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Turkey Jam 3 on 3 Tournament Rules | Black River Public School

The cost per team is $40 and each team is guaranteed to play in at least 2 games.
Winning teams will receive a championship T-shirt at the completion of the tournament.

3 on 3 basketball is a half-court game played by two teams of three players each
o Each team needs a minimum of three players and can have a maximum of four
players on their roster.
o Only players who are listed on the teams roster form may play.
Call your own fouls. Referees will be provided for the Final 4.
Divisions: Boys 14+, Co-Ed 14+, Co-Ed Middle School
Games will be played to 21 points (win by 2) or 15 minutes, whichever comes first.
Overtime: Games tied at the end of regulation will be decided by sudden death free throws.
Rock/paper/scissors will determine who starts the game with the ball. It will be alternating
possession for the remainder of the game including jump balls, start of the second half and
sudden death.
Deliberate stalling or attempts to freeze the ball shall result in the loss of a ball possession.
Teams must take a ball back past the check line after each change of possession. The check
line in the imaginary line running across the top of the 3-point line, from sideline to sideline.
MHSAA high school rules shall be enforced whenever

No free throws/foul shots will be taken CHECK LINE CHECK LINE
Intentional (excessive) fouls result in an automatic 2
points and retained possession of the ball
Player control fouls are dealt with in the normal
manner throughout the entire game (change of
Profanity and unsportsmanlike play will not be tolerated.
A Site Supervisor may remove a player from a game or the tournament at any time if one
of these behaviors is observed.

**Rules are subject to change until the official rule form is sent out with the
tournament bracket and information**
Each team is responsible for having a witness available to help keep score
We will provide a game ball but please bring your own balls to warm up with
Officials will conduct the game in accordance with the official rules. Officials can penalize any
player or substitute for unsportsmanlike conduct by immediate ejection and banishment
from the playing area. The official will have the power to make decisions on any point not
specifically covered in the rules.

If you have any questions, please contact Coach Johns or Coach Rowe

**Rules are subject to change until the official rule form is sent out with the
tournament bracket and information**