: Lyc.. Gout.. WORSE: Cold bathing.. Menses. Eyes dry from using them.. BETTER: Eating. suppressed. Urine scanty. > eating. Suppressions.. Nat-p.Main A SYNOPTIC KEY OF THE MATERIA MEDICA By Cyrus Maxwell BOGER Presented by Médi-T LITHIUM CARBONICUM REGION: Heart. Secretions. Red nose. Vertical hemiopia (r). Eczema. Sits with elbows on knees. Tobacco. .. with red-brown sediment. Heart pains. Motion. Sleep. with oppressed..... Heart. with deathly sickness all over. WORSE: Night. rattling respiration. Dry. from mammæ to arms.). < bending over. going to head.. > eating. Soreness of fingers. Acidity. harsh skin. Urine. with increased secretions and weakness. SORE and heavy. after. Outward pressure or as of a dull point. Eating a little. with eye symptoms... RELAXATION.

. with profuse sweat. Craves alcoholic liquors. nervous. Cerebral softening. Pains in shins. Antisocial. Succession of abscesses. Cross.. Middle fingers. Impulse to wash hands. White cicatrices. Large.. Marasmic. WORSE: NIGHT. Related: Merc. .. with but few symptoms. Sleeplessness.. < cold drinks. Foul odor of body. Weakness. Profuse. Poor reaction or it does not hold. Linear headaches. Chronicity. As of a lump in throat or stomach. Pulse weak. Neck feels short. damp. Poor memory. > hot bathing. > cool bathing. Green lumps from posterior nares.. < protruding tongue. Great weakness. Violent or linear pains. to l. Continued or slow motion.. on waking. Rattle in chest. During thunderstorms.M. Sore throat.. pouting lips and big belly. flowing. side. with retching. at night. Beats head against wall. Salivation.. decay at edge of gums.. > heat. < lying on r. with ecchymoses. Teeth feel sticky. with sweat (cold on face).. with itching. Backache. Bones. Pain from base to apex of heart.. Applied heat. or soft.. Ptosis.. Vomiting.. Urine suppressed or infrequent. Knots in muscles. As of hot water in veins. nausea. crushing head pains. r. belching or gastric pain. Festination. etc. Nerves.. dyspnœa. Nose painful to inhaled air. in sinuses. with labor pains. Cold pain in legs. Voids urine > standing. Putrid taste. Face wrinkled. . Menses have odor of rotten meat. Horrid depression or despair... as of a worm in. Deathly nausea. Bald head.. Wandering erysipelas. Pain over r. > eating or drinking.. Dwarfish. Skin.. with red sediment. Vertical diplopia. < night and early A. Flow of saliva. biting as from bugs. Nocturnal enuresis. Every alternate full moon.. Constriction or oppressive fulness in chest. acrid leucorrhœa. Itching eruption about elbow. Capricious appetite.. Dyspnœa. Nausea and vomiting.. across base.. Ulceration.. Bones pain as if sawed. Multiphase symptoms.. Cough. but don't expectorate. Weak. Spasmodic cough. Head feels pulled back.. Inflamed cornea.. Deep. Snuffles. Deltoid pains. < urinating.. Slowly advancing hemiplegia. Distorted nails. Hair falls profusely. looks old. Abscess of middle ear.. with respiratory symptoms.. Extreme heat or cold. Frothy urine. Conical crusts. Related: Ant-t. Ozœna. SYPHILITIC TAINT. BETTER: Changing position. Rectal fissure or stricture.. Ophthalmia. hiccough.. Glimmering vision. Nightly delirium. Feels like going crazy. as from a wedge in larynx.. with general prickling. Gradual < then slow >. Sundown to sunrise. > rapid motion. soft pulse. Crack along center of tongue. Ip.. Syphilitic insanity. Asthma. eye... runs to heels. Protruding tongue. LUESINUM (Syphilinum) REGION: Mucous membranes. High altitudes. Foul or green pus.. Bullæ. with vertigo.. swelled and blotched. Plaques of œdema (figurata).. with sneezing. Deep red urine. Tab. Bilateral exostoses. sinking at stomach.

Mur-ac. Mentally active. Tongue. RIGHT SIDE to left: THROAT. Sorethroat (r). cranky. Unresolved pneumonia. WORSE: PRESSURE OF CLOTHES. > hot bathing. etc. Confused over daily affairs.). congested liver. Suppurating eruptions. sticky sweat on. puts it in and out rapidly. Urinating. Dry. Meteorism.. suppressed. Portal system. < lower bowels. Wind. twitching. lumpy or foul expectoration. Mammæ. etc. ACIDITY. oysters. Gout. Hateful. where it is worse. Acrid or periodical leucorrhœa. Motion. < before menses. Nose stuffy. As of a band about waist. pain goes to other side. Incomplete eructations. etc. Mouth hangs open (Merc-c. gray. Hemiopia. swelled. Averse to soups.. > riding in cars. comes in gray. reserved or despairing. it seems to stand still. nipples. sore. flushing. Indigestion. . 4-8 P. WARMTH. Yellow teeth. lolling. Thin. Dropsy. Sexual exhaustion. cries before urinating. vomitus. etc.. Violent dysmenorrhœa.. Gnawing in stomach. red sand in. < if hot. Skin. Epigastric anxiety. anus. FANNING OF WINGS OF NOSE. DRYNESS. to satiety.. then extension. etc. Painful coitus. Headache. LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM REGION: NUTRITION: DIGESTIVE TRACT. pale. Erectile tumors. Menses of clots and serum. automatic acts.. cramps in. chill after chill. most seems to remain. Feet asleep. AWAKES ANGRY. and in feet. NOISY FLATULENCE. erysipelas. Frequent urging to urinate. Weak from digestive disturbances. pulsating in occiput at night.. Hydrocephalus. Ovary.. dry posteriorly. etc. brown spots on and on chest. emaciation. Receding boils. gravel. Early senility. wrinkled forehead. < stool. achy. pressing out. Lungs. but grows weaker. Repeating or alternating symptoms. cracked. exacting. A ball rises and sticks in throat. Sees sparks. Dandruff. Stiff back. Stool. < heels. skin. Can't think.. Bubbling at scapulæ. Awaking. with emaciation.. Rawness in folds. teasing cough. contains sand. sore. Pollutions. rattling breathing. Short. after. frowning.. alternating sides. green-yellow. Brain. food. Descending symptoms. but is chilled by it. Diphtheria. Averse to being alone. stiff... Sudden symptoms. Hair falls. flexion. sour taste. Calculi. Poor circulation. gall-stones. Abdomen. but quick satiety. then paling. Craves air. painful vesicle on tip. Hunger. limbs feel dead. Gas from vagina. Progressive affections. Salty. Paralysis of brain. Flatulence. tophi. heavy.M.. Urine scanty. tubercular. Eructations. with fainting. domineering. Meningitis. Eating. etc. jerking. Acrid ozœna. A LITTLE FOOD OVERFILLS. nodes in (l). etc. Pains jerk legs upward. Colicky babies. Chest. < cold drinks. < lower. Acrid urine. etc. Hands numb. withered and FULL OF GAS. Piles. eructations. Axillary abscess (r). MUCH.. etc. Alternate diarrhœa and constipation. trembling. Cold applications.. Miscalls or omits words. As of a stone under heel. < in evening. Relapses. Vascular swellings. pressure. . sad or anxious. Sensitive. URINARY ORGANS. acrid sweat on. palms. numb spots. BETTER: WARM DRINKS. Eyes half open. Pains cause anger. Sensitive and fearsome. Throbbing.... etc. Fingers twitch during sleep. Face yellowish. vagina. Sore lips.

< coughing. Abuse of heart remedies.. Hot ache beneath (r) scapula. expressionless. Burning. Circulation. Glistening objects. from nose..). WORSE: Excitement.). Iod. etc. After sleep. Sexual organs. HEART. LYSSINUM (Hydrophobinum) REGION: Nerves. between scapulæ. large. Rapid pulse. Cratæ. BETTER: Bending backward. throat. Kali-c. then vomits.. Stram. at night. violent.. Coldness. Gentle rubbing. Foul viscid axillary or foot sweat. Collin. Cardio-hæmorrhagic cases. Exertion. heavy beat.. Follows: Chel. Suppressions. Heat of sun.. Lying on (R) side. Heart. Shifting pains. Choking on lying down. Slow comprehension.. excessively rapid (Pho. evening. Chill. Cord.. Complementary: Calc-c. full. Drafts.. Tawny. Polyuria. after first sleep. pains. Pulse.. . Left side. icy. head. Sil. piles.. Nervous.. LYCOPUS VIRGINICUS REGION: HEART. stormy action. HÆMORRHAGE.Aneurism. don't synchronize with heart... Heat. or Graph. ... stomach. Coldness.. sore. of one foot. Throat. soft. like onions. with many side-symptoms. Heart cough. < eating. oppression at. Protruding eyes. WORSE: Running water (Canth. Thinking of it. aching constriction.. lungs.. Related: Carb-v. Related: Cact. hurried and tremulous. Lach. Symptoms vary with heart action or associated with a RAPID TUMULTUOUS HEART BEAT. bloated face. Irritable weakness.

. Rectum. Related: Lac-c. Heavy brain. frothy... tarry. Waxy pallor. < night and on rising.. Related: Rhe. Constant spitting. Women. weary feet. Pelvic organs: Uterus. Marasmus. Dental.. regurgitation...). Sorethroat at menses. nervous. Pain in neck. distended feeling. LIKE WATER AND SCUM OF A POND. ropy. Children.. GREENISH.. Antidotes: Cham.. must walk about. Nurselings. Nux-v.. Vomits undigested milk or bitter water.. dark molasses... .Spasm.. BETTER: Motion.. Wind. frothy saliva. Nibbling appetite. grass green. Hawks cheesy masses from throat. stool. Craves open air. Liver. Convulsions. Overacute senses. Can't bear hands covered. digging. Roams about. Sensitive womb. Bowels. Rapid speech.. Sexual excitement.. Slight causes.. Sudden deafness. worn out... Numb. < pregnancy.. all over (Rhe. indelible sweat. Chilly. Sour. Cutting colic. MAGNESIA MURIATICA REGION: NERVES. Tearing. salty or bloody sputum. Stool. Lach. Blueness. Drafts. Emaciation. Walking about. etc. Sour. etc. Impatience and violent temper. with gelatinous or fatty masses.. Cold: Changes of weather. . sorethroat. Can't urinate unless he hears water run. Rest. Barking cough.. before menses... yet chilled by uncovering. with coryza. toothache. Food. NERVES: Facial. WORSE: NIGHT.. DIGESTIVE TRACT: Stomach. . thin. etc.. Paroxysmal cough. milk. Heavy. leave a fast stain. flatulent and flabby. takes cold.. greasy. Anger.. Spasm of gullet. Open air. touch. lienteric. difficult. > cold..... Menses like thick. Digestion. boring face or toothache. LIVER.. foamy vomitus.. Pul. Ailing. Noise. viscid. and dry.. Fear... Sharp shoots along nerves. MAGNESIA CARBONICA REGION: Malar bones. starchy.

slender.. Broad. Noise. Must press on bladder to urinate. Gushes of leucorrhœa. etc.. Yellow sclera. Right side. Sore. radiating. MILK.. . MAGNESIA PHOSPHORICA REGION: NERVES: Face. > motion or lying on (l) side. foul pus. with hepato-uterine or cardiac symptoms. extorting cries. Sweat on head and feet. Nervous. Cramps in back. must move limbs. dark and neurotic. side. of little balls. Crampings. KNOTTY.. Milk.. Profuse. HOT BATHING. like pitch. Sea bathing. Gentle motion. crumbling at anus. dyspnœa. Irritable. sharp shooting like lightning. drags if lies on (l) side. Eating. Head. Rubbing. Tense thighs and calves. Lying on R. causing restlessness. Hanging down. Yellow. Twitchings.. thin.). violent neuralgias.. Darting. Spasmodic effects.. Related: Nat-m.. like sheep dung.. Doubling up. feels burnt. enlarged liver. NIGHT.. Pain from liver to spine or epigastrium. Lying bent. hiccough. Loss of taste and smell. Water (Calc-c. cramps. Palpitation. Periodicity. open air. STOOLS DRY. Muscles. BETTER: HARD PRESSURE. etc. etc. Bruised or burning feeling in hips and back. Dinner causes faintness. < walking. Drafts.. with cramps. Cool. Sep... Nervous. Throb below (l) scapula.. < night. Salt foods. Cutting in heels... Pressure. Cramp in gall-bladder.WORSE: LYING ON RIGHT SIDE. Exhaustion. Dead fingertips. tense and subject to sudden. BETTER: WARMTH. Uncovering. suddenly changing place. > eating. Pul. Ankles cold or nervous. Jaundice. in thighs. boring or constricting. Globus. gray. Chronicity. colics. SUDDEN paroxysms of pain. dark. Tic-convulsif. WORSE: COLD: AIR. backache and pains in thighs. crusty ozœna.. Burning. Touch. Acrid. prostration. Tinea ciliaris. Hysteria. in waves. Night. lumpy menses. Flatulence. Dryness. follow each cramp or stool. scalloped tongue. . Tall. Craves sweets.. < sitting. yellow.

One vertebra seems absent. Cutting.. Greenish urine.. Back feels broken. intermittent menses. Nervous angina.. Flatulent colic. As of a lump between shoulders. spasms set in.. > cool air..... etc. Tarry menses leaving a fast stain. Faceache. MAGNESIA SULFURICA REGION: Intestines.. dark.. < if body gets cold. Diarrhœa. Warts. Hot.. WORSE: Morning on awaking.. alternating sides. chorea.. Female sexual organs. Related: Nat-s.. Irritable pulse. Crawling in fingertips (l). Diarrhœa ceases. Pains in lower limbs.. Profuse. Cough. with red sediment. yawning. Contracted abdomen. Tightness of skin of fingers. Related: Colo. from bowels into thighs. Always talking of her pains. Photophobia.. Copyright © Médi-T 1999 Main .. Left arm and foot fall asleep. BETTER: Rubbing. flowing at night. aching eyes. . Much pain. thick leucorrhœa.. writer's cramp. Cracks in angles of lips.. Dios. with diuresis. Much. Urine. Walking.

< lying. Ankles. Cold. Throat. < closing lids. Speaking. with sexual erethism. Drinks. WORSE: Varies with the weather.. Heels.. Diphtheria. Irritation. Feather bed. Eyes. Chokings. Related: Aru-t. ascend throat. Skin.. dry. Rhus-t. Acrid. Ache behind sternum. desquamation..). spotted.. Thoughts vanish. Brown crusts. Scarlet fever. MANGANUM METALLICUM REGION: INNER EAR.. .. Dampness. < cold drinks. Acridity. LOWER LIMBS.Main A SYNOPTIC KEY OF THE MATERIA MEDICA By Cyrus Maxwell BOGER Presented by Médi-T MANCINELLA VENENATA REGION: Surfaces: Mucous. dull ache behind. Depressed. Vesicles. lids heavy and sore. Pulse slow. Skin. Bullæ. smart. Touch... Mind... sticky foot-sweat (Sil. Puberty. Profuse. Bowels sore and burn. biting vesicles on. Pain in vertex. .. Shins. Face swelled... Open air. Damp.. Colics or cough. BETTER: Lying down. Terror of insanity. Burning. Soles. Canth.. Throat. herpes on lips. Swelled epigastrium. WORSE: Cold: Feet.. Night. Climacteric. Larynx and trachea. < cold drinks. very large and soft. Periosteum: Joints. Forgets her errand. cutting pains. foul saliva. Touch. Photophobia.. Emptiness in head. Craves cold water..

. glistening joints. Emaciation.. Sudden hot flushes. very sore aphthæ. Plan.. 3-4 A.. Loss of power in joints. and irritable. with aphonia. Burning at root of tongue. Spine. blisters. uncertain legs. Before storms. Rough.. Bending backward. < straining at stool.Very sensitive bones. Wild feeling. can't finish sentences. . Tells it over again..M. Kidneys. Diagonal pains. chronic.). Pelvis. Stretching out. Rough. Fresh air.. Mental confusion.... Digging in shin bones. Nephritis. Headache.. ears. Sour children. Tremor.. Related: Chin.. and anxious. Formication.. and sensitive. Stiff.... < expectorating a lump of mucus. mask-like face. sore and rheumatic. Weak. Sele. > lying. Lymphatics. Catarrh. Close room. SYCOTIC TAINT. etc.. Infiltrated. poor reaction. causing itching (Tell.. laryngeal. After urinating... hoarse voice. larynx. Hard rubbing. Numbness. Cellular tissue: Lungs.. Every-thing affects his ears (Cann-s. Dampness. cracked (flexures) or bluish skin. paralysis. internal. acrid discharges. Skin festers about joints. Festination. Things seem strange. . Pains extend to ears from other parts. Cough..).. hard ulcers. Pruritus of diabetes. Uncovering. Yellow-green. Dwarfish. Anemia. Weak and nervous. can't concentrate. MARUM VERUM (See Teucrium Marum) MEDORRHINUM REGION: Mind. cold. Nerves. Forgetful. Offensiveness.). Gel. sickly. Late or pale first menses... Blowing nose is painful. Hurried. Psor. Tumors.. Pale. of phthisis. Daytime. Sunset (Coca. puffy. < A. skin. Left ovary. Burnings. Memory weak. dry. joints. forgets words. Mucous membranes.. achy. Many pains. Motor paralysis. deep soreness.. Joints feel loose.. WORSE: Damp. Small.. Dry.. < reading or laughing.. Being fanned. Cruelty. BETTER: LYING ON ABDOMEN. Small joints.. etc.. Raw. Painful. names. lumpy or bloody discharges. Profuse. Seaside. Flow of saliva...M. Lil-t. bones. with colic. of . Meanness.. Touch.. Inflamed ankles. Fishy odors. etc.

. Vinegar. Red spiderlets on face (r). Circulation. infantile.names. Lungs feel stuffed with cotton. Congestions. Aphthæ under tongue. but blood feels hot (Sec-c. Raw feeling. Suicidal.. Dark fluid from rectum. Grinding colic. VIOLENT. Tender. unreal. Sleeps in knee-chest position. but uncertain of execution. < after menses. Sycotic sterility.. Bright red hæmorrhage. A short nap seems a long one. Flatulence with numbness. with sweat.. > lying on face. foul menses (Psor. Coryza with loss of taste and smell. Apprehensive. Feels far off.. clotted. Dismal out-look (Cimi.).. Related: Bar-c. Tousled heads. Weather: Changing. but > (Nux-v. Vaso-motor nerves. Teeth soft. Spine sore and tender. Profuse. WORSE: Climacteric. which >. Hot palms. must brace feet. Occiput pains to behind eyes.). Itching soreness. greasy.. Scalding ammoniacal urine. < in vertex. can't wash it off (Lac-c. Stormy. BETTER: Bleeding. Heat in spine. Cold skin..)... Drawing in ovaries. Sensation as of a cavity in chest or heart. of her errand. Burning feet. Leans back to force a stool. > pressure. Sad. greenish.. nervous and hurried. dark. abrupt or rude. Air hunger. Asthma. anticipates events. Fearsome. tense pains. moist. Burning heat. Related: Bell. or erratic. Can't exhale.. . Acne on face. Leg cramps. > nosebleed. non-commital. Fiery red. Arms hairy. Body smells badly to her. burning above (l) scapula. Many ideas... Exhaled breath feels hot. then shivers. itching ball and soles.). Fingertips burn and crack. Persistent ideas or alternating states. Head tight. Burning in epigastrium. Sweat easy. Dysmenorrhœa. Dry skin. Hay fever. MELILOTUS REGION: HEAD. tearful and fearful. Rushes of blood to head.. Craves stimulants. toward morning. Sore. Glo. . Follows: Rhus-t. Kre. Impulsive. wants to uncover. > rubbing. Profuse urine. > stretching leg. Water tastes like perfume. Condylomata. grayish. Profuse nosebleed. Deep red spots.). Heavy legs. oozing or icy nipples. violently itching anus.. Walking. some one behind her. Thu. Pruritus. Morning nausea. Rainy. Sensitive. Vertigo. crumbly. > weeping.. FIERY RED FACE.. pulls hair. Blistering leucorrhœa (Am-c. Cholera infantum. yellow at edge of hair. Vomiting of pregnancy. Cough. Bites nails. threatens his reason. Psor.). crawling. Dysmenorrhœa. sycotic. Nat-m. Heavy lower abdomen or prostate. MENYANTHES TRIFOLIATA REGION: Circulation. but is chilled thereby. Sycotic red node. Cutting. Desires to escape. Post-nasal discharge. THROBBING HEADACHE. Face..

WORSE: Walking. Can't exhale. Med. fingers. Twilight. Cramp in posterior thighs. suffocative. Night. Bones (Flat). Asthma. Foul breath and expectoration. Vivid dreams. Cough. Misty vision. Loquacious. Vertex. Quinine. knees. with yawning. ears. Choking cough. whooping. Malaria... Quartan malaria. Eyes.). Food goes the wrong way.. After menses. pains. Ascending. < sitting. Mosch. or from ankles to calves (r). THROAT: Uvula.... Boring at l. Bursting headache. scapula. BETTER: Hard pressure. Spasmodic effects. etc. . nervous. single or affected parts. Rest. Palate. Shivering. Asthma of consumptives or drunkards. Violent vertigo.. Bladder. Visible jerks or twitches.. Laying on hands...)..Motor nerves.. at night (Pho. Trembling and twitching of exophthalmos.. Vertex.. < stooping. < talking or drinking. scant urine.. . violent. Related: Ver-a. Debility after severe illness. abdomen.. MEPHITIS PUTORIUS REGION: Nerves. Skin feels tight. Vivid fancies. Excitable.. As of a finger pressing on occiput. MERCURIUS CORROSIVUS REGION: RECTUM.. spasmodic. nose (Ap. WORSE: Lying. Fauces. Icy coldness of prominent. Related: Coral. or as of a weight in nape.. Chokes easily. heavy pressure on. Pain ascends from nape. Kidneys. BETTER: Cold bath or weather. Frequent..

