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In our opinion that talks about the MRT 7 issue, it is really a tough decision for the government, it

shouldnt be done in a hasty act. We all know these days, that it is really hard to travel from places to
places. It will drain our energy and waste our time because of the traffic. MRT 7 is really, a good project
to be done in distant future, for it will help a lot of people who are struggling to find a ride every day and
encounter these traffics on the road. It will quite lessen peoples everyday struggle. Yet on the other
hand, there is a consequence on this project. They need to cut down 1,858 trees for this said project.
Its aftermath, for us, would bring a big change in our lives, for we all know that trees have a big
contribution to the air we breathe- the oxygen. Trees assert the ecological balance on earth. If we cut
trees while the population is growing, the oxygen in our atmosphere will reduce.