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In this article the author critically analysis the latent for the autonomous vehicle to vary in societal

benefits. Thought the technology expands itself to a wide variety of users from the physically
challenged, elderly and the young ones in an accessible manner, it also provides a picture of a theme
undiscussed in the context of its community features. It disparagingly deliberates on the implications
and the issues of liability once the technology is in use. The article puts light on the privacy of its
consumers as the technology is coursed by upholding data of passengers, location, frequency and
time. The privilege of commuting with anonymity Is hence withhold by the data that accounts the
passenger and the location of the vehicle. Not ignoring that the information is vital as it helps the
company to define and manage the frequency, availability and accessibility in case of emergency or
shortage. Even though it discusses the elimination of civic glitches of traffic and accidents but it also
highlights the baseless argument made by the industry that advances to a future of a unreliable data
of accident proof commuting. Altogether is raises queries on privacy and a crucial question of
liability and precisely where the liability should be inherent in case of such events or accidents. The
article covers a very elucidate theme of the driverless innovation at the same time as fortifying
arguments of protocols appropriate to bring about with the subjects raised in apprehension above.