Astringent. dribbling. soles. Hot days. < forehead and lower parts. Weak heart. rapid and extreme prostration. Swallowing.. during coition. Swelled nose. Aching temples. etc. WORSE: Swallowing. THROAT.. internal. Early. Passes pure blood or bloody water. Insatiable thirst. Dysentery. or scanty. Gluey nasal discharge. PASSED DROP BY DROP. SHREDDY OR SLIMY STOOLS.. acrid... neck of bladder. lachrymation. taste. rectum.. Cramp in epigastrium. < sitting. Anxious and restless. Phimosis. Chordee. Early and complete anorexia. Cough causes suffocation. partial. cool nights. Capillaries. Speaking. Cutting colic. angles of mouth. Larynx. Urethra bleeds after urinating. Keratitis. Disturbed speech. frequent... Croupy cough. Stupid... Erosive discharges.WORSE: AFTER: URINATING.. kidneys. Hard chancres. MERCURIUS CYANATUS REGION: MOUTH. Nightly toothache.... or grayish membrane in throat.. stomach. Photophobia. DYSPHAGIA.. rocks hard. after stool. of soft parts. < looking sidewise.. A NEVER GET DONE FEELING. regurgitation. Cracks. Acids. Sabi. on palms. local destruction. Related: Ars.. Burning. STOOL. Lil-t... < heat. . etc.. Much thick.. BLOODY. Breathes as through a metallic tube. Cold.. Gonorrhœa. foul. swollen uvula. Sore. Spasm of rectum. etc. Continuous urging to stool and urine (Canth. . sharp pains into ears. etc. Inflammation. Sweats from every motion. throat. Vomits slime and blood. etc. Violent effects. Night.. Pale about mouth. Red. Cold skin. painful swelling in l. Difficult thinking. coldness and cyanosis... Cutting pains in throat or larynx.. slow. Autumn. MERCURIUS DULCIS REGION: . < pressure..).. Cystitis. has prophylactic value. WITH TORMENTING TENESMUS.. Septic diphtheria. HOT URINE.. Enlarged tonsils. Sweatiness. fluent coryza. Painful flatulence.. Nephritis. sensitive stomach. Bleeding kidneys. Canth. throat. Glands. Putridity. Related: Lach.. with swelling and constriction. Chilly.. Iritis. Constriction of throat. of pregnancy. at night.. Phagedena. Merc-p-r. SCANTY. Distended. bladder. with tremor. Nerves... Patchy tongue. Gastritis. Rapid. Syphilis. rectum..

Pyorrhœa.. Increased saliva.. Indurated tongue. catarrhal and bilious. Slimy. < heat.. cervicals. Swelling below r. pussy expectoration.. Faint or dizzy on rising. Tonsil. Merc-i-f. Palpitation.. Teeth on edge. Petr. Heart. Eustachian tube. Phyt. Fetor oris. of children.) or larchrymal duct (Fag. Numb knees..... Lying on left side. Dark circles under eyes. (r). Pale mucous membranes. Yellow leucorrhœa. MERCURIUS IODATUS RUBER (Bi-iodatus) . Rapid winking. Meningitis.. right. Related: Lyc. < lying on back. Acrid. Tonsils.).). WORSE: Odors. Pallid. Moist. inflamed. Inflamed pleura.. eye (Arn. then head pains. Reabsorbent action. Painful scalp.. > cold drinks (Ap. Related: Kali-m. of infants.).Ears. Jaws tired from clenching during sleep. Warm drinks. Hawks lumps from posterior nares. BETTER: Open air. then l. > cold drinks... Swollen glands. Biliary stasis. with dyspnœa. swelled tonsils. MERCURIUS IODATUS FLAVUS (Proto-iodatus) REGION: THROAT. Merc. BETTER: Cold drinks. Sorethroat (r. Deficient oxidation. .. filmy coat on tongue or YELLOW AT BASE.. grass-green diarrhœa. Sweatiness. Raising up. Tonsilitis. Flat warts. Forehead aches. Liver. Right side. flabby. cold and sweets. Syphilis. Bowels.). Glands.. Obstructed Eustachian tube (Kali-m.. Duodenum.. Cornea looks scratched or chipped. WORSE: Acids. Deafness from every cold. Pleura. Blows lumps from nose. Mucous membranes.

MUCOUS.... Syphilis. yet little exudate. sore malar bones. Cellular tissue. Liver. suppurating bubo. Hard chancre. Joints. acrid. Suffocation on lying or falling to sleep. Cellular tissues. GENITALS. Coat like old cheese on mouth and throat. SWEATING.. Granulated eyelids. Right lower chest. . MERCURIUS PRÆCIPITATUS RUBER REGION: Mucous membranes. TONSILS.. Moist cracks on palms. WORSE: Falling to sleep. Skin. green leucorrhœa. Right side. of pregnancy. LYMPHATICS.. GLANDS: Buccal. Glands. MERCURIUS SOLUBILIS REGION: BLOOD. Lying.. SALIVARY. ... Mucous membranes. SORETHROAT (l.. Lach.... Aching. Stubborn. After sleep... Related: Lach... Bones.. Indurations in urethra. Wrinkled tongue. Left side.. Stiff throat... WORSE: Empty swallowing.. red fauces... WORSE: NIGHT. ... Asthma.. Painfully heavy occiput. Patchy tongue. Burning. tonsils or glands greatly swelled... Slimy. Profuse. cervical adenitis.). Kidneys... Asthma. glandular swelling. As of a lump in throat. THROAT. Skin. Mucous patches. Heart. Night air..REGION: THROAT.... Hard. Right side..). Dark. root of tongue and neck (Phyt. Fissures. Swellings. to r. sticky lips on waking... Related: Ars. Wandering pains.

but cough < lying on right side. Gonorrhœa. lips. Copyright © Médi-T 1999 Main . Continued exudation. < lamplight (Glo.. Measles. Forgetful. Genitals. Related: Kali-io. foul. etc.. sour. as of an apple core.. excoriated. Pains into ears. Urinates more than he drinks. Sul. purulent. < heat and cold. Heat and cold. ragged. Sore liver. Eyes draw together.. inflamed. Ulcers. Easily chilled or overheated. Bloody emissions. taste. Catarrhal fevers. Restless and sweaty. IF. with tenesmus vesicæ. dirty nosed children. Uncertain. tender. tremulous. Salty. like raw meat. slimy. with cutting and proud flesh.. ulcer. throat. Great variety of symptoms. without relief. dry at night. yellow-green sputum. Moist. < least exertion.. Loose. pharyngeal. spoiled. Hurried. choke pear. Everything seems too short. then burning. deep or near surface. crusty eruptions. when urinating. cloudy or cold damp weather. bad tasting. hollow. bloody. milk in. an indelible yellow. SENSITIVE TO: DRAFTS. Swelled cheeks. Arcus senilis.. hawks large lumps from. Lips salty.. on head. redness. Headache with ear and tooth ache. MUCH SALIVA. Jaundice. oily. < bed or fire. Weak bowels. Filthy in mind and body. Stammering.M. pulls at.. from teeth. Coryza. Red. Sil. Red meatus. foul or thick. LYING ON RIGHT SIDE. swelled. Suppuration. HEATED. Mumps. or something hanging in. FREE SECRETIONS.. Itching palate. STOOLS. Must get up and walk about at night. As of a band about head. after suppressions. Scrofula. Mammæ. Respiration < lying on left side. Hep.. Jaundice. Cold sweat on feet in A. Right lower chest. acrid.. METALLIC TASTE. holds them. shallow. Taking cold. Cool heels. Biliousness. Awakes with cardiac tremor. Colds travel upward or attack eyes. then tenesmus or chill. Deaf on becoming heated. expectoration. black or aching teeth. bleeding gums. Tenesmus recti. EASY. Changing.. BETTER: Moderate temperature. teeth. Enlarged tonsils. bloody. Ulceration. Skin yellow.). Numb fingers. Urine causes itching. Swelled. Pains stick to one point. Phlegmasia dolens. Violent impulses (homicidal). Collapse and fainting at start of menses. behind lingual tonsil. Syphilis. cervicals enlarged. scanty urine. Sycosis. Cough. on chest. Nit-ac. livid congestion. Catarrhs. thin. yellow. at night. Face yellow. flabby. Chilly within abscesses. every autumn. pain below r. Trembling limbs. through to scapula. Yellowness. scanty. angle. exhausted and ready to sink down. bloody. ashen white. PROFUSE SWEAT. Aching jaws. Antidotes: Aur. bleeding.. Aphthæ. Gumboil. Senses impending evil. Alternate chill and heat. Complementary: Bell.. painful. Swelled inguinals. nasal discharge. Thick. Orgasms (to head and chest)... green slime.. Broad. irregular. Neck stiff. Photophobia. Wet feet. etc. acrid. Swelling. Carb-v. SORE. Painful. Creeping chills. to head. Musca volitantes. Erethism and restlessness. white leucorrhœa. Weak. cracked in r. eyes. puffy under eyes. Thu. spreading. Glandular activity. . etc. scurfy tarsi. Nightly bone pains. by day. Heavy nose. weak and sweaty. Rawness. nervous. Rheumatism. Pain forward from right scapula. < night. Frequent. burning. Firelight. stains. with the pains.. THROAT. Swelled glans or foreskin. raw. in double bouts. flows during sleep. green-yellow. of mucous membranes. instead of menses. INDENTED TONGUE. acrid. in bed.

> cool air. drafts. Emaciation of part. Bones seem enlarged. Sorethroat in winter. MILLEFOLIUM REGION: CAPILLARIES: LUNGS. Cracks in angles of mouth. Blunt teeth. etc. Stubborn. Deep. One-sided symptoms. unto vomiting. tickling cough. whole or partial. Open air. Acrid secretions. As of a cool breeze. Milk crust. limbs feel cold. dark red mouth. Face. Related: Ars. prolapsed rectum. Dry. with coldness of part affected. or are chalky white. Periostitis. Gouty-rheumatic-syphilitic dyscrasia. Touch. after shingles. Chilly. Bones). neck. Merc. Dry. WARMTH OF BED. Heat of one hand. hard. Nose. Neuralgia. Pains outward along brows. Toothache into temples. Violent. < touch and warmth. Head pain (l). Eating. into eyes. WORSE: NIGHT. Facial neuralgias. leucorrhœa. Effects of suppressed eczema capitis. Eruptions ooze acrid. Nerves or bones: Head. etc. Jaws. Sudden pains. burning boring. changes place on scratching. Ulcers. Mucous membranes: Mouth. Ears feel open to cool wind. Internal burning with external violent itching in small areas or single parts. drying into crusts. etc. Cold air. Motion. malar bones. form thick crusts. numbness of one side of scalp. . acrid pus.. Glistening particles in stool. Kali-io. Deafness. itching in popliteæ. Aching. One side. Complementary: Merc. etc.Main A SYNOPTIC KEY OF THE MATERIA MEDICA By Cyrus Maxwell BOGER Presented by Médi-T MEZEREUM REGION: SKIN. irritative burning itching. < hot things. burning smarting. Uterus. then chilly. sore or numb. Guai. Intolerable itching. Painful skull. with pus beneath. Contracted. Pruritis senilis. > milk. pus. painful ulcers. gluey moisture. Stomach. with lachrymation. Gastric pain. Mercury. Eyes seem dry. BETTER: Wrapping up (Nerves. Suppressions. leucorrhœa. Tongue coated along one side only. damp. Vaccination. fire.

Violent eructations. Cramp in lungs.. . Oppression of chest. BETTER: Open air. sleepless at night. Burning heat. Globus. squeezing or plug-like sensations. MUREX PURPUREA REGION: FEMALE SEXUAL ORGANS. other pale and hot.. menses. laughter. nosebleed. Discharges.. Buzzing..). Related: Arn... WORSE: Touch. Spasmodic. Blue lips. BETTER: Bleeding. wakes every minute. hiccough. with coldness. Led.. hæmoptysis (Aco. nervous effects. Hurried. Hysteria. . Twitchings.... Nervous shuddering. Led.. MOSCHUS REGION: NERVES: SENSORY. Spasms after suppressed secretions.. > belching. Sudden nervous suffocation or anxious palpitation. One cheek red. menses.. Shivering on scalp.... Ign... Flatulent colic. Tympany. Headache. FAINTS. WORSE: Excitement.. < becoming cold (Act-sp. etc. Violent exertion. Related: Carb-v. faintness and polyuria. Circulation. Genital... Chokings. Castor. etc.. Anger. fluid hæmorrhage. Congestion. Fears noise... Cold skin. So sensitive. Nux-m... dying.. painless.WORSE: Injury. Cold. cold air makes him shudder. Abortion. etc. Respiration.. Val... Imaginary sufferings.. shuddering. wants a deep breath. etc...). with restlessness. Sleepy by day. In sun.. BETTER: .. bright red.. Sitting. Suppressions. Poor reaction. Bruised soreness. tremulous and awkward. etc.). but cold (Fer.. Profuse.. with palpitation. talks excitedly or scolds until she faints.

Dry. < acids or sweets. Urging in bladder. Occipital pains. acrid. ANUS. which <. Hives. Very sore piles. stiff. even after eating. Vertigo if lies on r. Brain feels bruised. Averse to meat. full and soft pulse. Nervous. Tearing in limbs. Scurfy eruption on dorsæ of hands. Deafness. Weak thighs.. Painfully sore uterus. typhoid.. involuntary stool or prolapsing bowel. Bearing down pains. but no thirst. eye. shrunken or burnt looking (Ars. etc. Sore. cracked or deeply ulcerated parts.. lower jaw drops. Walking. Bluish parts.. Dark or glowing red face. frantic desire. slides down in bed. Decomposition. Lumbar pain impels walking. Sinking at stomach. wants to lie down. Cutting from mastoid to nape. must press until rectum comes down... Large. Sensitive. bleeding. Ascites. Sparse scarlatina... yellow. Adynamic fevers. Wet weather. Dry. with aversion to covers. piles. Intense. Can't urinate without also stooling.. Violent hunger.. Typhoid or scorbutic states.... Introverted. thick.. ulcers.. burning fingers and toes.. . Pulse drops every third beat. Pulsations in single parts. Muscle exhaustion. Eating. cracked and scabby.. must cross limbs. Red. alternating with mental symptoms. Leucorrhœa.. Pains in genitals.. RESTLESS AND ERETHISTIC.. Related: Bap. Fearful and anxious.. Bloody mucous membranes. MUSCLES: HEART.. MYGALE LASIODORA .. tongue. TONGUE. stitches... Cold drinks... MOUTH. > heat. foul discharges. Muttering.. etc. with cold hands. Irritable. leaden heaviness. Urine smells like valerian. or passing flatus. Persistent. eyes fall shut. mouth and throat.. mixed with petechiæ. . Nosebleed.. MUCOUS MEMBRANES: Digestive tract. Very tired and weak. sore.Before menses. < touch. Violent hæmorrhage. Atony of bladder.. swelled. up through abdomen.... into breasts..). septic. Tongue heavy. Thin. Nymphomania. but soon grows weak and very debilitated. Sordes. bloody. Warmth.. bathing. on urinating. BURNINGS. Cold nose. Teeth. Profuse. Human voice. Lips. WORSE: Touch. side. MURIATICUM ACIDUM REGION: BLOOD. loud moaning. Brain. in early morning. Copious menses. Cold in bed. Bry. side.. etc. Lying on L. burning heat. Sad and taciturn. Sitting. Periodical pain over l. BETTER: Motion. Ulcers throb on walking.. Aphthæ.

Fulness and burning in gall-bladder. Jaundice of infants. palpitation.. Cardiac asthma or cough. Air: Cold. MYRICA CERIFERA REGION: Liver. WORSE: Lying on left side.. or stool. After: Sleep.. Itching cicatrices. Liver affections. Drafts.. Chorea of upper parts. nape or thigh.. Sepsis.... Heart.REGION: Nerves. Yellow sclera. BETTER: Open air. Vertex sensitive to cold.. Constrictions. .. BETTER: Riding in open air. endocarditis. Kali-bi... Twitching facial muscles and head (Cic. excited. Respiration. Pressure of clothes. scapula. with cardiac effects. Suicidal brooding... chest.. with urticaria. Puffy or sweating hands and feet... HEART. Complementary: Dig. shoulder or neck.... Combined liver and heart symptoms.. NAJA TRIPUDIANS REGION: Cerebellum. Internal heat. in the early morning. Pulse changes force. As of a lump in throat. throat. excited and tremulous. weakness at. Very red eyelids. Arm. cramp ascend into neck. side.. often reflex. Alcohol. Menses. Collapse. . Shootings in head. As of a blow on occiput and neck... < chest... grasps the throat. Foul. Related: Chel. Temple. shooting to l.). Sneezing. NERVES.. Medulla. Left side: Ovary. Throat. septic. HEART (Mitral Valve). Cramps in shoulder.. Insensible r.. Discouraged. lung. violent pain. with dull pain. with pain under either scapula. tremendous action. throat. OVARY TO HEART. adhesive mucus in mouth.. hypertrophy. PAIN FROM L.. Slow pulse. Parts seem drawn together. .. Nervous. Dull headache.. Dry or empty in l.. holds hand over it.. Suffocative choking. Sweat on lumbar back and ankles. Puffing breathing. Many pains... visible.. Ribs feel broken. etc. with jaundice. Smoking.

< least draft. anxiety. Dazzling flashes or stars before vision. Gloomy. WORSE: HEAT: Sun. Oversensitive. Lach. NATRUM MURIATICUM REGION: NUTRITION: Digestive tract..M. Periodically. Spig.. loose. tips of toes or fingers. Milky. Vertigo. HEART. Hands (Dorsæ). MUSCLES. Blisters on small joints. Nat-m.. BRAIN. NATRUM CARBONICUM REGION: DIGESTION. Stools like orange pulp. Related: Lyc. pustular eruptions. Weak ankles. < entering warm room. Boring at tip of l. from starches. Dietetic errors. Skin. Pains cause tremor. Purulent. Pollutions.. . rough skin.. Heels. yet fearful. Laur. scapula. always nibbling. Heavy legs. MIND. Head bent backward. Puffy. GLANDS: MUCUS. < alternate days. Diarrhœa. Thunder-storms. Rubbing. pains out through eyes. etc. from wine.. Cross and irritable.. Abdomen pouts here and there. Sultry air. etc. relaxed. < thunder-storms. cold sweat. Onanism. hollow. 9-11 A. > eating. Music. Irritable weakness. noise. Burning wrists and ankles. Post-nasal discharge. flatulence and rheumatism. Weather.. BETTER: Motion. to open air.. Complementary: Sep. Mental exertion. Sweats easily. (Head). < going from a cold into a warm room. Violent sneezing. BLOOD... Eating. Gastric pain.. wilted face. watery or dry. Nerves. Acidity. Cold between scapulæ. 5.. Spleen... Cramps from ankles into toes. . Averse to company. Cough from continuous tickle in throat.. music..M.. Averse to milk. Gas-light. easily exhausted. Sleepy after meals. Must drink to swallow solids. A. Greedy. Coryza. Related: Cimi. Mouth open. Winter (Body). Hot weather headache.. Liver. dietetic errors.. salty sputum. Drafts. Milk. Pale. Weak digestion. Lively. Painful popliteæ. Easy dislocation. Cough. Sweating. Swelled or peeling nose.

lying on (l) side. sneezing early in A. detests consolation or a fuss.. < coughing.. HEAT: Sun. Malarial cachexia. Emaciation. Inconsolable.. drinks large quantities. shaking body or alternates with beating in head. Thirst. Epigastric pulsation. rectum. fingers. Sweat. causes cough. Anæmia. < if consoled. without appetite. palpitation. Sobs during sleep. HEADACHES. on closing eyes. nape. Migraine. Nose stopped. Exophthalmic goitre. < reading. Letters run together. fluttering. Numbness. coughing. Thick white or clear acrid discharges. Throat. Cracked finger-tips. Easily angered. on lying down. Summer. vagina. pearly. Exertion. Chin. CRAVES SALT. bitter. After menses. a spot is dry. Thin.. over eyes. Dry.. > pressure on eyes. little ulcers in. Red urinary sediment.. company distresses. Face. Before breakfast. Averse to bread. Sympathy. Hateful.M. scanty. thirsty. Waterbrash. on alternate days. Blunted taste and smell. at edge of hair.). hard. Alternate days (Ars. Scattered thoughts. Uvula hangs to one side. Not very sensitive to pain.).. Complementary: Ign. hands. Nodding motions. Can't read by artificial light. etc. etc. Sweating. < heat and cold.. maddening. Hawks much mucus. with partial numbness or disturbed vision. Dampness. pale.. while eating (Cham. or at edge of hair. Suppressed gonorrhœa. Weeps bitterly. etc. sore. wavering.. < groins.. Anxiety. Takes cold. Debilitating leucorrhœa. rises to head. bursting.. unhealthy or yellow. Hamstrings seem short or drawing in. Sad. dry... etc. Deep breathing. tickles. < biting. Throbbing in lower jaw. Apprehension.. Coldness of many parts. but < in sun. after eating. descending. Vertigo. Hemiopia. Awakes feeling weak. Ptosis. Boisterous grief. Easy exhaustion. Fears or dreams of robbers. Falling hair. Hunger great. Bruised backache. Parts seem short. heavy. Respiratory catarrhs. Sep. Rest. Hypochondria. feet. yet emaciates. < emotions. Silver salts. Related: Pul. early in A. hopeless and poorly nourished. Chilly. Tense abdomen. on face. < winter. mouth. . chaps or herpetic eruptions. eyes. on vertex. Constricted rectum. Morning chill. cold. etc. oily. prevents sleep. Tremulous.. Burning eructations. throat.. Puberty. Coition. Herpes ani. Quinine. then headache. after suppressed sweats. on nose. Sore neck muscles. weak legs. Chronic diarrhœa. mental. Vision blurred. . Violent emotions. reserved. with asthma or palpitation. Nervous erethism. WORSE: PERIODICALLY: 9-11 A. even of eyes. tears anus or causes burning. high up. Exact periodicity. harsh. sore. or motion. alternate fluent and dry coryza. or an idea clings.M. hammering.. heart. crumbling stool. HERPES ABOUT LIPS. painful.).. Anxiety in stomach. Old malaria. Catch in knees. Eyes feel drawn together. glistens. with thirst. DRYNESS.. Cool bathing.M.. gushes of fluid. Skin. Heart. depression. hamstrings. inspires revenge. then backache. dirty. weak. Cough. TONGUE MAPPED. etc. < flexures or about knuckles. Lachrymation on affected side (Spi. replaces menses. coated with glassy mucus. as if falling. beaded or striped along edge. With the sun.. < neck or abdomen. on awaking. BETTER: Open air. > lying on back.Skin. of one side. < motion. muddy or greasy. on sneezing. parts lain on. from tickling in epigastrium. or pressure. averse to. skin.

