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In any system of government, improvement in the grievance redressal machinery has always
engaged the attention of the people. The growth of party discipline and the prominence of
partisan attitudes of the governments by ministers tend to create an unfavorable atmosphere for
the proper consideration of individual complaints against the administration. This system no
matter, howsoever, ineffective completely fails when inertia and corruption filter from the top. 1
Maladministration is worse than corruption. While the effects of corruption are felt after a period
of time, the effects of maladministration cause immediate misery to the people. It is the demand
of prudence that when sweeping powers are conferred on administrative organs, effective
control- mechanism be also evolved so as to ensure that the officers do not use their powers in an
undue manner or for an unwarranted purpose. In modern times, wide powers vest with
legislators, judges, and administrators. Each group can act, if so wished, quite arbitrarily. The
basic expectation in a rule of law society is that the holders of public power and authority must
be able to publicly justify their action as legally valid and even socially wise and just. It is the
task of administrative law to ensure that the governmental functions are exercised according to
law, on proper legal principles and according to rules of reason and justice. In this work, an
attempt has been made to identify a few significant issues and challenges that confront the Indian
administrative system. However, with the increase in the scope of administration in India, a
feeling has arisen in the public mind that vesting of such vast powers in the administration has
generated possibilities and opportunities of abuse or misuse of power by administrative
functionaries resulting in maladministration and corruption.2

Meaning and Definition of Maladministration

o Corruption Defined
o Relation between Maladministration and Corruption

Current Issues in India

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M.P.Jain & S.N. Jain, PRINCIPLES OF ADMINISTRATIVE LAW 905(5 th ed.2007)
o Impact of Maladministration in India
o Impact of corruption in India

Measures to control Maladministration and corruption

o Legal Framework to control Maladministration

o International Conventional Efforts to Combat Corruption
o Measures to combat Corruption

Failure of the measures to control corruption

o Measures taken in the other countries