. NATRUM SULFURICUM REGION: OCCIPUT.. SOURNESS. Lifting. One ear red and hot... Glands: LIVER. Chest: Left (lower). Night air.. Fulness in abdomen. Duodenum.. Lower. with acidity. etc. Gas-light. Alternate joint and heart pains.. stools. . Cellars. Injuries. Eruptions about joints. Acidity. Noisy flatulence. Hacked stool. Intestinal. Deep yellow discharges. Mental weakness. Mesentery. Late evening. Bile-ducts. sweats. Light. YELLOW CREAMY COAT ON BASE OF TONGUE. etc. Kali-s.. matter from eyes. Children. Gastro-duodenal catarrh.. Thunder-storms.. itching. WORSE: Sugar. Child picks nose... Debility. Itching. Pressure. < ankles. Fear. BETTER: Cold. Mental exertion. NATRUM PHOSPHORICUM REGION: Occiput. BETTER: Open air. Mucous glands... Left side. Wind.. Overfed children. Rheumatism. Genitals. Lying on left side. Change of position. . about mouth and anus. Milk. As of a hair on tongue or a lump in throat. < standing or < eating a little. Worms. Pale face or red on alternate sides. Pancreas. nose. head. on tonsils.. < night. stomach. vomitus. expectoration. Descending colon. eructations. WORSE: DAMP: Weather.. Related: Cina... leucorrhœa. Touch. Kre. Bile. Cheesy vomitus.

Green. but violent cough. bilious and lithæmic. Thick. Crawling in gall-bladder. Copyright © Médi-T 1999 Main . < left abdomen.. Meningitis. Glo.. > head sweat. Concomitants to nausea.. in ailing patients. Pul. FLATULENCE. Sensitive and suspicious. Sudden violent effects. Epistaxis.. Run rounds. Sycosis. Colic. < lying on left side. GURGLING IN BOWELS. must hold chest or sides.. or drives from bed. PHOTOPHOBIA. Cramp at umbilicus. Yellow. Thirst at start of fever only. Sadness. vesicles. Fulness. Vesicles on soles. Chilly. tip feels burnt. pasty tongue.M. < at base. Sour. Melancholia. Hang nails. pushes here and there... skin. SPLUTTERING STOOL.. Dire (suicidal) impulses. Complementary: Ars.. during menses. Foamy or yellow diarrhœa. in heels. Heat with aversion to uncover. As of a lump below liver. Rheumatic-hydrogenoid constitution. Warty nodules.. Burning below knees. Thu. can't get warm. thick. Slow digestion.. Dirty brown or greenish-yellow. Crushing or gnawing in occiput. Loose. bilious vomit.. mixed with green slime. Bitter taste. Retracted nipples. Piercing pains. tenacious. spreading upward like a fan... > rubbing abdomen. in (l) hip. yellow-green pus. Throbbing in heels. . Dyspnœa. painful. at (l) short ribs. Vertigo. Sycotic asthma. Sore. < rising or sitting down. < music or subdued light. Foul axillary sweat. Med... THEN SUDDEN GUSHING. stool. heavy liver. even in bed. Nose run water at night. watery secretions.. etc. RUMBLING. NOISY.. white slime in mouth.. White sand in urine.. after rising in A. Related: Colo. Sharp cutting back pains. Thick.

After eating. As of a stick in throat. Prostate. Red. Psor. Spots on cornea. DISCHARGES ACRID. Loose teeth. Thoughts vanish. Hateful. then prolonged pain.. JARRING.. smooth mucous membranes. Salivation. Changing weather. bleeding inner.. during pains.. Stools tear anus. red. gristly exudates. Mercury. WORSE: Slight CAUSES: TOUCH. Peeling lips. sensitive and sore. Sore palate. Puffs on scalp. dripping. Malignancy. cutting pains. thin. As of a band about or a weight hanging to part. of bloody water.. scurfy tip. swelled or cracked orifices. dark lumpy epistaxis. Tubular organs. raw. FOUL. COLD. Yellow. cracked or scabby in angles. Blood.. of spare habit. Joints. Skin.. sore. or night sweats. Gums flabby.). Quarrelsome delirium.. with shortness of breath. Mild weather. ozœna.. joints. Phagedena.. . Conjunctiva pouts in spots. Exhausted. < pressure of hat. Coryza. Cracking. diphtheria of. Confusion. .. > noise. Deafness. in other tongues. Anus. Sore in skull. cause redness or destroy hair. or ulcerative gnawing. Profane... caries of bones. dirty or brown. Nose.Main A SYNOPTIC KEY OF THE MATERIA MEDICA By Cyrus Maxwell BOGER Presented by Médi-T NITRICUM ACIDUM REGION: MARGINS OF OUTLETS: Throat. shivery. Dark. Yellow brunettes... or shock. Steady pressure. GLANDS: Liver. STICKINGS LIKE A SPLINTER. etc. HÆMORRHAGE. Motion. Moist. Sore or stiff. dampness. Milk. he trembles. Craves fats. Mental exertion. Right side. Hard. Rattling. foot. Heat of bed. Noise.. even if soft. talks to spirits. Warm flowing over eyes.. Riding. Crushing head pains. BETTER: Gliding motions. air. Mouth. Salivary. Night. Bones. bright. easy. Evening. sickly face.. So angry. fissured or mapped tongue (Flu-ac..

all food turns to gas. by day. Thu. when eating or thinking of food. < tibiæ. in temples.. on back of hands.. during menses... Weak digestion. eroded. Thu. Change of seasons.. Ulcers. Excitement. then takes cold. Thick.. Kali-c. cold. when flatulent. Sense of levitation. > hard pressure. broken chilblains. etc. with proud flesh or plugs of pus. Œdematous prepuce..Painful piles. As of hard lumps in stomach. etc. Vertigo. Skin. .. Fistulæ. heamorrhages. > cold. or oozes moisture. with palpitation and fear. on shin bones. burning fore-skin. soles. < exertion.. Dreamy. Slow ideation. Scrawny women. from a spot in larynx. EMOTIONS. Pulse drops each 4th. with coldness. cottony saliva. Shattering cough. Mental exertion or shock. Dark. FEMALE ORGANS.. Chalky taste. Orgasms to chest. Loathing. Dry mouth and throat. of eyes. beat. Painful. OVERPOWERING DROWSINESS. Hysteria. mornings. SWEAT. Retracted lips. coppery spots. Weak. objects seem changed or to grow larger. < sleep. alternately profuse and scanty. putrid. MENSTRUATION. NERVES. Enormous bloating. Weak ankles. on feet. Jagged or soft warts (Stap. Warm room. Slight causes. strong as horse's. Kre.. without thirst. laugh or cry by turns. throat. Pregnancy. Heaviness. Fogs.. Cancer. Cerebral congestion. pussy. etc. with or caused by almost every condition.. irregular menses. As of a hot wire in urethra. Digestion. tongue. Stubborn suppuration. Dazed.. Merc. Drafts. clairvoyant state. Teeth feel pulled. Follows: Kali-c. Syphilis... Painfully sore bones. Children and old women. Jesting. Pale face. liver. Little pain. Wind.. Automatism. Cramp from kidney to bladder. Narcotic effects and dryness. have small breasts. Tongue sticks to palate. Cavernous phthisis. with lumbar stitch. Brain exhaustion. Icy coldness. exhausting (urinous). Talks loud. raw.. Thoughts suddenly vanish. easy. with dryness. Crusts form and fall. although soft. who faint easily. Feet. cracks in every angle. etc. Fleeting pains. Flatulent colic. itches on undressing. Related: Ars. Jar.). Infective nephritis. Bloody water from vagina. caries. Itching. WORSE: Cold: Bath. Mind. Complementary: Calc-c.. As of a board across hypogastrium. Cutting in larynx. Dry weather. Burrowing pus. Bruises. Laughing. Uses wrong words. NUX MOSCHATA REGION: SENSORIUM. rapid. in axillæ. Stool difficult. Expectoration smeary. . dry. Damp. Condylomata. Phagedenic chancre. URINE. BETTER: Moist heat. yet NO THIRST. Itching. < at stool or menses. Mockery. Headache. ragged. eczematous anus. Warts. Swelled finger joints.

bad in A. Overeating.. DIGESTIVE ORGANS: STOMACH.. Teeth chatter. < waist. LIVER. Nagging. biter-sour.bright yellow and lienteric. > if he can only vomit. Craves piquant foods or stimulants. dry at night. throat. with consciousness. so mad. BETTER: FREE DISCHARGES.. Bruised soreness. larynx. Nose stopped. prodromal. Sedentary habits. into back. Vertigo. after labor pains. etc. or sweat absent. Indigestion.. Milk. Food lies like a heavy knot in stomach. fluent by day and in open air. clothes oppress it.. Noise. replaces menses. stiff. Firm fibred brunette.. mentally and physically. Hoarse.. UNCOVERING. Gastric pains. Jerks. abortive. Fatigue. etc. Sudden. irregular pulse.. Rhus-t.M. from intense crawling in (l) nostril. Biliousness. Flatus from vagina.. violent. Acute pain now in spine. Blood-shot eyes. SLIGHT CAUSES: Anger.. Eustachian tube.. Sneezing. Mos.. Coryza. Spasms. Disturbed sleep. Water-brash. Rough. Tense. Irritable hypochondriasis.. TASTE. irregular menses. sour. Lightning-like pains. Active. Vexation. when walking against wind. Migraine. NUX VOMICA REGION: Cerebro-spinal axis. VIOLENT ACTION. Liquor. RESPIRATORY ORGANS. Lyc.). < hawking. Acute smell. Wrapping head. Touch. with vertigo. he cries. Debauchery. Cough. Sore nostrils. Weak.. Fears poverty. Irritable and hypersensitive. on coughing. > walking.Lachrymation. Red. Hot drinks. Op. Drafts. contracted feeling. on one side. Sullen.. Itching palate. Bowels. Spiteful. etc. scratchy throat. dark. with blank spells. COLD: OPEN AIR (Dry). etc. Mental: Exertion. Inactive rectum. turgid or yelowish face. Sensitive and critical. > heat of bed. bilious-sour. Light. on affected side. Leucorrhœa. brain. Fetor oris. . Wind. Chills with sopor. ugly (suicidal) impulses. INTERNAL scrapy RAWNESS. Thick. Sensitive scalp.. Dry. irregular labor pains. Deficient. Heart-burn. Left angle of mouth droops. Moist air. Male brunettes. but runs water. PRESSURE: of clothes. Liver .. Sensation as of a rough body internally. now in lumbar region. Zealous. WORSE: EARLY MORNING. < about nose and mouth. Neuralgia. HICCOUGH. Condiments. Seats. nervous and excitable. Alternate chill and heat. Strangury from alcohol. on an empty stomach. Violent retching. Jaws snap shut. Faintings after vomiting. > vomiting. As of a band about waist. Complementary: Calc-c. NERVES. cold skin. Purgatives. Swelled forehead. VIOLENT VOMITING. Odors. Eructations. Nausea. HIGH LIVING: COFFEE. < night. Related: Cann. Epistaxis on coughing. Red sweat. Violent.. Increased reflexes. can't stand pain. Palpitation. ANGRY AND IMPATIENT. Takes colds. often irregularly fitful or inefficient. Croc. Naps (Kali-bi. Twistings. Resting. Gel. Dry palms. OF ABDOMEN. Drugs. after stool. chest. Sleepy attacks. putrid taste in..

. Sul. Menses profuse. Sore pains in ureters. < after stool. Lyc. Sleepy in evening or sleepless from rush of ideas. as if breaking. Lumbar ache. Epilepsy. Feet feel clubby and raw. < touch of clothes. Rosy red blotches on face and chest.). lumpy blood. with priapism. Inactive peristalsis. Red sand in the urine. Premature ejaculation. retained flatus. Chill with thirst and heat without thirst. Related: Ign. Yawning. Shooting from toes to thighs. > cool bathing. Related: Bell. Goose-skin. WORSE: Scanty urine. PILES. Lyc. Aco. Night-mare. < motion. pains down (r) shoulder. Strains hard at stool. twitching face. Awakes too early. must raise up to turn over. Crawling along spine. SORE BOWELS. Flatulent colic. Obstipation. Tense cramps in calves and soles. throwing the patient down. Hernia. < head and throat. Jaundice. Heart. of dark.sore. Cic. Status epilepticus (Abs. Renal colic with hæmaturia and violent vomiting. Swelled inguinal and mammary glands. enlarged. Menstrual and sexual disturbances. Cough violent. Sour sweat. early and prolonged or intermittent. Bowels gripe here and there. Complementary: Kali-c. In rectum. < drinking even during the heat. Onanism. As of a bug creeping under skin about waist. whooping. Swelled. OLEANDER REGION: Digestive tract. Skin. < COUGHING OR STEPPING. spasm of. spread over whole body. Acute lumbago. OCIMUM CANUM REGION: Ureters (R). Painfully stiff neck. but on waking feels miserable. Finally sleeps. Urt-ur. infantile. paroxysmal. CAN'T UNCOVER. Mania. WORSE: Injury. Dysmenorrhœal cramps. Pho. sticking. fitful and FRUITLESS URGING FOR BOWELS TO ACT. Gall-stone colic. EASILY CHILLED. Burning heat. can't sleep again. UNEASY. itching. Related: Canth. as if more stool remained. ŒNANTHE CROCATA REGION: CEREBRO-SPINAL AXIS. Sexual erethism. > STOOL.

Shuffling gait. Motor. on limbs and skin. Sadness with lack of confidence and power.. Slow pulse. > brandy.. BETTER: Rubbing...... lienteric stool escapes with the flatus. Sensitive skin. PROFUSE. feet. Malar bones feel pulled up. of gastric origin. < cough. Twitching lips. Emptiness in stomach and chest. on eating. Slow comprehension. Paresis after infantile paralysis. gluey lumps. Cold. Pneumo-gastric. Tremulous weakness. Numbing. Frequent scanty urine. Vertigo. General crampings. from tips of teeth... Sees glistening bodies. Excretions.. etc. etc. .. Heat from mental exertion. WORSE: After suckling. feel pulled up. < occiput.. > bending head back. Sopor. Related: Anac. Here and there. Nervous irritability. tremulous. Introverted. Open air. Eating... Anxious palpitation. Toothache. Hawks out brown.. Weak. fish-brine odor. Related: Sul. fishy on heels. Faintness or vertigo. WORSE: Cold. before menses. hands. White of egg seems dried on lips. paretic effects. Pulsation or as of water in stomach. Water-brash. then headache. leucorrhœa.. Urinous. Digestive organs. after eating. etc.. Testes.... Snowy saliva. Meteorism. > chewing tobacco... < hysteria. migraine.. Tell. Crampy contraction of upper limbs.. pale urine. eructations.. Chin. Distraction.Scalp. Sad.. stomach. swell alternately. etc. Vanishing thoughts. . Numb-skin. knees. Icy coldness. > biting.. in single spots or parts. Neurasthenia. Speaks in whispers.... Alternate chill and heat. > pressure. Lachrymation. Aching (r). BETTER: Looking sidewise. Pressure. Sense of vibration. Flesh feels torn from bones. foul foot-sweat. in throat. Thin. Mouth feels greasy.. Eruptions with itching biting. . Undressing. Raw flexures. as of lice. Rubbing. A skin seems to overhang the eye. Soreness. Outward dartings in nipples. Numb tongue. Sore mammæ. Suppressions. Moist milk crust.. Seminal losses.... Nerves: Cerebro-spinal.. OLEUM ANIMALE REGION: NERVES. Acrid vapor or raw streak in throat. chafes and oozes or bleeds. Pain in spots. passes food eaten the day before. on straining at stool.. scapula..

. Tendons... Intolerance of milk. Headache. Sleep. Dull. Acrid leucorrhœa.... Tired. Hoarseness.. Ring-worm. Sticky. Occiput. Forgetful. FEMALE PELVIC ORGANS.. Sore ovaries and rectum. toward evening. OPIUM REGION: . Sexual desire gone. with the headache. Vertigo.. Confused. Slow thinking. Mushy. Hectic.... Sexual excesses. with palpitation. tired. Staggering. Heat in palms.. Rigid tendons. occiput to shoulder. Swelled.. Chilly up back. combined with ovarian symptoms. Milk crust. Early phthisis.... Cough.. Aching. Always taking cold. Warm.. Humid air. Eye. Nervous exhaustion.. Soreness or stitches in chest. numb legs and popliteæ. Related: Cimi... skin. Yellow tongue. < eye strain and lying on back. after the pain. Lil-t. Darkness. < exertion. Rhus-t. Cold damp. sore and stiff.. occipital. Misjudges distances.. ONOSMODIUM VIRGINIANUM REGION: MUSCLES AND nerves: Eyes. BETTER: Rest. Migraine. Hyper.. . screwed in. Pains alternate between ovaries. Irresolute. tender mammæ. Liver. Itching nipples. Tight clothes. white expectoration. Aphasia.. Related: Pho. Atrophic infants. Faulty nutrition. OLEUM JECORIS ASELLI REGION: Chest.. heavy.... leucorrhœa.. sputum.. as if. < lying on (l). Eating.. heavy oppressing in occiput.. Spine. Aromatic urine. Sexual neurasthenia. Inco-ordination. Aching. WORSE: Sprains: EYE STRAIN. side. Burning spots. stiff eyes. WORSE: Milk. yellow stool.. . Pains up and down from (l).. Seems to tread on cotton.. etc..

Internal dryness. Dull.. Tremor. in peritonitis.. unequal breathing. Delirium.. bed seems. As of a weight in abdomen. Bowels feel obstructed. Heavy. sweaty (Samb. Colic. Uncovering. after fright. Tired and sleepless. hunts a cold place. Pneumonia. Stupid. Painless ulcers. with cold limbs. Cravings. General itching. Full. head. FEAR. etc. etc. Lungs. Sympathetic. Sluggish.. stupid sleep.. Copyright © Médi-T 1999 Main .. Negative. apoplectic. but little pain. says nothing ails him. violent chills.. Weak heart. spasms. Epilepsy.. without relief. sweat. Stupid sleep. Dark. secretion or reaction.. black balls. Retained urine. in sleep. Mouth twitches or hangs open. Plb. Hot. Sleep. Nux-m. Wants to go home. Bloody mucus oozes from open anus. No will power. during. Suppressed discharges.. torpid states. Paralysis. sweaty or hot red face or red and pale alternatly. Vomiting. alcoholic. Related: Arn. Skin rough and dirty. Convulsions. Stools of hard. Cerebral congestion. If heated.. Crawlings here and there. Respiration. BETTER: Cold. turgid. bowels. Fright. of brain. Twitchings.). of the aged. Lively fœtal motions. bulging. Carphology. Tickling cough.. Bry. Red. . staring eyes.. SENSES. Odors. lead.) and drowsy. Sweaty.. Constipation. during sleep. Hard tympany. with terror. Digestive tract. drunkards. ALCOHOL. NERVES: Brain. SOMNOLENCY. Rattling.. Heavy occiput. PLACID. MIND. without appetite. after laparotomy. Inactive pupils.. Pho. painless.. slow pulse (Dig. lungs. Visual hallucinations. Cerebro-spinal. Lying. Snoring. Dreamy. WORSE: EMOTIONS. Stertor. Hot. etc.. Paralytic atony of bowels and bladder. Sighing. Bar-c.. Fears. Receding eruptions. Joy. Complementary: Alu. tongue. Old look.. intercurrent. after cholera infantum.

. Foul secretions. Oxaluria. WORSE: Coughing. muddy-brown stools.. OXALICUM ACIDUM REGION: Digestive tract.. . Weak trembling hands and feet... Neuralgia. livid and numb all over. Sour taste. Greenish. Gnawing emptiness. < lying..... with a sense of stoppage. Mental exertion. Testes throb or feel crushed. chest to epigastrium. Fixed chest. < lying. with torn loose feeling and tenacious sputum. Foul axillary sweat. etc. Swimming vertigo. Violent pains.. Navel. Iod. jerking breathing. Pho. Fluent coryza.. rainbow colors about light. Nightly dyspnœa. Crawlings. Talking.. Angina pectoris. BETTER: After stool. Left side. Trachea... in streaks. Shaving.. Colicky urging about navel or involuntary. Touch. Sensitive air passages. Numb prickling in occiput and back. .... Nervous and sleepless. Band-like sensation about head. Pic-ac. Related: Ars. Back feels too weak to hold body...Main A SYNOPTIC KEY OF THE MATERIA MEDICA By Cyrus Maxwell BOGER Presented by Médi-T OSMIUM METALLICUM REGION: Respiratory tract.. Weak... Lung. Pains go up and down.... Palpitation.. Cold creeps up spine. Heart. Stomach feels full of broken stones or lumps. Low voice...... Pain from lower (l). Paroxysmal. Cold. Snuffling. Related: Ars.. cold.. Spasmodic cough. . Nerves: Cord... WORSE: Thinking of it.. < lower limbs. like lightning. burning. in spots..

Love praise.. Touch.. Diversion. Chagrin... Related: Rat. Cutting in uterus and bladder. Excessive pains at anus... > rubbing. or leucorrhœa... Shooting from navel into breasts or pelvis. Menses flow when nursing. WORSE: Emotions: Lively. Standing... > stool. Left side... Bunions.. Veins. Right ovary. BETTER: On hands and knees.. PAREIRA BRAVA REGION: Genito-urinary organs. Glairy leucorrhœa.. BETTER: Touch.. Fleeting pains. Swelled veins. before and after menses. inflamed. WORSE: STOOL. Related: Asaf... . Anus covered with crusts. ulcerated piles. PALLADIUM METALLICUM REGION: Uterus. Shooting or splinter-like pains.. Sensitiveness. Night.. Fissure or fistula ani.. PÆONIA OFFICINALIS REGION: Anus.. across vertex. Hollowness in flanks.. continue long after stool. . Bearing down..... Plat. Terrifying night-mare.. . Moisture (foul) at anus... Pressure.. Social functions. Skin.... Leaden heaviness in pelvis. Mind. Motion..... Headache from ear to ear. Glairy mucus from throat. Large. must rise and walk about. Easily offended. Rubbing.

Irresolute. Painful skin. feels sick internally.. Dreads open air. One side. BETTER: Warm air. Scalp. Emaciation. Bursting feeling in bladder or glans.. Occiput. Eyes. Vexation. Changing.. Cabbage. Eye-balls seem pulled back (Pul. Spine. Joints feel broken. Eyestrain.) or feel too large.. VERTIGO. As of a ball in throat. WORSE: Thinking. Weather: Cold.. Face. BOAT. white mucus or red sand.... Heaviness. Internal itching. PARIS QUADRIFOLIA REGION: Head. Bowels. Genitals. Excitable and quick temper. Weak and tremulous. Touch. in occiput. CARRIAGE.. pains go into glans and thighs. Enlarged prostate. < chest. SKIN: Folds. Weight in nape. Related: Bell. BETTER: Pressure. objects feel rough. Urine contains thick.. Parts feel too big or drawn together. Imaginary bad smells.. loses himself. Numbness (l). Eating. Sense of duality. Med. Periodical painless hoarseness. PETROLEUM REGION: OCCIPUT.. Worries but don't know why.Must get on hands and knees to urinate.. heavy.. Hawks up tough. . Unilateral coldness or heat. aching. green mucus.. Renal colic. Dysuria. Thunder-storms.. Related: Berb. Nux-v.. . Garrulous loquacity. stringy. Stomach. Mucous membranes. WORSE: MOTION: CARS. Death seems near. winter... Face seems drawn into root of nose.

Limbs go to sleep... Pain from (l). < in angles. Spine: sensory nerves. fragile. Sexual excesses. causing dyspnœa. Unhappy love. it gets raw. Deafness. Drafts. THICKENED SKIN. Eruptions having thick. Clang.. Gastric symptoms. after stool. to between shoulders.. profuse. nipples. Right side: Chest. WORSE: DEBILITY from: LOSS OF FLUIDS. PHOSPHORICUM ACIDUM REGION: MIND. Using eyes. in brain. Pain in milk-ducts. Chagrin. Sleepy. Involuntary urine on rising.). Itching. Everything tastes sweet. chapped hands and fingers.. sea and train sickness. < in folds. Nerves.. moist or yellow-green crusts. Cold air oppresses chest.. terribly foul. Nerves.. Psoriasis palmaris.. Coldness at heart. Diarrhœa by day only (Phyt. Vesicles.. Cold. Eczema.. smeary. like parchment. on occiput or genitals. open. on nursing. then miserable emptiness. shatters the head. Mental shock. EMOTIONS (chronic): Grief. cracks deeply. in house-maids. hard. Stiff or cracking joints. BETTER: While nursing. Muscles. WORSE: Air. Nausea. Aversion to meat. Fatigue. figer-tips or palms.. Foul mucus in throat. border of (r).. Fevers. < cold.. Metabolism. Chilly. Brown spots. Hot palms and soles.. HARD. chest. loose. Ragged. Cough at night only or < then. Related: Grap. Herpes.. Catarrhal symptoms. festers or won't heal. Sweat in spots. Pains going backward through (r). PHELLANDRIUM AQUATICUM REGION: Mucous membranes. foul on feet or in axillæ.. Sexual system. bleeding. Related: Asaf. . Moist spots behind ears. DIRTY. like striking on metal.. Hunger. . Dryness in ears. orifices.Inflamed tarsi. Homesickness. with burning. causing nausea. into abdomen. etc. Phthisis. < cabbage. Complementary: Sep. mamma. cold. > pressing temples. coldness in. SKIN. Bones. Cold spots. ROUGH. Sep.. Mammæ. nose. Abdomen inflated. Music. with dry mouth. > eating. Expectoration. Convalescence. throat.

Cold. PAINLESS. DIRTY WHITE. Complementary: Chin. BETTER: Eating. WEAK OR DEBILITATED.. at night. they feel pressed out. Light. Rubbing (Magnetic). Morning and evening. Touch. Takes colds. Thunder-storms. Shin. Open air. BOWELS. Profuse sweats. Mental fatigue. Falling hair. Weak. Lungs (lower). Shaking cough. Heavy fore-arms. Stooling.. BLOOD-VESSELS. Sense of pressure. Sour stomach. THICK. MILKY URINE. LUNGS. like growing pains. PROFUSE. Cold parts. Averse to talking. with tendency to diarrhœa or sweatiness. Odors. colds. Loose joints. Pale. Pains go to part lain on. Scraping bone-pains.. Burning along spine. Clammy wrinkled skin. Rapid growth. CIRCULATION: Blood. Recurring effects. Windy. as a sequel. relaxed genitals. Slimy tongue. MUCOUS MEMBRANES: STOMACH. Talking. with free secretions. Can't collect his ideas. sunken eyes with blue circles. Dull. croup. Polyuria.. but wakeful at night.. Dull despair..Talking. Bruised soreness. BACK. BETTER: Warmth. abdomen.). Indifferent. WORSE: LYING ON: LEFT or painful side. APATHETIC. hunts for words. Related: Gel. below waist. Slow grasp. sickly face. COLD: HANDS (in water). Early grayness. < draft on chest. BUT LITTLE DEBILITY. easily aroused. Sexual excesses. Cold: Food.. etc. Twisting under xiphoid. Formication. suddenly during coitus. at roots of hair. obtuse or torpid. Water. Sluggish. Eye-balls feel large. SLEEPY BY DAY. Heat with sweat. Arteries. Short sleep. Cord. Bleeding gums.. . Puberty... Pollutions.. WATERY or LIENTERIC STOOL. PHOSPHORUS REGION: CAVITIES: Head. Active metabolism. Sleep. bleedings. along spine.. upper.. gradually increasing debility.. Heart. Paralytic weakness along spine. Mild delirium. one side of face.. Salt. Liver. Bones: Jaw. kidney region. white of egg seems dried on it. etc. limbs. Diabetes.. Weather: Sudden changes. etc. < night. Insidious onset.. Grows too fast. to face. NERVES: Brain. WARM INGESTA. Craves juices. Spine.. Sitting up. Brain-fag. painless fevers. Crushing weight on vertex. Slowness. Poor memory. SLIGHT CAUSES: EMOTIONS. Quiet. .. ending in severe or rapid disease (Tarn.

Paralyzing stitches in hips. periostitis. fears being alone. secondary. Vertex throbs. Spots. Regurgitates ingesta. accompanies many symptoms. CRAVES COLD DRINKS WHICH >. Tight. here and there. hoarse. burnt feeling in chest with cough.. upper). Numb fingers and toes. suffocating breathing. EMPTY. < cough. with cough. subsultus. violent palpitation from least thing. < least motion. then bronchitis. nightly. Ravenous hunger. Timid and irresolute. side. Bald spots. thunder-storms. < emotions. green. bluish. hacking. Glaucoma. blood-streaked discharges of ulcers. Chilly in a warm room. Polypi. as if to break. < lying on r. hollow eyes. tremor. exhausting. Coldness in cerebellum. Acidosis. Pyæmia.. etc. Voice. Human barometer. Choroiditis. dry. Sang. precedes attacks. Soft pulse. Heart. Numb teeth. Pressure above epigastrium. with hunger. lewd. Burning in gullet and stomach. tickling. Nose. Palate itches. with retching. chest (l). tough. Urinates. Between scapulæ. low. Throbbings. whirling. Burning spot in lumbar region. Complementary: Lyc. Decomposition. Pain forward from l. but excitable and easily irritated. Internal paralysis. Mammary abscess. Burning heat. > cold. Painless fevers. Hectic. during goitre. Sleepless. Fatty cysts. etc.. Copyright © Médi-T 1999 Main . Quickly prostrated by unpleasant impressions. from internal heat. flashes. croupy. localised. furry. raw. Anus open. of knees. then pneumonia. watery. nervous and delicate. Thin. painful. Vision. burning in air-passages or trembling. < evening. Ears. rattling. Acute senses. in wind. laughing. sticky. etc. < children. with blue rings. echoes or reverberations in. Sexually erethistic. Sweaty. Dreams. at first dry then loose. Lachrymation. Gum sore behind central incisors. Cough. Retinitis albuminurica. stitches (l. with sopor. etc. in chest. Stomach. < exertion. Tottery. exertion or singing. pains on speaking. Prolonged menses. Otitis. Pain in tibiæ. cramp. arm. with dyspnœa. bluish. cough. heavy. Pneumonia. exhausting. easy. Expectoration. on waking. colored.. Related: Caus. Suppressed foot-sweat. Internal itching. weak. down back.. pains into throat or r. bloody pus. before strangers... HOLLOW FEELING IN. etc. with little pain. Burning in temple. throat. Spinal irritation. Sore spot in epigastrium. granular. Con. during the chill. Somnambulism. Palms burn. l. replaced by smarting leucorrhœa. of youths. > shade.. pouring out. Anxious. narrow fields of. tickling. of fire. < odors. ulcer. HÆMORRHAGE. Sleeps in cat naps. etc. eyes won't stay shut. Joints stiff. wheezing. deaf to human voice. ghosts. VERTIGO. Tall. Dandruff. arm or alternating sides.. caries. Dysentery. Dry. Changing. Chest full. Amative.. burning.. foul. Head. Blood red spots. coryza. without relief. Waterbrash. orgasms to. in joints. then weak. as if hanging down. Phthisical habit. Left infra-mammary pain. after chloroform. sleepless before midnight. vicarious. but are VOMITED IN A LITTLE WHILE. Sour taste and eructations. Congestion to head. sore. Toes cramp.. Weak spells.. Sensitive smell.. Antidotes: Coff. floating.. involuntary. media. scapula. heavy. Sleepy by day. aches over one eye. TIGHTNESS. Sil. hard. gracile. like cooked sago.. Sneezing. Sep. Larynx. early morning. but impotent. violent. lower lung. sickly face. Pellicle on urine. Epistaxis. diarrhœic. what is refused when offered. Ankles. > stool. Pale about nose and mouth. fatty. Mastoiditis. < cold drinks. rectum. lungs. stumbles easily. prolapsed. slender. Emptiness. Stool. etc. etc. < eating. halos.. Symptoms due to heart and lung affections. stomach. pains into r. up back. painless. Oppressed for breath. gray.. red. Descending nose colds. nervous. Abscess of hard palate. as a concomitant. Nux-v. then up back. flutter or rolling over in. < heat. Periodical albuminuria. Jerkings. on alternate sides. twilight. nervous motion of alæ. local. Cold occiput. black. Skin burns on shaving. rusty. Erethistic exhaustion. < change of temperature. etc. pains or soreness in. then migraine. . Jaundice. Tearing in l. swelled. Numbness. Craves ices. Rubs abdomen for >. in bed. Icy cold feet. As of cotton or something hanging in throat. shoulder at night. etc. smoke. Yellow spots on abdomen.. foamy or cold. flows and stops.. salty. Craves salt.

Eyes. Heat and cold. . Jerking limbs. Thick.. leathery saliva. Gel.. < standing. < cold. Seems to have swallowed a lump. Pains from forehead down nose. Flushes of heat. PHYTOLACCA DECANDRA REGION: Glands: MAMMÆ... Injury. Gripe in right hypochondrium. Naso-pharynx. Tendons. Motion. Weakness. coming from a spot between hips. Loose skin feeling in roof of mouth.. Kidneys. Left side. Back. Tense eye-lids.. Cramp in left calf at night in bed. in head. Sensation as of a band about head. WORSE: Change of temperature. Bathing. Brain falls to side lain on. Twitching of eye muscles or of nose. Accommodation affected. Heart seems to flutter in throat or over body. Horror of cold water. Teeth feel rough. Groins pain alternately. red navel. muscles won't respond or draw into knots.. Related: Agar. Eyestrain. Nux-v. Nothing seems right. > extending legs. Numbness at womb. even during sleep. Throat.. Dartings. Vertigo.. nose. Muscles..). Muscles.. Licks lips. BETTER: Lying with head low (Ver-v. .. Sensation as of a tight cap on head. < in palms. Descending. Periosteum. Torpid bowels. Tongue feels oily. Sweat in excitement. Abdomen. stumbles on ascending or descending steps. eyes.. Joints. Can't bear to raise eyelids. scalded. with feeling as if to lose consciousness.. Active mind. Offensive odor from hands.. here and there. Creeping numbness from occiput down spine. teeth. Floating sensation.. Sore bloated. Shudders from every draft of air. Sensitive spine. Fibrous tissues: NECK. Tremor. Hic-cough with short breath. Weakness in lower limbs. Blood-shot eyes.. Shuddering. < every draft. hypogastrium. muscles.. can't open or close them. Attacks of overpowering sleepiness. Numb womb.Main A SYNOPTIC KEY OF THE MATERIA MEDICA By Cyrus Maxwell BOGER Presented by Médi-T PHYSOSTIGMA VENENOSUM REGION: Spinal motor nerves. etc. vision. Averse to bathing. Exerting the will. Tonsils..

feels burnt or pains at root and into ear on swallowing. Motion. Violent retching and vomiting. Heat. as in mumps. Restlessness. very sore. malar bones. fiery red at tip. etc. Nostrils close alternately. after tonsilitis.. Green vision. Kali-bi. Diphtheria. White-gray spots on fauces. Glands swelled at angle of jaw. BETTER: Rest. back. Aching heels. Like dark wash leather on tonsil. dark. STONY HARD. THROAT.. In sun. Tongue. Rheumatism.. harsh skin. Kali-io.. Hard mammary glands. etc. Syphilis.. Chronic aphonia. Bandaging. neck. Night.. BETTER: Lying on abdomen. Complementary: Sil. very painful swallowing. all over. glands. menses. Clenches teeth. . Neck stiff. Hard ache in kidneys. WORSE: Raising up. Yellowish sickly face.Tongue (Root)... Obesity. Change of weather. Cord. Hot drinks. Kidneys. red urine.. Acrid coryza. Sexual organs. WORSE: Exertion. PICRICUM ACIDUM REGION: Nerves: Brain.. Heat. Dysentery. Head feels beaten sore. Frontal headache. Merc.. Menstruation. kidneys. A remedy of long and deep action. paining during suckling. forearms and below knees. Digestive tract. hot ball or lump in.. burning.. Cold. spreading over whole body. Bluish-red parts. fauces. Related: Bry. tonsil. shoulders. . Nose seems heavy. Mastitis. Shreddy. Faint on rising. Dry. he would rather die. stools. < eyeballs. even during sleep. Hips and thighs pain on change of weather. Spreading pains. Mucous patches. Cold: Damp. Right side. Dry. Hot tears. Continuous urging to stool. Albuminuria. puffy. stringy secretions. hard nodes in. Hard throb in r. > elevating feet. SORE. Swallowing. Quinsy. sudden.. HEAVY.. Nipples cracked. Aching tibiæ. Everted lips.. tickling cough.. with flow of saliva and tears. arm. Occiput. Much stringy saliva. Heart symptoms go to r. as of a stick. mental or physical... Rhus-t. Sore spermatic cords. Right arm numb and fuzzy. Aching. Fatty heart. inverted. HARD ACHE. Tonsilitis. Seminal losses. SWELLED (< left) OR TENDER MAMMÆ. Bone pains. chalky sediment. Jaws ache. Cold drinks. < brain. Dark. Lumbar region.

from mental exertion.. Nerves: Vagus. etc....... Formication. Numb. frothy stools. < nape... Small. Related: Gel. calves.. Toothache.... Aching. Sharp.... Numbness. abrupt and quarrelsome. WORSE: EMOTIONS: Sexual.. Saliva flows with the pains. eye. PLATINA REGION: FEMALE ORGANS.. Heavy occiput.. For prim old maids. Throbbing between scapulæ... Irregular spasm. thrusting or numbing pains. Eating. in groins. tired and heavy. Neuralgia.. or sexual erethism. Chagrin. etc. in legs.. Polyuria. Earache. Neurasthenia. Gloomy dreams. Laughs at wrong time..). Trifacial. Headache. Soreness.. squeezing. Oversensitive mind and nerves. etc.. stool. and then spasms. eyes. objects . Pho-ac. As of a body between ears. Neuralgia.. Pul. Fer-p..... congestion of blood or coldness of single parts. face. Sensitive skin. Many and various ovarian or uterine reflexes.. Bowels seem cold. down spine and in lower limbs.Weak. Sleepiness. As if brain turned over. Related: Arn. Warm room. Writers' cramp. Pains center in ears and teeth or alternate between them.. Brain-fag. Tremor. menses.. . Enuresis. . Easily prostrated. Coition. Oily burning stool. Weak will. Alternate mental and physical or sexual symptoms. tears. Unkind. along spine.. scalp. Violent cramping. etc.. shifting pains. Dirty taste.. PLANTAGO MAJOR REGION: Nerves: Ears. Sticky. Brown. A remedy of pains. Kidneys and bladder. coccyx.. legs. Sensory. As of a hair before (l).. Nerve exhaustion. Backache with languor. .... Cold sweat on sacrum. tremulous legs. Sunshine.. ears. in many parts. > nose-bleed (Fer-p.. Numbness.. etc. exciting tears.. BETTER: Walking in cool air. Profound anæmia. Bandaged feeling. < mental exertion.. dribbling urine. Teeth... Disordered sense of proportion.. Pho... Ammoniacal. in mind and body. TOUCH.. Burning. WORSE: Night... Ox-ac.. Priapism.. BETTER: Sleep. painful boils.

. Retraction.. Vaginismus.. Hauteur. when walking only.. Related: Cup. Spasmodic yawning. or as if forced through a narrow place. Colic. Grasping smooth objects.. Tense scalp. or painfully contracted. tickling or crawling. NAVEL FEELS RETRACTED. Sensitive to open air. with dragging. Ovarian irritation. having violent side symptoms. strange. etc. coming in single parts. Takes odd positions during sleep.. Rubbing. Exaggerates her condition. Onanism. of tourists. with marked aura. Sweet taste.. BETTER: Hard pressure. Grimaces. Boring.. Colic. etc. red spots. like sheep dung. Deep. Pollutions. Abdomen is drawn into uneven lumps (Ars. paralysed parts < touch. Boring in jaws. < pressure or bending backward. Bluish. Dry oversensitive skin. Cramps (periodical). of pregnancy. convulsions or (flaccid) paralysis. Dry. Physical labor exhausts the mind. restless and anxious. Eroticism. Abdominal distress that impels her to stretch. Touch.. Dysphagia.). ABDOMEN. Hysteria. Alone. General cold sweat during stool. Dysmenorrhœa.. Taciturn. Blood. Retracted testes. Chronic epilepsy. Delirium. Anus feels drawn up. frightful. Blood-vessels. Paralysis. Clavus. Bruised backache. CONTEMPT. . WORSE: Clear weather. Impulse to stretch. Trembling tongue. Sclerosis. Retraction. Motion. Aphthæ. Timid. or of paralysed parts. face.. Complementary: Rhus-t. Hard. accompanies many symptoms. Thallium. Slow. alternating with colic or pains in limbs. passed with an urging cramp. navel. with shrieks and jerks. Stan. Knees drawn up and spread apart. often of very changeable or incoherent character. Wasting of single (upper) parts. nocturnal. of hard. Dark.. Horrors. yet profuse. black. scant or soft. Bad humor. Lightning pains that extort cries. Radiating abdominal pains. Open air. Stubborn constipation or colics of infants. Gradually increasing. Company. deserted feeling. yet weeps. black balls..). Stool. Crawling itching anus in evening.. difficult stools. VIOLENT CONTRACTION. with hæmorrhage or hyperæsthesia. Ign. Stupidity. or boring. thick. anus. Exertion. Feet cold. Mentally < in twilight. Twitching of r. Yellow sclerotic and inside of mouth. Hernia at navel. Navel. Sticky saliva. insidious processes.. Congestion to abdomen. Plb. Cramp at root of nose. Proud and erotic (Aur. Melancholy. Fears assassins. testes. Related: Op. PLUMBUM METALLICUM REGION: CORD AND NERVES: MUSCLES. Painfully sensitive genitals. Coldness from exertion. Atrophied limbs with plump body. bluish red sclerotic. Kidneys. Wiry pulse. etc. Cramp in calves. granular. Heat in ovaries. Increasing slowness and apathy. then slowly lessening headache.. Gout. with itching. Ign.. fears death. Tense abdomen.. burning ulcers. Foul or fecal eructations. Urination slow. profuse menses. .seem smaller.. In sleep wants to uncover entirely.

crural nerve. Merc. head. Motion. burning palate. Hips feel drawn together... Related: Alo. foul piles.. Scapula.. Moaning and whining during sleep. wandering. Smarting discharges. Generative organs threaten to prolapse. RECTUM. in prostate. Grinding.. Ischias antica. Weak... < face and eyes. Mercury. Constant gagging. Bad breath... Painful affections of urinary tract. As of a lump in œsophagus. Lying on abdomen.. Vomits hot froth.. Nausea in abdomen. etc. up spine. Diarrhœa. PODOPHYLLUM PELTATUM REGION: Liver: Duodenum. Cholera morbus. < stretching legs. Sore pains in heels. prolapsed. foaming. Chin. painful liver. radiating to r... along Fallopian tubes. Rectum. Throat. Hot weather. indented tongue. eye. Itching pimples within anus... Craves acids which <. weak. Summer diarrhœa. Moist. . . etc. THEN PROFUSE. raw. Rubs abdomen for >. Intestines. CUTTING. Sore. Biliousness. along ureters. dark or calcareous. GURGLING THROUGH BOWELS. hard. WORSE: Cold. Burning in small of back. Burning rough or flabby. chalky stools. before stool. Itching. Nephritis.. sore.. Loquacity during the fever (Pyro. Pulsative pain. with bearing down. dribbling. Puff under r. like dirty water. prolapsed after confinement. Bites gums together. empty sinking or sick feeling in abdomen. Nephritic colic. Aching lower limbs. then weakness. Numb ache in ovaries. grinds teeth. Complementary: Nat-m. Tongue feels swelled.. POLYGONUM SAGITTATUM REGION: Genito-urinary organs. Right side: Ovary. adherent sediment.. Pale.. Rolls head... with meal-like sediment....... Rectum. Whining. Bitter taste. griping. Urticaria. Intestines. suppurative. Eating..... Excoriated scrotum. WORSE: EARLY MORNING. Urine scanty. wants to scratch it.. BETTER: Stroking liver. Drinking.).. Sleepy after the paroxysm (malaria).. Dampness. .. PUTRID STOOLS GUSH OUT PAINLESSLY.. with kidney symptoms. White stools. runs right through diaper. Dentition. cutting bellyache. Eyes half open. during stool.. alternating with other symptoms.. Jaundice. Cystitis.

Quinsy. PSORINUM REGION: SKIN: FOLDS OF. sweat. PRUNUS SPINOSA REGION: Nerves: Respiratory... wandering. Respiration.. changing. purulent and acrid. scapula. eruptions. clothing seems large or he feels pushed down.). Weather. After-effects of infectious diseases. of feet. Related: Laur. Night-sweat. Winter.. Feels sick all over. Ascending. cardiac. Contact of his own limbs. Orbital. lasting for years. or quietly. urine reaches glans and then goes back again. watery. BETTER: Lying with head low.. he doubles up to urinate (reverse-Alu. Pains causing SHORT BREATH.. Bursting in eyeballs. Yearly. Hard pressure. Thick secretions. stormy. tender and thin. WORSE: Stooping. Washing.. discharges. Pains from forehead (r)... FOUL. BOWELS. to occiput. Sebaceous glands. Leucorrhœa. Profuse sweating.. Migraine. Compensatory effects.. lightning like. Neuralgia. Exertion. Related: Calc-c.. Woolens. Heat: Of bed. Pulsating pudendum. Bladder. SUPPRESSIONS.. Cramp in bladder. in chronic diseases. Right side.. HUNGRY or unusually well BEFORE AN ATTACK. RECURRENCE. but . Clears up confused cases. Washing. Dropsy. Nerve paralysis. Lack of reaction. Air hunger. Joints seem loose. takes cold. Glans pains on urinating. Strangury. Nosebleed. Cramp. stubborn footsweat. odor of body.. . Teeth feel pulled out. Weak. stools. easily chilled... WORSE: COLD: Open air.. As of a lump below l. EARS. Enfeebled. shooting or pressing outward. Eating.. Eyes feel pressed apart. Heart disease.

Offensive genitals. Condylomata. on edges of skin.. Putrid otorrhœa. at full moon.). Copyright © Médi-T 1999 Main . rough or scabby. follows visual disturbances. dry. with great thirst. Face pale. < lying. Feels himself poor (reverse-Sul. Panaris. Pho.. GUSHING. Sul. greasy. Mang. Heat. Humid sores behing ears. dirty. Flatus like bad eggs. Hawks out foul. he scratches it raw or until it bleeds. Sul. sickly. debilitated and reacts badly.. Chronic gonorrhœa. Mind dull. < night. cold. Anorexia. . Griping in testes. Tip of tongue feels burnt (Ign. Sensitive to drafts about head.. Cough. Complementary: Sep.). Cholera infantum... Sweat. Headache. Gloomy.. Twitching in temples. Forebodings. wants it covered. < at night. and chronicity threatens. Hay fever. difficult thinking. Horrid thoughts. Skin breaks out. everted eyelids.. < standing or walking. Related: Grap. but difficult. profuse. HORRIBLY PUTRID STOOLS. < heat (of bed).. Breathing. cheesy masses. Intolerable itching. Averse to work. Hot. is dirty. Wants to wash parts. Tub. < open air. alternates with other troubles. Loose teeth.. Gummy. fuzzy or puffy. Lumbar ache.. itching soles. Breathes > lying down or spreading arms apart. with steaming sweat.. Bed-wetting. Gurgling at heart. Despair. clouded. easy. Stool soft.. in hot water... on palms.). Head feels separated from body. < flexures... tangled hair. going through whole house (Pod. Filthy taste. DARK. Feels good and bad by turns.. ANXIETY. of penetrating odor. Dull.. of recovery.

. Pain.. Sudden.. Suffocative choking. then heavy pulsation through chest. Borborygmi. as from a feather or dust. Raw changes.). Nerves. puffed in A.. etc. profuse. Trachea. Obesity. IN THROAT-PIT. neuralgias. THROAT-PIT.. Mag-c. Sodden complexion.. on trachea. Night. Acid dyspepsia. Dry. Stickiness.Main A SYNOPTIC KEY OF THE MATERIA MEDICA By Cyrus Maxwell BOGER Presented by Médi-T ROBINIA PSEUDO-ACACIA REGION: Secretions. AND CONTINUOUS COUGH.. Sick headache. . nipple. indoors.. frothy expectoration.. WORSE: Eating. as if the air penetrated there.... Wrapping up. early morning diarrhœa (5-9 A. Dry posterior nares. Waterbrash. Heart seems impeded. chest. EVERY BREATH OF COLD AIR CAUSES TICKLING. Pain under sternum.. Acridity.. Dyspnœa. under l. Hawks out much tenacious mucus. Sneezing attacks. > closing or covering mouth or head. Throat feels hollow. Skin. Joints. with burning. Chest sore. on retiring. Bowels. Pressure. Profuse. Respiration < wind.. Pain in l..M. Burning in stomach and between scapulæ. Open air. rawness or burning under clavicle (l). acid belching. shoulder on coughing or . ovary to back. Fats. sour stomach. Stomach. Sharp pains. Ankles. Related: Iris. Eyes burn. vomitus so sour it sets the teeth on edge or dulls them. in phthisis.. sour taste. Every cold affects the joints.M. RUMEX CRISPUS REGION: Mucous membranes: Larynx. Uncovering. Ravenous appetite. BETTER: Covering mouth. after catarrh.. Squeezing in stomach. foul. Left side. WORSE: COOL AIR: INHALING. sensitive mucous membranes. Pain from r.. Night.

SITTING.. as of a weight in forehead or hanging to feet. Lachrymation. Painful weariness. Right scapula. etc. of lower limbs. COLD: Air. Acne vulgaris on back. Pressure on an edge. Eyes burn.raising arm. Forenoon. Deep pains. Wind. Neuralgia. Skin itches if exposed to air... blunt plug in part. RUTA GRAVEOLENS REGION: Fibrous tissues: EYES. Bursæ. WORSE: Over-exertion: EYE-STRAIN. Itching inner canthi.M. Swelled spleen. Gnawing-burning... Digestive tract. must walk about. Chafing.... Thighs feel broken. skin. etc. Nodes in palms. Odors. Periosteum. Urging to stool. Undeveloped exanthema.. Sudden sleepiness. Sprains. but only rectum prolapses.. Erosive itching.. Corrosive leucorrhœa. hips or lower limbs in A. Flexor tendons. As of a rough. Rheumatism. Pains as if deep in long bones. Heaviness. NERVES. Nodes. Warmth. Wet. Symp. LYING. Uterus. Woody taste. Brittle bones. SABADILLA OFFICINARUM REGION: MUCOUS MEMBRANES: NOSE.. Spasmodic cramps in ankles and feet. Distortions. Flat warts. < walking in open air. . Phyt. bruised feeling in small of back. Lumbago. BETTER: Lying on back. Damp. Ran-sc. Glowing heat of face. drinks. PERIODICALLY: Same hour. air. SORE ACHING AND RESTLESSNESS.. Paralytic rigidity. ANUS. head. Complementary: Calc-p.. New and full moon. Cracking joints. Contractions. Back (lumbar). Weak. Stumbles easily.. Motion. Joints. Fretful. Dissatisfied. Seneg. WORSE: COLD. < after labor. . Ganglion... Throat. Related: Caus. Skin.. Dim vision. Injury. nose. Related: Arn. stooping. Lachrymal glands. Wrists and ankles.. Cartilages. BRUISED. etc.

. Testes drawn up. alternating with tickling in nose or ears. < cold bath. Cloudy. Irritable bladder and urethra. Violent coughing attacks.. Bowels feel knotted. Worms. itching tarsi. Shivers. Thirst. Fibrous and serous tissues: Small joints. l. sweets or milk. Unilateral head pains.. personal ideas... to r. Pain in alternate sides of forehead. > hot drinks. Hay fever. or small. Limy urinary sediment. Nose. Trembling. senile. Weak. Swallowing.. Mammæ.. Miserable... Urethra. Weather: Cold. after chill only.... SABINA REGION: FEMALE PELVIC ORGANS: UTERUS.BETTER: Open air. Upward jerking of arms. Pregnancy. Exercise. Craves hot things. Related: Ars. Ovarian pains. Nerves. Pinworms. Itching skin (in nose and anus) with asthmatic breathing. Eating. Sensitive smell. Strangury. easily startled. thread or skin hanging in throat. Sympathy. very dry. when in pain. tender and full.. itching at anus. frothy. Climacteric.. Painful erection or emission of semen. ITCHES. stinging pains in urethra. tickling in. Tongue feels burnt.. Voices seem distant.. muffled. < open air.. rubs or picks it.. spreads over whole body... Itching soft palate. nervous. Itching scalp. Pul. Twitches. Mucous membranes. Ovaries. Formication. Sil... < empty swallowing. Sharp. Enlarged or congested prostate. Cutting in bones. WORSE: Women and old men. Erroneous (fixed).. with nervous irritability. Canine hunger. Backache from coition. .. Debility.. Damp. Urt-u. floating stools.. Mammæ sore. Alternate nerve and bodily symptoms.. Heat. Heels. . Enuresis.. < anger. Abdominal pains into thighs. Lachrymation. Bladder. morsel. . Related: Sep. HEAT: Bed. Thirstless.. Vulva feels open. Coldness in genitals. SABAL SERRULATA REGION: Genito-urinary organs: Prostate.. Persistent VIOLENT or ABORTIVE SNEEZING. WORSE: Nightly. Cracks under toes. As of a lump.. Absent sexual passion. Sorethroat... Room. Anger. Burning. Rectum.. Foggy weather.. Red. Crawling. Influenza... then dyspnœa follows. as a concomitant...

. Fulness. or strangling cough. Crawling in nipples. SAMBUCUS NIGRA REGION: Respiratory organs. Wrapping up.. . burning heat. excited genitals. < cough. Brom. SUDDEN SUFFOCATION. Abdomen plethoric. hot or watery blood. Intolerable. Nephritis. big toe. Music is unbearable. acrid leucorrhœa. at 3rd month.. WORSE: Dry. Half open eyes. Red... Cold drinks.. SANGUINARIA CANADENSIS REGION: RIGHT SIDE: Head.. < coughing. Bluish... puffy face. Whistling breathing. Dry. Motion. Icy cold feet. mixed with (dark) clots. cold air. moist... epistaxis. Piles. etc... Snuffles. habitual. burning heat during sleep.. Sweats or gets short of breath. alternate with pains in limbs. Itching. burning. figwarts... Related: Caul... Dropsy. Complementary: Thu. as if alive in. Bursting toothache.. on falling to sleep or waking him after midnight. Bleeding between periods. Abortion. full-blooded females... Acutely inflamed arthritic nodes. < motion. Craves lemonade. Gushes of fluid. < fright...... with rheumatic or gouty-hæmorrhagic tendency. Stomach. Spasm of glottis. from uterus.. with violent sweat. BETTER: Pressure over a sharp edge. . Debilitating sweats. or shooting up vagina. Violent pulsations. Hot. WORSE: ... PAIN FROM LUMBAR REGION FORWARD TO PUBES or reverse. Croup. Gout in r.... Deltoid. Head low. Pruritus of pregnancy.BETTER: Cold. Pul. Fretful. Cool.. at night. but copious sweating on waking. Foul itching. while heated. Foul. Related: Bell. with many symptoms. LIVER. quivering.. Capillaries.. Skin. Mucous membranes. open air.. Screeching voice. shiny swelling. Respiration. Kidneys.. with joint pains.. heamaturia. VASO-MOTORS. Chest.

. Burning. yellow.. Cold lumbar spine... bloody plugs or purulent sputum... Water smells like old.. Dry skin. spot or stitches in chest. to head. Pain in bones near surface. Sensitive to odors.. acrid pus. rising into face and head. burning cheeks. pains to ear and chest. Swelled temporal veins.. Coughs. brownish skin. Body smells like old cheese. Stomach pains to r.. Omodynia.. in throat. Burning. Tension in epigastrium. Cold clammy hands and feet. of jaundice.. Redness. eye or ASCENDS FROM OCCIPUT TO OVER R. Craves bacon. Craves spices.. shoulder. Cold wind on: Occiput or neck. Irritable and bilious... SANICULA AQUA REGION: Nutrition. deltoid. BETTER: SLEEP. destroys shoes or stiffens the hose. Raising arms.. Larynx full and dry. Light. etc. BURNING HEAT AND EBULLITIONS. General pulsation. Burnt feeling. Lying on back. Migraine.. Of hands behind him. abdominal. Acrid.. Burning soles. .. Red. musty rain water. Marasmus. Nausea. or end in bilious vomiting. EYE.. < night.. Borrows trouble. stopped.. . Lies on back with head elevated. Rectum. sticky. Profuse sweat on occiput and neck. Neck. Dry. < eating. etc. Climaxis. Eyelids stick to balls.behind sternum.. < before menses. Palate feels scalded. Acrid leucorrhœa. Vomiting. Bilious or gushing stools. etc. in evening.. Anterior tongue looks red. Wrinkled palms. Foul foot sweat. Lumbago. Full and tender behind angle of jaw. dry. < covers. < neck..Periodically: WITH SUN. impacted. Heat of palms and soles. Cutting. then diarrhœa. < stool. Jar. Stubborn and touchy. Cramps in feet. heavy mass. like raw beef. palms and soles. Pneumonia. .. Hectic spot.. < raising or turning arm.... Enlarged feeling in throat. Odors. < putting hands behind him or raising arms. under sternum. Grumbling. Congestion.. Night. Complementary: Ant-t. vagina. Internal rawness. Child kicks off covers at night. Backache. tickling . stiff r. Cool air. Phthisis.. WORSE: Motion: Downward. tough. chafes toes. Pain at root of nose. Sun pains.. Weekly. Itching axillæ. General pulsation.. or passes flatus.. Briny urine or leucorrhœa. Averse to butter. Symptoms ascend. scanty sweat. raises foul air. Looking up. Skin. Coryza. chest. > eating. Can't bear cold air on occiput and neck. Pho. Passing flatus. Dry mucous membranes. etc. Pain over r. tongue. with headache. or ice cold milk. < sneezing or blowing nose. tongue. large. Aphthæ. Flushes of heat. Sorethroat (r). abdomen. Female organs. Looks old and thin. Thick.. > free urination. Fluent coryza. Stool of one.. blood-streaked or foul discharges.. Polypi. in singers.

Right side. Copyright © Médi-T 1999 Main . BETTER: Uncovering neck or chest. Rheumatism. Yawning. Blotchy. Skin. Sul. Mercury. Thin frail. scaly spots.. which is swelled. Itching.. Complementary: Sep. Pain depresses him... Irritating pus. Standing. to back. Suppressed gonorrhœa.. passes drops of blood or white. Pain from occiput to eyes or root of nose. Sand in the stools. Bloody semen. Nightly bone pains. Petr.. foul genitals. Psor. hard or shrivelled skin... Parts feel screwed together. Crusty urinary sediment. Antidotes: Bell.. Tendency to gravel and itching eruptions. Moist. Chill starts from region of bladder. acrid material at close. extorts screams.. Backache with colic.. Renal colic (r). Marasmus.. Gassy urine. < sides.. Urine dribbles while sitting. > standing. SARSAPARILLA REGION: Genito-urinary organs.. WORSE: At close of micturition... gouty nodes. Ulcerated finger-tips. Night. Spring.. . < before menses. < about neck. Painful urination.. Sycosis. Cold wet. Retracted or cracked nipples.. shrivelled and old looking. lower. Very sore. Related: Lyc. Deep cracks on fingers and toes. Cutting under nails. Merc. Related: Calc-c.

Sweet taste. Serous. Heart. Limbs. with aversion to uncover. Heat. watery eyes. < cold drinks and inspiration. Sleepless from nervous excitement... Erotic pollutions. WORSE: Early morning. Related: Ars. passes much urine. heavy expectoration.. Nerves. frothy stools. rattling cough with sneezing. Dropsy. SCOPARIUS GENISTA (See Genista Scoparia) SCUTELLARIA LATERIFLORA High strung neurotic women. < morning and evening. > lying on l. Motion. Stomach pains. . Black spots on teeth.... stubborn. Absence of sweat... Stitches in chest (l). Aching hypochondriæ. Bloody urine. expectoration. Easy. Cord. SECALE CORNUTUM REGION: Muscles: BLOOD-VESSELS. Sudden urging. Exudations and profuse secretions. ends in gagging. of food.. Uncovering. Cardio-urinary effects. Dark brown. side. Complementary: Ant-c.. Kidneys...Main A SYNOPTIC KEY OF THE MATERIA MEDICA By Cyrus Maxwell BOGER Presented by Médi-T SCILLA MARITIMA REGION: MEMBRANES: MUCOUS. Spleen. Rubs eyes... coryza. COUGH. etc.. ..... Acrid coryza. spurting urine. Gurglings. or heat. BLOOD. Pleurisy. Broncho-pneumonia. Old people. UTERUS. sneezes. WORSE: WARMTH. with profuse urine.

Antidote: Solan-n. Bitings. Contracted arterioles. thin. Distorted or sunken countenance.. Petechiæ. Mental weakness after spasms. Tonic spasm.. hands. Senility. Forcible extension. Drafts. like fire. bent backward or clenched. in fingertips. or bearing down with coldness. face. with stiffness.. as of sparks on skin. in single parts. Raynaud's disease. Related: Nux-m. Rocking.. legs and feet. Wants abdomen uncovered.. crawling. Sadness. here and there. Fingers spread apart. Burnings.. Pains through chest on pressing spine. Liver. . blue rings under eyes.. Nervous headaches. continuous.. insufferable tingling.. . brown. Green lochia.. YET BURNING HOT INTERNALLY. Falling hair. look water soaked. < eyebrows. Dusky. Scalp feels gathered together.. scrawny and heamorrhagic. .. Sexual excesses..During menses. Cold limbs. ICY COLD.. Inhaling cool air... After sleep. Dark... Uncovering. don't want hair touched. Empty feeling in hypogastrium.. hour-glass contraction. Leucorrhœa.... foul. gnawing or cramping. Loss of sleep. Singing. Wild look. EXTERNALLY.. etc. Contracted uterus. indolent ulcers. Ache over l. Foul. watery. Blood blisters.. depressed by. Cold. Sparks before eyes.. wrinkled or bluish skin. Supra-orbital (L).. Cramps in hands. bathing.... Numbness. Lemonade. Gushing. Cramp. WORSE: Debilitating causes: Hot days. starting in face or back. painless. Heat. Ust. < ABDOMEN. Miscarriage.. in limbs. BETTER: After sunset. Twitching tremor or quiver in skin. Metritis. BETTER: Cold. Fear. Loquacity. of single parts.. twitching. Varicoses. Everything seems loose and open. Bloody urine.. Thirst. OBJECTS TO BEING COVERED. Decomposition. LARYNX. < over affected part. with collapse. then stiffness. Boils with green pus. dry. Passive bleedings or discharges. a little mental or physical exertion makes him sleepy. Loss of fluids. olive-green or bloody stools. Septic placenta. maniacal. SELENIUM METALLICUM REGION: Nerves: GENITO-URINARY ORGANS.. Bluish fingers and toes. foul or exhausting discharges. Inert uterus... Tea. craves acids.. after the pains. Easily debilitated.. COVERS. Frets when awake and dreams of it as he falls asleep. Senile enuresis. Emaciation. Erysipelas. by heat of sun. etc. Pregnancy. destroying shoes. Empty retching.. Gangrene of female organs. Cold or foul sweat.

< amenorrhœa... ending in diarrhœa. Rest. with dysmenorrhœa. excite discharges. Averse to sweets. BETTER: Menstruation. but impotent. etc. itches in folds or about ankles. with blood-streaked sputum. Cold. in Eustachian tube. affected by every cold. MUCOUS GLANDS. tea.. Bloody stool or urine. Heat in neck of bladder. Thick. Related: Nat-m. nipple. and sleepless women. Sneezing. Easy loss of semen. Left side. eye. tickling. Lungs. leaves a salty deposit. Coryza. weak. wandering rheumatism... etc. Twitching about mouth. Skin remains moist after scratching. erotic. as if to break.. Globus. Feet cold in bed. Lumbar spine. Eyes. Burning in nostrils. Lack of reaction in genito-urinary sphere. profuse. Brittle nails. Sleepless with amenia. Self-centered. SENECIO AUREUS REGION: FEMALE: GENITO-URINARY ORGANS.. Dysuria. Wind. renal disease. Tightness.. Craves stimulants. < tea. as soon as he sings. debilitating or vicarious discharges. pale.. Bladder. Pains from ovaries into breasts. Cough. Inhaling cold.. .. Feels as if menses would come.. Nose. Dampness. Urine and semen dribble. Periodical. Sweat. Nausea or vomiting of renal origin.. Very large stools. etc. Thirstless. Acne. in nose. yellow. Bladder. Burning in l. rattles. caused by tears. Sul. Nodes in vocal cords. at stool. Watery semen. SENEGA REGION: MUCOUS and serous membranes: CHEST.. Hay fever. hinders sleep. Muscles. > menstruation. Griping at navel. Elated and sad alternately. WORSE: Puberty. VOICE HOARSE. < genitals. profuse catarrhs. Lumbar backache.eye. Sharp pain backward over l. flows down thighs. Nervous. Sexual irritations. Passive congestion. Sexual excitement. Hawks up clear mucus. Lascivious. etc. Muscles draw into knots. Chronic gleet.. with renal pain. . stiffens the linen or makes the hair stiff and wiry. Abdominal pulsation. Sudden sciatic pains (l). Whining and irritable. Burning spots. Functional amenorrhœa. yellow leucorrhœa. Itching. with irritation. throat. Open air. Uræmia. with anorexia. Oily skin. leave soreness behind. Coarse sand in urine.. Sharp stitches in or rash over liver. Many dreams.. Nose.. Imagines drafts of air. WORSE: Air: Open..

Stifled affections. backward. Angry. Symptoms settle in back. BETTER: Motion.. Odors are repulsive. Snowy. Anxious fear. to sympathy. Jerks head back and forth.. Stupid... alternate sides of occiput. Cold drinks. ovary. Uterine reflexes. to one's own. to company.. knees. Draggy. Related: Caus. lumbar back... empty. < lying on right side or evening. Sees motes. shoot up. Changing of color of face. Averse. .... Abortion. Nerves. SEPIA OFFICINALIS REGION: Venous circulation: Digestive tract. ptosis. yet dreads solitude. Eye-balls feel like balls of ice. > cool air. Dark circles under eyes. Profuse. alternating with indifference or sulkiness. etc. relaxed females -lithæmic. or fulness. Sad irritability.. Eye-balls feel distended. Morning and evening. chest. clear expectoration is tough and slips back. Touch. strangling. throat and chest. Chest sore (in spots)..Pressure. Sub-acute. in epigastrium. Wet.. Shreddy urine. plethoric. albuminous secretions. Pleuro-pneumonia... Sensitive to pain. Warmth. until dizzy.. incessant. Indifference. Blood-tinged or albuminous expectoration. as if bruised. Looking fixedly.. As of a crushing weight on or weakness starting from chest.. sensitive and irritable and miserable.. Nausea.. foul plugs or green crusts from.. hollow feeling. etc. Falling out feeling in eyes.. ileo-cæcal region. over l. heavy on vertex. Swollen. Numb malar bones. photopsies. hips. unsteady voice. into eyes. etc. Dry scraping in mouth. cracked lower lip. Sexually minded.. Lax tissues. Burning in air-passages. North wind. head (l). Sneezes. Bends head backward for > diplopia. wants to go away... Bleedings. Portal system. zigzags. Hemicrania. < rectum. Skin. or cause shuddering... Loose rattle in chest. choking ends in sneezing.. Hep.. Mouth feels burnt. . but the profuse. Drooping eyelids. Bending head back.. shootings. Pregnancy.subject to prolapses or easy dislocations. catarrhal or paretic states. Sad over her health and domestic affairs.. Chloasma. flashes. shifting pains on stooping. BETTER: VIOLENT MOTION. < lying on it. bursting. eye. Cough. etc. in open air. AS OF A LUMP or a rolling over internally.. BROWN STRIPE ACROSS (Menis. chubby children.. itching tarsi. Hoarse.. Red. Before menses. After first sleep. FEMALE PELVIC ORGANS. vagina.). Headache. over trifles. muscles. Hawks . then collapse... < sexual losses. NOSE. Weak. Emphysema.. of old people or fat. < talking. Milky discharges. . Headache.. Poor memory. pressive pain at root.. Sexual excesses. WORSE: COLD: AIR. Coppery taste.. Wheezing..

Labia swelled. FAINT SINKING AT EPIGASTRIUM. in large lumps. Skin blotched. Tendency to easy exhaustion. abnormal sweats and suppuration. with air-hunger. Ebullitions at night. NERVES. in A. Spasms. Loud talking in sleep. Cachectic or senile patients. Jarring spine. foul. As of a ball in anus. Collar feels tight. Tubes: Eustachian. Griping in gall-bladder. feet. in bed. wine colored. Violent sticking pains. Enuresis. Skin. gritty. hot flushes. etc. then gelatinous mucus. Change of moon.mucus or foul. Light. Taste cheesy. Boils in axillæ. or white.). Large head. irregular. on genitals. Eructates tough. FOUL URINE. milky. Ulcers. Aching. must sit close or hold parts. Exaggerated reflexes. Herpes. Sub-involution. side. Gnawing hunger. Contracted sphincters. Mucous membranes. abscessed. Alcohol. Cerebral softening (Phos. then induration. < coughing. Complementary: Nat-m. RED. visible. on small joints. . Slow urination. during first sleep. raw. with foul sputum. prolapsing. Cold. Cartilage. Gel. DRAGGING OR BEARING DOWN FEELING. Piles. with orgasms. Nat-m. Irregular fevers. hugs the stove. ADHERENT. Sensitive to: Nervous excitement. Ascending throat colds. etc. inter-scapular. Pot belly. Pul. in spots.M. < flexures. lips. THICK. to head. Vomits. gonorrhœal. Tear ducts. Bathing. Nausea at tought or smell of food. fistulæ. hard or cracked. Purple hands. EVERY HURT FESTERS. Sweat. ascends to occiput. Cold knees or heels. Cellular. at puberty. etc. BETTER: WARM: WRAPS. pain or cold. Pho. sneezing. etc. Thick crust on elbows. clear complexion.M. Tends to abort. Damp. Night. fishy or bitter-sour. stubborn suppuration. Checked sweat. Chilly. from boiled milk. Ringworm. on vertex. not > eating. in ears. Children. Bones. with cold feet or vice versa. KEENLY SENSITIVE. between scapulæ. Uncovering. Menses absent. Leucorrhœa. Lil-t. Dreams if lies on l. Related: Caus. Stool. Stomach cough. sticking. DRAFTS. SANDY SEDIMENT. General pulsation. seems to stagnate. Noise. GLANDS. ulcers. localized. Itching vesicules. Slow. of pregnancy. Skin. solids only. WEAK. < rapid change of temperature. Easily chilled. LUMBAR-paralytic-wants it pressed. no urging for days. throat. Tissues: Elastic. burning or sticking in uterus (os). < feet. etc. Oozing from anus. Becoming. cheesy grains in A. foamy mucus. rough. easy. with wasted body. Mental exertion. Sudden weakness. Overful blood-vessels. Grasping. Spots on the skin. Palpitation. or a lump in. Fair. Circulation. to noise. Epithelioma of eyelids. < stooping. Falling out or heavy bearing down feeling in hypogastrium. Hot hands. SILICA REGION: NUTRITION. after weaning. Diarrhœa. incomplete processes. Profuse urination. cutting before. Rectum constricted and powerless. WORSE: COLD CHANGES: AIR. Craves acids. then anxious. axillæ or back. Fistulæ. Obstipation. holds it or crosses legs.

exertion. EYES. Thu. Coryza.. Fissure ani. or affected parts. gushing leucorrhœa.. . shaking. head. As of a hair on tongue. Frothy nasal discharge. Itching. foul. Enlarged parotids. Weak ankles. induration. with distended abdomen.. Parts lain on go to sleep.. Difficult. Big.. Ulcers. with œdema. Mal-nutrition.. Slouchy gait. Biting. Rectum. > heat. Lumps on scalp. Coldness of painful part. on upper parts. Complementary: Flu-ac. cicatrices. Axillary glands swelled. Foul urethral discharge. dry. mucous stools... ingrown nails. lumpy sputum. Hep. Rattling in chest. Sore. diabetic.. Cystitis. Waxy pallor. cramping. Lower limbs. ache. Hydrocele.. Itching vulva. Icy chills. Soggy. HEART. etc. Frightful dreams.. Profuse. < suppressed urine. Gangrene. Deafness. Late learning to walk.. acrid. Torpid cellular tissue. Lumbar ache... for fear of pain. Acuminate eruptions. Bitter taste in throat. with physical weakness or torpidity. cutting. with epistaxis. Kidney disfunctions. Hectic.. acrid. Mental acuteness.. etc. > pressure. CHILLY. receding... in throat.. or Hepar. stinking urine.. Panaris. Sullen and stubborn. toes. Follows: Calc-c. retracted nipples. SPIGELIA ANTHELMIA REGION: NERVES: TRIFACIAL. moist spots on scrotum. then blindness. wake him on falling to sleep. Respiration difficult from draft on neck. retained.. Extrudes foreign bodies. chronic nephritis. uræmic asthma. Osteitis. Headache. etc. with thin legs. Averse to hot food. Swelled. Migraine. etc. Digestive tract. . Petechiæ on lower limbs (Agava). Profuse... easy. chronic.. SOLIDAGO VIRGA AUREA REGION: KIDNEYS. Hæmorrhage.M. Cataract. Weak.. Bitter taste. Retching... Spotted vision. Averse to mother's milk. Emaciation. Œdema in A.. painfully sensitive. hard or hot belly. feel distended. Fibrous tissue. foul. Abscess at roots of teeth. foul... Bunions. hears again with a snap. Related: Calc-c.. gagging cough.. profuse. Cutting upward in vagina. Nodes or fistulæ in mammæ.. Nephritis. violent vertigo. Nursing < utering flow. Arrested development. . ASCENDING EFFECTS. Scrophulo-rachitic diathesis..abscess. Hawks down foul lumps. involuntary. easily takes cold. vomits it. makes her sick all over. at night. Blood. Carbuncle. suppressed. Pho. Inflamed eyes. FOUL. < lying in bed. Sharp pains in breasts and uterus. Fidgety. destroying shoes. Neck. Vertex throbs. Fingertips painful.. OCCIPITAL PAINS.... < coition. Sore ache in arch of foot. Somnambulism. Distorted. KIDNEYS. Eczema. spongy. Kali-p. dark and scanty or clear. proud flesh. wilted skin. FOOT-SWEAT. < menses.. sore or tender over. SWEAT. BETTER: Profuse urine. Prostatitis. diseased glands. at nails. < urinating. WORSE: Pressure. Stools. on feet. < cold drinks. Open fontanels. itching. Lacks grit. paining into testes.

pains into l.. PAIN.. < moving arms. boring. Weak.. violent sticking. Neuralgia.. flowing tears on affected side. Complementary: Spo. etc. Worms. eye. squinting. Fetor oris.. Fears pointed things. MOTION. yellow rings about.. Follows: Aco. arm or scapula... Jar. HEART. arm. purring. . in children. shoulder into neck.. feel large. Cardiac angina. WORSE: TOUCH. Stammering. Ravenous hunger. Cutting about l. Dyspnœa.. crackling. violent. Left supra-orbital or occipital pain. Numb l. red. attending other symptoms. in violent attacks. Sun pains. < least motion. BETTER: Lying on R. Pains about navel. Mucus lumps in stools. occiput to over l. soreness. or the latter as an accompaniment. Vertigo. Copyright © Médi-T 1999 Main . Neck stiff. or bending double. EYES: sore. Periodically. or compressive pains radiating to throat.. Combined heart and eye symptoms.. feet feel higher than the head. with head high. temple or from l. radiating from l. Coition. < stooping. Related: Cact. side.. Raising arms. with the sun.. Post-nasal dropping. Shudders.. drawing ache. sunken. scapula.. tremulous or irregular pulse. Toothache. audible PALPITATION. if touched or bruised.... Pulsation in patellæ. Tobacco. LEFT SIDE. Teeth.

MUCOUS MEMBRANES. WORSE: Using voice. and sudden weakness after walking in open air. anxious look. glands (ductless). surgings mount up to neck.. Goitre. Noisy. . squeezing in... gasping breathing. WORSE: DRY. Raising arms. Choking on falling to sleep. Orgasms.. CROWING. Follows: Cact. Goitre-heart. Before 12 P. Voice gives out. sudden. he must lie down. Sorethroat. < thinking of it. wakes child. Valvular disease. Weak and heavy. then burning in chest. would rather die. stitches in. < touch. Painfully swelled spermatic cord and testes. head and face. with cold. Fulness in chest.. as if a cord about. Larynx pains. whistling inspiration on falling to sleep. he grasps it. Awakes in anxiety. waking him. Feels stuffed up. Anxious. Palpitation. Cold. painful palpitation and blue lips. > eating. Roused from sleep. < cold drinks or excitement.. Numb fingertips or lower half of body. Heat. Trachea. Eating a little. FEMALE ORGANS.. Hard swellings. in spells. FLABBY. Exertion. COLD Wind. with heavy sweat. < sweets. singing.. leaf or valve in larynx... SUFFOCATION. STANNUM METALLICUM REGION: NERVES. Glands. .. SAWING OR TIGHT CROUPY COUGH. HEART. Larynx.. BETTER: Lying with head low.. valves.Main A SYNOPTIC KEY OF THE MATERIA MEDICA By Cyrus Maxwell BOGER Presented by Médi-T SPONGIA TOSTA REGION: HEART. HOLLOW BARKING.. Led.. Neck. with anxiety and cardiac pain... Diphtheria.. as from a plug. Related: Iod. Hard testes. HOARSENESS.M. talking or swallowing. CHEST. Apical phthisis. with closure of eyelids and tears. with violent.. Terrified. moist thighs. Eyes seem to protrude. Croup.

Mercury.. drops into a chair. easily offended. easily expectorates quantities of sweet or bright yellow pus or balls of mucus. Before menses. with numb fingertips. Stretching parts. Indignation. must loosen clothes. Weak and miserable. Gloomy and petulant. hollow voice.. Burning palms and soles. Tarsi. Ascending steps. Hectic. Sexual excesses. Vomiting.. .. Gushes of debilitating leucorrhœa. Atony of bladder. can't even talk. Hysteria.. upper arms and thighs. Chill at 10 A. Tremulous knees. nervous and sad. and discouraged... Fibrous tissues: Eyelids. . Painful. Always angry. MOTION: After. from every effort. Pressive. Repeated short attacks. Nervous tembling. Cold drinks. Morbidly sensitive. pinching colic. Related: Lach. mania erotica. BETTER: Warmth. Emaciation. Pul. Pressive drawing. Profuse... musty sweat at 4 A. Pollutions. Pains that move into teeth. as if cut. throws . Child wants to be carried over shoulder. Right deltoid. Vexation. stomach. Chest feels raw or hollow. TEETH. trembles on moving. Gentle.. violent. Break-fast.... strong odor of body. Squeezing or stinging smarting.. Rest.. Skin. of vagina or uterus. Prolapse. which exhausts.. over an edge. Short breath... Paralytic heaviness.. Cramps. in throat.. Burning in liver.. BETTER: Rapid motion. Faceache. Swelled hands and ankles. Antidotes: Hep. WORSE: Emotions: Chagrin.. Malar neuralgia. Much mucus in trachea.. stupefying headache. Cough.... < stool. with odor of ingesta. Expectoration. STAPHYSAGRIA REGION: NERVES. Catarrhal phthisis. Quarrels. Tickling at root of tongue. Anxious.. EXTREME WEAKNESS. Night-sweats. Lying on right side. PAINS INCREASE GRADUALLY. Worms. Onanism. Lacerations.. < IN CHEST.M. THEN SLOWLY SUBSIDE. Night. > hard pressure and stool. Neuralgias.10 A... Debilitating.M. muco-purulent secretions. During menses. Spasms.. Nat-m.M... early morning. Pale face. < before menses. Easy sexual orgasms. with sunken eyes... Hard pressure.. Deep. Glands.. Genito-urinary organs.. Touch..

Complementary: Colo. stiff and rheumatic. Burning eyelids. Blepharitis. < if tired. Salpingitis. alternate with joints pains. Nervous. Coryza.. Thu. flatulent. dry mucous membranes. that dries up again.. As of a heavy load in forehead. Change of temperature. as of vermin. etc. Backache. Dysuria.. Violent yawning. at close of coition. Swelled sub-mental gland. Merc. Bronchi... from caries.. Priapism. .. STRAMONIUM REGION: BRAIN. Sheepish. > urinating. < eating and during menses... LACERATED WOUNDS. bleeding gums. hacking cough. now thick. Sickly. < coition. develops catarrhs. Membranes: Nose. Painful. Styes. Sexually minded. Amorous dreams. brings tears. ovarian. unsatisfied urge. Restless hands and feet. Cough. crumbling teeth... Biting itching. Colic. changing place on scratching. Shoulder (R).. nervous. Dysentery. Neuralgia. Elap. < cleaning teeth or alternating with sciatica. dry. Urinates a slender stream. Sweat and flatus smell like bad eggs. Irritable bladder. Circulation: Throat. BETTER: Free discharges. Prostatitis. Itching or sensitive vulva. Pressure or stuffy fulness at root of nose. Brain feels torn. Poor memory.. now thin. Coryza. < coughing and inspiration. eroding milk-crust. with pollutions. croupy. Incessant. perineum. after measles. stiff neck. blows it without relief. Numbness in air-passages. sensitive mentally and physically. Hay fever. .things. Rheumatism. craves milk. Skin symptoms. Crural neuralgia.. WORSE: Night. Musty taste. peaked and hollow-eyed. abscess.. Pains from ovaries into thighs. STICTA PULMONARIA REGION: Nerves. Bursitis. Seems to be floating. stupefying headache. ulcerating. Lying down. Pale.. pains to shoulder. < sphincters. Moist. Compressive. in bed in A. in pregnancy (Pop-t. Skin. Imagines insults. Cold. of brides. Nodes in lids.. Red spot on affected joint. Related: Cetrar. Must talk.. Fine tearing in or numb fingertips. black. Pyorrhœa. foul. Irritable. Motion. stitch pains. Loose.. moist limbs. Chest. < after walking or riding. Nodes on finger joints. pains go to eyes. Tickling high up in pharynx. Tight chest. Diagonal pains. Weak knees. Profuse sweat on hands. excitable and violent. Joints. Hungry. widows. Guai. Dryness in eyes. < occiput. Sang. Related: Cham. > hard pressure and heat. prevents sleep. after headache. Trickling or burning along posterior urethra.. aching. Sore.). Hypochondriasis. Pains that precede shingles.M. Open air. Bronchitis.

Op. Spasms.. Sees black. or does all sorts of crazy things. Loss of reason or speech. Marrow.Spinal nerves: Arms. < night. cloudy days. talks incessantly. Raving mania. Disorderly. Dry throat. Hip (L). Spasmodic cough. sees many. Fine red dots on tongue. BETTER: Heat and light: Sun. now flushed. preceded by sexual excitement.. Nux-v. Green vision. visual hallucinations.. Violent pain in hip. involuntary diarrhœa. painless. in higher tones.. then expresses terror. Non-appearing exanthema. in dreams. ..). STRONTIUM CARBONICUM REGION: Vaso-motors: Circulation. Constantly spits saliva. with cold sweat. Right side. Red. Evening. bloated or rapidly changing face. Drawing in back. Awakes in fear or screaming. Stammering. Hydrophobia. Nervous asthma. Very mobile states. Delusions as to size and distance. with twitchings.).). changes.. . Jerks head up and drops it again. The talk of others is intolerable. Squint. Stupid. Putrid. Hyo. Spasm of larynx. Wraps. Imbecile. Wildly excited. Sensitive spine. Antidotes: Cof.. Fearful. Excessive menses. Crowding. Weeping. Genitals. Tremor. Related: Bell. Company. with great thirst. graceful or rhythmic motions (Elap.. variable delirium. yet dreads water. Suppression. it chokes him. Fixed sparkling stare. WORSE: COLD. Active. nervous. Crawlings. Fright.. Dark. Baths. Night blindness. < head or arms. Frightful visions. Self accusation. Religious insanity. Unilateral paralysis. and has a horror of glistening objects. < in dark. Chorea. Walking. dark. now pale. Sopor. WORSE: Glistening objects. vividly brilliant or hideous phantoms. as of many bugs. Intemperance. passing neither urine nor stool (Led.. more to one side. Grasps the genitals. Frowning.. Diplopia. BETTER: LIGHT. Heart. desires company or wants to escape. Nymphomania... Sexual excitement (in males). as in night terrors or delirium tremens. Ankles. DREADS DARKNESS. Vertigo. with suppressed excretions (Ver-a. Warmth. Voice suddenly fails.. Sprains. Kidneys. Bleedings... BUT LACKING IN PAIN... A remedy of TERRORS. Fiery scarlatinous rash. AFTER SLEEP. a sardonic grin.. cursing and praying. Uncovering.

receding. Kidneys. of one side. VERTEX. etc. Gnawing. SKIN.. Rectum. with vertigo and nausea. weak. Rumbling. sense of lively action. . Rheumatism. Craves coffee. ammoniacal urine. Serous. Pale. periodically. Flushes of heat.. Stomach.. Surgical shock. MEMBRANES: Mucous. Tea.. Night-sweats. Very pale or violently red face.. Œdema. > wraps.Itching. with swimming vision. Glimmering vision.. nightly diarrhœa. Rhus-t. Stitches. seemingly in bones. Vomiting. Vertigo. Small.... Abdomen. Headaches. rapid. Numb mouth. Related: Calc-c.. climacteric. Anorexia.. Sprained or puffed ankles. Twitchings. Hard. yet averse to uncovering. Emaciation. anguish at.. As of a load on chest.. Very mobile puplis... Chest. colicky diarrhœa. surgings to head and heart... Throbbing. Immobility. Increased secretions. STROPHANTHUS HISPIDUS REGION: HEART. Fleeting pains. Faintness. Prostration after operations. Spi... into upper jaw. Violent starts. Related: Apoc.. Heart block.. in face. with slow pulse. with burning at anus. Alternations. especially nervous. WORSE: Exertion. then burning at anus. Alcohol.. Throat seems constricted. HEART. Ign. chronic.. Pains increase and decrease gradually or make him faint and sick all over. SULFUR REGION: CIRCULATION: VENOUS. during siesta. Violent pain in nape. rapid or irregular pulse.. Glo. Cramp in calves and soles... difficult stool. Fear of ordeals. Exhausting.. Undulations.. . Heart feels smothered... circulation. Cramp about navel. Itching feet... Numb hands. . Hives. Arterio-sclerosis. Sense of paralytic weakness. weak. Palpitation. folds. Feels lifted up. Formication in limbs. Atheroma. dilated. knotty. SOLES. Tobacco. of yellow water. NUTRITIVE ORGANS.. aching.. Red spots on face.. Pressure in stomach during digestion. Cardiac dyspnœa. Congestive tension... Joints. Portal.. with contracted pupils. Glands. Burning. Heavy forearms and fingers.

Sleepy by day. in axillæ. Eczema. arm. warts on. (Alo. etc. Inclined to uncover single parts. Heart seems too big. Antidotes: Merc. hoarse voice. tremulous tongue. < 11 A. Nape to vertex. < cold. ABDOMEN SORE. Sleep. cold hair. Sil. on hands or feet. overful. mean. Heavy shoulders. Testes hang low. Palms crack and peel. Numb l. sings during. Dry. pressure. as of a swelling or a vapor rising in. brown spots on. DIARRHŒA. Climacteric. wakeful at night. Acrid. Eyes. red. Empty. Bed wetting. pain. dry. EARLY MORNING (Tub. Spotted face. drips.. stinking. etc. Neck weak. Hurried or nightly urination. Eruptions alternate with other complaints. Nipples crack at base.. lips. etc. Nursing sore mouth. as from sand. Imaginary odors. heats. with general throbbing. Hot vertex and soles. Chills up back. bearing down. Rheumatism. quivering. changing. urging in. > eating. Vertigo. As of floating soot before. Cramp in calf (l). SUFFOCATIVE AIR HUNGER. Throat.. chills. Speaking. Hot head. Dry heat. < menses.). rattling and heat at 11 A. effusion. SOLES BURN. orgasms. Halo about light. Swashing in ears. STOOPED. bursting in balls. foul menses. Photophobia. < sitting. deposits. Sil. Craves fresh air. by woolens.M. swelled. SKIN. between scapulæ. VERTEX. < lying. Aching between scapulæ. Drowsy. LANK. Swelled veins of forehead. Sensitive smell. Sensitive dental fangs. gray froth. Hopeful dreamers. RED ORIFICES. Colicky babies. Sunday headache. BURNING OR CONGESTION. Weak. Skin under-nourished. eats little. Pneumonia. Emaciation. Atmospheric changes. Rhagades.. STICKS FEET OUT OF BED. Coccyx. Slow. ASCENDING EFFECTS. tarsi. acrid or blood streaked discharges. Burning. religious. AT NIGHT or are cold in bed. faint spells. etc. slow reabsorption. > pressure. asthma.. . dry: rough. IN BED. LOCAL THROBBING. DEFICIENT REACTION.. or single parts. red edges and tip. with cold feet. hungry. Pain backward from l. etc. etc. VERTEX. Cutting in uterus.M. watery. external redness.. ITCHING. boils on. As of a band about or pain deep in brain. Holds stool back from pain. Averse to meat. in forehead. walks bent. like bad eggs. ITCHING. HEATED: EXERTION. Epistaxis. Sleeps in cat naps. cutting. discharges cause. then migraine. CHRONICITY. Pul. painless. preceded by photopsies. SOLES. Full moon (Cina. Tired of life. and always tired. Irregular breathing. violent. Dry. Chest. hæmorrhoidal habitus. Psora. painful spots. BATHING. Drinks much.. Sweaty scalp. early. OLD LOOK. Jerks one limb. Cough. itches. philosophic. festers. HURRIED. as of a band about or a load on.. Motion. to stomach. and won't heal. UNTIDY AND UNWASHED. on dropping to sleep. mushy. < lying. Numb fingers (r). Sweat. Scrofula. sore vulva.. Foul. heavy. prying or easily excited.. in 2 or 3 incomplete bouts.. when sitting. rough or asleep feeling. Deep.. < night or lying on r. Burning. Crops of boils. UNCURED. when scratched. eczema on. Heat. with good appetite. Ophthalmia.M. flushes of. nipple. vertigo. Sharp burning in mammæ. BETTER: Open air. BREAKS OUT. SUDDENLY HUNGRY AND WEAK. burn. Warm applications. Periodically: 11 A. Sweating. Puerperal sepsis. Suppuration with air bubbles. washing. etc. Palpitation. sore.WORSE: SUPPRESSIONS. Tense hamstrings (l). scaly.side. supports weight on hands. itching. Ulcers.. congested. parts. violently at night. etc. lazy. bones...). red. as of a lump. burning. stitches. hot. Creeping erysipelas. Borborygmi. alternating with constipation. feels too hot. Milk. etc.. Localised congestions. ecstatic. painfully sensitive to air. RECTUM pains... Melancholic. ears. Nose obstructed on alternate sides.. at epigastrium. . throbs. wind. etc. Grinds teeth. Peevish. heavy.). Eructations. Atrophy of children.. Catarrhal colds. pains during stools. against rectum. < milk. wrinkled. unrefreshing. itching urethra. Lumbar pains. Itch.

Syph. violent. Drinks chill the stomach. Parts feel stiff and tight... BETTER: Hot drinks. side. Nausea. Sul-io.. Hiccough. Related: Ars... > motion. Related: Psor. Suited to topers. . Disproportionate weakness. Sep. < after stool. white of egg seems dried on it. Complementary: Alo. Weak. Petechiæ. SULFURICUM ACIDUM REGION: DIGESTIVE TRACT. Oozing piles. irascible. Fingers jerk when writing. Moderate temperature. Vomiting. Brain feels loose.... Complementary: Pul. Congestion to head. Aphthæ. Pyrosis... Throat sore. Sour belching. Injuries. SULFUR IODATUM REGION: Tissues. Gnawing. < lying on l. Glands. .. Left side. Right side. slight. Pain increases slowly. Cold.. ODOR OF COFFEE. WORSE: Open air. of drunkards. acrid or stringy discharges. Calc-c. Hurried. Climacteric. Toward evening. Spirits.. looks white-washed. black or hacked diarrhœa. old age. sinking at stomach. < after warm ingesta. thin. Heat.. Black and blue spots. Hæmorrhage. then suddenly ceases. Hands near head. Skin. Excessive heat or cold. blood. vacillating and morose. Sele. then trembling or cold sweat. Deathly pale or wrinkled face. HOT flushes. green. WORSE: Exertion.. Great painfulness. sets teeth on edge. Profuse. Very foul. INTERNAL. wants to be held. Weak knees. then belches. < upper parts. TREMOR.. Lach. black.. etc. As of a blunt plug being driven in... Drenching sweats. bloody expectoration. Coughs. Erosion. Blood-vessels. Sourness.

Before storms. wants to moisten it. Grippy feeling. . Glazed tongue. BETTER: Cool air. Deficient erections. Barber's itch.. dry mouth and throat. Raw. painful swallowing. Faint and sick. Copyright © Médi-T 1999 Main . Mesenteric disease... burning heat. Stubborn obstipation. Aching soreness below knees. Standing. Single parts. Acrid discharges. and sensitive to everything. Soft testes... brown sand in. Itching.. Headache. Raw.... with external coldness.. Hair seems erect. internally. Suppuration. Foul anal discharge. Favors reabsorption. Bright yellow stools. Follows: Sulphur. Lying on R. Infiltration. Moist eczema. Urine scanty. Tremor in epigastrium on exertion. Ulcers. purulent. Teeth feel soft.. Zigzags before vision... Weak.. etc. fingers. Cracked prepuce...... side. Night. Acne. > sundown. turn white and insensible..

. Related: Calc-c.). hammering. Heavy ache over eyes. Sleepy. red lips.. Icy cold l. Metallic taste.. Heavy drag in urethra. TILIA EUROPÆA REGION: Muscles. Wants to lie down...... Oily.. Related: Ap.. throat (Hep. Cough from tickle in l.Main A SYNOPTIC KEY OF THE MATERIA MEDICA By Cyrus Maxwell BOGER Presented by Médi-T THYROIDINUM REGION: HEART.. palpitation. Right side. causing short breath. WORSE: SWEATING. etc. at tip of tongue. or drenching sweats (Amy-n. ensiform appendix. Falling hair. Gnawing in uterus. Skin. Rapid emaciation. indoors... Cold clammy hands. then chills. Cutting in liver. Clutchings. ... finger. < deep breathing. pains.. Dry throat and larynx.. Female genitals. Central nervous system. As if blood were rushing downward through body.. ... abdomen. Nose dry. Dry. chest...). clutching. < during pain. uterus.. musty sweat. Rheumatism. Scanty urine.. As of a cold wind blowing on body. Large veins on arms and hands.. After sleep. leg... WORSE: Least: Cold. Cough on entering a warm room from cool air....).. Exertion. Calc-c.. Sore. As of a splinter stuck across throat. Bearing or aching down thro' pelvis. gassy stool. THE MORE HE SWEATS THE GREATER THE PAIN (Cham. moist in open air (Nux-v. hand. Œdema.. Rolling flatulence with gurgling. Hypertrophy. into anterior thighs. spine. then a loose. Neuralgia.. Glo. Profuse sweat. Splitting sensation. Lil-t.. after hard labor. Drafts. Very dry skin. Hot flushes. Heart. bed feels too hard. without relief. Dragging pains. beat felt in ears. Urinary organs. Numb l. BETTER: Lying on abdomen.. then r. Faintness. radiating into axillæ. Chokings. Nervousness... .). Tired and irritable..

. open air.). Complementary: Calc-p. back or thighs be forced apart. feel jammed. . Delayed dentition. Old... etc. Glands. Sensitive scalp.. Pressure of waistband. Head. . Dissatisfied. Obscure. WORSE: CLOSE ROOM. < awaking... Head pains. tears hair or beats head. TUBERCULINUM REGION: LUNGS. Confusion. sensitive to air... Menorrhagia. gushing. Mental excitement. Brain feels loose. Exertion. violent. Hæmorrhage... Draft.. Larynx. Scrofula... Thinking of it. Related: Sabi. Weather: DAMP (cold)... TRILLIUM PENDULUM REGION: FEMALE SEXUAL ORGANS. Varices of pregnancy. Aching malar bones.. every trifle irritates.. deep. Occiput. Shooting from over eyes to occiput... changing. WORSE: Motion.. Fits of violent temper.. of dogs... always wants a change. increasing exhaustion and lowered vitality.. reckless. Tight bandage. Susceptible. Bending forward... the bones of hips. Bleeding fibroids. dingy look. Noise. in . Takes cold easily. As if eyes would fall out... with faintness and sinking at stomach. Awaking. BETTER: Exertion in open air. Sweat on nose. Climaxis.. Menses every two weeks.. given to relapses. Quiverings. < motion. SENSITIVE. Eczema tarsi.. Dryness in mouth. Fear. Rapid breakdown (Lyc.. TUBERCULAR TAINT... changeful indications.... Teeth. BETTER: Cool wind. Motion. ends in diarrhœa.. Mind..

Masturbation. Lithiasis. Acrid urine. Clothes feel damp. Wants covers in all stages.. Adenoids. Hoarseness. Sticky urinary sediment. Heaviness at heart.. fits of. > talking. awakes in horror. Dyspnœa. without expectoration. Asthma. Sep. Branny scales.. < coughing. watery. Itching-burning.. Brown. Nettlerash. on genitals. Hæmorrhage. Prickly heat. Skin: dry. Uric acid intoxication. Complementary: Calc-c.).. Chilly. in bed. Female sexual organs.. yet wants fresh air.. Mucus rattle in chest. Acute gout. < cough. Dreams... Absence of milk.. on cheek of affected side.. Related: Form. on hands. Fever at night. Yearly. Nails. Cold feet. Craves cold milk. in spots. Pul.. with vertigo and general pulsation. < raising arms. < eating. easily tanned.. Genito-urinary organs...choanæ. of shame. WORSE: Climacteric... Related: Pho. etc. The uterus seeps . Hair.. White stool. USTILAGO MAIDIS REGION: Epithelium: Skin. frightful. Hives. half clots or stringy. Liver. causing itching. Menses half liquid. Depression.. itching in cool air. burning. Dark hæmorrhage. Tumid tissues. < evening. Burns. in throat. explosive stools. Sore spot in chest.. Angio-neurotic œdema. Frightful dysmenorrhœa. cold.. < left... Pinworms. harsh. Snow air (Sep. bowels. Uric acid diathesis.. As of a knot. tending to bleed slowly. . Stinging or stinging-burning. Tearing in rectum on coughing. ... uterus. with chill and red face. Nat-m.. Menses soon after child bearing. AIR HUNGER. in upper parts. Bed-wetting. foul. URTICA URENS REGION: MAMMÆ. with pinworms. or sweets. Drum belly. WORSE: Cool: Moist air. Sticky secretion matting the hair. vicarious.. Bathing.. Touch. clammy. Sweat. flushes of. sensitive. Sep. Brown fingertips. Cough. Hawks mucus after eating. after shell fish. vivid. Tension in nape. Stings.. Milk crust. of grippe. Sweatiness.. Pneumonia. Spleen. Ocim. Vesicles. Swelled mammæ.. Urinous odor of body.. on genitals. Heat. Many enlarged glands. elevated. Sticky mouth.. Pruritus.. with rheumatism. Loss of hair and nails.. easy. Motion. Kali-s...

.. . Chills start and go down back from occiput. VALERIANA OFFICINALIS REGION: NERVES: Spinal. Rubbing.. Weak single parts. eyes... Anger. Putrid. Spine... WORSE: Motion. Objects seem too near eyes. occiput and legs. Breaking backache.. Globus. hot skin. Polyuria. breast.. Ign. Excitement. Heels pain when sitting. spinal cord. VARIOLINUM REGION: BLOOD. Hysteria. Strangling on dropping to sleep. STANDING. Colic. Heels. and of uterus. Burning in r. wriggles or squirms about. Luminosities. Flatulence. Acute ovarian pain. Impulse to move.. Greasy or rancid taste. < in back. Alternations and want of reaction. Sec-c.: Calf. Crampy pain in l. pains shoot down thighs. excitable and weak. Mind. As of bugs crawling under skin.. etc.. going from one extreme to another. Pains move outward. she looks pregnant. wrists. Hunger. Suddenly changeable disposition and symptoms. clotted blood. Foul. of smell.. Tympanites. as if from navel. Jerks. Genito-urinary. arms... Muscles.. before eyes in dark. taste or hearing. soreness in l.. Related: Asaf... etc.. coppery taste.... Calcareous deposists in the blood-vessels. General aching... Metabolism. Eructations. Walking about. Food seems to want to regurgitates. Sudden gushes of sweat.. yellow or brown leucorrhœa. Pain under l. WORSE: REST. . As of a thread in throat. Bov. Green vision on rising. Dry... BETTER: Changing position. Sense of floating.. Fever composed of disagreeable heat only. pouting upward.. of a ball or plug.dark. etc. popliteæ. Evening. Tongue protrudes during sleep. Very mobile ideas. Coldness in upper head. Every odor nauseates. are here and there or come and go.. inclined to faint. Muscles. with nausea.. NERVOUS. Gastric cramp.. like bad eggs. Metrorrhagia.. Tendo Achilles.. ovary. humerus.. Pul.. wakes from sleep. Related: Asaf. Eczema of . Vaccination. Spongy cervix.. Illusions.

Sec-c. as if burnt. Tab. Loss of ideation. Occiput. ague. limbs. loquacity or lewdness. Overpowering headache. GENERAL COLDNESS (icy).. . violent cough.. Cold drinks. BETTER: Hot drinks. Walking about. fingers. Fright. bluish. Blood. of waterbrash. etc.. Congestive chill. VERATRUM VIRIDE REGION: Vaso-motors: MEDULLA.. Melancholia. curses and howls in turn. Cyanides. Maland. terrified look. Skin feels scorched.. VIOLENT EFFECTS. toes. > motion. EXCESSIVE VOMITING.. with violence. Related: Ars.. FAINTNESS OR COLLAPSE.. on vertex... in chest. painful.. As of cold water trickling down back. Cam. etc. Smallpox. r. Heart. Cramps. morbus. whooping cough. Dyspnœa. DRINKING.. Cup. cheek. with rigidity. deathly pale on rising. in mouth. Jaws cramp on chewing. cutting colic. Nymphomania. Pustular eruptions. Heart. Covering. in acute diseases. Hair bristles.palms.. etc. with complications. < cold drinks. Blood seems to run cold or internal heat with cold (wrinkled) surface.. Prays. Cimi. COLD SWEAT ON FOREHEAD. Face.. with retching. CHEST.). Delirium. cramps in limbs and rapid prostration. Intense burning fever. Blood-vessels. sweat. PROFOUND PROSTRATION. Fevers showing external coldness only. Acute manias. Watery. WORSE: EXERTION. during stool (Ap. between scapulæ.. green. Awakes at night trembling. Heart. Stomach. pinched or distorted. Cramps in calves. insanities. etc. visible palpitation. Continuous. Shingles and pains that follow. infantum. early. During pain. foul. SUDDEN.. Fine burnings. to left. into lungs. etc. bowels. etc. Progressive weakness and emaciation. Sits in silence. frowning. Lying. WITH PURGING. odorless or colorless (rice water) stool. Thready pulse.. Aphonia. Related: Ant-t. Cholera. Vertex. during pain. Capillaries.. Ulcers look scooped out. Respiratory and digestive systems. . Complementary: Carb-v. of nose. Vomits or eructates froth. Neglected pertussis. weak. or in large masses. Remorse. Red l. Painful epigastrium. Foul sweat. violent retching. The air seems too hot. Tickling down throat. VERATRUM ALBUM REGION: NERVES: ABDOMINAL. eg. in arms. Craves ice water or sour drinks. cuttings at. Burning thirst. EXCESSIVE EVACUATIONS. Violent chill. Wet cold. Heaviness in teeth...

Piles. violent. TURGID FACE. Muscle prostration..M. Lying with head low. without nausea.). Vomiting. Œsophagitis. Ears. Apoplexy. Puerperal states. < coughing. in malar bones. Deep. Cramps in feet.. tongue. Nausea. WORSE: Drafts. . heavy breathing.. Red or dry streak down center of tongue. Cough.. Burnings. Gel.. cutting at navel. Full. Erratic motions. Cerebro-spinal fever. Respiratory tract. gullet.. Uræmia. Earache. with sweat. large. as a prodrome. Abdomen aches. on closing eyes. Cramping. with dim vision and dilated pupils. puerperal. weakness. With every cold. Loquacity. Markedly uneasy. as of a weight on chest. Dull. Dreams of water.. Change of temperature. as if on the verge of convulsions. Trembling here and there during sleep. Tension across malar bones. < quick motion. bellowing or trumpet toned cough. Eclampsia. Mania. Hiccough. of skin. throbs on raising up. with wild staring eyes and restless hands. Motion. Clothes feel damp. Enuresis.. etc. squeezing. clammy sweat. Sepsis. purple. Deafness. thrown back.. Left side.. VERBASCUM THAPSUS REGION: Nerves (facial): Orbits. pharynx. nodding or rolling motions. dorsæ. As of a lump at navel. Lies with head low. Slow. without . Vision.. shrieks or opisthotonos. Vesicles on hands. with prickling. Twice a day. Foul breath.WORSE: RAISING UP. Carphology.. burning ache at heart. soft pulse or slow. General pulsation.). etc. Pains up occiput. with vomiting and purging. BETTER: Rubbing. Cold. BETTER: Deep inspiration (Osm. Cold. Bladder.. cerebellar or thoracic. hollow. Pneumonia. nightly. at same hour. Delirium. SUDDEN VIOLENT CONGESTION. which is cold. Aching neck and shoulders. Burning in chest. Spasms. aches on vertex and between eyes. 9 A..M. Heat stroke. with nausea and vomiting. Hyperpyrexia or rapidly oscillating temperature. Dyspnœa. staggering.. Eating. soles. of red spots. to 4 P. BUT BECOMES FAINT ON SITTING UP. Chewing motions. Gastritis. LIVID. Spasmodic catarrhal or neuralgic effects.. Head. with tears (Euphr. paralyzing faceache. Violent cough from very start. Lying on back. Zygomæ. with strong or violent heart beat. in places. Talking. before or after menses. Stomach seems to press against spine. Related: Aco.. crushing... Coryza. with twitchings.

. Miscarriage. loud eructations and nervousness.. Can't keep still. < cold damp. Related: Caul. Uterine hæmorrhage. Pressure. Before menses.. Related: Aco... Dysmenorrhœa. Lying on L. nervous. Sep.. waking. Infantile asthma. Tettery spots on cheeks. at night. during headache. menses. arms. Pul.. VIBURNUM OPULUS REGION: FEMALE ORGANS. Cold.. Left side. Copyright © Médi-T 1999 Main .. hæmorrhage. Violent nervous or spasmodic effects.. Pains in back. Frequent.. Violent. Hoarseness.. > menses. profuse urination. Cramping. . Snuffles.. Heavy ache or excruciating cramps in pelvis. persistent after-pains... Suffocation. end in a cramp in uterus or go down face of thighs. Left parietal pain. > deep breathing. False labor pains. side. etc. Sep. Open air. snow air. with flatulency.. WORSE: Fright. Nerves. Faint on sitting up. in females. Cramps in calves before menses. BETTER: Rest.. Hæmorrhage... etc. Plat.

Vision. Combined eye. eye to vertex.. Tension. .. Related: Ustil.. blood flows and flows.. Nervous activity. Otorrhœa.. Pain l... Pain over brows. Menorrhagia. thick crusts... Ears.. Weak and faint. Related: Pul. VIOLA ODORATA REGION: Nerves: Eyes. Weight on chest. Scalp.. Milky urine.. Cramp in eyes. .. Wrists (R).. Foul. with moist palms.. VIOLA TRICOLOR REGION: Skin. WORSE: Pressing on opposite side.. matted hair. Urinary organs... Puberty.. Craves meat..... Hair.. Spi.. WORSE: Cloudy weather.. WORSE: After swallowing.. Enuresis.. Itching at anus..Main A SYNOPTIC KEY OF THE MATERIA MEDICA By Cyrus Maxwell BOGER Presented by Médi-T VINCA MINOR REGION: Skin. as if to die.. Cold shoulders. Weeping eczema intermingled with foul.... < cough. Dry skin. .. Cool air. ear and kidney or worm symptoms.. Music.. Skin... then sudden exhaustion. Cutting in lower œsophagus. with weakness.

. Vertigo.. with swelled cervical glands. Enlarged liver. Varicose veins or ulcers. matting hair together.. . VIPERA TORVA REGION: VEINS. Blood. Hæmorrhagic tendency. Bursting feeling... Related: Bufo.. Respiration. with vivid dreams. sudden throbbings in.. Goitre. . Epistaxis. persists after epileptic attack. WORSE: Sleeping. sits with feet high. Cracked. Related: Elap.. Phlebitis. Urine smells like cat's urine. Bronchial asthma. Fulness and unbearable pain. Blood won't clot and wounds won't heal. Vertex.. as if limb would burst. Nerves. VISCUM ALBUM REGION: Female sexual organs. yellow fluid. must elevate parts. involuntary in bed.Suppressed eczema.... Yearly. Related: Rhus-t. Eczema. XANTHOXYLUM FRAXINEUM REGION: Nerves.. Sore about waist. Milk crust. exuding profuse. Cramps in or blue lower limbs. Milky urine. tenacious.. Female sexual organs.. Emissions. Excruciating pain at epigastrium. gummy crusts on scalp.. Cold. WORSE: Becoming chilled while hot. WORSE: LETTING LIMB HANG DOWN. Left side... Touch..

Wandering. with a sense of coming unwell.. but had to be swallowed.... . grinding ache. sitting. < exertion. scapula. expectorate sweet and loose.Dampness. ZINCUM ARSENICICUM WORSE: 10 A.... in spot on bregma. Throat. jarring. behind ears. Blue vision. Soles ache when tired. Shooting from l. Nose. Cough from tickling in throat-pit.. Head threatens to fly to pieces. not > in any position.. Can't tolerate her hands on abdomen. Lying on back.. Throbbing temples. Burning in bladder. Nerves. Related: Ars. Soreness of face of thighs.. Bad odor within nose. Blows quantities of blood. pains go into thighs or radiate over whole body. > pressure.. side. Occipital pain. Dryness in vagina.. or grinding gnawing. BETTER: Vomiting. then left.. Indefinite cravings. .. Catching stitches.M. Inward pressing. Related: Pul.. Left side. 10-12 A. WORSE: MOTION. Washing head. shooting.... pus and scabs from nose.. before menses. that impede motion. ZINCUM IODATUM REGION: Heart.. Thoughts of eating are a bugbear. Feet sore. Cramps in toes at night. agonizing.. arm. Wavering vision. radiating pains.. or tough with spitting spells. Averse to work.. Throat feels like a hollow cavern. Grinding.. larynx up through tonsil into ear. Numb r.M... shock-like pains.. Lach. and 3 P.M. at night.. ... Numb l. Light exertion.. Nervousness.. grinding dysmenorrhœal pains... even to heart. ZINCUM CHROMATUM REGION: Ears. or standing.. Lumbar pain. Gnawing grinding below and above l. Metallic taste. Leucorrhœa replaces menses.. Cutting at apex of heart. can't bring herself to it. > writing. Violent.. Gnawing.

cries if vexed. eczema on. lame.. yellow chunks from. As of a lump in liver region or at navel. bending backward. Fagged. Nose. presses inwardly. < flatulency > expectoration. Crashing in head on falling to sleep.. Squint. lumpy menses. Hair painful. heavy ache in. Inner canthi. Voracity. Screams. on vertex. dragging.. then stupor. with stupor. Orbital region. Pains in limbs on becoming heated. Cramps in calves.. hot.. then answers. Bursting. Pressive cutting about kidneys. with pain.. Suppressions. Grasps genitals. ulcerate. excited or intoxicated. Bloody discharges. during menses. Disabling bone pains. > hard pressure. < biting.Valves. Root of nose. Hard heart beat. enervated or depressed. from spinal injuries. Lying on left side causes vertigo. between skin and flesh. etc. Lower limbs feel as if floating. ovary. Muddled. Myocardial exhaustion. Isolated effects. . must press feet to floor. < warmth. < sitting. inter-scapular cutting... side. pain in spots. Descending paralysis. obstructed at night. bristles. blood follows urine. Brain-fag. Sexual excitement. Heat.. Piles draw down. Itching at anus during stool. Violent vertigo. with restlessness. Shootings. weak lumbar. Pain (boring) in l. CAN'T KEEP FEET . WORSE: EXHAUSTION. Forgetful. Profuse. etc. burning along. repeats the question... Spasms. crossing limbs. etc.. < eating.. BETTER: Motion.. Occiput. Easily startled. > heat < walking.. Onanism. into eyes.. Warm open air.. Wine.. Blood. Pterygium. Increasing weakness. Violent urging but urinates only in certain positions. Constricted chest. Touch. heat in. nightly. if moved. etc.. etc. Goitre... startings. dry nares. < standing. bluish. etc. FREE DISCHARGES. Nape tired. Spine aching. pain. After being heated. . formication. Fretful and sensitive. Jerkings. Pale. then weak legs. Temples. with weak vision. with each cough.. Noise. Tremor.. Transverse pains. Lachrymation on eating. < mental exertion. > eructations. Spasm. etc. Bitter mouth. in ankles. mental. Automatic acts.. Hands tremble. Spasmodic dyspnœa. one hard throb or as of a cap over heart. down back. one part numb. another sensitive. Sticky lips. palpitation. WORSE: Lying on L. blows thick. miserable face. Swelled nose. as of a blow on.. Brain paralysis. Headache of varying intensity. Eyes feel drawn together. ZINCUM METALLICUM REGION: BRAIN AND NERVES: Occiput... can't throw things off.... Rolls head and grinds teeth. during sleep. Jerkings. floating sensation. pressive on vertex or root of nose.. sensitive. Hypogastric flatulence... develop exanthema or discharges..... Spine.. Hard pressure. Related: Sticta..

ear. sore. Sweaty feet.. Chills after mental excitement or exertion. Spine. Epilepsy. Sensitive soles. on genitals. during and after menses. Sour taste in A. ZINC VALERIANICUM REGION: Nerves. Flatulent cramps. Oversensitive. chronic.. unrefreshing sleep. Achings up back. Lach.. Toes feel swelled. BETTER: Rubbing. hypogastric. Copyright © Médi-T 1999 Main . Excitable. Smothers on attempting to eat. Varicoses. cramp when cold. Ovarian or dysmenorrhœal pains. ZINCUM PHOSPHORICUM Mental fatigue. Hiccough. nervous and sleepless. depression and paralysis. . Cold parts burn as they warm up. with sore toes. Kali-p. AND LEGS STILL.. Bones of feet feel broken.. Spasmodic nervous effects. Complementary: Pul. Abuse of Bromides. painful.... Ticking over l.. Broken.. Mucous colitis.... Yawning.. Related: Ign.. Ovaries. Stumbling. Antidote: Tab.M. ache in tips... Spastic gait.. Pic-ac.. down limbs.

(5) * Bell. * Rhod. (4) * Euphr. (1) * Zin. (2) * Spo. (2) * Bov. (2) * Verb. (4) * Mar-v. (4) * Con. (2) * Arn. (2) * Caps. (2) * Dig. (3) * Coloc. * Agar. (4) * Lyc. (4) * Rhe. (2) * Merc. (4) * Plb. (4) * Carb-v. (4) * Plat. (3) * Cyc. * Mur-ac. * Colch. (4) * Asaf. (2) * Bry. (4) * Asar. (3) * Hep. (4) * Rut. (3) * Grap. (4) * Stap. (6) * Kali-n. (2) * Ars. (4) * Coccl. (1) * Canth. (1) * Aur. (3) * Pru-s. * Kali-c. (1) * Iod. (4) * Caust. (3) * Valer. (4) * Cina. (2) * Arg-m. (5) * Sul-ac. * Thu. (4) * Mos. (3) * Bor. (3) * Hell. (6) * Spi. (1) * Ran-b. (3) * Ag-c. (3) * Tarax.Main A SYNOPTIC KEY OF THE MATERIA MEDICA By Cyrus Maxwell BOGER Presented by Médi-T DURATION OF ACTION OF REMEDIES Table of the approximate minimum Duration of Action of Remedies by weeks. (2) * Stan. (5) * Cam. (3) * Pul. (2) * Men. (1) * Chel. (2) * Cof. (5) * Mag-c. (2) * Anac. (4) * Rhus-t. (1) * Chin. (3) * Sep. (2) * Mez. (3) * Croc. (4) * Nit-ac. (4) * Brom. (5) * Pho-ac. (2) * Dulc. (3) * Nat-c.(3) * Cup. (4) * Am-c. (3) * Ang. (4) * Samb. (1) * Saba. (2) * Clem. * Sars. (3) * Op. (1) * Crot-h. (4) * Seneg. (5) * Guai. * Stron. (4) * Amb. (3) * Chi-s. (1) * Vio-t. (3) * Bism. (5) * Cham. (4) * Fer. (2) * Ant-c. (4) * Mang. (1) * Vio-o. (1) * Lach. (5) * Ant-t. (4) * Nat-m. (3) * Laur. (2) * Euphor. (4) * Am-m. (3) * Squ. (3) * Dros. (4) Copyright © Médi-T 1999 Main . (5) * Mag-m. (1) * Nux-v. (1) * Alu. (3) * Stram. (2) * Old. (2) * Carb-an. (4) * Ip. (4) * Bar-c. (3) * Sec-c. (1) * Cann. * Par. (3) * Sabi. (6) * Hyos. (2) * Cic. (1) * Ign. (3) * Ran-sc. (6) * Sil. (4) * Nux-m. (1) * Ver-a. (2) * Sele. (5) * Flu-ac. (4) * Kre. * Petr. * Led. (2) * Calad. (5) * Pho. (4) * Calc-c. Aco. (4) * Sul.

ASARUM-Caus. Pho. Lyc. ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM-Scil. . Alu. Carb-v. Merc-cy. Spo. ALOES-Sul. Lyc. BELLADONNA-Bor. Cof.-Bar-c. Nat-s.-Ant-t. ALUMINA-Bry. ACETIC ACID-Chin. Sul. ARNICA-Aco. ANTIMONIUM TART. ACONITE-Arn. Sul. . Pho. Nat-m. Nat-m. Bry. ARUM TRI. Mill. Rhus-t. Thu. Bar-c. Pul. BARYTA CARB. Bell. Sep. Psor.-Nit-ac. Sul. Calc. Lyc. Nat-s. ASAFOETIDA-Caus. CACTUS-Ars. Sep. CALADIUM-Nit-ac. Merc. APIS-Arn. CALCAREA CARB. Sil. ALLIUM SATIVA-Ars. CALCAREA FLUOR-Rhus-t. Sil. Pul. ARGENTUM NITRICUM-Calc-c.Bar-c. Kali-c. BRYONIA-Abro.Main A SYNOPTIC KEY OF THE MATERIA MEDICA By Cyrus Maxwell BOGER Presented by Médi-T COMPLEMENTARY REMEDIES ABROTANUM-Bry. Rhus-t. Kali-bi. Pul. Hep. Hell. Sul-ac. AGARICUS-Calc-c. Calc-c. AETHUSA-Calc-c. Fer. Pul. BUFO-Calc-c. Lach. ARSENICUM-All-s. Pul. Ars. Nat-m.

Lycps. Pul. Thu. GLONOIN-Bell. CALENDULA-Hep. CARBO AN. Lach. Pho. Bar-c. Stap. FERRUM PHOS. CHELIDONIUM-Lyc. Sul.Grap. Kali-c. Chin. Petros. . Sep. .Carb-v.Ruta. FERRUM-Alu. Nat-s. Zin. Calc-p.CALCAREA PHOS. Calc-c. Merc-d. CHAMOMILLA-Bell. COLCHICUM-Ars. CANTHARIS-Apis. Sanic. CONIUM-Pho. CUPRUM-Ars. COFFEA-Aco. Stan. Kali-c. CINNABAR-Thu. CORALLIUM RUB. Dros. Fer. DULCAMARA-Alu. CARBO VEG. Mag-c. Sul. Iod. Chin. CHINA-Ars. Nux-v.-Petr. FLUORIC ACID-Sil. Calc-c. Lach. COLOCYNTHIS-Caus. Ars. Sul. Ham. CINA-Calc-c. CEPA-Pho. Sil. CLEMATIS-Merc. . Spi. Carb-v. Merc. . CAPSICUM-Nat-m.Sul.Ars. Stap. COCCULUS IND. Sep. GELSEMIUM-Arg-n. . CAUSTICUM .-Calc-ph. DROSERA-Carb-v. CROTALUS HOR. Sars.-Nat-m.

Bad. IGNATIA-Nat-m. Bry.-Ars. Zin-io. Lyc. Sep. KALI-BI. Calc-c. PALLADIUM-Plat. Fer. NUX MOSCH.Ars-io. Arg-n. Lyc. LYCOPODlUM-Calc-c. HEPAR-Iod. Ign. IPECACUANHA-Ars. LACTIC ACID-Psor.-Calc-c. NITRIC ACID-Ars. Calc-c. Pul. Thu. Nit-ac. Iod. Pho. Pho-ac. Lyc. Aru-t. Pho. Psor. Pho. NATRUM MUR. NATRUM CARB. Pho. HAMAMELIS-Fer. . Thu. Cham.Alu. Sul.-Sep.-Calc-s.Ars. Sul. LEDUM-Chin. KALI CARB.-Ap.Ars. Sil. . KREOSOTUM-Sul.-Ars. Spi.GRAPHITES . Sul. MARUM VER. . Lyc. HELLEBORUS-Zinc. Sul. Lyc. Sil. Caus. Bell. Carb-v. Pho. MERCURIUS-Aur. Sep. KALI MUR. Bar-c. MEZEREUM-Merc. Pho. Kali-c. Sep. OPIUM . KALMIA-Benz-ac. IODINE-Bad. Cup. Sep. Sep. Hep. Pul. NUX VOMICA-Bry. Con. Flu-ac. LACHESIS . Carb-v. Hep. Pul. LEPTANDRA-Pho. Nit-ac.-Cham. NATRUM SUL. Lach. Plb. Kali-c.Calc-c. Hep. Grap. MAGNESIA CARB. Calad.

Sep. SCILLA-Ant-c.-s. TABACUM-Op. THUJA-Merc. Pul. Sang. Sul. Sep. PULSATILLA-Ars. Bad. SILICEA-Flu-ac. SUMBUL-Lactuca.Calc-c. Pul. Phyt. Sul-io. . Pul. Calc-c. Sul. Psor. Nat-m. Lyc. Sep. Med. Coloc. Bry. Sabi.PETROLEUM-Sep. SULPHUR-Aco. Sul-ac. Sep. Bell. Zin. Psor. Pho. Sil. Pul. Rhus-t. Sul. Sep. Sul. SABADILLA-Sep. Thu. Cepa. Sil. Tub. RUTA-Calc-p. Pho. Pyro. Ars.Bry. Alo. SANGUINARIA-Ant-t. TUBERCULINUM . PLUMBUM-Rhus-t. Sul. Kali-bi. TARENTULA-Ars. STAPHYSAGRIA-Caus. Kali-s. PSORINUM-Sep. SPONGIA-Hep. PHOSPHORIC ACID-Chin. Pho. SABINA-Thu. Sul. SEPIA-Nat-m. Pho. PODOPHYLLUM . RHUS TOX. Hep. SECALE-Ars. RHEUM-Mag-c. Kali. . Sul. Lyc.Calc-c. PHOSPHORUS-Ars. Thu. Stan. Sil. SARSAPARILLA-Merc. SPIGELIA-Spo. Calc-c. Nat-m. STANNUM-Pul. Calc-c. Caus. Kali-c. Nit-ac. Lyc. Lyc. SULPHURIC ACID-Pul. merc.

VERATRUM ALB. ZINCUM-Pul. Sul. Carb-v.-Ars. Sep. Copyright © Médi-T 1999 Main .

Kali-n. NUX MOSCHATA-Lyc. Op. COCCULUS-Cof. KALI NIT. DIGITALIS-Strop. Sil. Nit-ac. Pul. CARBO VEG. Ran-b. AMMONIUM CARB. CHAMOMILLA-Zinc. MERCURY-Lach.-Kreosot. Nux-v. Nuxv. DULCAMARA-Bell. CAUSTICUM-Acet-ac. BELLADONNA-Dulc. Sil. Nat-m. Coccl. LYCOPODIUM -Nux-mos. CAMPHOR-Kali-n. CANTHARIS-Cof. Sep. Rhus-t. Squ. Dul. Nux-v. Cof. Ign.-Cam. Nux-m. Nux-v. BENZOIC ACID-Copaiv. Caus. Pho. Caus. COLOCYNTH-Caus. IPECAC-Chin. Caus. Ran-b. Zin. Caus. Lach. APIS-Rhus-t.-Lach. . IGNATIA-Cof. NUX VOMICA-Acet-ac. CHINA-Dig. COFFEA-Canth. NITRIC ACID-Lach. Ign. Sars. LACHESIS-Am-c. Sele.Main A SYNOPTIC KEY OF THE MATERIA MEDICA By Cyrus Maxwell BOGER Presented by Médi-T ANTAGONISTIC REMEDIES ACETIC ACID-Bor. Colo.

-Acet-ac. SARSAPARILLA-Acet-ac. SEPIA-Lach. Copyright © Médi-T 1999 Main . STAPHYSAGRIA-Ran-b. Nux-v. ZINCUM-Cham. Ran-b. SELENIUM-Chin. SULPHUR-Nux-m. PHOSPHORUS---Caus. Kali-n. SILICA-Merc. RANUNCULUS BULB. Nux-m. PULSATILLA-Nux-m.

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Livre par Sylvain Cazalet (Fr. via cavallotti.A. Généralités sur les observations et les prescriptions de Samuel Hahnemann à Paris.): Key Notes au fort degré vérifiés cliniquement ou la recherche du diagnostic intuitif. "Essai sur un nouveau principe. Programme par J. Album par Robert Séror (Fr. e che dimostri la sua correttezza saldandolo subito. 42041 brescello (re) di Reggio Emilia.): Les maladies sexuellement transmissibles selon Samuel Hahnemann. et une source de documentation. ce serveur vous est dédié ! C'est un point de rencontre pour les homéopathes. gli riferisca che ha in sospeso con Homéopathe International un pagamento di 1155 FF.J. 22 Juin 2 articles par le Pr Léon Vannier (Fr. Anshutz (Eng.): Photographies du Dr Michel Séret.): Homéopathie et Grossesse Le Choix du remède Homéopathique 4 articles par Bruno Laborier (Fr. Album par Michel Séret (Fr. Nouveautés Best of Click Here Chiunque conosca il sedicente: Dr. Old And Forgotten Remedies Livre par Alexander Kotok (Eng. Une pensée pour nos amis de New York. Proposez vos textes. participez aux discussions. Biographie du Dr M.): ..): L'homéopathie américaine pendant le 1ère guerre mondiale. & Eng.): 400 nouvelles photos dans la photothèque.): The history of homeopathy in Russian Empire. Livres + articles par le Dr Robert Séror (Fr. Kasparian (Eng.. & Eng. ginexi@virgilio. & Eng. HOMÉOPATHE INTERNATIONAL Nous faisons avancer l'Homéopathie Homéopathes. faites nous part de vos expériences. Livre par E. Pathogénésies de l'an 2000 Pathogénésies du Dr O. Quelques principes hygiéniques d'Hahnemann à l'épreuve du temps. Julian Biographies Latéralités et Irradiations.": critique des vertus curatives des remèdes...): New. Daniel Ginexi.): Homeopathic remedies: An illustrated guide. Granier Les 504 Pionniers de l’Homéopathie L’ Homéopathie Française de 1844 à 1850 Revues de presse 37 * 38 * 39 * 40 * 41 Article par Sylvain Cazalet (Fr. etc.

Cazalet (Eng. * Rep. * Philo. Hahn.M. Hahnemann (Deutsch. * Writings Clarke: M. nebst einigen Blicken auf die bisherigen.A.): A Brief History of Homeopathy in Delaware County. Argentina Français: Séror * Forums * Demangeat * Hui Bon Hoa * Souk-Aloun * Horvilleur * Rép.N.): Old Disease Names Article par D. Nash: Region * Therap.E. Article par F.C.M.98 Ehhds * LaborierNew * Patho 2000New * Patho JulianNew * Lexique R. Boenninghausen * Guernsey * Biographies * R. * Cases * New Rem. Anglais: Photothèque * ForumsNew Boericke: M.M. * 13 Clarke TF Allen: Pure MM + Clinical Hints Boger: Syn.Große Resultate! Homöopathie für Tiere Article par R. * Dynamis * Talcott * Gallavardin * Kasparian * LatéralitésNew * Leblond * St-Luc * etc. Key + Philo. Duprat" 3 articles par Peter Morrell (Eng. * M. BoerickeNew * 13 Clarke * Bio HI * Bio RSNew * C.H.: Organon [Deutsch] * Chronic Dis. * Photothèque * H. Ashmead (Eng.): Origin & growth of homeopathy in India Article par Bernhardt Fincke (Eng.Jain * Wallpaper * Game * Anshutz * etc. (Eng. Bosch * Lippe * H.Allen * Close * Roberts * Arndt * WW1 * Curie * Talcott * Jones * Bidwell * Hutchison * Russia * Kasparian * Cazalet * Illustrated guide * Séret * Washington * B.D.): Twilight Sleep Article par S.): The Principle of the least action Article par S. Ward (Eng. Article par Pierre Schmidt (Deutsch.G. Kent: Rep.S.H.Version Mac Anglaise du "S.): Versuch über ein neues Prinzip zur Auffindung der Heilkräfte der Arzneisubstanzen.G. Prebisch (Spanish): La Homeopatia en Tucuman.): Kleine Dosen .H. * Allen * Fragmenta+mmpNew * Art Boger * Nash * Vie SH * KeynotesNew * Tropical * Rec.P.): Homeopathy is not a 'doctrinal system' Very Ancient Origin of Contagionism The reality of holism Article par H. Morrell: Site * Articles * RLHH * Glasgow * British H. Bonnes adresses sur Internet: .

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